Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dostoyevsky Pause on the Doubt Couch

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be on your face.

First things first; let me wish Michael Rivero and What Really Happened, a very happy and auspicious 18th birthday. Congratulations, you are now officially old enough to go to war, without needing your parents permission but you are still not old enough to drink. This is the first alternative news site that I ran into, when I first considered doing a blog. It's a treasured resource, a good friend that sits on my parallel Favorites Bar and does planches inside my head, shortly after I click on the link. I am grateful to What Really Happened for my expanded, gymnastic awareness. Conversely, I have the world to thank for my growing abilities on the uneven bars. Anyway, Happy Birthday Michael Rivero and What Really Happened!

With very few exceptions, I make it a point to share private aspects of my life. One of the main reasons for this is reader identification. It's an accepted fact around these parts that what gets said here, is very often mirrored in the lives and consciousness of the reader. I have an idea for why this happens and that has to do with whom I am employed by. There are some who might argue that my lifestyle and the things I say are not reflective of what is generally expected from an employee at my firm but... it's a big firm and all sorts of specialty work goes on for specific projects and that work also goes on inside the employee, so that eventually, evidence arrives for dual use purposes and later on one can see that not being reflective of what is generally expected, has much to do with being based on insufficient evidence. In the beginning, the employee probably shares the same viewpoint as the people with presumed expectations. Surprises follow on both sides of the fence.

A few days ago I was told, that in the coming week, changes that have been long sought after by this writer, were going to go into effect. This morning, I woke up to find out that it was true. I don't know how extensive or far reaching it's going to be but my employer never does things in a small way, even though the influence extends to single grains of sand and individual snowflakes. Did something happen? Was there an event? No. I woke up this morning around 7:00 AM. Given I was up late and had missed some amount of sleep over recent days, this was not to be expected but... there I was, refreshed, thoughtful and reflective. That too was not to be expected. I was lighter somehow and not just because I didn't have anything to eat yesterday (grin). Usually when something goes missing, we call it a loss. It's conceivable that this can be a very good thing. I felt the way you feel when you've been to the dentist and left a tooth behind. There's a vacancy, but... the absence has a presence. Your tongue finds it's way there all on it's own. It probes and explores. It ponders the mystery of the absense.

There are some things I have wanted to be gone for a long time, but they were persistent and unwelcome guests in my life. I've been engaged in a private struggle with some things, which could not be addressed by any modalities known to me. In fact, when I tried to make dramatic changes in the way my life was ordered, not only could I not effect them but I ran into a strong negative reaction that left me, seemingly, worse off than I was prior to making these positive efforts. That was pretty disheartening to be sure. It happened on each occasion, when I went to set myself into a more controlled and disciplined routine.

Two or three years ago I was in Italy. It was in the spring and the weather can be really fantastic in that environment, the same way southern Portugal is. Frequently in Portugal, you get a condition that I call 'painters light', this is when the sky and the landscape have the appearance of an animated painting that evokes long forgotten moments and draws up tall glasses of deep nostalgia, for your antebellum, front porch, mint julep flashbacks. This brings me to a kind of digression; You remember when you typed a word or a sentence and there was an error or errors in the text? In the process of inserting a letter or two, you discovered that you could have just deleted the word or sentence and done it again and there wouldn't be any time differential either way; ay Cisco, ay Poncho and rock and roll.

(my digression ran away with my initial objective. At this time in Italy, I would sit on the terrace each morning and meditate. On a couple of occasions the meditations went on for several hours. I did some wonderful traveling in third eye country and got to sample various esoteric candies. Then like clockwork the operation got shut down. Quite some number of times, I would either, with calculation, approach a day in which I sought to initiate the process. Sometimes I jumped on a day, trying to be unpredictable and spontaneous. Nothing worked. I attach another condition that's been going on over recent months. The 'I' character on my keyboard often doesn't come up on the screen and I have to go back and insert it. I guess everything is under control, even when it looks like it's out of control. That's a contained environment for you. The pinball can bounce off of the bumpers for a good while but eventually it's going down the hole.)

