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Of Helium Heads and New Beachfront Properties

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings Earthlings. Welcome to the skybox seats above the Petri Dish. Unidentified lifeforms are writhing about in a sort of sinuous, tantric tangle, like the wall behind Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate near the end of the movie. These things rise above the surface of the soup but the soup surface has a thin plasticine skin. It illustrates the bodies as they rise, so you get a partial picture. This all seems to tell me that I should continue with the theme of prophecy and predictions. An inquiring mind might ask why I am talking about this subject at this time. I think it’s because we are going to see some of it real soon now. Yes, I get that sense.

Today I want to showcase Edgar Cayce and maybe other things; probably some other things. Edgar made a lot of predictions. Here is short listing of things yet to go down. The first link is much more extensive. Mister Cayce seems to have been pretty legitimate. He wasn’t a hundred percent but he himself said that what may happen can always be altered by the impact of human effort and consciousness. As you can see, Cayce is not nearly so dread filling and dire as Dr. Chiappalone and I would tend more toward his findings myself. I'm going to toss Mother Shipton in here right now because I know there is percentage of readers who are too lazy to go and look her up (grin). She's worth checking out.

I never spent much time in Kalifornia and what I am going to say is anecdotal and not meant to give offense. I was in Kalifornia for about six months at a time, several times. I always noted something insubstantial about the place. San Francisco was filled with a witchy vibe and LA had more of a brooding demon that sat on the hills near Griffith Park. I saw him on several occasions. I spent some time in The Hollywood Hills and the vibrations coming out of the houses were pretty strange here and there. Bret Easton Ellis writes about the side of things there, in a way that corroborates some of my experiences. LA is a very decadent and dangerous town, maybe not as much as Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston but, pretty bad. Some cities are ghettoized, like New York City. LA has ghettos but trouble can find you anywhere. I'm not speaking of color line ghettos exclusively but also about vice and the areas of town where it goes down. In LA that would be anywhere. I don’t mean to imply that ghettos are less savory and human as anywhere else but, if you're not from around there, it can be challenging and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

Sometimes walking along Hollywood Blvd I could see cartoon characters climbing up out of the sidewalks. There was the sense of an abyss beneath the sidewalk and a sense of impermanence in everything that was manifest. It had a Never Neverland aspect. Because of the climate and what was formerly a place where it was easier to live off your surroundings, many types of people gravitated to Kalifornia. It's the airhead capital of the world. They turn into real helium heads, once they migrate across the waters to Hawaii. Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “at one point, God picked up the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to Kalifornia”. I think he was talking about architecture but it applies generally. I found Kalifornia to be very spooky and transitory, like it could disappear or fade away at any point. I'm fairly convinced it will, at some point, slip into the sea. I've had dreams about some huge event there. In my dreams, I was in LA and it got very, very quiet. The stillness was terrifying. Something was about to happen. I don't remember now if something did; such is the nature of dreams, “we are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep”.

You'd see the most attractive hookers in the world, walking down the street in LA and if you walked up Santa Monica Blvd at night, you'd see a whole lot of Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillippe clones hanging in the alcove entryways of shops closed for the night. We all seem to have to walk on eggs these days because you can't swing a dead cat in an orphanage anymore without offending someone. That's all been brought about by these people. You'll find this link to be the most comprehensive and extensive of its kind anywhere up until this moment. It really shows you how far its gotten, along with references to things past.

I always thought that New York City would go down. I never thought much about The New Madrid fault line. I’ve thought about Atlantis and I always thought it was off in the area of The Bahamas and that the Bermuda Triangle was somehow connected to it. I always expected Las Vegas to come to a bad end and one day resemble the way it looked in Cherry 2000. I'm not a prophet but I think all of us can come to ballpark projections about certain things, just by looking at conditions and the players.

There is a small school of thought that believes the Kali Yuga is going to end this year. There's a much larger school of traditionalists that think it's going to go on for a long, long time yet. What I think is that they're both right and that a mini golden age is going to come into being but it will be temporary. No doubt the truth lies at right angles to all of these, except of course, the truth doesn't lie. I like to think of the truth as a person. I enjoy giving personalities to forces. They do have personalities, which are defined by their operations. I see the truth as a lady and she rides on a horse. The horse would be the one that carries the truth and that could be you or I, so long as we go in the direction that the reins request.

The road we are walking is firm beneath our feet in the present but it becomes increasingly more insubstantial, as we attempt to see up the road. Perhaps the road bends, because the projection of our minds is bending. Perhaps it goes up or down depending on the mind's projection. Perhaps it is dark or illuminated, depending on the condition of the mind perceiving it. It's all about intention and perception. Most people don’t get that intention is destiny, just as character is fate ...and perspective emerges out of intention, because we tell ourselves what to believe, according to what we are after, We justify things and we explain them to ourselves in terms that satisfy our justifications. This is readily observable most anywhere you go. Everybody is running around in some permutation of having been divided and conquered and they spend their time defending the actions of the people who did it to them.

Peer pressure; the desire for acceptance, the desire to advance and be upwardly mobile, to cut deals and to sell one's ass for exposure, influence and wealth, are common features of our shit on a shingle culture. It's the American way. It's the way of decline in the fall of the west and it has to fall because the corruption has rotted out the supports of the infrastructure, as if super termites showed up like a Biblical plague. This is all good news that looks bad in the short term. Once again, it's about perceptions. We're not all seeing the same thing and that is determined by what we want to see. I'm repeating myself but so are a lot of other people in other ways. Dogs return to their vomit and some package it and put it out between glossy covers, in CD cases and all manner of shrink wrap for public consumption.

What most people are not seeing is the new world precipitating downward. It's coming in emerging technologies and new ways of seeing and the new ways of seeing are the resulting reaction to the old way of seeing. Awakening is responsible for this. It's pleasant in some cases and unpleasant in others but... we know that and it can be both for any and all of us for periods of time.

