Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who are these Reptiles in the Shadows?

Where I have lived in Europe it is not uncommon to see people pull their car to the side of the road and take a leak. I saw an old guy walk over to a bush in a small park, with busy roads on all sides, and take a leak. Nobody thinks twice about it. Men and women, it’s no problem. In America, if caught, you may likely have to register as a sexual offender in an increasing number of states. Who is behind this?

In Virginia, Loudoun County prosecutor James Plowman, single handedly ruined the life of a respected educator who was also abandoned by his superior (let’s post her picture too) who set the process in motion. I checked with my people at Reincarnation Central and they tell me that Plowman is indeed Inspector Javert back on the job. There are a lot of opportunistic, self-advancing bacteria who’ve crawled out of their pods and cocoons and are now burrowing through the legal system like ringworms. Oei was ‘nifonged’. We know about Mark Nifong. Now we know about James Plowman but somewhere there are reptiles in the shadows operating through these proxies and tearing at the lives and reputations of any handy John Q. as if it were the very human flesh after which they hunger.

I make it a point to urinate in the open whenever I need to go because it is part of the cycle of Nature. It would be in my nature to urinate on James Plowman if possible, given the opportunity and I hope this will serve it lieu of that for the moment.

Here’s an eye-opener of some of the malice masquerading as laws for our protection. In concert with these absurdities, things like this are becoming ubiquitous along with things like this. You read about a six year old boy who was arrested for kissing a classmate. You see police agencies with nothing better to do than to troll the internet looking for people to entrap into imaginary liaisons with young girls and boys who don’t exist. You’ve got television programs setting up busts for entertainment. Who’s behind this?

Who is behind the tens of thousands of cameras in London? Who is behind the new laws that say you can’t hug your own child in public? Meanwhile, a casual journey on the internet will grant you evidence of hanky panky at high levels all over this benighted globe. There’s a ton of it here. You have to consider Bush Sr. when he was running the brain-wiped Reagan White House and was hosting the Franklin Teabag Party. This sort of thing is organized in high levels of government around the world and its okay. We saw the level of protection that was going on in the Dutroux case in Belgium. The more it is okay for the self-styled elite to do as they please, the more it is against the law for the ordinary citizen to show natural affection for their children.

I don’t know how many vicious psychopaths like James Plowman are running around but there are a lot of them; wrapped in the flag and their own form of perverted Christianity. It’s not just the out of control, politically correct, sexual fascism precipitating down through the legal and education system. It’s also any and every kind of fascism directed at any and every group and individual concerned with basic human liberties such as you can see right here. What are the names of the people who set the policy that leaned on officials in Missouri? It’s not easy getting a list of who is on the Board of Directors at the Southern Poverty Law Center but when you look into who the reptiles in the shadows are it comes as no surprise that they would be hooked up with the ADL. Curious minds can inquire on their own. Curious minds can wonder who and why anyone would go after Ron Paul supporters and whether any of this has anything to do with a call for The Federal Reserve to be done away with.

What are the names on the Board of Directors of Monsanto? What is this network of busy, predatory little minds that are squeezing humanity on all sides into virtual Gaza’s of suppression, prosecution and humiliation? Why are the same forces active in the destruction of the family unit and the destruction and restriction of natural activity in the community?

People like James Plowman need to be dressed up in a pink tutu and thrown into a bad prison or tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail BUT... the people behind the James Plowman’s and the polices of the James Plowman’s. These are the people whose names we need to know.

Who are these reptiles in the U.S. and the U.K that are making villains out of elementary school children and their parents? Somebody is doing this. Are these the same people who are running their own pedophile rings at high government levels? Who is promoting and allowing things like this during the present state of the economy? Who is behind the faces presenting these things? Who is involved in this? What are their names? Who is in charge of the countries that allow all of these things to take place? At what level are these policies being set and by whom?

