Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little Something that Probably Didn't Need to be Said

Every now and again it’s good to personalize things. I’ve noted recently that some people have gotten angry with me and it might be a good idea every now and again to point some things out. One of the problems I run into here and at the other blogs is that I am not comprehensive enough; not detailed and touching all the bases after I run around the infield. This might be because I didn’t hit a home run and it might be because it’s a pickup game without nine players on each side. Something like ‘work-up’ for those of you who have played the game.

The thing is, these essays, or whatever you want to call them, are designed to come in under 1500 words. They are usually very close in length and always have been. This is a limiting feature which affects how subjects are covered. It sets a whole dynamic and that’s just how it is. I’m not going to change it. The other thing is ‘style’. I have a particular style that relies on the reader filling in the blanks and which, I think, leads to the large amount of comments/responses that these blogs receive. A lot of the time I leave things unfinished or work to be provocative because it inspires thought. I actually have certain things in mind here and some of it is applied magic. We all are engaged in magic at all times but... as with dancing and singing and the various arts some of us, most of us... you can finish this thought.

Along the way I have been accused of misleading people and been called a Pied Piper for about the hundredth time in this life, by an editor of a large news site who also accused me of teaching people magic because I was illustrating how to work with your subconscious which was a more widely spread practice back in the first half of the last century through teachers like Ernest Holmes and various members of The Theosophical Society. This fellow was and still is incensed with me and no amount of explanation assisted. He saw himself as an advisor to me and when I didn’t want to take some of his advice he got nasty.

A strange, dysfunctional hairdresser from Texas who used to pretend she was hooked in with intelligence services got angry at me and started contacting all the sites that reprint my work, telling them I was an international drug dealer and also contacted Interpol about me, probably Homeland Security as well. Some lady in Canada got all bent out of shape about something that she was a huge supporter of previously ...and got meaner than a snake about it. There are a number of these incidents. I tried to be obliging as much as I could but I’m also not going to change what I do to please people who don’t pay my rent, especially when I wouldn’t even do it for people who do pay my rent. Luckily no such people exist.

Some people are very angry for the usual reasons at the amount of readers here that they don’t have wherever they are. They resent these sites just because they do well. This is common all over. There is a person who contacted Jeff Rense (or one of his people) and told him some BS about me so that now I am never reprinted there any more and that sort of thing has been going on for awhile and certain sites no longer want to promote my work for various reasons, none of them based on anything real. I don’t care.

There’s no advertising at these sites even though that would bring in some hundreds of Euro every month. There are no link exchanges except what I choose to link because I like it. There’s no quid pro quo here. Some would find this uncompromising and financially stupid but... I’ve seen where most of these things lead and I don’t want to go there.

Everyone has noticed the occasional flash fire on my part in the comments section. Let me explain that. If you come after me in the comments section you have made your irritation public. My way has been to treat it so ...and to have a different propensity depending on the blog. Generally it’s going to be a tit for tat thing, which I consider kind of Zen. Certainly I could take the higher ground every time and work that Taoist persona which would serve not to offend in almost all cases. Certainly I’m aware of it before I do it. Think of it like professional wrestling. It’s mostly fake but you don’t want to act like Andy Kaufman. If you’ve got a grievance and you don’t want it public then you email me and that’s a whole different level of exchange.

I’m also aware that there are all kinds of internet gunslingers running around in this virtual Wild West who want to make a name for themselves and who think they can do it better than anyone else. I don’t feel that way. I’m pretty good at what I do but... it’s just words. God does more with a Spring shower and some sunshine than I can manage in my best efforts.

When you have been able through hard work and inspiration to manifest talent on various levels you get a certain peace of being or, you become a raging egotist. Some people are okay with the latter. I’ve been around these people; name artists in various fields, people who’ve made a lot of money, people who have more than the usual share of good looks and charm which conceals a pissed off wolverine should you not be aware of their importance. I think you have to be made a certain way to be this way. You have to be able to completely buy into your own bullshit and at the same time be blind to the fact that people can see right through you.

Personally, I think suffering is a fantastic gift; although I’m glad it’s tapered off in recent years. I think it’s good to have your life destroyed and to lose everything you have a few times. It says in the Bible that “those whom the Lord loves he chastens.” It appears to be true. Some people just cruise right on by and never acquire any human components. I have always felt that one should have their character sufficiently developed before they even allow success anywhere near them. I believe one should run from it for as long as one can manage. Its one thing for your associates- and those you encounter as you go- to know that you are a jerk. It’s another thing for the whole world to see it.

Things aren’t perfect around here and neither am I. Day in and day out at the various blogs... sooner or later there will be trouble and sooner or later people come and go; sooner or later you see just about everything. I’d like to think that I will become a better person and maybe I will but... one shouldn’t make too much of the temporary dramas that surface now and again. They are entertaining and they are educational. If people want to yell, or jump up and down on the couch, that’s fine with me.

I’m actually not all that concerned about what people say about people that I admire. This kind of thing comes with the territory. I don’t think it’s fair to portray my reactions differently than they really are. If I’m using humor and sarcasm then it should be clear that I’m not upset anywhere except in someone else’s head. But... if someone wants to attack someone, I have the option of defending them and I don’t think it’s fair to blame anyone for whatever did or didn’t happen afterwards; that’s not their concern. That’s the concern of the people living in those times.

One person can set an example. It is up to others whether they embrace it or ignore it. We could do a lot worse than be like some of the people who’ve come and gone here. A lot of fantastic people are working away right now and we don’t’ even know who they are. I’ve always believed that we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I can see that I haven’t gotten anywhere near saying what I wanted to say but this will have to do. You’re just going to have to fill in the blanks.


Glenn said...

Bless your heart Les Visible.

Anonymous said...

Stick with the 1500 words--as Jeff Goldbloom, playing a writer for People magazine said in "The Big Chill": their only editorial rule was that their articles couldn't be any longer than what the average person could read, during an average crap--
Party on Wayne
Party on Garth
Party On Les


john c, UK said...

"A little Something that Probably didn't Need to be Said."

Indeed :)

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-Agree with the word length, somehow writing articles from 500-1500 words or thereabouts is easier for me, also, than other ways to write.
The work is what's important. Not differences that make no difference to the message. If that makes any sense.
You're doing a fine job, far as I can tell, will be happy if you keep up the way you're doing :)

c.j said...

May I make one little suggestion and add one more name to that list...GHANDI,MLK,M.J,LES VISIBLE..

Works for me,
love you man,


Zoner said...

Some of it is indeed, magic. I can vouch for that.

Word Veri: missed


Love to all,




Joseph Brenner

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