Friday, October 07, 2022

"BUT... We are Really in Search of Rest. Here in The Land of Sound and Fury... We are in Search of Rest."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Russians... allegedly... have a submarine with a doomsday device that can create a tsunami a thousand feet high... allegedly... and now... ALLEGEDLY... it has disappeared and no one knows where it is. You know what the first thing I think of... when I hear this sort of thing? What kind of nasty business are ZATO and The Bankers cooking up to blame on Russia?

Now we are hearing Russia is in full retreat and all manner of BS told from the posture of what they intend for you to believe as opposed to what is. Whatever Russia is doing they have good reasons for, and I suspect The World will find out what this is, if... certain... psychopathic... parties... don't stop messing with Russia.

Of course... everyone is doing what God wants them to do FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION. He hardens and softens hearts at will. He measures The Will allotted. He makes sport with fools. He is The Supreme Commander and you mess with him at your peril. God... is... not... mocked.

That which slithers can also rise. That which is the whole of it does not pick sides. You in The Separated Mind see two where there is only one, AND... everything that is, is his will being done... and then some.

The snake in the grass is the kundalini at the carnal level and represents the deception of the senses in relation to appearances, as they present themselves on the playing field of duality. That is why... what you see is not what you get. That is why all cats are gray at night. That is why it looks one way from Here, and another way from There.

I was talking to the Angel of God today and he said something to me that he has said several times before... because I sometimes wonder why I am so fortunate as to have God in my life. He said:

“I've told you this before. Let me say it again, my criteria for that IS NOT WHAT THE WORLD IMAGINES it to be. I have my own system of rating. I don't care if someone smokes or drinks or uses casual language. I am especially no fan of whitened sepulchers and people who make rules for others and then laws to enforce compliance. I am concerned primarily with the love you feel for me and for others, who are also me by proxy.

“I am not concerned with a person's table manners. As you remember on the occasion when we met in person, I used the word, 'fuck,' and... in a context that many would find offensive. I had a good reason for that. My way is not the way of man, filled with imagined injuries and insults, while handing them out like Halloween candy. I am plain-spoken. I am what I am. People who claim to know what I have in mind, do... not... know... what... I... have... in... mind.

“Why I am fond of some and not so fond of others, is due to my knowing them in a deeper fashion than they will ever know themselves. Yes... I love all, BUT... you remember that quote by Rabindranath Tagore; “God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing.” It's like that. Some people just naturally make me fonder because I enjoy what I see when I look at them in the mirror.

“Some are my own. It is their nature to seek to serve and discover me. Some of them are true friends, and have demonstrated that a time or two, AND... some... have made other arrangements.”

I don't concern myself with outer forms. So many of those who pretend to serve God, do no more than serve to line their pockets. They like to give themselves titles. They like to wear fancy outfits. They like to hobnob with The Dark Side for sleight-of-hand financial returns. They have that glad-handing thing down. They like to talk about what God said here, and what God meant there. They talk a good game but butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

I've had ample time, in this life, to observe the silver-tongued salesmen of self-serving bullshit. Those who truly serve God are little known to The World at large. They have their heads down and their eyes on the prize, which is... to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. God likes me because of what I do in private. He likes what goes on in my head and in my heart, and he feels the same for everyone else of similar kind.

I've been around churches and church-goers. I've been around the sleek car salesmen of The New Age. I have... been... around, and I remember what I have seen. I have heard people talk and I have seen them act. People with true fear of God; more properly called Awe, have a humility and a generosity about them that is palpable. They are NOT out for themselves. They are in public as they are in secret. They are not hypocrites and self-righteous sycophants who make up rules of behavior for others that... they... don't... follow... themselves.

If you don't like what gets said here or... the way it gets said, GO... SOMEWHERE... ELSE; no hard feelings. Give me a swipe left. Isn't that what people on dating sites do on their phones? I AM NOT here to appeal to everyone. Something about that sounds very wrong. I don't charge for this. I don't hammer on the reader for funds. I'm not selling anything. My music is free to listen to. My books are available for free on PDF. I am not out for anything The World can give me. I ALREADY have everything I could possibly need, AND ever... so... much... more.

I'll use whatever language I feel like using, AND... God IS my witness. Believe me, if he were offended by what I say or the way I deliver it, he... would... let... me... know. He's not shy about that, as I have experienced in real life many times. Not so much anymore, however. Once he gets you shaped closer to the heart of his desire, there's a lot less pain in it, AND a lot more leaning into it.

Fundamentalist religious types, your by-the-book Cromwells with The Clerk Mind, know as much about God as they do about themselves, which... is... nothing. They find their way to Torquemada Street or Savonarola Avenue, for... the... purpose... of... demonstration. Everybody is headed somewhere. The Universe has a huge Port Authority... Grand Central Station... JFK combine that is huge beyond the measure or reach of the pedestrian imagination. Souls come and go there... “all ah...bord!” They are bound to where their dreams will take them. Few there are who actually try to awaken. Those who do, make The Web of God tremble, and inform Heaven of their quest.

There are good things to be discovered in holy books, and religious traditions, BUT... the most important parts are neither written down nor said. They are discovered AND revealed to you within The Tabernacle of The Soul.

I don't know what the real problem is. Maybe it is a collection of problems, but... for some reason, no matter what people say, they don't have any grasp of God's presence within. He's somewhere far away, in some distant Heaven. He doesn't really care, because... why didn't he do anything about this... or that... or the other thing? This indicates that people think they know what God is up to... what God thinks... what God is; they don't. They ABSOLUTELY do not know. It is best to come to terms with that earlier on. Rather than to have it visited upon you at the end.

