Friday, March 30, 2012

The Soft Stool Brigade on Batshit Mountain

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be upwind from Batshit Mountain.

It's a poorly written article and dripping with oblique agenda and the rectitude of a wide, politically correct embrace. It also doesn't mention a thing about supporting terrible wars, or a number of other things. This is typical of something from Salon and reflects who owns it and uses it for the usual purposes. I put it up for my own reasons, none of which has to do with who reprinted it. The point will emerge. One thing I hope you'll notice is the first face in the series of Christian leaders. It just happens to be Alex Jones, unless he has a twin brother. Except for Tim Hagee and Pat Robertson, it also leaves out most of the cutting edge hypocrites and demagogues.

A member of Obama's cabinet was sentenced for his crimes yesterday. He didn't get much of a body count, compared to his fellows, but maybe it's a a start. I'm thinking he had a moveable 'information extraction' vehicle, taking the pulse of America's hitchhikers until there was no pulse. No doubt he was an employee of Homeland Security.

I've mentioned The Apocalypse many times over recent years. I've said that the suffocating, 'all lies all the time' media would soon be forced to publish information about people, conditions and events that are diametrically opposed to their agenda. They might not want to do it but they will do it. They might not know why but they will do it. People are going to start incriminating themselves and others, they may not want to do it but they will. This is the force of The Apocalypse.

Here is an example. It was only a headline for a few hours, if that. Now it's buried in the small print menu, still... there's a lot of this going around, this est culpa, mea culpa flu. Instead of a runny nose, you get a runny mouth and instead of your bones aching, your conscience does, in those cases where one is resident. Otherwise the condition blind sides you.

Along with more and more inadvertent and irrepressible exposure, the transparent bullshit manufacture will intensify. This is one area where the manufacturing infrastructure did not get outsourced and off shored. I'm pointing this out because I and others have been predicting the arrival of things going haywire for the bad guys; evil destroys itself. This is meant to give you a sense of optimism about things to come and maybe spur a little industry toward meeting the challenges on a personal level.

I'd appreciate it if someone in any of the relevant areas would acquire a ticket in my name. I think it's time to see how Visible does as a member of the 1%. Of course, we will split the proceeds after expenses (grin).

Along with the unfortunate (for them) revelations of malfeasance on the parts of The Soft Stool Brigade, there comes the daily outworking of excrement in action on the part of troglodyte underlings. This has now reached epidemic proportions, that range from porn to baggage theft and domestic violence to child molestation; not to mention recurrent and ongoing offensive behavior that repeatedly backfires in mastectomy fondling, geriatric and kiddie frottage, as well as burst colostomy and urine collection bags. My theory is that there is an intense familial connection between the TSA workers and the contents of these bags. It's some kind of ancestor worship or reunion communion.

All over the world, along with the viral spread of the Occupy Movement, unrest is coming to a boil, as in Greece, so it goes elsewhere. If Spring is bringing this, imagine what the warmer months will generate. This is going to amplify and intensify in the lands where personal freedom of all types used to appear to exist. It's why they put all those police and repressive laws in place. Like I said, they have known about the approach of The Apocalypse, but if they understood anything about The Apocalypse, they wouldn't have gotten up to what they got up to in the first place. The World Wide March on Jerusalem is coming and someone is ratcheting up the race war blueprint, in the former land of the free. This is also going to bite them in the ass.

Crazy rich people are camping out on Batshit Mountain, like Bill Gates with Monsanto. Along with 50% ownership of a cloaca maximus media, sewer pipe, he's doing the occasional dingbat dumbshit, which is really all about his heavy investments in toxic vaccines. Yeah Bill, “not only poor people should experience this”. Hang in there partner because, ♫Your day is gonna come♫ Bill's got some kind of bad Zen meditation going on at his Batshit Mountain retreat. Him and Little Georgie Sorrows, (irony alert!) are doing their unlevel best to make the world a more fearful and uncertain place. There's all that phony prestige, working for pervasive democracy, while creating the opposite and... there's got to be money in it, the same way there's money in the global warming scam, which isn't working out like Mr. Gored on his own petard originally hoped it would. Of course, our favorite wooden soldier, Big Al, has always done his part to put his money and lifestyle where his mouth is. The usual weasel shit from places like Snopes and elsewhere attends this revelation, like there's some big difference between 20 times and 12 times and that 'changes have been made'. We're entertained by the anecdotal comparisons between Gore and Bush but, then again, Gore didn't kill nearly as many people as Bush; not yet anyway.