Why are ever increasing latitudes being given to alternative sexual interests while ever tighter controls are being applied to traditional choices? Where is the sanity in the persecution of the majority for the benefit of the minority? Why is the public being intentionally dumbed down and what are the names of the people engaged in setting these policies? These names and their actions need to be published across the web... yesterday at the latest.

Who does things like this while genocide is being practiced in Gaza?

Who are all the people peeking though keyholes in hopes of catching someone at something that wasn’t against the law yesterday? Who is behind the people that arrange crime scenes where no crimes actually took place? Who is holding out candy to people with weaknesses in their character in hopes of catching them at something they only got involved in because someone was offering them sugar? In the meantime, large corporations are sexualizing pre-teens through various media and offering them places for exhibition on the largest networking sites on the internet.

Welcome to the madhouse. There are no rules. Yesterdays rules are now against the law. Tomorrows rules are against the law today. The rules change according to a person’s position. Phil Spector can murder a woman in his house. You can’t. George W. Bush and his crew can murder and torture for years based on crimes of treason they assisted in committing (9/11 ring a bell?) and you hear an occasional fart from some congressman in search of celebrity but not a damn thing gets done.

Let’s get the big criminals first and then we can work our way down. Let’s get the people behind the people arresting people for no crimes at all and then go after the people whose criminal behavior sets the standards for all the little criminals whose crimes are fostered by the criminal climate created by the leaders. Let’s put the right people in jail AND, if you insist on going crazy because you have been driven nuts by an ever more confused living condition and the pressures created by the actions of those in charge... please have the decency to go crazy on the right people.

Criminal and anti-social behavior, like shit, flows down hill. Stop the behavior at the top and you can well manage the conditions below. Things are the way they are because the people making the laws are the ones breaking the laws. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

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jackruby64 said...

Recently, a 65 year old woman I know, was carefully and slowly negotiating the parking lot of a busy retail establishment. She had finished her shopping, and was leaving in her car. As she rounded the corner of one aisle to another of the lot, a SUV darted in front of her, blocking her way. A man in civilian clothes jumped out, started shouting at her, and slammed a badge down on her windshield. He then got back in his vehicle, parked, and took his two young children into the store. Needless to say, the woman was shocked and upset. She called her husband, who happens to be a deputy pilot for the local sheriff's department, who came and blocked the man's SUV with his own vehicle. The man came out of the store (again, with two children in tow)and confronted my friend and told him to move his car. My friend had called the sheriff's dept., and told the man he was a deputy. The man, it turns out, was a state trooper. He proceeded to call the state police, and soon, state trooper patrol cars arrived with blue lights flashing, as well as city police cars. A city policeman refereed, took a report, and sent everyone on their way. The trooper, it turns out, was an Iraqi war veteran, recently returned from the war.
I am relating this to everyone that reads this because I feel it is a micro level example of what is described in Les' article, or at least a real life incident that illustrates how the shit rolls down hill. I know there are incidents of arrogant law enforcement agents, on and of duty, violating the civil rights of the people they are supposed to "serve and protect" on a daily basis. Had this been an average citizen instead of a deputy's wife, what would have happened?
As it is, the sheriff got in touch with the state police post commander, and they agreed that the incident should "go away", and contacted my friend and said an apology would be forthcoming. My friend's wife, however, wants to pursue this. By blocking her car, the off duty officer committed an unlawful detention, also known as kidnapping if you are a civilian.
I apologize for the length of this post and the possible lack of relevance, but this is an actual occurrence that happened last week.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

It’s the computerized honey trap—Why physically go to the trouble of setting someone up using manpower, and lock picking, to get into your house or car when you can send an infected email or get into someone’s computer (or many computers) with a couple of keystrokes? Forget your firewall and virus program—this is the computing power of the US Government NSA/CIA/FBI-- Whether it’s kiddie-porn, or a letter saying how you plan on killing the President, it can be put there, and you’ll never know it’s there—pretty spooky--