I mention rock and roll for good reason. You can think of meditation balls moving in your hands. You can think about a rock and a hard place. You can think about life. You can think about your life. You can think? Congratulations! There might be a happy birthday in there for the rest of you too.

We have these arguments in our heads about all kinds of things. We have that elevator heart, of desire and aspire. We got a lot going on, but it basically breaks down to those rolling balls, doing their nookey thing in the palm of your hand and whether or not you should directly apply Jackson Browne's “Rosy” or work those balls instead, up into a brighter promise of 'to be announced' tomorrows.

The thing that grinds on us is sexual. It's about unions, separations and divorce. You are or you are not on the horse. Truth always needs a rider. A seldom explored consideration is, does truth need a disclaimer? One thing we don't know, going in, is that the game is fixed but... after your innocence is gone, you have only yourself to blame, if you go back to that same bar, that same casino, that same routine. Hey! On any given Sunday you could get lucky but... luck is fickle and that is why it's called luck.

I consider faith, certitude and determination as a highly effective replacement for luck. I will not ever quit heading in the direction of what I am after. I suppose that makes me like the bankers and politicians in their inflexibility of purpose. The evidence of them getting where they thought they wanted to be is patently obvious. Given that example, I will also get where I think I want to be and so will you, if you possess the requisite, consistent intensity. Some people get up in the morning thinking about making money. Some people wake up thinking about killing somebody. Some people wake up and think about having sex, or a drink, or both. Some people wake up. I will not be going by the lost and found today to claim whatever it is that I lost.

It's like the I Ching says, “perseverance furthers”. So, I got a promotion and just like the way people resonate with the different topics that show up around here, I suspect similar activity, by degrees, dependent upon energy invested, is going to show up in the readership. I have noticed that when things were going well in the world, relatively speaking, they were going bad for me and when things went bad in the world they went well for me... heh heh. That does put me in a problematic situation. Should I hope things go badly for me so that the world can prosper or...? It is relative, so sometimes bad is good.

I like to think that I pay attention. Seekers after light are similar to psychopaths in some ways. There's a certain persistent awareness of the objective, because all of the usual limiters and hesitations aren't present. There's no moral argument going. This is what contributes to the success of psychopaths. They don't have a conscience. There's no Dostoyevsky pause, between the thought and the action. Thankfully there's cosmic traps and barriers that operate like a substitute teacher. It's okay to hang out on the doubt couch occasionally, as you try to understand how they get away with so much for so long. The answer to that can be given in two words, Kali Yuga. This is why the High Priestess in the Tarot has the quality of memory ascribed to her. Creation moves over a vast expanse and your best resource for coming to terms with the meaning of it all, is resident in that deep pool that is not commonly explored, most especially in Kali Yuga.

Day by day it is becoming more and more apparent to me that things are exactly what they are supposed to be. That doesn't mean what they could be. It means that what is, is the logical result of the total contribution. If we put our heads and hearts together, we can accomplish just about anything and that is why divide and conquer, is the preferred and established method by which the adversary compromises us. Unity of purpose is key. Unless you're a misanthrope, you get this but... we won't get it, until the internal conflict is resolved. It's inefficient, ineffective and doomed to fail, if you set off in the attempt, already at war with a part of yourself. Whatever you do or don't believe, you do have to be convinced of it. Right or wrong, you have to be all in. In Kali Yuga, wrong has a better support system but that does not alter the dynamic or inevitable resolution. Sometimes it's easier and sometimes it harder but it always is.

I've run into a game changer this day. I expect it happened while I was sleeping. I hear that a lot, “It will happen while you sleep”. Maybe that's why I really look forward to going to bed (grin). I can't possibly express the degree of affirmation that this conveys to me. It's telling me that, as far as my end of the equation goes, it comes out the same on the other end. It's not only “new and improved” but “it's the same thing, only different”. This makes perfect sense from my perspective and none at all from the general and logical state. The commercials are lies of course but the concept is workable. It's kind of like having your cake and eating it too and it actually is “the real thing in the back of your mind”. It just happens not to be Coca Cola. I'm wondering what Clif High is going to uncover in his next synopsis. Heh heh, just tumbled to all the humor in his name. If you see him you can tell him I found that 'f' that he's been missing. (Man! There goes that 'I' thing again) Yeah, the 'f' was under the chaise lounge with that missing slipper and the nine year old Hindu boy. As usual, it was the dogs that found it.