I want what you've seen so far, which is only a small portion of what is there to be seen, to be a convincing argument for the fact that The Apocalypse is operating exactly as some of us said he would. I want you to entertain the idea that Mr. Apocalypse is your friend. We need a poster like the ones that used to go around, where you see a cop stooping to help a kid, with the caption “some call him pig” above or below and which is usually about stooping to conquer as opposed to stooping to help. Our poster should show Mr. Apocalypse waving his walking stick with the caption, “Mr Apocalypse needs you”. Or we could have one with a kid and a dog and possibly grandma, with the caption reading, “Mr Apocalypse, restoring decency and the rule of the law the old fashioned way”. Mr. Apocalypse can be seen standing in front of the kid, the dog and grandma and wailing on a congressman with his cane.

We need an international organization like the Friends of Mr. Apocalypse. You could have another poster with Madeline Albright (separated at birth from Little Georgie Sorrows; just look at photos of them alongside each other), or Hillary Clinton, having their skirts pulled up by Mr. Apocalypse's walking stick with the caption, “Mr Apocalypse goes where no man wants to go and we're going with him. We love you that much. We love you long time”! Just remember not to lift Madeline's skirt from the rear; then again, 500,000 dead children was worth it. Remember, you don't have to be a Tribe member to do these things, though it does help in the aftermath, with all the assets of media control. Hillary and others are members of the club. You might think of them as honorary members. Some of them do these things because they have acquired a taste for it, some of them do it for personal gain and some of them do it because of blackmail. Whenever you see world leaders and any influential types, pushing horrific agendas that nothing human could countenance, remember, there's a good reason, even if you don't know what it is.

Think about it, these psychopaths murder hundreds of thousands, millions... and they don't bat an eye. In most cases they do it simply to advance business interests. These lives are nothing more than numbers on documents. Far more people have been killed by the sweep of a fountain pen than by any other instrument on Earth. Reasonable men and women in suits, have lunch and talk about world hunger, while discussing how best to apply it. They have lunch and discuss the destruction of countries and their inhabitants, because these countries possess resources that they want. They do this, without a flicker of concern, for the outcome of their efforts in making these things happen. They move right on to the next thing. They blind people in Bhopal. They poison the residents of The Gulf of Mexico. They spread depleted uranium, like hellish fertilizer, across vast landscapes and then wait for the fruits of their industry to sprout in terrible and lasting ways. They do these things. The Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff bankers do these things. The politicians, judges and lawyers do these things. The corporations that own them and the banks that own the corporations, do these things. They take money that doesn't even exist and they loan it to you at interest, to create and maintain a culture of endless debt. They wake up in the morning and think about who they can harm. They no doubt compete with their fellows for body counts. Like that Rothschild mommy said, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Think of it? Imagine the mind that can contemplate such things and carry them out. There is nothing human about these people.

The long awaited time of cosmic justice is on the doorstep. Mr Apocalypse is on the doorstep of the world, knocking at the door with his walking stick. You don't actually have to open the door, a few taps of the stick and the door will open. That's cosmic imperative for you. We are living in interesting times.

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Steve said...

Hi Vis and everybody,

Wow, your output is flowing faster than my input that's for sure.

I'm going on a Ten day Vipassana recharge/retreat starting tomorrow.

I have had several friends from several circles over the years attend one of these, but it will be a first for me.

See you on the flip side and
Love to you all.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like all your posts, this lays it out in spades.

I'm not sure I said this before, but whenever you mention Mr. Apocalypse, a picture of Baron Samedi enters my mind. (I like him. Wonder how many jokes he's got for me when we meet.) Just listened to 'When Darkness Falls'. You sound like a country crooner, there. Not my favourite style, but OK. The lyrics are brilliant, though. And when the time comes, I won't be moon bathing by the Styx. I'll be dancing by the Acheron.

I just wish this show would get on the road, and hit fruition. Been waiting a life time, and I suspect I have to see this before 'my gods decide they can quit abusing me'. I have a feeling it's gonna be a bit before Ahau Kankin, but man; patience is not and never has been a 'virtue' of mine.

Paul Von said...

Hello Les,

You commented:

"Think about it, these psychopaths murder hundreds of thousands, millions... and they don't bat an eye. In most cases they do it simply to advance business interests. These lives are nothing more than numbers on documents."

I'm not disagreeing with the content your post, but rather disagree with the usual identifications of the protagonists in our little Armageddon drama.