They would actually have to plant evidence on you in the “old days”, or in your car, and that would necessitate the locals being involved—too many folks in the loop—too much manpower expended—maybe not worth the trouble--

Now, if porn of the wrong kind magically appears on your computer, without your knowledge, the feds can just call the locals and say they have been monitoring someone in the neighborhood, please go and pick them up—the feds of course will do the forensics on your computer too, and if they want you bad enough because your name appeared on a list from higher up, if nothing is there—there will be soon enough. Throw in some news stories of people who are actually doing this, and you have successfully created the paranoia amongst the sheeple—I always wonder where all these statistics come from saying 9 out of 10 dentists prefer their lovers pre-teen—or how many women admit to being molested as children—something I just don’t trust—someone, as you said is pushing an agenda big time—maybe the numbers are true, but from the women I talk to, none have ever been molested—then again, maybe there is a room somewhere where they all have been molested—the law of averages?


How about those roundups that the justice department did using federal marshals—the locals were involved too, but how did they round up 10,000-20,000 people in three days that the locals couldn’t find—hmmmm—nice practice for something else?

Heroin addicts used to be the boogeyman—heck, now you can write a book about your addiction and recovery, appear on Oprah and Dr. Phil, and use a wheelbarrow to haul off the cash—

But an accused pedophile—you’re truly fucked—the jury will be told to not even take a chance—it’s for the children after all—again, you’re fucked—guilty until proven guilty—It seems people are getting nailed for this every day, left and right—where did they all come from, or are they really there?

Of course, the ones orchestrating this are protected--the way it's always been whether corporations, churches, or government--gotta hang out someone to dry occasionally--need to show that the war on this or that is worth the billions that are being poured into it (supposedly)

We know who runs these sites, and who collects the cash from the people visiting them, and the people who will pay for the locations of the ones downloading it—pretty neat little package—Interesting how they can “catch” some individuals, but these sites seem to go along unscathed…kinda like banks------

Heck, I would be afraid to even baby-sit someone’s son or daughter these days—some kid putting together the wrong string of words, or someone misinterpreting what was said or done, and your life is gone—it’s for the children and if we err, we err on the side of your ass going to jail for a long fucking time---They sure did a nice job of building the paranoia—look at everyone twice, trust no one, more divisiveness— teachers are fucking not just your daughters, but your sons---But, with more monitoring of everything, we can protect you—
The Government--

There’s a comedian out there, I forget his name that said: “You can say, I like children”—just don’t say “I like 12 year olds—too specific will get you in trouble”

These are strange times we live in—and getting stranger by the minute—nothing is as it seems, and there are always the underlying ulterior motives—


Anonymous said...

The net was put in place for a reason and will conitue. The idea that bogging will threaten the media's power over people is a dream. Many well to do people have good intensions about this unhealth lifestyle but changing one actions isnt so easy. The net and TV are put in place to sidetrack us. Yes in the end, we get teen porn and single moms, but the effect is of little thought. The loss on control over ones own actions is their goal and thats it. No one can rule over all the planet nor keep people like Les quite, but they can teach others to not listen and to dance all hopped up on viagra.
Even the most humble of us cant control all the ideas streaming from the mind. The reptiles now this and use this to loop bad behavior. Thats not true control and there is no grand plan going on. This is all childs play and arrested development at best.

Matt durkeematthew@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed

the names need to published far and wide

let them find nowhere to hide

while the starving mobs, hungry for their vampire blood, tear them limb from limb

Anonymous said...

Great to see you mention the correlation between sexual deviancy and the wielders of power. The two seem to go hand in hand, which is typical of sociopaths and their behaviour.

Having fostered a child who was the victim of persistent sexual abuse, I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject and share the following thoughts on organised pedophilia.

1: It is deliberately under-reported. The actual numbers of victims, the systemic and ritual abuse and the 'children for sale' cultures are definately there, and you can find information, but rarely in mainstream media.