Let's consider the mathematical aspect of the cosmos, in consideration of critical mass. You may not notice much until critical mass is achieved. It can be masked and camouflaged by all sorts of things and principally by appearances and this is all designed to keep people from seeing, because that is the job of appearances. It's all orchestrated but people don't want to accept that because it interferes with what they want. It interferes with what they want. This is why dispassion and achieving a desireless state is recommended by the masters. It provides clarity in vision. At the same time that is only a part of the picture because you should have a consuming passion that lights up the atmosphere and vibrates into the secret recesses of Nature and that, that causes reactions and some who have preceded us have spoken about these things but, as usual, most people don't pay any attention.

I just heard a line in a movie. This fellow has prepared a dinner for his date and as a result of taking a super drug that makes you smart, he has been doing some impressive things. She says to him, “Is there anything you can't do”? He replies, “take my eyes off of you”. I guess that should apply across the board in all things and depends on what you have your eyes on.

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Anonymous said...

I have occasion to visit LA and San Fran. Once, as a friend and I were cruising the Sunset Strip, I looked to my side and noticed a bag lady pushing a grocery cart. Since traffic was very slow, we were traveling about the same speed, so I finally made eye contact with her as she was mumbling something to herself.

Just as she saw me eyeing her, she stopped her cart, pulled her panties down to her knees and took a shit into her drawers.

She emptied her panties onto the sidewalk, pulled them up and started walking again.

In about five minutes, we turned around to head in the opposite direction and as we pulled up near Grauman's Chinese Theater, I saw a dude sitting on a bench and he was busy looking at his leg.

I looked closer and saw a gaping hole in his shin with pus, red-rimmed and I swear I saw maggots. It appeared he was playing with his pet maggots.

I have never been back to the Sunset Strip.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chiappalone is an agency-sanctioned gloom-and-doomer; Edgar Cayce was a Freemason, not that it matters. The big question is, do we have free will? Ask the man who is born with no arms and legs and lives in a vegetative coma.

We're asleep in someone else's dream; and that dream morphed into a nightmare long ago. We whistle past the graveyard as we rush off to eat noodle salad at parties. It's time to wake up or shut up. Permanently. The choice is ours, er, except for that guy in the vegetative coma. He has no choice. (But he has free will! Sure he does. And Dick Cheney is a saint.)

Vis get out of my head, man, I wrote some things yesterday to post at Smoking Mirrors, decided not to do it (wasn't sure why), and like clockwork you took the salient points of exactly what I had written and expanded on it until it opened up like a Bloomin' Onion at Outback. Crazy, crazy, crazy - and yet it makes sense (if you don't try to rationalize it).

Anonymous said...

via Homer

Les Visible prabhu you're a little bit P.T. Barnum.

You always leave them wanting more..

"I guess that should apply across the board in all things and depend what you have your eyes on."

How very adept in ending your lesson plan with a lesson plan.

Every conscious moment of every day, from metaphysical discussions of Atlantis, to implying the sun is a personality, to simply pouring a drink of water, it really does "depend what you have your eyes on."

In the least, it's a fine start, a seed of transcendental habit.

Thomas said...

apologies for posting a comment before reading the post... Über-sweet, and very sharp/wise mirrors yesterday, IMHO, but:

Like clarity commented on Cayce in the last Origami, someone else did in mirrors, and you Les, have hinted at some times by saying that, maybe, telling about bad things prevent their happening. I can only say: YES YES YES, this is certainly possible, and indeed very plausible. The collective mind has a LOT of Creative/Destructive power, relatively speaking, and quite a say in what happens around the planet. Then again, I don't know ;)

Thanks Vis,

& To All, Wishes of Bird Song Concerts and quiet, calm Nights

kikz said...

veterans today article.. strange that.. i knew it looked familiar.... and finally got to the comments... and had a deja vu moment.. there i was.. frm 2010, w/my examples of tribal crowing and hubris. :)

don't understand why mike/WRH didn't mark that as a 'flashback'....?

after viewing that naval map in cayce's link.. i have to wonder if that might be the case as to why i've been inexplicably stuck in the n. dallas 40 for over 20yrs...? dunno...

Eamon said...

It is impossible to reach a state where we desire absolutely nothing and we no longer have any passions whatsoever. Even if such were desirable and achievable, we would still be left with the desire of being in and remaining in that state.

Our passions are part of our nature and no amount of self-denial can change this. It is impossible to eliminate them; trying to do so is dangerous and only results in trouble. What healthy self-denial does is bring the passions into subjection to the more noble element of our being: the intellect and will. The passions are good, in se, and have a subordinate role to play; it is when they are disordered that they try to play a primary role which does not rightly belong to them. In such cases a man will seek to gratify his desire for money or power or sex, for example, even when it is clear that his blind pursuit of a limited good is adversely affecting his overall well-being and pursuit of the ultimate good, God. Although the intellect is the master faculty, its reign over the passions is neither established nor maintained without a great deal of struggle.

As for the will, it is made to love. We get ourselves into trouble by loving things that we should not love, or by giving more love to created things than they deserve or is good for us. The human heart is incapable of reaching a state where it desires or loves absolutely nothing. The key is choosing the right objects to be loved and loving them in the way and to the degree that they should be loved. This is easier said than done, but not impossible.

Thank you for an excellent offering, visible. Much love and peace of mind and heart to all who read these words.

Anonymous said...

i've heard tell (cracking some good ol american vernacular here) that at anytime here on earth there are a SMALL group of enlightened beings who are able to keep the whole planet from tipping into utter destruction. maybe just 12 people who through their higher consciousness keep the coaster on the track. these souls can be the waitress on the corner who has so much love in her heart she automatically lifts the consciousness of the masses when she asks, "how about a warm up?"....we don't know who they are. and because we don't know who they are we can assume they are ANYONE...including ourselves. if we so choose.

i so choose. i try to be that waitress in every moment of everyday and it makes life beautiful.

you may be one of those people too.
if you so choose.


liz, pouring coffee in los angeles

(to quote some's the city i live in...the city of angels...)