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Last nights radio show is available for download.


Anonymous said...


"....I have noticed that when things were going well in the world, relatively speaking, they were going bad for me and when things went bad in the world they went well for me...

That's been my story for the past 30+ years.

Resonance indeed.


Clarity said...

Dear Visible and All,

"If we put our heads and hearts together, we can accomplish just about anything..."

"Unity of purpose is key."

I have a feeling Visible knows how thankful I am for him. I need to extend that to those who read and comment here. Truth and awakening can be very lonely places. Having a place to come to where I was not alone, where I was with people who knew the truths that I did, where I felt normal and right, not condemned and crazy, has helped me immeasurably. Visible's words were the cake and you all are the icing.

Here's to unity of heads, hearts, and purpose...


piety piet said...

looooved your latest radio show Les (hit where it hurts humblingly).

now, i gotta read this ... God you put out boy ... Ravenise00 by the way, stuck this one on youtube

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hear tell that Boy (the color of a newly formed thundercloud) has a couple of pet dogs too..

Vyaghra and Bhramaraka.

"Almost looks like they stole the name of viagra from Lord Krishna's pet dog Vyaghra (tiger). Typical kali-yuga mentality."

Visible said...

Homer, Wow! That's funny.

piety piet said...

do have a quibble with your:
"out if it, not deeper into it" (worldly affairs)

i am of the firm(er and firmer) opinion that matter and spirit and inseparable .. pretty soon i'll have to clout to make the fist needed to punch a few rocks and feed the compost heaps with finest reducible results!!!
Matthew 11:21 in 20 versions ... :
"..would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes."

This, in my opinion (re)presents an inversion of reality, like so:

To repent is to closely observe and participate in natural cycles. Find a stumbling stone and convert it, loosen and lose it in the compost heap. That's minting nature, not coins. Inner through outer, spirit throug( and )out!

It's the ease of childlike neoteny, renewal and profusion of blushing health. If you stack folks into multi-story treehouses from here on down, we ought to have room for double the present world population before another millenium has gone by. Rivers and wells will revive, arms disappear ... all still as easy as childsplay.

Quoting from that linked page again:

In sackcloth and ashes. The symbols of mourning and repentance. See Jon 3:5 on the repentance of Nineveh. Sackcloth was a kind of coarse cloth, woven of camel's hair.

.. this in-, re-, and perversion has a parallel in these times: the wrong side controlling a certain infamous wall behind which the world's potential disappears into a morbid past, empowering it to raise and spread suffering. Not what i call a natural cycle.

Visible said...

So, you got it figured out and I don't know what you're talking about. I guess in the world of the present that's what constitutes reality. I supose it's semantics again, it usually is. I try to speak in music but sometimes the notes don't come out of my mouth.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

There has been a recent trend by the USG and in the mainstream media toward blaming Saudi Arabia for some sort of participation or complicity in the 9/11 attacks. See:

And see:

And see: “The Kingdom and the Towers.” (Vanity Fair)

The US Government (USG) cast false blame on Afghanistan and on Iraq for participation or complicity in the 9/11 attacks -- to provide an excuse for the US-led NATO Coalition's wars of aggression. Despite the history of friendship between the USG and Saudi Arabia, the Saudis might be on the lengthy "hit list" for regime change by the USG and NATO.

We should remember that the claim that there were nineteen, mostly Saudi, highjackers on 9/11 was introduced by the USG, and that claim is highly dubious and suspicious. The existence, and the identity, of any alleged highjackers on 9/11 is highly questionable -- for many reasons.

There was certainly no airliner crash at Shanksville, Pennsylvania; the explosion at the Pentagon may not have involved any airliner; and it is uncertain whether any actual airliners crashed into the Twin Towers. The narrative of the "nineteen, mostly Saudi, highjackers" is a USG invention that lacks credibility -- for many reasons.