2: There are some common tricks used to get away with it. Provoking a reaction of dissociation in the child is the most common. Abusing the child in bizarre environments, almost alternate realities, where rules and names and words for things are changed, perps dress up etc, in order to discredit any possible victim statments (the devil raped me)

3: It is usually multigenerational, ie parents abuse and train children to also be abusers. This is one 'out' for a victim, the others are being killed, or succumbing to substance abuse.

4: Blackmail is a large part of this scene. It is used in the same ways street gangs have you commit a crime to join, ie you have something 'over' eachother.

Even the numbers of missing children annually in western countries is difficult to pin down, with little follow up on how many found, died due to accidents etc. In the USA it is 1000 per day that go missing.


In the UK it is 100,000 per year.

Add to this what is going on in warzones, with child slaves being taken out of bosnia by Dyncorp for example, accusations against UN and military personel in almost all warzones, the numbers must be staggering.

Yet we hear in the news of 'tot mom' and caylee anthony ad nauseum, like its unique? something that doesn't happen every day? These hyped cases can only be distractions.

When a major story such as Dutroux or Jersey does break, without fail, there are participants from local police up to national governments, with sufficient power to stall investigations. Every single time.

Watching the state of denial and shocked dullness in my fellow citizens as yet another few trillion of their money is used for bailing out a failed derivitives market that is 10 x the total world GDP or more greedy wars are launched, they seem to not want to wake up and accept that its real. we need their numbers.

As people are easily whipped up into accepting all sorts of senseless laws "for the children" and most people seem to accept them, would the issue of organised pedophilia, with the involvement, consent or at the least acceptance of our most senior leaders at all levels of government not also be the one that could unite us to stop not only child abuse, but also the abuse of our freedom, labour, finances, food and health?

It is in my opinion the binding emotive issue that could trigger some change.

There is a very good site on the Dutroux affair, with witness testimony, and the names of the ringleaders and their clients have not been redacted. Its not an easy read, but very interesting and worth knowing.


Visible said...

My personal history indicates something less than the nature of a pacifist. These days though, I choose my battles and watch my words believing that discretion is the better part of valor unless such valor be well timed for the greatest success. As Lao Tzu said, "Those who lose after almost winning should have know the end from the beginning."

Frostwolf T'Firerose said...

Hope this post gets through--I've had difficulties for some reason.

This morning I had a strikingly similar notion about the city of Schenectady, New York. In today's Albany "Times-Useless", there is a story about this wave of suicides at the high school there. Seems 4 girls have offed themselves in the past 6 months. Schenectady has been in the news quite a bit lately due to its incompetent and highly corrupt police force.

The Mayor (a Democrat) has threatened to turn to martial law as a possible "solution" to the problem. People in the region ask "why don't they just disband the department, if they can't deal with the bad apples?" (In fact the former police chief is in the klink because he and his wife were drug mules.)

Anyway, I was wondering if the two weren't somehow connected on some energetic level, and then I read this post.

As an aside, Schenectady is referred to as the "Electric City." It's the home of General Electric. After I moved to the Hudson-Mohawk Valley region (hopefully at some point "Formerly known as the Capital Region of New York!"), I visited the city a few times and felt like it was stuck in 1958. I imagined I'd hear Ralph Kramden shout out "To the moon, Alice!" any minute. The City has an interesting spirit though--there's something very gypsy about the place. I have a feeling that the spirit of the City together with the land-spirits and the ancestors are forcing some issues there and elsewhere. My $.02 anyways.

kikz said...

'It’s not just the out of control, politically correct, sexual fascism precipitating down through the legal and education system. It’s also any and every kind of fascism directed at any and every group and individual concerned with basic human liberties'

and the rot continues...even unto the 'children of men'

big pharma...

the pill.

