Thursday, October 27, 2022

"Sometimes... It Looks Like a Deranged... Cross-Dressing Ed Gein-Like... Deep-Fried Bacon Cheeseburger Head."

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The Mind... as it traverses the gaslighting antics of Material Culture is a sight to see. It is not pleasant... reassuring... nor a font of optimism. Sometimes, it looks like a deranged... cross-dressing... nouveau Ed Gein... deep-fried bacon cheeseburger head... bobbing for road apples in a Terry Gilliam film.

Obviously... I am having trouble finding the words.

I had some old friends on Maui and I heard from one today who is not doing well, and he let me know that another old friend now hates me for telling the truth. He's incensed at my being outspoken about a demographic he's not even a member of. He is also poorly informed. I was close with a number of people, years ago. I went this way, and that way... and they stayed where they were.

Many of these friends, not only on Maui but in Woodstock... Virginia... Philly and other locations, read and believe the disinfo- mainstream news, and watch network TV and they believe what they hear. These are not stupid people. They are well-read and once were counterculture. I suspect many of them are victims of The Killer Vaccine. All of this has led to confirming what I have been believing for some time now; that... I... have... only... one... real... friend. This friend shows up in everyone I know, and sometimes people I don't know, who are... for whatever the time frame... my friend(s).

That is until I say the wrong thing. People whose loyalties shift like The Wind... are your friends just so long as you don't go out of their comfort zone. So... I have the one friend and I need no other. This friend transforms into any one of my invisible friends whenever there is a need, BUT... it is ALWAYS... still the same friend... who looks out of all eyes... those who are my friend, and those who are yet to become my friend, and those who forgot all the important things as a matter of personal security. (grin)

Many times, I have used a specific series of images to explain the nature of friendship. Our friends wear different faces depending on the situation. So long as everything is on an even keel... there is one face that you see. When trouble manifests, there is another face. Then when danger appears there is a 3rd face. With a true friend, the... face... does... not... change. I have been in places of trouble and danger more than once, and... I... speak... from... experience on this matter.

I wondered a time or two why I didn't hear from certain people that I have known for decades. The Scamdemic put a silencer on quite a few people. Time and distance did what time and distance do. Some people aged into The Land of Curmudgeons. Time rolls by, and you realize you haven't spoken to certain people in years. Perhaps you also know that you can speak to ANYONE at ANY TIME by interior means.

The truth is that this coming and going of personalities has no effect on me whatsoever. I still love my friends, regardless of whether I do or do not see them in this life again. I know the necessities of true friendship. I've gone the distance a number of times. I will continue to evolve... spiritually... because that is THE ONLY THING that is of importance to me; that... and maintaining a mindset of selfless-service, which you do without thinking about it.

I'll come back for them at some point when I am more capable than I am at present. It's what friends do. It's what's been done for me, by invisible means. I am not disturbed by what I suspect are the conditions of dismay on the part of some who have Stockholm Syndrome. Some friends remain. They see beyond the confines of The Personality. New friends arrive. It's always the... same... friend.

We are all the same at the core, but... much can be lost in transition, through accommodations with temporal agencies, for the right to live and breathe. Many believe that external forces are in charge, and they make efforts to appease them. They are loyal to external appearances, which is similar to putting your fate in the hands... of... shifting... sands. There is no point in arguing with people who believe only what they see and hear, and live in fear of temporal authority. Rendering unto Caesar is as far as I go. Caesar can have what Caesar thinks belongs to him. I KNOW who is in charge, right... down... to... the... soles... of... my... feet. I accept no substitutes.

It is a simple trick of The Mind. If you know this trick, you are good to go. If you do not know this trick, you are getting bad information. You simply adjust who you listen to, and how you listen. You find the curious dances of The World to be an amusement. It's there to get... AND HOLD... your attention. The nature of The World is to fascinate, the way a cobra hypnotizes a dove. Uninformed scientists say this doesn't happen, and attribute it to being frozen by fear or... or... something... something... like... U know?

That's not the important point. The bird... or other creature... is stopped in their tracks for some reason. This is visibly evident should you be on location. Many peculiar events happen here ALL THE TIME. We don't see them BECAUSE... we are fascinated by The World. There are... most certainly... more things in Heaven and Earth.

I am trying... as best I can... to say that there are other worlds and planes of being, even more real than the one we are presently inhabiting. Various devices and occurrences can open your eyes; discipline and austerities... the requisite faith to affirm the substance of things unseen... The Indwelling Voice... trauma... and... as ever... The Whimsy and Will of God... who exercises absolute authority over all that is seen and unseen.