Anonymous said...

lord rivero's been out their hunting that monster everyday for 18 years,,,that monster hates lord rivero,its scared of him,,,
its the same for lord kirwan too,,,,

happy birthday lord rivero,

respects .....neil

piety piet said...

.. prefer working grounds in rather than figures out but i am not such a hero in verbal repetition, figurativity ... it simple ruins what little creativity can be conveyed through it .. and enormous frugality, fasts from the entire media circus are, like McLuhan said, essential to preserve ones sanity. Other than that, i guess a lot, have liked to bet against odds all my life, all losers do. That i was right a confidence boosting amount of times does not mean i get acknowledged, rewarded, recognized, thanked ... you are living proof of that. I'll stop here .. to match your 'eyescore' with mine.

Ray B. said...

Duplicate Posting: I just posted the following over at Smoking Mirrors, but - since it was at the extreme end of the Comments section - I am also posting it here to maximize the chance that 'Aunt Franny' might actually see it. I hope that's alright.


"The 'manifest' radiance of the archetypes and symbols that have given structure to the environment, have either been perverted beyond recognition, turned into their opposite, or diluted until there is no integrity in it."

If I may speak to Aunt Franny (etc.), in case she is listening:

Vis' excellent comment above shows how the 'bad guys' influence manifestation.

Way back, one of my teachers had us go through our closets and 'feel' our immediate reaction to a given item. He urged us to dispose of items that we reacted to with sad, angry, etc., emotions and keep the rest.

This teacher's knowing was that every time we passed our eyes across an item (consciously or not), a tiny surge of manifestation was triggered. Items that produced pleasurable reactions tended to produce pleasurable manifestations, and items that produced painful reactions tended to produce painful manifestations.

Remember, (one) that we are manifesting all the time, period. And, (two) manifesting consists of whatever thought you are holding (consciously or not) and an input of emotion. You can probably see where I'm going...

Returning to Vis' comment above, you can now understand how archetypes and symbols are incredibly important as 'conditioners' of manifestation. If you can 'poison' just one, you have just 'converted' millions of people from pleasurable manifestors to painful manifestors. Terribly efficient.

By the way, you can avoid being a 'contributor' by learning the pleasurable origins of a symbol and insisting on that 'purpose', every time you see it. Sometimes, being 'awake' is harder than being 'asleep'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

"I was lighter somehow ... There are some things I have wanted to be gone for a long time, but they were persistent and unwelcome guests in my life ... I will not be going by the lost and found today to claim whatever it is that I lost ... I've run into a game changer this day."

I wanted to wish you the very best on whatever happened in the above. You've certainly earned it, both with your personal strivings and the effect you've had on so many people. Congratulations!

Ray B.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Spelling correction to my previous post -- it should be hijackers, not highjackers.

piety piet said...

figuring can be fun(ny) too

Steve said...

I awoke with a few teeth missing early this morning, but not as many as the generous host of our abode. His shed burnt down last night. All his tools and machinery, a bunch of mine, this seasons hay. the list is long. All ashes. Not to mention the sheds.
The local fire brigade has just left, 6 hours they where here for, all country volunteers. Surreal.

Visible said...

okay, Now I see what's going on. I'm reluctant to take this step, after all criticism is an imortant part of development but you are, well, I don't know exactly what you are but I do know the territory and that particular border is secured by customs. I regret to inform you that in my country it is against the law to smuggle bullshit without first paying me for the right to do it. Had you made use of the time honored bakshesh I would have let you paint your nails in my parlour. As it now stands, that is no longer possible. This is a classy joint. I think you're looking for The Love Pit Barbeque on Hollywood Blvd. You have been traveling in the wrong direction. Let me help you out. Which way did you come in?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

monkey me pretty good lately (bananas on tree), ergo, poor fellow my country.
caution (raise self up on put down others, but that's how it is and we shall see).

looking forward to your 18th blogbirthday, I got here from WRH several years ago, and havent gone much further, this being the end of the road and the beginning of the airways.

all the best, but it swings, ♫ go this way, go that way, go this way, go that way ♫ but what if i let go Tarzan?

Son of Adam said...