According to Dr. Coutinho, the profoundly complicated reproductive
system that has taken millions of years of evolutionary fine-tuning
has now been declared obsolete and harmful. Medical science is about
to provide the rationale and the means to make menstruation
completely disappear. The solutions are simple: just give all women
a continuous low dose birth control pill which is used continuously
for 84 days followed by a seven-day break. This will allow only 4
bleeds a year. (By mimicking pregnancy, the Pill literally shuts
down the ovaries, and causes a forced bleed each month not a natural
menstrual cycle).

Physicians and researchers alike have enthusiastically embraced Dr.
Coutinho’s theory. They see no reason why all women wouldn’t want
to have fewer periods. Whether is a problem such as migraines or the
just the ” inconvenience and messiness ” of menstruation, the Pill
can now come to the rescue.

Now that “medical advances” have conquered menstruation and drug
companies’ glossy marketing campaigns have succeeded in extolling the
Pill’s virtuosity, what has actually been achieved? What does the
future portend for all the young women presently seduced by these
promises? Does the Pill really improve a woman’s health? Or, will
it contribute to a health catastrophe of unparalleled proportions?

The Shocking Facts About the Pill:

The pill has become the most popular method for birth control. But,
in recent years, oral contraceptives have increasingly been
prescribed to young women for noncontraceptive purposes. The Pill
has become the darling of the medical world for treating just about
any hormonal problem a girl may have and then some. To date, the
Pill is prescribed for acne, to “regulate” periods, for heavy
bleeding, and painful periods, to treat PMS, endometriosis,
migraines, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries. The Pill is even
prescribed to girls as young as thirteen for acne.

The Pill is said to be one of the safest drugs around. But is it?
In December 2002, the US government published its biannual Report on
Carcinogens that added all steroidal estrogens to the list of
“known” human carcinogens. The gravity of this finding cannot be
overstated: all estrogens used in HRT and oral contraceptives have
now been proven, unequivocally, to cause cancer! To make matters even
worse, synthetic progesterone (proteins) such as Provera or Depo-Provera,
used in HRT, oral contraceptives, injections
and implants are also listed as carcinogens.

This is the indisputable fact: the ingredients of the Pill,
whatever its formulation, cause cancer. How can any carcinogens be
deemed safe especially when given to vulnerable young women?
Studies have linked estrogens and progestins to breast, ovarian,
endometrial, cervical, skin, brain and lung cancers.

There is nothing natural about taking the Pill. As a result of the
Pill, a woman’s ovaries may be permanently damaged, resulting in
infertility. Fabio Bertarelli, a billionaire manufacturer of
fertility drugs told the Wall Street Journal: “Our usual customers
are women over 30 who have been taking birth-control pills since they
were teenagers or in their early 20’s.”

Contraception formulas also increase the risk of coronary artery
disease, immune dysfunction, liver toxicity, strokes, blood clots,
osteoporosis, gum disease, high blood pressure and ectopic
pregnancies. The side-effects include nausea, vomiting,
migraine-type headaches, breast tenderness, allergies, weight
increases, changes in sex drive, depression, head hair loss, facial
hair growth, colitis, Crohn’s disease and increased incidence of
vaginitis. Many of these effects may persist long after the
discontinuation of the Pill.

In addition, the Pill depletes Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Folic Acid, B 12,
vitamins C, E, K, zinc, selenium, magnesium and the amino acid
tyrosine, essential for proper thyroid function.

Even more alarming is the fact that the earlier a woman uses the Pill
the greater the risk of developing breast cancer and also having a
worse prognosis. One disturbing study showed that the Pill
caused chromosomal aberrations in the breast tissue of young female
users. This research was further backed up with a study showing
that there was a 100 percent increased risk of breast cancer, which
extended from 10 years of pill use down to just three months! So, it
is of no surprise that women as young as 17 years old, are now being
diagnosed with breast cancer.

In one landmark study, researchers found that women who took the
Pill before the age of 20 and were later diagnosed with breast
cancer, have tumors with the worse prognoses than do breast cancer
patients who started taking the Pill at a later age or had not
previously taken it. Another study found this most terrifying
result: the younger the women were at the time of diagnosis, the
greater the possibility they would die within five years.