Until you experience it, you... cannot... know... the enduring wonder and profound serenity of confirming that absolute authority of God over all that is seen and unseen.

There are several worldwide traditions and each of them uses different terms to identify the same thing. Certain basic truths are left out of these traditions for the benefit of The Priest Class. Then there are the mystery schools that purport to possess the key to The Mysteries, AND... they create yet more mysteries upon which the survival of their organization depends. Then there is Ageless Wisdom, which- in... most... cases... is locked away inside you... to begin with. EVERYTHING you could possibly discover is already present in you. YOU... are the key to the mysteries. YOU are the microcosm that contains... every... element... of the macrocosm in miniature.

You need to contact your personal guide, whose job it is to open the inner doors for you. That guide is ALSO present within you, and... right... this... minute is monitoring your every thought... word... and deed... through the whole of your days and nights. There are the great archetypal guides such as Jesus the Christ... Krishna... The Buddhas... and so on. Each of these have MANY representatives; operators are waiting to take your call.

Find that way that most appeals to you, AND follow it with your whole heart. That is the most important feature of real success; doing it with your whole heart.

I remember any number of people that I knew at one time or another. With all that has happened in The World in recent decades, it truly surprises me to see that so many of them went back to sleep. It is as if a window opened for a few years, and then... the window closed again. WE KNEW that The World was a mockery... on a grand scale... of a much finer and more glorious world of mirrors, facing one another and going round a curve... to an infinite progression of ever more brilliant worlds of light reflecting The Original Light.

People find security in familiar things, and they are willing to close their eyes to the temporary nature of these familiar things. Now... in this apocalypse... all the familiar things are becoming more and more unfamiliar. In Germany, they are tearing down wind generators in order to open the coal mines again. Everywhere... a massive wave of change is sweeping round The Earth... like The Avatar's Broom, sweeping out the invisible planes. Soon... the sweeping begins on this plane; Wheat and Chaff take note.

We move in and out of each other's lives like the proverbial ships in the night. Sometimes, it lasts for a season... sometimes for years, and sometimes for decades, BUT... sooner or later we move on, AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO is going to change that. Adapt to The Will of Heaven and you are on the road to eternal life. You don't have to stay here, and... all those things you keep coming back to get; where... are... they... now?

There is ONLY one thing worth having, and we mistake it for all the other things we think we wanted... in the heat of desire... and all the things we think we still want... because we are trapped on a relentless treadmill of mistaken identity. The answer is not in the multiples. It is in the singular, AND... YOU... happen... to... be... The... Thing... Itself... Polish your mirror.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya ken, I'm under the impression there's a lot more chaff than wheat. Well, cheaper rent and less traffic is good.

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!

M - said...

Re: the POS truck driver who accused the anti-vaxxers of helping to kill "700,000" Americans.

His subsequent death is not irony. It is KARMA.

He is just one of many who has faced the Grim Reaper after spewing vile hatred of this kind.

I say: "Another one bites the dust. Glad you're gone and good riddance."

Kazz said...

Vis ~ 'Polish your mirror'

'The fairy tale of Snow White invites us to take the path of inner transformation – the way of the tenacious alchemist who in his solitary laboratory tries to transform lead into gold. It’s a metaphor for the process of spiritual growth during which the earthly within the person is transformed into the divine. In its description of Snow White, the story subtly refers to the tradition of alchemy: a complexion white as snow, lips red as blood and hair black as ebony wood...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

What this fairy tale is telling us, via the magic mirror of the evil queen, is: don’t concern yourself with your exterior but rather focus on your internal world, because what lies hidden therein is thousands of times more beautiful than all the other on earth!'

That's what I see in my polished mirror bro.

Luv Kazz


Kazz said...

Vi ~ 'Many times, I have used a specific series of images to explain the nature of friendship.'

All My Friends ~

Luv Kazz

brian boru said...

Les, some time ago you mentioned something that I can't locate now from your posts. I think you stated that if a person says some words just before death it can bring a beneficial outcome for them after passing. Was it 'ami taba budha', or something like that?

Visible said...

Here you go, Brian. Sorry I didn't hotlink it. I am busy (grin)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"For The Grand Denouement... The Sun Will Shine... and Zipitty-Do-Dah Will Dance with Bluebirds on His Shoulder."

brian boru said...

Thanks for that Les, much appreciated. I'm no spring chicken but I feel this need to look for the Divine after I have wasted so much of my time.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Google "Ajamila"

Ty said...

Your blog reminds me of this song here, I may have posted it here before...

Thank you Visible!



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