Visible said...


Here is the whole statement where I clearly mention the use of passion-

"This is why dispassion and achieving a desireless state is recommended by the masters. It provides clarity in vision. At the same time that is only a part of the picture because you should have a consuming passion that lights up the atmosphere and vibrates into the secret recesses of Nature and that, that causes reactions and some who have preceded us have spoken about these things but, as usual, most people don't pay any attention.

Visible said...

Liz; beautiful and like most anything of real beauty, true. I try to do the very same thing, in fact, I try to remind myself that it should be operative with every breath in every day. This sort of thing tends to pump up the volume.

Visible said...

Here's a well written piece about something we might already know. and another with a fine capacity for empathy and articulation.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than a waking nightmare in 3-D . . .

Ramsey Clark prophesied to me in Sept. 93 when I asked HOW LONG...he said matter of factly ..."20 Years"

I'd say he about nailed it.

Paul Von said...

Heh! I read Edgar Cayce's "work" in about 1970, and took him for the black-hearted fraud he most probably was. In my opinion, he was a Zion funded psych-op plant, just like all the other “psychic” jerks people give credence to. His view of the world was dismal in the extreme, and his ‘contribution’ to society comprised little more than another inept extension of the book of revelation.

Whenever someone expresses a belief in some singular "God" I totally write him or her off as a mentally incompetent slob, or some circus shill.

gurnygob said...

Beautifully put Les. I have read Mother Shipton once or twice and her prophecies resonate deeply. That link (Mother Shipton ) is a fascinating read, what I've read of it, up to now. And thanks for the showcase Edgar Cayce link, very informative. Don't think I will be visiting Kalifornia any time soon.


Visible said...

Lovely thoughts Paul, it must be great to have such certainty without the need for anything substantive or evidenciary. You can just wave your hands and name anything anything. I'd say the tone of your comment and the lack of any corroboration infers a level of employment too.

Anonymous said...

Kalifornication of the Nation

From time to time, Vis, we share commonalities of perception. In '69-70 i spent a year in Kalifornia, roughly half in the Bay area and half in SoCal. Left the place in the Summer of '70, by which time it had become specifically Kalifornia to my way of looking at things.

Place has this pervasive and persuasive unreality. Yes, i've also used the "Never-Never Land" metaphor, if it is that. There's a transient, mirage-like immaterialization to the place. Like Rancho Mirage, perhaps. Though haunting and seductive, "Hotel California" hit the airwaves about five years after i got the hell outta Dodge.

San Francisco and the Bay have this tremendous vortex power. First arriving there in August of '69 in my white, hardtop '63 Impala, coming in on the Bay Bridge late at night, got impulsed to switch on the radio: Otis Redding invited me in "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" as i looked up from the dial to be welcomed by the "San Francisco City Limits" sign. Left The City at the end of January of '70 with my personal relationship to the vortex having involuted as the whole scene was sucking me down into a vibe of dogshit and broken glass.

Some kinda weird light in LaLaLand. Only partly due to the smog. Yes, there is some kinda pervasive
power/presence in the hills around Griffith Park. Turned this Housing Authority bureaucrat i thought i knew into a pyromaniac, setting fires up there. My own mind was going through fantasies of how easy it would be for a small group of people to cut off power and water and massively disrupt traffic. So this demon, as you describe it, was tugging at me and drawing my mind into visions of participatory destructiveness. Bad vibe.

Scooted back to the woods, hills and lakes of the Northwoods of Minnesota after a year of Kalifornication of the nation. Saw what it was doing to my psyche and to my spirit.

Doing antiques roadshows for a living from mid 80's to mid 90's i also spent some time in the Pacific Northwest. Got this seem feeling of transient materiality across a span running from Olympia clear up to Everett. The feeling peaked around the north suburbs of Seattle. The land felt raw, disconnective. The human vibe was much easier to take than in Kalifornia. No feeling of that misbegotten undertow ~ just this vibe of evanescent fragility.

One friend has accused me of being a Biointuitive. Perhaps that is true on some levels. One thing of which i am certain is that there is a sense within me which does not mesh synchronistically with Kalifornia, nor with much of the West Coast. Pity is that there are many individuals who choose to live in those places whom i consider to be fascinating, fun and fantastic. But as a quadruple Virgo it is my own deeply felt need to live in a place surrounded by trees and where the noisiest neighbors splash around in the frogpond just south of the house, or fly over the house honking out their ancient calls of a wilder world than those are, Gunga Din.

-stickman 30 Aries, 34 Anno Eros

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I live in the Bay Area of the land of Kalifornication. Good riddance! Being a so called 'death trap' (Easy transition to Paradise?) is the only GOOD thing about it.

It's over-crowded, over-regulated, overly expensive, overly stoopid, not enough rain, not enough electrical storms, too much pollution, psycho cops, and if I had the resources I'd move out of this shite pile years ago just so I wouldn't GIVE it any more anything, but I think I'm supposed to be here for that easy exit of this cesspool of a realm.

I'm looking forward to all this. I know too much to be concerned. Then there's the fact I'm more repulsed by this game than attached to it, so hey. It's not the neutral state the philosophers say I should be in, but at least I have something to look forward to, as opposed to something to dread.

When it goes down, I'll be dancin' in the streets, and no; I don't really like that song.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Beachfront property goes down with the price of the tsunami.