A scab that has finally served its most useful purpose, protecting the injured and growing cells, reaches the point of separation and severs the final constraints that hold it in place. How nice the new flesh feels yet how sensitive.

I had a similar experience last night, myself. Am lighter today somehow. I think soon the veil will be gone. Though mercy will be lavish for those who seek, justice will be precise to those who find truth offensive.

I have always called it God's rude awakening for them. I just still don't understand why so few are anxious to realize it.

That is what I saw in your mirror. Thank you.

Richie (Dana) said...


I can see part of what you are saying.
This one, I admit, I had a time with.
I just say that this would be perhaps, one of the best and definitively a little ahead of your time.
Of course, that is the whole point now, is it not?

It is like I am running down a long straight road, trees each side.
Far ahead I see Mr. visible, and I run toward him. (There are no chemtrails in the sky).

Actually the air is fresh and clean, the sun is bright and warm.
There is a soft breeze.

One question I have for Mr. Visible.

Can you please help me catch up, Sir.


neal said...

I wake up and sit with the cat, and we think about how to thank you for the posts that hang in the aether, and the cat usually advises that carts before horses, and such, probably won't make linear sense, in this place.

Thanks, anyway, that whole dissipation and whirling stuff leads to some interesting breathing, for the course.

And by the way, Jesus says don't mind if the Beauty seemed monstrous, now this cat and what used to be left of this have to go make nice with very scary things.

Bernard Fyfe said...

In your words:(Man! There goes that 'I' thing again)

Don't worry about it. Although the habit persists after realization, the weight and attachment of the "I" word gradually fall away until it becomes meaningless to you, while still allowing conversation with others (oneself).

Lindsey said...

I love you Les Visible, and my one true wish as of this moment is to be-able to work the magic that you work-so-well with words, but even though I know that I can not hold-a-candle to your torch that shines so very brightly in this dark and miserable world--made so by the demons walking-on-two-legs who use their religion as a cover for their evil--I will still try to improve until I can fight side-by-side with you as strongly and triumphantly as my heart so desires to do at this moment while I am still but a fledgling warrior-of-words learning from the master-of-all-things-VISIBLE!!!

Here is my latest narration/commentary-of-outrage, and like I said, one day my "flow" will be as velvety and smooth as yours and I can do this with-out having to struggle with what I am going to say in the following few seconds of a recorded impromptu commentary!

"The Destruction of the Christian World One Step at a Time, But Dare Not Say Who Is Behind It Because that Is a Far-Greater Crime"

You are my hero-of-words.


siamsaim said...

Never commented here much of late due to internal conflicts. Always keep an open mind - that's me. Don't judge a book .....

However, I have researched the way rever(0)s run and see the the way the red eyed purveyors of silver run.

Everyone shows there hand eventually. Had me half fooled for a while!!!!!!!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

As beings, let’s ask what do we really own or possess?

Nothing.... not even the bodies we inhabit. All we truly come here with is god given free will on where and what we choose to put our attention on for the purposes of co creation / manifestation (or for purposes of demonstration).

The choice to put our attention on something, creates a channel to flow divine energy to that which we put our attention.

Always a loss to lose a good tool shed, sorry to hear that.



Visible said...

very strange shit is happening at the moment. As usual I don't know anything about it. Heheh, I get emils about things i don't know about. I'm hearing things and don't get it. Of course i kould get it but I don't. And back to my life, such as it is.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The names of Krishna's dogs --Vyaghra (Tiger) and Bhramaraka (Whirlpool) -- look to me like a possible solar (Tiger) and Axial (World Tree or Whirlpool) dichotomy, which also represents the two halves of the year (the two ayanas), as personified by Mitra and Varuna, and by Madhu and Kaitabha. Or by Leo (the Lion) and Aquarius (the Waterbearer).

Yudisthira was permitted to bring his dog into the Highest Heaven (located at the North Celestial Pole) because Yudisthira, an Avatar of Dharma (Yama), is himself represented as a dog. That is, Yudisthira (Dharma or Yama) and his dog are identical. In the Mahabharata, Yudisthira's dog transforms himself into Dharma (Yama) before entering the Highest Heaven.