Let's rewrite the above lines like this:

Think about it, these psychopaths give birth to hundreds of thousands, millions... and they don't bat an eye. In most cases they do it simply to advance business interests. These lives are nothing more than numbers on documents.

Sort of changes the dynamic. Don't you think? Or don't you?

Best regards,
Paul Von

Visible said...

Paul Von; Well, that makes no sense to me at all so I can't really comment. As for one song having a country style, the styles vary widely as today's offering shows. I try to reach different audiences but the message remains, pretty much, the same.

Visible said...

One of my Facebook readers was kind enough to post this.. See what I mean?

boojum said...

beware, foul clown fall-out

Anonymous said...

"...Remember, you don't have to be a Tribe member to do these things, though it does help in the aftermath... Hillary and others are members of the club. You might think of them as honorary members...."

It analogous to to the difference between being a 'made' member of the Italian mafia and a mafia 'associate'. An associate can never be a true insider(principally because they're not Italian) but they can appear to be so, at least operationally. Any made member can whack an associate any time for, any reason, however. A made member must get permission to whack a fellow made member.

So it goes with the Tribe.


Richie (Dana) said...

"Think of it? Imagine the mind that can contemplate such things and carry them out. There is nothing human about these people."

As far a I know my favorite Avatar identified this "people" quite well about 2000 yeard ago and we still have that record in John 8:44.

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." Jesus Christ

gurnygob said...

Les said.......

"One of my Facebook readers was kind enough to post this.. See what I mean?"

I see what you mean. Gosh, I was having a good day until I seen that pic. You should have added one of those "gruesome image" warnings! Still, its better we see the truth, even if it is scary.


MiaBellezza said...

Okay Vis, I have watched Alex Jones off and on and I can certainly understand your feelings about him; that he is bombastic and dances around certain subjects. But, after all, most of his advertisers carry clout and influence. I want you to consider how you and we, at times, dance around certain subjects. Your unique writing style, with its opaque quality and hidden meaning at times, can also be construed this way. Clearly with all the bashers foaming at the mouth over the Icke and Jones recent video, demonstrates Icke is hitting home with the truth. While I do not agree with Icke's reptilian ideas point on point, because we're part reptilian (R-complex; reptilian brain stem in all humans), he was the one that helped waken me. So, each and every individual that awakens another human must be credited for this. I'm strongly leaning to the idea that these sightings, mostly dream-wise, are in fact our inner demons. We have God and Demon in us and we get to decide how it plays out.

Almost everyday I am having to adapt and modify my perception on specific subjects. ~ Going with the flow informationally.

And as a seeker of truth, I can tell you one needs to exercise discernment, with a good dose of skepticism, with each and everyone purporting to be in the truth movement. But, if I were to avoid reading or listening to those not hitting 99% on the truth meter, well, I'd have to stop listening entirely.

Paul Von said...

Hey Vis,

Ok. I see you aren't wired for the protagonist twist.

The actual protagonists in our little Armageddon drama SEEM to live on the same planet as us, yet have always been put into some frame of reference, which (somehow) does not include us. ??? If nature as we know it is considered a holistic system, how could that be?

It would seem most living organisms on this planet have adaptive programs built into their DNA, and those programs are designed or modified by the stresses of environment or functional conditioning.

Mankind on the other hand, has foolishly decided to operate outside the limiting and balancing forces of our Earth system. There will be no joy in this little dance, and all the pissing and moaning in the world won't change the basic function Nature has designed into our DNA.

In other words: Our little Armageddon ploy, is simply a programmed method, by which Nature shall reassert the survival imperative on our behalf.

Our industrial contrivances now grossly pollute the planet. We keep choking the chicken with more industrial spoilage, and then blame it on the Devil or someone we can't seem to locate.

The evil enemy has always been our neglectful planning, and our inability to pay attention to the details of procreation. Starvation is not complicated. End of evil story. End of playful games. End of Eden...

Paul Von

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ever see any photos of LBJ and Golda Meir side by side?

Separated at birth also.
Or maybe not..

Visible said...


I think I see what you are saying now. It sounds like there is no point to our ever having been born and we would be better off if that were the case along with the fact that there is nothing we can do about it and the bad guys are the real good guys. I still don't get it.

Visible said...


I didn't mean to come off as a dickhead, I honestly don't get what you are saying, meaning I don't agree actually, it's too dark a locked in concept for me to take into my deprivation chamber. I apologize for how I come off sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, that is a stupendous song When I lose You. Brilliant just brilliant. You're as good as anyone I've heard since I started listening to music. I am consistently amazed at all the different areas you express yourself in.