Leonardo da Vinci, who was old enough to be Mother Shipton's grandfather, had already sketched prototypical models of manned flight, so Mother Shipton's predictions of manned flight seem to me like a rational expectation of future technological progress, instead of a psychic revelation. If Mother Shipton's predictions were "psychic", what about the predictions Leonardo, or of Jules Verne? Many of Sean David Morton's
interpretations of Mother Shipton's
Prophecies strike me as questionable attempts to attach specific incidents to Mother Shipton's vague statements. It seems to me that another interpreter might come up with completely different interpretations of Mother Shipton's Prophecies.

Visible said...

Yeah right, no doubt Da Vinci faxed her drawings of his inventions and then rest of it you can dismiss on that premise. You are one of the single most frustrating and infuriating people I have ever met on line. You just love to argue and it doesn't matter about what. These days every one is a Google expert and can be an authority on anything. Most don't attempt to be an authority on every thing. It takes a special kind of person to not only accomplish that but to be into it to begin with.

Gee, no kidding, you think someone might have come up with a different take? Wow! Suddenly the whole world is bathed in an eerie light as the complexity of everything falls together in my mind.

Ben said...

Dear Vis

My dad on occasion would bring up Edgar Cayce and always with respect and even a certain amount of awe. In some ways my dad was a contemporary of Cayce in that they lived in the same era. I seem to remember that my grandmother (dad's mother) had even corresponded with Cayce on some things and it might have been this that brought about the respect my father felt for the man. I should mention that my dad was always very quick to spot a quack and was always very skeptical of those claiming certain gifts.

I have read several books on Cayce and am convinced he was the real deal. It is significant that Cayce never accepted payment for his gift and he was so well known that he could have become extremely wealthy instead of living a life of general poverty. And it was my reading of Cacye's life and gift that piqued my interest in reincarnation; this issue is still not fully settled in my mind as I have not received any specific guidance on it from the Holy Spirit. (But I don't fret about it either.)

I'll confess to having been born in Los Angeles and having all the relatives on my dad's side still dwelling there. My grandfather moved there in his early twenties in the very early 1900's and later brought his wife out from Indiana. He went on to make quite a bit of money on real estate and construction; he died quite young leaving his widow and two children (one of them my future dad) wealthy. And apparently the relatives on that side still have quite a bit of money and some unfortunate ties to both the defense industries and Hollywood.

Despite having relatives and a certain past tied to California, I have to admit that I probably would not grieve were most of it to slide into the sea. Los Angeles, or at least Hollywood, seems to pride itself on being the "cultural" capital of the U.S. I view it as a cesspool overflowing with khazar turds and I suspect one day, when it has "fulfilled its inequities", it will indeed slide into the sea.

I tend to agree with you regarding the end of Kali Yuga; my own understanding, with what little I know, is that we are finishing up a "mini-age" of approximately 2,000 years and will enter into a mini golden period of approximately 1,000 years. Some Christians consider this 1,000 year period as the millennium and I guess they're correct. Too many, however, believe that following this millennium the earth is destroyed. I suspect there might be some destruction following the 1,000 year period, but apart from that will not venture to speculate.

I do believe though that eventually, and this may be 50,000 years or more in the future, all mankind will be completely reconciled with the Divine, the Father Creator, and this earth will in its entirety be the Garden of Eden. And I strongly suspect that well before these 50,000 years are gone, that we will learn that there are a whole lot of ages/civilizations that preceded us on this earth and that there are a whole lot of civilizations within our universe.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I read Cayce in the 60's.
To me he struck chords of incredible uniqueness and rarity. His gift was so profound as to actually resonate through the pages of his books as incredibly as his diagnosis of faraway people's ills manifested.

There were a couple of tells which convinced me he had special gifts. He didn't graduate from Harvard Law or Divinity school or any school. I don't believe he ever went to school beyond grade school.

He was barely literate and humble to a fault.

Also I'm pretty sure he didn't die a millionaire.

All these add up to someone not corrupted or even subject to coercion.

I think people like Cayce, the real thing, are as rare as hen's teeth.

If Cayce never had one iota of psychic ability or prophetic talent, it wouldn't matter in the least. He was a person of the very highest moral and spiritual caliber and you can't buy that with diamonds or attain it through anything except your own doings.

For the last 47 years and into the foreseeable future, on my shelf and in my travel kit there will be castor oil.

Thank you for that, Edgar!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I wasn't suggesting that Mother Shipton had any communication with Da Vinci, or that she even knew he existed. Only that it wasn't unusual for someone in the 1400s or1500s to speculate about a future of flying machines or other advances, such as the proliferation of books that Mother Shipton predicted, which had already been accelerated by Gutenberg (1398-1468). Maybe some of her predictions are psychic prophesies, but I find many of them too vague to interpret precisely, and I'm not very convinced by some of Morton's interpretations of them.

When I read Morton's list of Mother Shipton's Prophesies, I just didn't find much there that I could get exited about. A bit disappointing. I think that it would be really interesting to read some prophesies that sound genuine to me. Mother Shipton's sound too vague for me to identify anything with. Congratulations to those who find Mother Shipton's Prophesies illuminating; I hope it helps them with their lives.

Actually there are only a few things that I argue about.

Rob in WI said...

Visible and all,
I don't want to get into an exchange, but there have been suspicious websites, and published books, that suggest our tribal nemesis did much to muddy the waters before the millenium, and are doing so now, in 2012. During the 90's, check out Phyllis Schlemmer, Rael (of the Raelians), the zetatalk/planetX chick, along with Chippalone, and others who I don't have time to list. Being a "prophet" today, on the internet, is easy, especially with zionist promotion.
Thank you though Vis, for the Shipton link. Her visualizations seem to top Nostrodameus.
Be well,all, Rob

Zel said...

Ah, the good Dr. Chiappalone is sort of a downer, but when you get to the core of his message is that the material realm will be absorbed by the spirit, and destroyed in the process. There's more of course, dealing with divine judgement and the freedom of the soul, but since it's our destiny to return to the spirit in any case, whether we live 10 minutes or 100 years, I'm not sweating it - as they say, it is what it is, so bring it on. Still, I'd like to meet the Dr. one night, buy him a beer and a meal - he seems like he needs a friend.

