Monday, March 26, 2012

Bodysurfing the Kali Yuga

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet. I'm still not sure if you should be ridden hard and put away wet. I think that's a personal decision, at least I hope it is.

Last night's radio show is available for download.

There it is, the sputum specimen, or is that a urine or bowel presentation for scientific inquiry? “The road goes ever on and on”. It's Bilbo banana dana time here in Middle Earth. That's a Buddhist construct, isn't it? Hobbits have a kind of Buddha like quality to them. I guess that depends on the hobbit. ♫I've got many rivers to cross♫ and we are all about 'still finding our way over'. I mentioned before that Paracelsus made an announcement to the scientific community of his day that he was going to present the First Matter for public display. A silver chafing dish arrived and on the platter there was a turd. I'm assuming that Paracelsus generously provided his own excrement for the occasion. Would anyone like some pate? Anyone?

Kali Yuga, baby. That's how it be. You know that Kali Yuga, (by whatever the extremes of determining the length of time) be it brief, with Yukteswar, or the otherwise predicted, it is still longer than whatever we have records of, so, keep it in mind. After all, it is your behind that we are talking about and it does follow you around. Karma is right there and so is the scarcity of ammunition and surfeit of ammunition; the availability of water and the lack thereof of food, sundries, shelter, money and whatever, coming and going, coming and going.

Evil destroys itself. It may take too long according to our motor vehicle department time conditions, but it will get the job done. Let me further explore the sexual angle and example the anti-Semite construct at the same time and direct you to recent commentary by the ubiquitous anonymous and say, isn't that special or differently abled and soon to become 'better abled '? Well, you bet your sweet Jesus that it is and hello Satan! Well, we'll explore that later on.

Kids are being taken away from their families in UK and Sweden and... and, in some cases, they are very deliberately placed in (nudge, wink) neutral zones. Yeah, pilgrim, do your research. I have ...and I have divine guidance missiles going off in my head all the time as well. Dig yourself, or dig your unhappy grave. Most don't wants to hear the truth... how it be, I and I, by the by. You know, the irony and the sorrow of it all, is that I do this for you. I do it for you. You don't even want me to because it interferes with your capsulized agenda, or your mistaken course would be compromised by the real information and what you don't get is, they're coming for you. That's right. After you have fulfilled your dummy puppet role as chief enabler, they will put your shit in the street next. I would recommend a careful study of the French Revolution and maybe the Khmer Rouge as well. Nobody talks about Danton anymore but I suspect you will see if you choose to.

I couldn't care less about what consenting adults get up to sexually. Mind... you have no idea what I have gotten up to sexually. On my own recognizance and as the witness for the defense, I know all about it. I have an awakened kundalini. I can't get closer to home than that, on your way to the alchemical marriage rites, one does tend to certainly encounter every permutation on the road.

For myself, I am going Elsewhere, past the solitary raven in the branches of the dead tree. I believe in eternal vigilance being the price of liberty and I continue to do what I do for free. If there is something more real than that, I haven't found it yet.

I am pummeled and pounded by the last gasp of the dark side. I'm not crying about it. It comes with the territory. If you can't endure, then become manure. Maybe you will show up on a chafing dish sometime. I tend to hold certain truths self reverent, which is also ironic considering that I don't like myself very much, that comes with the territory too.

Back to that anti-Semite equation and the 'alternative sexual thing. Plug uglies hide in the crowd and use the offense of truth, as an attack on all of the members, when there is only a small part of the total that engages in the unseemly and undesirable. They muster their regiments of willing stooges who jump right up like they thought they were at the Palm Beach election center and enmasse, they want the ass of the person who came there to liberate them. Anyone who doesn’t understand the mystery of the cruci- fiction ought to give a think because it's not all pink inside and all cats are not gray in the darkness; may the roses bloom on your cross.

The saddest thing about Kali Yuga is the enormous number of people who came here for the closing and opening of a grand cycle and then forgot all about why they came here. I have not and will not. Nothing would suit me better, or you either, if you knew what I was talking about, than a quantum leap.

There's a kind of Murphy's Law, which states that the more that someone has your best interests at heart, the more you will ignore and or revile them.

I'm going to lay a few things on you which I do believe you might find important, if you should choose to employ them; never become attached to the demands of the personal self, at the expense of your onward journey. Do not let any creed, color or religion and no government, gold, currency, dick or pussy, compromise you on your way to what you truly want. If you don't have the stones, it is probably because you are one of the foolish virgins. Yeah, those are the stones. “The Ninth Gate” just started playing alongside this post... fitting.