I don't know what God is, except to say... on The Manifest Plane... he can be identified by Love and his qualities, as... they... express... in us and in Nature. That is ONLY a part of it, however. The greater splendor of God is beyond my comprehension, and... always... will... be. This is a beautiful thing, because... I can forever be arriving and never arrive. I can grow in wisdom and beauty. I can increase in the concentration of conscious light. I can go from lighting up a small room to lighting up a solar system. That is a definite and distinct possibility. All it takes is the drive and determination to accomplish it... and that? That... God is pleased to give me.

God is God alone. God is also everything else, and God is something more even beyond that. I love God. Don't ask me why. Given the troubles and misfortunes that were routine to my existence since I learned to walk... there are good reasons for me to hate God... if... say... I was a completely self-involved fool. However... I love God with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength... and with all my mind, and so, I like to talk about him/her... write about him/her... sing about him/her, and ever so much more. This is why you are reading this.

There are people doing comedy or drama... sometimes both... selling shoes... flipping burgers... passing laws... shooting drugs... you name it, someone is doing it. In some cases, almost everyone is doing it. In some cases, very few. Find what it is that lights you up and do it with your whole heart. If you're not going to do it with your whole heart, believe me... it isn't worth doing. If you can't find something you love to do, then I guess it's okay to catcall... deal snark and scorn... wither the timbers of whatever trees are left standing. Hey! Someone has to do it or... thinks they do. Someone has to be one of The Philistines. Someone has to play a hypocrite on TV.

We are ALL actors in search of a play... in search of a scene... in search of a heroic role... BUT... we are really in search of rest. Here in The Land of Sound and Fury, we are in search of rest.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Trip. Me and my psychic twin have been e-mailing about that title of this post. Nostrils to the sky!

robert said...

xiè.xiè nǐ, Visible!

The greater splendor of God is beyond my comprehension, and... always... will... be. This is a beautiful thing, because... I can forever be arriving and never arrive. I can grow in wisdom and beauty. I can increase in the concentration of conscious light.

An insight which the temporal mind, merely temporary, cannot see as sublime:

What there is to experience that does not lose savor
A pursuit which never ends inevitably in disappointment
A lover who does not wither in our arms or grow weary of our love making
Something worth doing forever
A way to be that grows without growing out of the state of beauty

Our minds grown used to drama, riding emotional waves until we go under, only dimly glimpse the ever shining effulgence and when a brilliant vista gets through to our hearts, we may faint before believing that we may actually be there!

Eternity teasing us to come out of time
Finally a seduction which does not lead us out of life only to recycle but to find the precious pearl and become one with it!

One with a human heart for a time or one with the heart of the One for all time?

A non-zero sum game where we go to the next level by becoming zero, the circle with pure potential in the middle, bounded by an infinitely undefined surface.

This is the promise which we cannot verify without trusting first.

Seems better odds than a gambling house gives!

We gamble with our lives living in relative stupidity
We gamble with our souls to be here too deep in slumber

What decision made from a moment of higher consciousness could be any worse than blindly persisting in being separated by choice from the whole huge enraptured universal Mind observing the Divine Mother make us all happy in time for forever?

What a rush we are in to pass by the greatest rush we can always feel!

The trash is floating to the surface in a cleansing action, nothing to get overly excited about, but to see with finer eyes as the promise being fulfilled in our thrice-blessed lifetime!

All we have to do now is to clear our perception to make space for a larger being.
Nothing to hold but to be held by a higher love and completely let go of our death rattle.

Robwdub said...

Mr Visible...been Following you since 2010 or thereabouts and I've never posted or asked anything of you and I love coming here for your TAKE... with that said do you have a small TAKE on Elvis/Jon Cotner?...thx

Visible said...


I have no idea what you are talking about. I'll give it a look.

Visible said...

Elvis/Jon Cotner

I don't pay any attention to that sort of thing.

Almismo said...

Regarding the powerful final sentence, I share with you songs that I recorded years ago, published as an album entitled "Descanso" (Rest).

Impeccable as usual, thank you very much Visible.

Anonymous said...

Great hangin out here all week with mostly kindred souls. I mean, why would one
come to these blogs without good intention? That just doesn't make sense to me.
But, then again, not much OF this world makes any sense to me.

Just having a laff...

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...


Beautiful... subtle... layered work. Excellent engineering. Great command of the synth(s). I'm working on spoken voice, over similar frameworks. Blessings upon your efforts, and may you long evolve toward the music of the stars.

Visible said...

I notice the national origins of the format. It makes me think of The Andes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Les for another Beautiful and Profound post. It reminds me of the intermittent satoris I've been blessed with throughout my life. The momentary deep and profound flash when realizing that I've won the Great Jackpot, I am alive, a Human on earth, and Almighty GOD is everywhere.
All the very best to you,

Asil said...

Dear Visible,
I do not believe that what is occurring is the will of God. Our will was to follow the will of God to create a Heaven on Earth. That was His will . . . not Hell on Earth which is the will of Lucifer.
Love you but disagree on that concept.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya fergot yer prompt:

Visible said...

I put it at Visible Origami, I think. (I put it somewhere)

Thank you!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No problem. Here's 41 virtual nose pets and 2 virtual snorfles for your nose.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot something. Before I looked to the side bar, I was thinking 'are you late today, or are you off planet', and contemplated asking on this site if you were late or dead, and e-mailing me what was in either case. Then I remembered this has happened before, and did look at the side bar.



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