MiaBellezza said...

For the most part another great post Visible. Black is White, War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom. George Orwell's 1984 was a pre-requisite book in high school where I grew up and it had a deep Cosmic impact on me. Just remember every time you read a mainstream newspaper, place it front of a mirror while standing on your head. Nevermind, it's not worth the effort. If you're dyslexic you might have an edge on the dystopic truth. If you're enlightened, carry on ... you've got the map.

And for those be lie ving that their inaction coupled with deep navel contemplation creates a personal reality that cannot be touched in any way by the woes of the World ... Wake UP ... stop being a Pussy ... get off the Fence. Take a stand and be Counted.

Paul Von said...

Hey Vis,

You don't come off like a dickhead to me at all. You have a very interesting and complex intellect, and your writing skills are often spectacular.

I'm rather left brained analytical/cynical, empathic, and naturally hostile as a result of the quality of 20th century data input.
I'm guessing you might be left handed/right brained, are hopeful of the future, and you seem to function mainly as an intuitive.
Thus the difference in mental tracking.

It would be difficult (at best) to fill in all the blanks leading to my recent post. My version of Mr. Armageddon describes the ugly results of poor parental planning. We have seriously fucked up our sexual foreplay as specie, and have adopted a corrupted and non-sustainable valuation system, which is based on abstract notions of economy, rather than simple and reliable resource management.

I believe the best purpose Nature had intended for us, was simply to be born within this magnificent garden, and to enjoy it's natural bounty. The caveat (or covenant) was that we would need to at least learn proper gardening skills, so that our children and grandchildren might have access to a similar experience.

Long story short: We fucked up, and thought we could bullshit around with Nature, the same way we bullshit around with "truth". We puke all over the place with our industrial garbage, play around with dangerous chemical toys, and bomb each other into gore and dust. Then we wonder what that nasty tapping sound is at our door.

Yes dark thoughts, but Nature has her ways...

Paul Von

Visible said...

Yes, I'm left handed and right brain and all of that, I just don't see it as being that fucked in the end, I see it as a phase through which we pass and some go down and some go up. Here is a garden at some times but it's still boot camp and nowhere to stay; I'm certainly not going to. I'm headed to the city in the mist, or so I'm told.

siriusdogstar said...

Got to post this again, apologies.

We have major help, everyone.
(and we sure as shit needed it, yeah?)

Military moves against the Cabal.
Mass Cabal Arrests coming in weeks.
Or sooner. Angelic intervention. Spread understanding,
use discernment, always.

David Wilcox, VN Vet 'Drake':
March 26th ...

Carole Massey-Reyner said...

Just a note to remind you - or explain, if there is no basis for memory on the subject - it seems almost everyone on the internet is mistaken about WHO Christians are. Most of the people who claim to be Christians are decidedly not ("Depart from me; I never knew you.") That includes the Vatican, everyone at TBN, almost all well-known 'preachers' including Billy Graham. The REAL Christians are quiet people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...HE knows who they are, and THEY know him personally ("My sheep know my voice..."). Many are being slaughtered for their faith; many are taking blows for the phonies named get the picture. It would sre be nice (but unrealistic) if the rest of the world could understand this and get it straight. The time will come....
By the way, you are a GREAT writer...very talented. Of course it's all for naught in the end, if you are a true friend of the Man from Galilee.

Visible said...

I beg to differ about it being all for naught. Those in service to the divine are gifted in different ways their service to perform. I recall you to the tale of the talents. I also submit that my commentaries on false Christians are precisely because there are real Christians.

Anonymous said...

mission accomplished

i just bought a mega million ticket and wrote your name on it -- chose the 5 + 1 numbers from random i ching hex numbers by flipping the pages....

waded into the hysterical crowd at happy corner liquor in los angeles and filled out form...

wrote les visible across the top....

am now waiting for the revelation....

to be or not to be!

liz in los angeles

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The "poorly written article" ("Where are all the Normal Christians?") mentioned by Visible is from Salon, and the article was reposted on Veterans Today. It shows a photo of Alex Jones, but the article's caption incorrectly labels AJ as "Texe Marrs". In the photo, AJ is holding up a copy of Texe Marrs' book "Mysterious Monuments". The writer and the editor at Salon didn't do their homework, which fits the "poorly written article" label.

