Friday, October 14, 2022

"They are Headed for The Denouement of Their Karmic Epiphany, Singing in Four-Part... Inharmonic Cacophony."

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Oh my goodness... crazier... and crazier... and crazier. They are celebrating it. They are singing and dancing in it. I expect it to be bottled and sold as body lotion for the palpably challenged. They are walking... riding... bobbing and weaving baskets in the occupational therapy department of this open-air mental institution called... Planet Earth. They are all headed for the denouement of their karmic epiphany singing in four-part... inharmonic cacophony.

As I become more and more sane, due to the erasure of every other mindset, besides a simple reflection of the all-sustaining conscious sunlight of which I (and you) are looks like I am watching a cartoon of people performing self-abuse in the public square, now replacing the buskers and panhandlers who were formerly there. They've all been sent to reeducation centers for having offended the primary offenders.

The screws are twisting and flattening the grooves that used to hold their make-believe reality together. Things are falling apart; outside... yes, but... more importantly on the inside... things are falling apart inside. It's a great big space in there. You can get lost in it. People do... people lose themselves there all the time, but never so en masse as what we now see. They are packing themselves into dense regiments of programmed lunacy... and... hand in hand... leaping into The Abyss.

Some will tell you that government agencies are responsible for this... or Central Bankers... or the digital revolution... or The Culture... or the poisoned atmosphere in tandem with Global Warming... or some secret cult of shapeshifters... or some external organization like The W.E.F... the United Nations... or Russia... or China... or Israel.

I do not doubt that all of these play a part, BUT... that is not the real reason. The real reason is that this is a Time of Summing Up, and... the force of The Great Awakening is hitting individuals and collectives in a different way. It goes back to The Weakest Link in The Chain. This force is intensifying by... the... day.

Long hidden truths are being revealed and... a great many people can't handle them... can't channel them... can't process them... or simply do not understand them... and that? That brings The Fear upon them. I've walked into The Howling Unknown many times. There is nothing there but what you bring with you... or which you have made a part of you... or which is a part of you. Whatever the contents and composite of that are... pings off of the surroundings AND... attracts their likeness. It's kind of like the way Destiny and Fate work. You program yourself for certain inevitabilities.

You... get... what... you... give. You attract and repel accordingly. You send out signals in search of accord or discord. You wind up at watering holes with similar lifeforms. All of them see their own reflection in the water and declare it to be God.

There is a flavor to the atmosphere of any period of time. There are colors and sounds that attend every trend and pattern within any period of time. They identify the nature of the conditions you will encounter. In The World... at this time... you can find just about anything Good... Bad... and Horrific. If you go to Myanmar, it will be very different from Thailand because of the official structures that have been put into place in those locations. Otherwise... there are great similarities.

There is a general perspective that is proclaimed in Kiev, and another in Moscow. There is a general perspective in Washington DC... another in LA... and another in every enclave you might visit. I haven't been everywhere, BUT... I've been a lot of places. They each have a unique personality that distinguishes them from everywhere else. All big cities have certain commonalities... AND anomalies. All small towns as well. In the wild places. In the civilized zones, there are wide variations in what can be experienced.

It might seem that I am just stating the obvious... or stringing a bunch of words together, BUT... not actually getting anywhere, well... we're not done yet.

One thing many of us can agree on is that we are in an apocalypse... a period of great change... a time of reckoning, and... if appearances are anything to go by... a time of approaching danger. This apocalypse... like any apocalypse, is dual purpose.

On the one hand, you have long-concealed truths; suppressed by priests and governments, now... being... revealed, AND... long-concealed deceivers being exposed for their duplicity and profiteering. This doesn't happen usually. False teachers... demagogues and dictators... profiteers of every stripe... are allowed to flourish until their Karma catches up with their impostures. In these times, it is different. This you will see in due time.

Everything we have mentioned or... gone to some lengths to illustrate, describe, or imply, all have to do with sensory data; it looks like this... it sounds like that... it smells, tastes, or feels one way or another, depending on who you ask, and the same picture shown to a group of people, will provoke a different reading because of the aversion-attraction dynamic that has been developed in each member of the group.

What I mean to say is that EVERYTHING you are picking up on the sensory bandwidth is limited to that bandwidth, BUT... EVERYTHING on that bandwidth is actually being controlled from outside the range of that bandwidth. The Visible is created and controlled by The Invisible. There are fellowships in The Lower Mind, and fellowships in The Higher Mind... and they each work with The Invisible to bring their visions onto The Visible Plane.

The Fellowship of The Higher Mind is ALWAYS in contact with The Supreme Authority that rules The Cosmos. You might then well ask, how everything got so screwed up. Humanity is guided but not controlled. People are left to work it out on their own, and... if guidance is sought... guidance is given. If guidance is not sought, and self-will is allowed to do its thing... that is how it gets the way it does, for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes. For some... this can take a long time... because the force of their appetites and attractions is greater than their wisdom and IN-sight.

Suffering is the harvest that is brought into the silos where Karma is stored until conditions are right.

With everything I am saying here, there are volumes of elaboration left unsaid. There are a multiplicity of perspectives and postures one can assume otherwise, often due to the appetites and attractions which influence them. You cannot clearly see how things are until you no... longer... want... anything. Smoke gets in your eyes... veils are formed between what is... and what you want. If you stop wanting... everything will come to you in time, BUT... none of it will be unwelcome.

If you don't want anything, there is no Purpose of Demonstration required. If you want only one thing... have only one objective... The Purpose of Demonstration will see to its arrival or... the revelation of it already being present, will... occur.

When you stop generating Karma, a period of time will pass in which all the Karma previously created is resolved. You can counteract that Karma through selfless service and the adjustment of the persona that created it in the first place. When it arrives... the persona that created it will... no... longer... be... present. It will be left on the doorstep of a house now abandoned.

What we think we know is only a fragment of what we need to know to understand how things work. Don't try to fix something you don't understand. Route your concern to the proper department. There is a proper department for EVERYTHING. You can talk to The Sun about any concern you might have for ANYTHING under The Sun. You can talk to The Moon about ANYTHING that once was... and all that you have forgotten in your descent into matter. Your mind is The Mercury that facilitates the process between YOUR... Sun and Moon.

Let me say again, that a great deal more is unsaid than is said here. A great deal of elaboration has not been exercised. If you didn't get it all, that doesn't mean I left it out intentionally. I can only speak in terms of what has been revealed to me. You are in contact with the same sources I employ in my efforts to understand.

EVERYTHING is within you. There is no need to become angry when it doesn't show up like The Dominoes' Pizza guy. It will show up. Knowing HOW to wait; how to maintain confident expectation, how to not interfere in The Process, how to know what and what not to ask for... these are all priceless bits of information. Mind how you go.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Pain in the butt when all you want isn't available in this realm and ye must wait for transition to access it. Still, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Suffering is the harvest that is brought into the silos where Karma is stored until conditions are right.
Beautiful poetry going on here

Leesa said...

Seeing as it is the harvest time in the wheatbelt of
Western Australia, it is very poignant that used the
Karmic Silo analogy....
Our family is adding up the summation of 40 years
of disconcerting discourse...
The final resolution through confrontation ..
We will be guiding this concord bohemeth in to land
By hook or by crook (avatar landing in hearts openly prepared)
Being Faithful...
Te be shurre, te be shurre (Irish twang)...
And last but not least, with all the Determination
we can muster up..
The final push is approaching.
Keep Love in your hearts everyone, it's about to get rocky
Love Leesa

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"All Those Bubbles are The Brief Appearances of Temporary Celebrity, and The Devas Drink It Down and Laugh."



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