Monday, October 24, 2022

"As You Proceed into The False Light, You Move Away from The Luminous Intelligence of The True Light."

So... I'm being harassed now and again, BUT... it's not something I want to get into any more than pandering for donations. All anyone can do now is annoy me... if... I... let... them. It seems they are after all of us who do this work... BUT- their time is at an end.

Now... you can't travel through Truthseeker because a page comes up to tell you it's “unsafe.” Simply scroll down and hit “advanced” and you can travel as you please. The people who are really unsafe seem to think we are part of the reason for their troubles and diminishing power. Heh... heh... little do they know. I know a secret that is not really a secret... but appears to be a secret to them. That means they have a BIG SURPRISE coming, every... single... one... of... them.

It's not schadenfreude on my part. I feel sorry for them, BUT... that's the role they play and... it... has... a... predictable... outcome.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Take a look at this construction in The Land of the Headless Hijab. It seems that many people are planning on making God laugh.

I look at the ZATO build-up, in and around Ukraine... the 5,000 US airborne cannon-confetti in Romania... the war madness runs wild in the minds of those made crazy by Heavenly fiat. The Central Bankers got us into this mess because of THEIR FAILED ECONOMIC POLICIES. They must have a war to reboot the financial game they play on the dumb and dumbers. They must convince the public that war against Russia is NECESSARY, otherwise... The People are going to turn on their rulers. This... is... already... happening.

Now... it seems... Kiev is planning a dirty bomb escapade. I do not see Mister Putin as a liar. My take is he is a very principled fellow who loves his country, which is more than I can say for his counterparts in my country. Sure... I don't know him. I am speaking only to my empathic perceptions and the presence of the man. I also have to take into consideration the invidious and vile nature of those opposing him. He DID NOT start this war. He is trying to remove the agencies that did.

I have no idea what portends. There are so many factors at work in this AshkeNAZI war for their former homeland. That was long before they hijacked Palestine... where their many decades-long genocide is about to come to an end. Then there is the American election... and so many other pieces on The Big Gameboard. They are unable to work their will in Syria. Soon they will also be out of luck in Ukraine. The World is spinning like a roulette ball on its way down into the realm of numbers... and colors... black and red. Where's it going to stop? Only... God... knows.

Black and Red are the colors of The Prince of Darkness who works only in Rajas and Tamas; passion and stupidity. He's no threat unless you have prepared a place for him. It is good to know that God displaces The Devil in us. They can't occupy the same place at the same time, much like Love and Fear.

I feel eerily calm and detached. The appearances are one thing. The Certitude is another. Emissaries from The Blessed Sphere are present in every location... EITHER... close up or at a distance. They are guiding and advising, while The Dark Side crawls out of the subterranean wells of atavistic fear, creating programmed armies from The Soon to be Dead... the same as they have done since Cain allegedly brained Abel. Something like that happened... in a precipitating allegory... down into The Manifest Plane of self-perpetuating disorder degenerating from higher states.

Tis The Curse of Materialism. The more you proceed into The False Light, the more you move away from The Luminous Intelligence of The True Light. The softer it gets, the more the heart hardens. The more of it you get, the less you like it. Ah! to... be... free. Yes? Materialism is a prison of its own design, and it gravitates... eventually... to Kafka Land, right down to the end of Orwell Ave... or does it run the other way? Heh heh...

What is anyone to do? The best you can hope for is not to be present in times like these, BUT... here you are, aren't you? What is this grim winter going to bring? The Age of Convenience is about to be turned into The Age of Inconvenience. What happens when they can't get their double macchiato latte, demi-tasse half-decaf with diet Red Bull? What happens when the network for their smartwatch goes down? What happens when the artificially maintained Vegan diet is no longer available?

What happens when research into artificial wombs for Satanically possessed sex-freaks stops happening? Something wicked that way goes, and does not come again for... a... real... long... time.

It looks extremely menacing, like one of those nightmares you can't wake up from. What to do... What to do... it's not really a question because I don't expect an answer. Love is the answer anyway... so, why... would... I... ask?

I can't shake the feeling that the whole of it is zone-specific... and also specific to the level that one is present on... in The Zone. Utter chaos and serene harmony intertwine like DNA spirals. They are separated lovers that will never meet. They undulate... imperceptible millimeters apart. An invisible curtain demarcates them... some kind of spiritual condom. What is The Zone you may ask? The Zone is wherever your vibrationary signature places you, and... the... level of your state of awareness determines your level in The Zone.