The photo montage in the Salon article was clearly meant to lump Alex Jones, with the others pictured, as a "wacko fundamentalist Christian". We're aware of the criticism that AJ has recieved within the dissident camp for being soft on Zionism (which is a separate issue), but the Salon article's lumping of AJ with extreme fundamentalists is truly unfair, since AJ has consistently expressed himself as a man of religious tolerance, compassion, and a lack of bigotry. AJ is an outspoken opponent of aggressive war and Imperialism, not an advocate of it. As such, AJ stands in clear opposition to the war mongers that the Salon article inappropriately lumps him with.

It may (probably) be a hidden agenda of the the Salon article to lump AJ with the "wacko fundamentalist Christians" because AJ is a 9/11 Truther, an anti-Imperialist, and an insightful critic of the status quo.

Visible said...

Jesus Gregory! He is not a truther! Anyone who does not proclaim that Israel did 9/11 is disinfo. You really disappoint me sometimes. Jones is a shrill demagogue and a gatekeeper. You really make me wonder who comes around here. Jones works for the dark side, period. Period.

Visible said...

He's also employed by The Rothschilds, funded by and defended by them. Do the research.

Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
Paul Von y Visible,
Your exchange is very interesting to me. Paul, you use the term holistic to describe nature "as we know it", but holistic infers harmony, while Darwinian nature is deterministic, where there is no harmony. Kipling, poetically, "what is the moral, who rides may read". In your 11:17 post, you stated "nature has her ways". Is Nature not the work of the ineffable, and Mr. Apocalypse not part of the game?
Visible, been reading you for years, and it's been my privilege.
Be well all, Rob

Paul Von said...

I can't believe I saw the word "truther" and a reference to Alex Jones in the same paragraph.

Strange times, these...

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

watched Eastwood's Gran Turismo again the other night, type of movie in which there's those cracks that's how the light gets in, old fashioned ideals, decency and all that, and not bullshitting. put's my (semi outdoor) toolshop to shame.

re facebookers photo, good casting for the next Hannibal Lecture movie, should I win that lottery and start up the Les Visible (Laurel Canyon) movie studio. god's not dead he's merely in production.

dave1010 said...

Carry on Visible. Seek your calling while it may be found. The Dog Poet is a gift from the Eternal Presence.


Anonymous said...

just noticed you had 5 visitors from moab utah at same exact time -- interesting! i copied the entries from the live feed and will paste here....
A visitor from Moab, Utah
left "Reflections in a Petri Dish" via 1 min ago
A visitor from Moab, Utah
left "Reflections in a Petri Dish" via 1 min ago
A visitor from Moab, Utah
left "Reflections in a Petri Dish" via 1 min ago
A visitor from Moab, Utah
left "Reflections in a Petri Dish" via 1 min ago
A visitor from Moab, Utah
left "Reflections in a Petri Dish" via 1 min ago


Mongo said...

Funny title, Les you are the king of fecal reference...
Yer Pal Mongo...

Peaches said...

Yet another epic post Vis. Thank you, thank you.

You know, I know many people who are not completely stupid but are so involved with their lives and families....they know things aren't right but don't have the inclination to do research, do not ponder enough, not to mention the next step of spirituality, idk. Perhaps they don't want to know. And they go to church every Sunday. I guess one is meant to evolve at one's own pace.

Love Peaches

MiaBellezza said...

"Down With The Gold Bugs" well this guy is one of their stooges - Eastman. This is an article from a year ago, but the barbaric relic will conquer the fiat manipulators, unless there really is untold stashes of hidden gold in deep underground places as per Fulford's story. Now he also presented the heir to the Romanovs who claims to possess the Holy Grail which is an old manuscript in the yet to be deciphered Elfin language. Oh boy I can hardly wait for it to be decoded. Hire an elf perhaps! At any rate Romanov has given the Queen until tomorrow to step down and to place Harry in the throne. I wonder where Will will go. April Fools day might be interesting, or not as entertaining as the prelude. But as Anon is threatening to take down the entire internet at the same time, God forbid we`ll have to watch the news.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible. .....your the master of the voice over for this in-between time......thanks....

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The first thought that popped into my mind when I saw the Twin Towers collapse was "Damn those Israelis." It appeared obvious to me that the Towers were brought down by explosives, not airplanes, because I had seen films of controlled demolitions, and the collapses of the Twin Towers looked just like controlled demolitions. Also, I knew that airliners could not have caused those sudden collapses, because steel-frame skyscrapers are much sturdier than that. Those were my immediate thoughts. So in the days and weeks that followed, I expected to hear US Government confirmation that explosives had brought down the buildings. Like many people, I didn't see the news about the collapse of WTC #7 on the day of9/11.