I read Mother Shipton's prophecies a couple of years ago, and they chilled me in a way the Dr. C did not. There's a difference between an abstract, swift material end as the Dr. describes, and the torturous ends predicted by MS - still, even those nasty ends can't be any worse than staying on this merry go round forever.

You've spoken of the Kali Yuga before and a temporary reprieve, a mini Golden Age. I do wish you'd expand on your theory when you mention it in your articles - if we're not out of Kali Yuga, why the very temporary reprieve? For what purpose? I found my inspiration in a system other than Hindu, when I followed a system, so I don't understand the purpose of the mini Golden Age.

Anonymous said...


then there's the notion of time, that a prophesy might be a memory where time lines are reversed. (nothing in physics to suggest that things (and therefore our time references) might not go backwards in terms of causality, or appearances visa vis "normal" , those high res videos of a drop of milk falling into a bucket, reverse the film, it can happen that way if the initial conditions are met).
more things in heaven and on earth Horatio....

slow mo milk drops

Anonymous said...

what colour is the horse, Vis?


Anonymous said...


Denny said...

I can predict with 100% certainty that I'm soon going to run completely out of money, and that there won't be any more coming from any other source. Getting a job isn't an option either because there aren't any, and besides, I'd never pay taxes anyway. Does this mean I'm a psychic..?

If anyone asked me the same questions they ask whilst sitting around these various "enlightened masters" and "psychics" (Sai Babba, Dalai Lama, Edgar Cayce etc) and I answered them in exactly the same way as these enlightened masters and psychics themselves would, would this mean I'm enlightened or psychic..?

There are good books out there on how to put a stop to nicotine addiction, but they're useless if you don't want to put a stop to it, or even worse - actually think it's PLEASURABLE to be a nicotine addicted slave. No "saviour" is going to come and save anyone from their nicotine addiction or any other predicament based on ignorance because we have to get ourselves out of whatever it is we got ourselves into once we realize that there is actually something that we have to get ourselves out of, needless to say. The books are there for those who are able to benefit from them.

Would anyone happen to know how I could make myself some money from any of this, so that the above 100% accurate prediction doesn't have to come true..?

Eamon said...

Ever-gracious host visible:

Re: passions... Although I read and understood and agreed with your own initial comments, I said what I did in order to add to the mix. If what I said is useful to anyone, wonderful; if not, so be it. In my limited experience, some people (myself included) benefit from hearing the same or substantially similar things in accidentally different ways -- like when a teacher uses multiple, concrete illustrations, knowing that one example will resonate with some students while some students will benefit more from a different example. Carry on, my friend and I hope to see and embrace you down the road, whether in this life or the next...

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,
You replied:

"Lovely thoughts Paul, it must be great to have such certainty without the need for anything substantive or evidentiary. You can just wave your hands and name anything anything. I'd say the tone of your comment and the lack of any corroboration infers a level of employment too."

The 'prophets' have been with us since the dawn of civilization, and what once passed for entertainment around the village campfire, has morphed into an endless litany of doom and destruction. How does such imagery as Cayce delivered- serve any present or future generations? Answer: It has no positive function, and it was meant to have no positive function.

Cayce, as well as many other deluded frauds like Alistair Crowley, did much to contribute to the spiritual and psychic black holes, which developed later in the twentieth century. The collective ID has become a giant sucking sound, and I'm sick of religious nut cases dictating the quality of my future life.

Believers in god tend to be victims of "fate" because the whole delusion is structured toward a state of individual submission to some illusionary "greater power". Like the fictitious person we were programmed to call the “Christ” we submit to a dire fate, rather than kicking the shit out of the oncoming Roman troops.

Becoming fatalists, prophets, and sub missives, has yielded the fine political and environmental results we are presently enjoying. You know as well as I, that the game is well orchestrated and well funded, and assholes like Crowley have always lined up their bullshit, for a plush fistful of cash…

Anonymous said...

A lot of the time it seems, our 'lives' lived are for the opportunities for others to show who and what they really are.

I knew a person who had had a life reading from Cayce back in the 30s. She was quite the free spirit throughout her entire life. Born into a family who were peers with the Rockefeller and JP Morgan families. Family of 'diplomats' which is the cover they successfully used back then.

My own family incorporated many of Cayce's medical readings into our health development growing up. We're using his castor oil abdominal pack treatment on a friend with internal cancer diagnosis right now.

Cayce proclaimed that castor oil was a 'gift from Jesus to the world' and wrote a pamphlet on its use for treating all kinds of ailments called 'Palma Christi'.

When I got some strange WRONG diagnosis from the AMA freaks back in the 80s, I'd slather my entire chest with that oil of the Palma Christi and sunbathe focusing on any and all ailments to leave my body.

Forty years after my parents got turned onto Cayce and his medical readings-my mother and her children-all now in our 50s and she in her late 70s are meds free, chronic conditions free and do not have any 'personal physicians' to be named on any reports.

Any labels of 'black hearted fraud' or 'zionist shill' etc might reflect more upon the sender than the one who only gave his entire life in service to others against great odds considering the medical machine had turned totally allopathic and was set on its course to the present day killing machine full of sociopaths.

Just my experiences, not only knowing Cayce's works, but practicing them for the past forty or so years.

I do forget that many people do not 'believe' in reincarnation as the way things work around here.

To explain why the 'man with no arms and legs and lives in a vegetative coma' is in fact expressing his own free will to 'live' that expression of his life's journey.

Many times lives are led for not only the experience of the calling but for everyone involved in that life to show who and what they really are. A very extreme involvement when working with a person who can not tell on you... for what you do and don't do to them.

Just my opinions and experiences.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Thank you liz in LA.

I thought of the waitress all day yesterday and it always put a big slap happy smile on my face.