The abode of Yama (Dharma or Death) is protected by two dogs known as the Sarameyas, and Shiva (whose name means Jackal) is associated with dogs, as denizens and scavengers of the graveyard or the cremation ground. Bhairava is a form of Shiva who has dogs as companions, has a dog as his vehicle (vahana), or himself takes the form of a dog. Compare the Egyptian god Set.

Since the Vaishnavas portray Krishna as a vegetarian, we may ask: what does Krishna feed his two dogs? Surely, as the Protector of all innocent life forms, Krishna would not be intentionally feeding his dogs the flesh of other animals. This may be where the literal or naive interpretation must yield to an esoteric or a symbolic interpretation.

Allison said...

Jeez Les, this resonance thing is off the charts bro ! Are comments even necessary anymore? It seems like everything you are saying feeling, etc is a mirror of my struggles on the path, so whether or not I actually comment the thoughts are all in the ether anyway. Great post as usual, the Dostoyevsky reference is classic and evocative. Last week as you were fulminating against the seeming herd animals with whom we share this planet I was in a more detached state of mind, still am actually. But these things go in cycles. Within a week I am guaranteed to be uttering obliquoy or calumnies or imprecations or whatever, against the somnambulists of this material realm. The bottom line is that we dont know, like you have stated so many times (along with Socrates.)Karma seems to be an inscrutable mystery and somehow or other karma has created what we see around us. Kali Yuga has virtues in that it is so fucked up during kali yuga that many are forced awake and there are more compassionate masters around, willing to dispense more grace. Your 1st ray Siva style of writing is going to keep you out of the mainstream. You are not a welcome guest to those immersed in maya. Your style tends to scare, because of its 1st ray destructiveness, the destruction of maya being the target. Yeah, in the mainstream you would be about as welcome as a turd in the puchbowl, that's why I read your posts. Rambled on too long. thanks for being you :-)

Visible said...

Allison, that was beautiful. Thank you.

piety piet said...

Sampled the last moments of Federal Jack 1.22h show w Dahlia Wasfi b6qUWXYGWE0 and a thought arises: Israel might not be threatening Iran at all, it just puts on/out nukustry commercials cause that shit makes them money and satisfies their 'culthanature'. Selling arms to their enemies might make them feel alive or fair or some other perversion covering emotion. It's one of them games they like to play, CIA sells and FBI nabs you for heroin.

if you think i'm more than 30% off just trash this.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

you're a pip.

Here's a little clue as to what you are wondering..

"Every year one month before caturmasya (four month period of the rainy season) Sivananda Sena would lead a party of two hundred devotees from Bengal to Jagannatha Puri to attend the annual Ratha-Yatra festival. He would pay for everyone's food, tolls, ferries, and lodging. He personally arranged for their com­fort.

Sivananda Sena showed Vaisnava compassion for all living entities, be they man or beast. When a stray dog joined the party Sivananda Sena fed the dog and even paid his boat fare. When the dog disappeared one day Sivananda sent 200 men to search for him. Upon arriving in Puri, they saw Lord Caitanya throwing coconut pulp to the dog. The dog became purified of all material contamination by eating the maha-prasadam remnants of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Not seeing the dog the next day, Sivananda Sena understood that the dog had attained liberation by the mercy of Lord Caitanya."

(and an extra helping of love for dessert)

Thomas said...

wow, this post is over the top! Much resonance here. Many thanks :)

also, sundays radio show was a blast!

May all your hearts be stroked by the gentle hands of the Divine, and your minds be open to the possibilities of the unknown.

Praises to the Eternal Infinite One!

Anonymous said...

did you see this at WRH? venice beach has been tightening security on all levels...interesting trajectory for what was once "appalachia by the sea'...
liz in los angeles

DARPA’s Director Quits to Take Executive Slot at Google
By: Alex2245
"The world is a mysterious place.

Regina Dugan, the director of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is quitting her Pentagon funded post at the agency — trading it for a ‘senior executive’ position with internet giant Google.

It makes you wonder just how big and powerful Google is getting, and what are they actually into."

Kevenj said...

May I ask if you are referring to the Toth Tarot?