On 9/11, I mistakenly thought that Arab Terrorists might have planted explosives in the Twin Towers, which brought them down. Due to my knowledge of the historic cruelty of the Israelis to the Palestinians, and the malicious US support for Israel, I felt that a Palestinian attack on the WTC might be a "tit for tat" response in a conflict that the Palestinians did not start, ask for, or instigate. That's why my first thought when the Twin Towers collapsed was "Damn those Israelis" (for provoking the Arabs into making such an attack). Little did I know, as the saying goes.

The US Government continued to blame the collapses of the Twin Towers on the airplane crashes, and I knew that was bullshit. By the winter of 2001-2002, I was pretty sure that 9/11 was an inside job.

Throughout 2002 and 2003, I kept the back of my pickup truck, my only transportation, plastered with 9/11 Truth, antiwar, anti-Imperialist and anti-Isreali messages, in large print, that I printed on my computer and enlarged at a copy shop. My slogans pulled no punches. "The USA is Israel's Bum Boy" was one of the slogans I pasted to the back of my truck, which I parked at the entrance to the huge parking structure at the big urban hospital where I worked. Right where everybody -- including the Jewish doctors -- would see it. I'm sure that's one of the reasons I lost my job and my nursing career.

Also during 2002 and 2003, I was heavy into posting my radical and dissident comments on Internet news sites and forums; I spent many hours of most days posting. I got into a lot of online arguments with US flag-wavers and Zionists. I said that I thought the USA should pull the plug on Israel, and that whether any Jews are allowed to remain there should be left up to the indigenous Palestinians to decide. Most of the time I posted under my own name. In 2003, I was "banned for life" (their words) from AOL for "criticizing the USA."

In 2003, before I got banned from AOL, I got a home visit from a pair of Secret Service agents after I posted this:

I am no friend of Israel, I have written a great deal against Israel, and I have suffered the consequences for doing so. However, I would not say that Israel did the 9/11 attacks without a lot of help from their Goy allies in the USA and the UK. In fact, the 9/11 attacks could not have been accomplished without the help of hundreds of Goyim -- in the White House, at the Pentagon, in the CIA, the FBI, at the WTC Command Center, in the news media -- including the BBC, and in other capacities.

There are more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists. There is also a subset of Christian Zionists who dislike Judaism, and they want Christian control of Palestine because (their mythical) Jesus lived there. I personally find both Christian and Jewish Zionism odious, because both are Tribalistic faiths that seek to displace the indigenous Palestinians and steal their land.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I used to find Alex Jones more annoying than I find him today. I think he's become less bombastic in recent years. Jones used to whine about the persecution of American Christians, when the reality is that in the USA, the Christians are the chief persecutors. My impression of AJ's stance on religion is that he's for "live and let live", all across the board.

I agree that AJ could say more against Zionism, and I do question his motives on that subject. Perhaps it is because of his financing. I don't know.

Aside from the Zionism issue, what does Jones support, or not support, that you find objectionable? On what subjects is Jones a gatekeeper, other than Zionism?

In my view, the Israelis are land-stealing Colonialists and genociders. I think that only the Palestinians should get to decide who lives in Palestine, and if that means kicking the Jews out, so be it. It is, after all, the Palestinians' country.

Anonymous said...

Some believe that bad shit comes from entities that pose as humans but do not have a soul. Yes : they are not human. In 1968 some people took what was supposedly 'THC' in tablet form and may have been something else, at least very powerful. A few drifted away but others went on "THERE", where souls can meld into one another. A certain post-mortem state, free of any shackles, beyond anything known and wholly alive.
Three individuals I know went to very different states of experience, where they "lost themselves" for variable lengths of time - one up to six months. Two were related to LSD ("my mind went lost"), one had his chakras mixed up by an acupuncture guy.
What relates these varied crowd of college students and yound adults ? The one's of Hebraic faith, as called in Europe, disappeared, one way or another. The soul only kept the others on a constructive and protected path. I don't think the soul shits. Walking the streets, it is really sad how very few can compel instant 'soul-recognition', as if hardly anyone has such an attribute. The soul-lessness is the major problem, those sitting on top of the illusionary world are certainly part of this group.
Lapin Sauvage

Visible said...

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