Decades ago now-I met some friends after the beach at the beach side McD's... sitting outside the door was a man who looked like the stereotypical homeless man... I looked at him as I opened that door and he had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

He just looked at me and it felt like he was looking at my soul.

Glowing beautiful blue eyes. I don't even remember who I met up with that day. When I came out he was gone.

hmmmmm total eye/soul connection.

Agreed that there are angels and testers all over the place and usually in your face but in disguise as a 'nobody'.

Anonymous said...

This sentence is not true.

If you got tomorrow's paper, you would change tomorrow's paper. There's an elastic conundrum with predictions TPTW know full well of, with their polling.

True prophecies are from the ONE above our physics, who knows where the hysteresis loop settles.

Did Mr. Fegel miss the one about the printing press and how that might apply to Da Vinci? I don't think his books were passed around the english countryside. How many ways could you interpret that one? A better smartass response would have been "Well, she saw a bumblebee", rather than the sophistical stretch of some correspondence between him and her.

Spooky stuff. I know of one building that will burn. I dreamt of it before it was built and I knew where it would be built. And sure enough, a few years later, there it was. The ghetto has grown around it. I have to guess that's a demonstration just for me.

Have Paul Von and Gregory F Fegel had any demonstrations just for them?

There's a t-shirt that says "You're just mad because the voices don't talk to YOU". That seems to describe a lot of people.

Ray Zerwitt

Dammerung said...

I was born in Los Angeles, and I used to aspire to return there. Now, whenever I go down South for family engagements or whathave you, it all seems very different to me. A hundred ugly suburbs mashed together under a brooding sky. If there's any gamers out there, it reminds me of the Kingdom of Zeal from Chrono Trigger - floating over the rest of the world and powered by an extreterrestrial abomination sleeping under the sea.

mike m said...

"Everybody is running around in some permutation of having been divided and conquered and they spend their time defending the actions of the people who did it to them."

When I visited Lima Peru recently I noticed this very action taking place.

The Spanish Conquistadors decimated the native population and tortured anybody who wouldn't bow down to their brand of "christainity". I even visited the Torture Museum in downtown Lima that exhibited the atrocities.

Not even half a mile from that museum, in fact throughout my travels in Peru, there were cathoholic churches everywhere adorned in the finest gold and marble with thrice weekly "processions" emanating from those hollowed buildings with the very people who were conquered bowing down and paying homage to this show of freaks.

It was amazing to me too see almost a whole nation come under the spell of something so vile, even as they paraded JC around as their avatar.

But most of the more intelligent folks I conversed with did not attend church or its trappings.

Anonymous said...

Re: DaVinci and Mother Shipton

It is highly likely that relatively few beyond northern Italy knew, or cared to know, much about DaVinci in the mid 1500's. Even among those who could read. Let alone someone with a bio like Mother Shipton's.

The Italian Renaissance didn't unfold like a 2012 reality show/media event and Mother Shipton wasn't the Kim Kardashian of her time and place.

It amusing when otherwise smart people analyse history in terms of the present. Amusning for all the wrong reasons.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ray Zerwitt: I never said that Mother Shipton had read Da Vinci; I only suggested that, in her times, people were already speculating about fying machines, and the proliferation of books that Mother Shipton predicted had already begun decades before her, with Gutenberg's press. Some predictions are very predictable.

Charles Hindley published a second edition of Mother Shipton's predictions in 1862, and Hindley later admitted that he added predictions of his own to those of Mother Shipton's.

According to the tradition, Mother Shipton was born in a cave and she married a carpenter; these are formulaic attributes of the Great Goddess. It was also said that Mother Shipton was "born of the Devil." Mother Shipton's maiden name was Ursula Sontheil; Ursula is the name of the Great Bear constellation, which lives in the cave of the sky. The Roman Catholic legend of Saint Ursula says that Ursula and her 11,000 virgin maiden companions crossed the English Channel from Cornwall to Brittany in a single day -- which was apparently considered a remarkable feat in those days. I interpret this as the Great Bear constellation (Ursula) and the (11,000) stars crossing the ocean of the sky in a single day.

Mother Shipton's Cave is a famous tourist attraction in Knaresborough, England, and the Cave houses a mineral spring called the Petrifying Well. The first written record of the Well was in 1538 by John Leyland, who noted that the Well was rumored to have miraculous healing powers. See "Mother Shipton: prophetess or witch?" at

Gregory F. Fegel said...

"Mother Shipton is the most famous prophetess of the British Isles. She is one of the many figures of romance who achieve widespread fame and notoriety many years after the real exploits of their lives have faded from the pages of history. With such a passage of time, and lack of historical evidence, there is even debate as to whether she existed at all. Many of her prophecies are undoubtedly later fabrications, and the first written accounts of her exploits were published eighty years after her supposed death.

The earliest pamphlets and books about Mother Shipton were published in 1641 and 1684, many years after her death, and we can assume that the fertile imagination of the 17th century writers has much to answer for. We can certainly be sure that the predictions that were recorded in the early pamphlets were describing events that had already come to pass, such as her many predictions about Cardinal Wolsey.

The editor of the 1684 edition of her work, Richard Head, invented much of the story of her life and the descriptions of her, even if these were based on legend and folklore that had been passed down by word of mouth. Later writers also fabricated prophesies, for example Charles Hindley admitted that he had concocted many of the predictions in 1862 to fool the Victorian public."

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

And then there's the Vymanika Shastra dealing with the vast histories vimanas.


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick V1.2 said...


Some people have apparently been able to live off the energy of the sun exclusively. Sungazing. This can be a huge savings on groceries! But since you used the word whilst in your post I'm going to assume you live in the UK somewhere so with the amount of rain and dreariness attendant there sun feeding is probably not practical so let's see here .....

I know ! Perhaps you can create your own job since none are available ?!