Echoing these findings, the U.S. National Cancer Institute published
a study in 2003 showing that the risk of breast cancer was
significantly increased for women between the ages of 20-34 who had
used the Pill for at least six months.

Progestins make their own mischief, raising “bad” cholesterol and
blood pressure, altering sugar metabolism, compromising the immune
system, and creating undesirable masculinizing effects. One study
found that women who used Depo-Provera before the age of 25 increased
their relative risk of breast cancer by 50 percent and for women
using it for six or more years; their risk was raised significantly
to 320 percent.

Of further concern are studies showing that oral contraceptives and
Depo-Provera contribute to bone loss in adolescents.

With the arrival of the continuous low dose Pill, normal menstrual
cycles are now fair game for the drug companies. This option appeals
to many young women who believe that menstrual cycles are, indeed, “a
curse” and an unnecessary inconvenience. Nutritionally depleted
diets, stress and environmental toxins, the real culprits of
menstrual irregularities and hormonal imbalances, have been all but
ignored by doctors who prefer to opt for a quick drug fix.
Getting healthy is really the challenge before us. Understanding the
immense importance of a healthy diet, good nutritional support,
exercise, relaxation techniques along with the guidance of competent
holistic health practitioners is the only way to truly assist young
women to regain their hormonal health and ensure their fertility.


Franz said...

The key is FEAR.

They start by giving you a God that loves you... and if you're bad, he gonna send you to Hell and you burn forever. This is literal "terrorism" for once. To be told the greatest being in the whole universe LOVES you and will TORTURE you if you break any one of a billion infractions.

After installing FEAR, add cognitive dissonance:

They give you a government "of the people, by the people, for etc" then Waco happens, 911 happens, USS Liberty happens and tons more. But it's US doing that. But it wasn't US, it was THEM. But they are US. Crazy yet?

Between fear and Non-identity is the key. They don't need to split your mind to a hundred alters. I'm sure that helps. But there are whole sections of the developed world that think of themselves as how much they earn. And that's it! That's their whole identity!

Which is to say they got no identity. Fear comes easy now... just threaten their income.

It's simple. Sucks, but it is.

nina said...

There is a reason why it is like it is. Most people will never get it, that is always going to be their character throughout eternity, you cannot change them.
It is so far out of control, it must self destruct. There is a physics law about this, what goes up must come down, simple gravity.
We're all dying, or dead already, some still clinging to the last trees, the wind rushing, waters rising, skies darker than ever before ... I'd like us to go though a painless portal now and come out clean, amazed, in Eden.
A history chronicle printed in 2209 is open to the chapter beginning with "...The EDOWR Accords, following the breakdown of civilization on Planet Earth, were enacted in 2109 ENT resulting in equitable distribution of planetary resources between signatory nations. All nations signed and war ceased. ...EDOWR is commonly thought to have been responsible for the uniting of Earth's continental land masses into one nation respecting the Universal Laws of Nature, Equality, Truth and Harmony..."

Kratoklastes said...

Hey there Les,

It's true that picking battles is important: none of us have the psychic stamina to fight a ten-front war.

I didn't mean 'pacifist' literally - and I understand completely, that people are being 'encouraged' to watch what they say, write and think.

After all, It's only a few months back that I got locked up by the French police state as a result of a blog post about how 'Holocaust' denial laws were a violation of natural law: I pointed out that had the laws been in place before the WIlkomerski fraud (and others) were discovered, fraud would have become Holy Writ. I also said that it would not surprise me in the least if the State had murdered people en masse, because that's pretty much what the State does best.

It didn't help that during my interview with the gendarmes I referred to Sarkozy as "the Runt King", "that nasty little dwarf" and "Eastern European peasant scum", and made constant references to the fact that French military history has been a sequence of massive humiliations since the day that Vercingetorix surrendered to Caesar and that the only reason their children were not speaking German in school was because of Anglo-Saxon rescues in 1914-18 (1917-18 for the late-arriving Yanks) and 1939-44 (41-44 for the Yanks).