By the way, I rarely disagree with you but I question your position on luck.
I almost got in a major accident today because I was work tired, sore..but didn't, due to an insignificant thing that caught my attention at the right time.
Then, not to be vain and vulgar but what is your position on luck in relation to those that win significant lottery jackpots two or three times in a row? (Ok, ,maybe I am vain,since I want to win too.)
Something else is at work here...just saying.

Anonymous said...


One of my favorites Gregory

"Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Yudhishthira has a vision of the age to come: “I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world; where puny, fearful, hard men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity; ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time”


Visible said...

what a nice breakfast'

I 'have' utilized the Case and also the Rider Deck. Often, when it is a problem with a concept the word being used, like 'luck' may be the cause

Anonymous said...


This is Alan, 19yo kid from Perth

Congratulations on your loss!!!

Can we still call you Les Visible???

After reading, this song popped into my head

you'll like it; or at least the lyrics

I've very recently (I still have to use the singular) been putting into practise what i found on your links to Brother Lawrence. It is easier to keep in mind after you practise to make it a habit.

Thanks for sharing. Your'e such a great example

My love

Visible said...

And that is a very beautiful and well crafted song. Thank you.

Aunt Franny said...

Responding to Ray B., thank you for calling my attention to what you're saying. I get it. I had already gotten it. Is there a problem here? I'm too simple to fool around with inverted creation.

We do create all the time, "as unconsciously as we breathe," unfortunately, and that's especially disheartening in the case of today's inverted everything. To become conscious is hard work. I understand how the poisoning works.

I have no idea if anything in this blog makes any sense, including my own comments. [Not meaning you, Vis. The winding pathways of your mind are a joy to behold, if sometimes not directly perceivable by my simple self.]

I feel the shift in energy, all around me it's all positive, and it's moving FAST. I wish this upliftment very strongly for the entire world.

:-) Aunt Franny

bholanath said...

Not In Our Name - March 10, 2012

A 10-point program, not just for "rome".
good riddance

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

This is much farther along than you could have ever dared imagine.

We used to be human beings and are now by UN NWO decree "organisms" with treaty covenants set out to manage said organism.

Woof Woof!


Gregory F. Fegel said...


I like the "ten point agenda", but
after reading the article you linked, I would add these points:

The article implied, but did not state expressly, that Christianity needs to be completely de-linked from Nationalism. (As do all religions.) Nationalism (Tribalism) is both unChristian specifically, and anti-spiritual generally.

The article emphasizes the child victims of the Christian institutions and the Christian Nations, but it must be remembered that adults have also been victims of aggression and exploitation under the aegis of organized Christianity and State religion.

The article does not clarify the role of economic aggression in the enslavement of human beings. Economic greed is the primary cause of organized and institutionalized aggression. Economic aggression is both unChristian specifically, and anti-spiritual generally. Winner-take-all competitiveness is an animal inclination, not a human inclination.

What the Christian Nations have done is used their pretense of Christianity as a cover for their barbarism.

Ray B. said...

Aunt Franny, Thursday, March 15, 2012 4:21:00 AM

"I get it. I had already gotten it. Is there a problem here?"

Nope, no problem. As I had no idea of your interest and/or expertise on this topic, I just wanted to share with you and others. Peace.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

gurnygob said...

sorry about the long link but this is worth the watch.


Denny said...

Bernard Fyfe 5:48: 00 AM:

So "who" is "Bernard Fyfe", then...?

Just wondering...


Bholanath 6:45:00 AM:

No wonder the "synagogue of satan" detests the "church of satan". Now I no longer know "whose side to be on" anymore...

Recent news: Two guys in Austria accidently locked in a blast furnace and roasted alive. Bus crash in Switzerland, killing and seriously injuring many Belgian children. Various train crashes killing and seriously injuring more victims. Eight year old girl abducted, raped and bludgeoned to death with a hammer by a young couple ad nauseam....(Not including today's latest catalogue of human misery...)

So what does it matter "who" or "what" causes all the suffering and killing in this world...?

Surely the only intelligent thing to do is to totally ignore it all and "have a nice day"....


Visible said...

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Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Kony 2012 Cuts the Chuck E. Cheese.



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