So it is... all round this world, in the countless zones of personal identification... the collective and individual destinies spin accordingly... millions of zone-specific locations are the CHOSEN habitations of billions of vain imaginings which... you may call dreams... dreams are the product of Desire, and... desire is the agent of God's Will. Tell yourself whatever you like... you'll get this... you'll have that... cause your satiation is... where... it's... at. Hunger and Loneliness are star-struck lovers in a cowboy bar, AND... do you know where your children are? More importantly, do... you... know... what... your... children... are?

They follow you wherever you go. They hang in the air around your head. They are the offspring of carnal desire on The Lower Astral Plane. They are also the invisible friends of a higher aspiration. It's your choice what company you keep; whether you can see them or not... they are there, and intricately and inextricably woven into your life. You can't get rid of anything. You can change it into something else. What was that first law of Thermodynamics?

They are the components of your life. Some feed you. Some feed off of you. Some guide you. Some misguide you. Some pleasure you. Some torment you. You are the one who invited them in. If... you... do... not... feed... them... they... WILL melt away. If you continue to feed them, they... WILL... devour... you... be they angel... or... devil. I would like to be a dish at God's banquet table. His friends will be there. They're the same thing... only different.

All those zones and levels. All those invisible hands pulling at your coat. All those quicksand moments of shifting sands beneath uncertain feet... with Death awaiting you at every turn, BECAUSE... you... refuse... to... learn. Pain is The Great Educator. Suffering is the fiery cauldron where the hunger for liberation is born. Sooner or later you will awaken to that higher calling, voiced by the angels who await you within; the final resting place of what... might... have... been.

So long as you think you know, you will be permitted to think you do. Your thinking will take you, step-by-step to the proven fact that... you... do... not... know. In your long journey to True Understanding, you will amass and lose fortunes... kill yourself in other bodies, tumbling through infinite time, and... into the relentless certainty of gain and loss, gain and loss... in the zero-sum-game of life.

There is a solid reason for Love to be the answer. It is because it is The Attractive Force. It is what holds it all together and refines every particle on its way to Nirvana Land OR... Brahmaloka OR...the Western Pure Land OR The Christian Heaven. “In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.” So... it seems like you pick your route... AND NO MATTER WHAT... you persevere.

Then there is that thing where you become the path, which is the job of The Wayshower. It's easier to become President or pope... SEEMINGLY... given that president or pope involves a whole lot of lives, either before or after, when the other is already there and present all the time. What is lacking is the Realization of this. It takes growing into while it is growing in you. It's the other side of Cancer, just like Senility and Regenerated Innocence. The World is upside-down and backwards.

End Transmission.......

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robert said...

Mulţumesc frumos, Visible!

Delightful summarizes your post: full of light

Something like that happened... in a precipitating allegory... down into The Manifest Plane of self-perpetuating disorder degenerating from higher states.

A word riff, crafted to paint a picture in our imagination
A dynamic motion picture which moves us, unlike the productions of Pedowood

What is The Zone you may ask? The Zone is wherever your vibrationary signature places you, and... the... level of your state of awareness determines your level in The Zone

This is where our power begins and ends:
Our choice to be aware of the Awareness we inhabit
If our habit is to connect, we grow
If our habit is to run away from ourselves, to try to remain dead and disconnected, we decay

To love is more about being courageous and responsible than any technique or mental small hat we wear...

Similarly, in this cusp of birthing transition, to simply see What-Is, to own our perception free of psyoptical pollution, is a pure act of courage and faith.

That to see the real and to ignore what unconscious zombies persist in deluding themselves with is the right thing, the only thing to be right now

Remember when the coporate narrativer was that it was OK for males to be effeminate and females to act masculine, to express gnder fluidity WITHOUT inviting the medical mafia to mutilate your body for a life time of medical dependency?

Wonder what force, besides massive fiat money and the "elite" agenda to depopulate and enslave the people, brought this narrative extreme into view in the last decade?

"Could it be Satan?" spoken in a Dana Carvey character?

Not only is the Emperor naked but s/he is now mooning us, inviting us to join all the other minions in an asinine journey back up to digs of debased degradation!

Just so no to bugs and buggery!

We have all the power of love and the darkness only has delusion for sale

We are more interested in life freely given and free to give away for joy

dave1010 said...

When the Big Surprise comes, my schadenfruede is going to get tested big time. I do feel sorry for them, but...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No snark today. Just a simple NOSTRILS TO THE SKY for another killer post.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"If You Lack The Shraddha or Faith to Possess The Necessary Certitude, You WILL Reside at Some Level of Doubt."



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