I have also spent time in a French detention centre (or concentration camp, as I prefer to call it) because I refuse to comply with politicians' paperwork regarding my 'immigration status'. Politicians can stick their stupid 'border' lines up their collective arses.

I hasten to say that I was treated well at all times - it was 'only' my physical liberty that was intruded upon. As the Krauts sing: "Die Gedanke Sind Frei".

The concentration camp guards were individually pleasant to me - I had the benefit of being 'Australian' - but the experience was somewhat different for Algerians, Africans and Kosovars.

What hardened me against the State's jackbooted thugs came WAY ebfore that - during the protest riots in Paris in 2006 (which always took place near Pantheon, which is where my favourite internet cafe was).

As an 'non-combatant' (neither student nor police) I was able to pass through the lines without let or hindrance. I talked with protesters and with gendarmes and police nationale.

It became clear in talking to them, that even the apparently-sensitive coppers were completely unable to process the idea that their function was an aid to tyranny even (especially) in a democracy.

It became clear that they were drones, that they were incapable of questioning whether they were part of a corrupt and unjust system. Perhaps if ordered to gun down the whole mass of protesters, they would not have done so - but when they spoke about these protesters,it was with a venom that reeked of class hatred. Most of the protesters were university students.

At the concentration camp, even though there were a very small number who clearly 'got off' on the control they had over inmates, the camp guards were not remotely like the Lon Horiuchi's of the world - people who get a boner at the idea of shooting civilians on behalf of the government. (Horiuchi was the only sniper who fired at Ruby Ridge, and he also let go eight rounds at Waco).

Still, the jackbooted ones are part of a system that denies peaceful people their physical liberty, and thus they are cogs in the machinery of State violence. If they became aware that people like them were being held to account for the entire system, their performance would be degraded, and the apparatus of tyranny would suffer.

But as you say - picking battles is the order of the day in 4th-generation war. (I'm more of a Musashi man than Lao-Tzu, I confess).



Anonymous said...

OK, I was buzzing through the channels in a moment of weakness tonight and there it was--
"The top story tonight" is how you can protect your kids from online predators, and how they are luring your children using video games----

Translation: We can't have your kids finding their news online--god knows what truth they may stumble upon--now, the churches are behind us on this because, well, they too are losing their audience and we are both losing our financial asses and we just can't let that happen--oh, and the military doesn't want your kids knowing what a real blown apart body looks like, or finding out that the chosen, well, weren't, and that they are the most vile destructive murdering people on the face of the earth--and the politicians don't want your kids seeing everyday people in other countries taking to the streets--and if you're afraid enough to go on the net, you won't find alternative cures and herbs and learn about aspartame and all the other crap we put into our bodies--
So, in short, the internet is not good for america--our america that is--so please, disconnect from the internet--American Idol is on in 20 minutes and don't forget that our research shows that looking at a computer screen may make your balls or boobs fall off but not if you look at one of our new HDTV broadcasts--HDTV has been proven in our studies to actually grow the size of your........


m_astera said...

Yes, it's fear, as Frank pointed out. Those on the next level up from this 3D material plane feed on fear. Helpless fear is the most productive. Look at all of the fears you are constantly being reminded of that you are helpless to do anything about, from terrorism to global warming to the cops pulling you over and planting dope on you.

Step one is to realize that these fears are being manufactured to keep you feeling powerless and to feed the reptiles. The solution is to stop reacting. Stop feeding them anger and fear. Read the news, stay informed, but stay aware and when you feel a negative reaction coming on, stop it and redirect it into something positive that works to your own benefit.

The human body has a limited amount of physical and emotional energy available, quit throwing yours away. Quit feeding them and use your energy to create things that DO work.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Easter and her Spiral.



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