You don't mention you age or physical condition so suggestions could run anywhere from gigolo to handy man if you are so gifted in either area. Post something at the church or the market and see if you get any bites.

You could possibly write a novel if you have time and an interesting subject. Smoking sessation perhaps ? But that doesn't always work out from what I hear. hmmm.

You can look on an agricultural jobs web site and see if you could work for room and board for a farmer in need of help ?

Sqeegee kids seem to do okay but if you are older you could possibly set a new trend. Squeegee Seniors ! Although I suspect the field will be very competitive in the near future. You know with the deficit and debt and all that complicated financial stuff that honest people could never understand.

Of course there's always McDonalds. Minimum wage from the cradle to the grave ? And those uniforms are to die for, or in, for those less fortunate pensioners.

A sure fire way to to amass a hefty fortune without paying any taxes is to start a Christian fundamentalist congregation in your area and with an emphasis on killing brown people for God. (All you need for this is a well worn Bible , a collection basket and a small group of wealthy devoted followers).

Throw in some faith healing and you can't miss. (You'll need a portable microphone and an ear piece for this.)

If you find any of these suggestions too daunting there's always large stones laying about and they're free ! Next find a bank main branch plate glass window for one of the too big to fails and toss boulder.

Voilà ! Guaranteed 3 hots and a cot for a little while at least and you can work on your novel while you're there !? This is based roughly on my own retirement plan.

The best thing to do though is to imagine the worst thing that could happen to you. Then learn to be okay with that. Finally attempt to do something to avoid it. Then no matter what the outcome you'll be fine ?

Check this fellow out if you're still feeling stuck.

Hope this helps...

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you Visible.

Life is finite.

Up on cripple creek any day now I will be released.

Levon Helm of the Band goes at age 71 to a happier hunting ground.

At the tail end of the 60's peace movement, before Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma and 9/11, the Band captured the spirit of personal and world peace in their concerts, music and guest artists.

That spirit lay dormant after 1972 until the new millennium and is since 2005 making a noticeable comeback with truth and antiwar movements, personal and organized, around the world.

Shine on you crazy diamonds. Make love not war.

Zionism kills.

Peace and love,


Denny said...

Patrick V1.2:

Thanks for the very entertaining advice. I like the idea of putting a boulder through a bank window, but stealing from any mafia organization does entail certain repercussions. As for cutting off all my limbs in order to make a buck or two, well, that certainly adds a whole new dimension to "having to lose this life in order to find it". Possibly the sungazing thingy could work but I'm living in Sweden, so I'd still need to forage for expensive 100% organic food most of the year. And talking of losing limbs, there is an organic farmer living close by, but he's so neurotic that if you work for him he expects you to put your hands into machinery while it's still spinning to save time and of course...MAH-ney.

The real money lies in vaccines. All you need to do is put on a white coat and sit there with a syringe in your hand waiting for the suckers to turn up with their sleeves rolled up. And strange too that even though a trained chimpanzee could do it, they STILL wouldn't give me the job because obviously I wouldn't be qualified for killing people off at their own expense.

What I'd really like to do is make a documentary just like the one I saw last night on Breivik, complete with evocative background music, compliments of the BBC. When I heard the pretentious voice of that bimbo commenting on how Breivik fled the scene of the crime in Oslo and then headed for Utoya, I wanted to give her a real slapping. I have a friend here working for local TV as a cameraman, so he'd be ready to help. The question is, how far would we get with my own idea of a satirical documentary before we all got ourselves shot..?

Nah, one thing for sure is that I'm not going to do anything I don't want to do in order to make money. Not when say certain CEOs of these disgusting kids' toxic sweets companies are on $300 000 each MONTH..! I know people here who tell me that they see no sign anywhere of any financial crisis, and spend their time flying to different locations around the world on "fashion model shoots". They don't want to see the misery I've persnally witnessed in places like Moscow - ie people queuing up all day with a few plastic bottles in order to get a dime or two.

So, no way am I going to get up in the mornings and "go to work" and pay taxes. Not when I know how the elites are living in this world.

I worked it out so that I have enough money left to last until December 24th 2012, so if those bloody Mayans got it wrong I'm done for.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

A Thick and Toxic, Restless Soup.

brokenbeat said...

I've read most of the published prophecies starting with "The Late, Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsay (!) when it came out some 40 years ago. Actually. I guess Revelation was the first. I've ways been attracted and fascinated by them, sometimes resolving to take them to heart othertimes keeping them in the back of my mind and not steering my life decisions by them. The fact that I've continued living in Cali for 33 years -- having decided to move here and not move away -- bears testament to that. Perhaps I'm under some spell!

I've come close to moving (most likely the mountains of Colorado or New Mexico) many a time, but haven't for different reasons. The city of angels no longer holds any appeal and I feel an uneasy oppression when I enter it for the last ten years or so. I find little occasion to do so and could not have stayed in the vicinity if I was not living in a very special magical location up the coast in what was once a thriving Chumash Indian village on the beach with a glorious canyon reaching into the mountains that was the shaman's domain.

My house and garden has a very powerful, warm, hosting, nurturing, revealing vibe and friendly spirits abound. It's virtually devoid of man-made noise and bathed with the sound of waves, energizing sea breeze and comforting sun. It's easy to forget that there is a teeming city of 25 million less than an hour away. The mountains block most of the smog and EM pollution, but cell towers, chemtrails, Fukushima "gifts", and high-end shops displacing mom and pop shops and any sense of community have me again seriously contemplating moving. I never feltat home in the city, but this location has been my home for 23 years, far longer than anywhere I have previously lived.

I am admittedly attached, and would benefit from the growth of moving on and starting anew with a tabula rasa elsewhere. I find myself at a crossroads once again in all aspects of my life with many option and am seeking growth and intend to own my change to the extent that I can. I am endeavoring to get out of my comfort zone and live more courageously and a move might be just the ticket. The physical calamities are inevitable, but the resultant hordes of desperados are my bigger concern.

On another note, as a drummer I have always had immense respect for Levon Helms. He had, among other talents, great feel -- by far the most valuable attribute of a drummer, a nearly imperceptable distinction between good and great and essential for supporting primarily the emoting of the vocalist. The fact that he also was a emotive vocalist is understandable, but singing drummers are rare, partly because of the usual upstage suitability for a singer, but also because of the added coordination task to what is already a challenge to the four dancing limbs. God bless, Levon.

Peace and Love to All,

John V.

Anonymous said...

I like Jimi Hendrix's prophecies.

Shine on, Visible and ALL.


Anonymous said...

I understand, Gregory.

I kept expecting something about the moon landing, reading about Mother Shipton, at which point I would have ditched the rest. There's nothing in the books of the prophets about any moon landing, but there's a lot about deception. The one seeking titillation would find nothing about the moon landing and hold the prophecies suspect. That's more than a little bass ackwards. I went looking for that titillation in the scriptures, after 911. I didn't get it. The I AM is concerned about the health of your spirit, and not your little flesh life on earth, where evil has been cornered in the universe. A healthy body follows. The spirit rules. Those spaceships are the host of the Almighty, here to see evil's last stand. There's a litmus test for true prophecy there, somewhere.

There will be some big changes in the planet. The holy land will extend out into the Atlantic ocean 1500 miles, when you work that out from Revelation. A change in atmospheric pressure, and it won't rain anymore. A very delicate balance for Earth to be like it is.

Ray Zerwitt

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I find the 'back story' of Mother Shipton very interesting. The 'back story' includes a sacred cave from which a healing mineral spring emerges, perhaps presided over by a resident female oracle, like the oracle at Delphi in Greece. The human visitation and veneration of this sacred cave might predate the Christian and Roman invasions of England. Henry III's official Antiquary, John Leyland (or Leland), who sought to preserve English history and folklore, included the Knaresborough Cave and its healing spring in his "Itenerary". A fascination with pre-Christian, Classical culture gave the Period of the Renaissance its name, during which the resurrection of Pagan studies gradually became increasingly possible and popular.

It was said that Mother Shipton, aka Ursula Southill, died in 1561. The first pamphlet of Mother Shipton's prophesies, which did not mention flying men or Apocalyptic visions, was published in 1641. Richard Head's biography and prophesies of Mother Shipton was published in 1681. Most of the Mother Shipton prophecies in the pamphlets of 1641, and in Richard Head's book of 1681, were about local, English events which had already occured.

Richard Head wrote that Ursula Southill's mother, Agatha Shipton, communed with the Devil, that Agatha was impregnated by the Devil, that Ursula Southill was the Devil's child, and that Ursula Southill (Mother Shipton) was unambiguously a witch. Richard Head lived in a time when lurid stories of witchcraft were popular. It would be interesting and worthwhile to know if the sources for Richard Head's description of Mother Shipton were derived from folklore, or if they were just invented in Richard Head's head. In ancient Greece, an Agathos Daemon was a Nature Spirit.

See: Mother Shipton, the Yorkshire Sibyl Investigated - the Result of a Critical Examination of the Extant Literature Relating to the Yorkshire Sibyl. by William H. Harrison (1881) at

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray, the moon is landing?
Man that's gonna hurt!


Anonymous said...

Moon landings hurt everythung but the butt, fiijii.

By the time I hunt and peck out a sentence, my thoughts are to the moon and beyond.

That's why God gave us outlines, to stay on track.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Les, again Bravo!

Beulahman: I saw some dreadful things too in LA; an old drunk asleep in a street-side flower container with a sign above it that read,"Do not sleep in this container" or some such thing and another was pissing whilst standing in the middle of the sidewalk and, well, you know what I mean.

I never felt the urge to go back either; although San Diego was ok.

Regards to all,

Michael in (scenic) Lansing, MI said...

I watched 60 Minutes last night and they had a piece about the vanishing Christian population in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth. Apparently, the leaders of 14 different Christian denominations sent a correspondence to the particular Israeli muckety-muck in charge of that, strongly denouncing Israel's policies in the context of tearing apart the ancient (Arab) Christian communities in those locations.

So then that muckety-muck was interviewed briefly and WHINED that it was ANTI-SEMITIC and barely even worth reading!!!!!

What a whining dickbag. (more about other items in the next post)

Anonymous said...

awww brokenbeat- you're making me homesick... I often fantasize about those Chumash who'd winter at the ocean and go up the canyons-up to Pine Mountain for the glorious summers and falls. 'They had no words for war' and were totally into 'body adornment and their friends and family'.

Dying of broken hearts when the slave makers of the mission in Ventura separated them and tried to make them be their slaves.

I was friends with a Chumash Indian man whose father had owned/inherited Rancho Matilija -a very beautiful and very sacred site. It was, of course, tricked out of him...stolen and broke his heart too.

He told me when it came up for development for the wealthy 'any white person who lives there is doomed' and though we had the opportunity to 'get the pick of the litter lot' at the price of like $8 grand an acre in the late '70s-I wouldn't go for it and that was thrown in my face for years by my then husband and was but one of many reasons for his decision to divorce a foolish fool such as I.

I got it what my friend said. That there are places where the unsacred should not go... not develop-not own. I felt it myself... I knew him to be true. He died shortly after that. I have been blessed and hexed by the eccentrics and sovereigns of whom I've always encountered in my life.

Remembering now-the work my husband did on that land was at the big change in our relationship-he got ripped off-not paid to the tune of ... $8000 bucks-it was the hey day of cocaine use and abuse-the General Contractor of that gig went bankrupt after burning us. On that job. Creepy times.

I am feeling this week like it is either the darkest hour before dawn or else the lull before the storm.

the gardener



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