I could tell you all kinds of tales about what goes on in France, Tel Aviv and other places, where those devoted to misrule and disorder congregate. I don't have to be there in person, remote viewing has its benefits. None of this side of the equation is confusing or complex to me, only I myself am complex to me, which I suppose is the case with all of you, n'est-ce pas? Yeah, cutting edge munitions aren't the only thing that will suck all of the oxygen out of the room.

Yes, Virginia, things ain't what they seem and might I add that you are not Virginia in the first place? Ah, Mr. Visible is playing word games again. Is it an allusion or an alliteration? Would that apply or is he playing more word games? That is for the reader to judge. I have done my best, for free and beyond the call. Now the call that I hear is louder than what brought me to these specific efforts in the first place; not going anywhere right away but sooner or later. We all will won't we? So it's not generic to me. It's something all of us face, regardless of our duties, real or imagined, and regardless of the degree of celebrity conferred upon them. Fame and fortune are not what they crack up to be.

Anyway, though unlikely except among those already paying attention, I don't expect this to get anymore mileage than it usually does but that will change, everything does, except the things that never change. Which is probably why “small change got rained on with his own 38”. Oh, what the Hell, Two for One.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ Spread Your Wings ♫
'Spread Your Wings' is track no. 1 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
Lyrics (pops up)

God in Country by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

Speaking of cycles of Hell, not sure if my previous posts that start with

the abominable Luke 19:27

to King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

to the subtles of the Jesuit Protocols of Bourg-Fontaine and Elders of Zion in bringing to life
the blood oath of Adolfo Nicholas - in the jungles of india (just as it states) in the Indian state of Bihar state that housed Nalanda University - as of Feb 2012.

made it in smoking mirrors.

hmm ever wonder why Spain, Spain, Spain - cuisine, tourism, Gwyneth Palrow, all of the Latin American winners of every major beauty pageant, and now the most racist HEllo magazine from Spain - welcome to the Pakistani edition...all Spain, all the time.

While the World Bank President - some Kim or another feasts on the vomit omelettes of Darmouth colleges pledges....after Adolfo's last assigment as jesuit superior in East Asia before becoming the black pope.

So either: or some our profiles in evil emiritus stateless spawn that are Hans Van Kolvenbach and Adolfo Nicholas are have a strange fidelity to their blood oath, nostl recently in India here:

By the way - Kully yug after the demon of strife Kali (prn: kully), not the goddess Kali (Kaalee), the vengeance form of Goddess Durga, most commonly fetishized in fundie circles at dark demon goddess.
Truth being, she was dark, as in complexion, red tongue out as in a common gesture of shame, as she mistakenly steps on Shiva in disguise, as the being she has just pinned down on he ground. Skull necklaces of bad guys not withstanding - hmm, that one looks like Pope Joan....

Speaking of which, dont you love how the Monita Secreta of the jesuits insists that they open colleges only in rich urban centres and make sure they have the confidence of all the househelp and staff of prominent citizens of any nation?

And I thought every time I looked at the INRI above the carcass on the cross - that it menat something holy and pofound in Latin - only to know that:

the word INRI and below it the words IUSTUM NECAR REGES IMPIUS, meaning to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers.

Given Piso great tome, might the artists of Pi** Christ be wink wink hinting at something else entirely closer to the truth.

Steady beloved.


Visible said...

I went ahead and posted new things to the post, especially at the end of it, giving you some videos, probably cause I just got this other comment in an email.

Anonymous said...

Oh Visible, that song Spread your Wings is one of the best things I ever heard in my life. Thank you. Sometimes all the words in the world are a shortsheet compared to being dressed in music.

A former Marine

Anonymous said...

Too pressed for time right now to either read (or comment on) your post, but I listened to "Spread Your Wings" while I was getting ready to step out and man, you positively howled the final bar of that song and it was freakin' wonderful, all of it.

If it's not already, that has to be your signature song.



Anonymous said...

hahahaha it's funny... with the first line of "spread your wings" I already had 'closed my eyes'. I can't wait to play it for my teen when he comes home from his long day of indoctrination... I MEAN HIGH SCHOOL!

love you dude!

the gardener

Neko Kinoshita said...

Well, I'm not Verginia, nor am I in Verginia, or something like that.

Let me make a Quantum Leap and say I'll just ignore and revile you, or is that listen to and respect, I'm so confused these days...

At least I have to worry about neither fame nor fortune. "If it wern't fer bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..."

Honestly Vis, good stuff.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes that is one sweet song; "Spread Your Wings."

It's easy to feel how much you love singing it.

I'll really try to make it there, I promise, but I have a couple of stops to make on the way..

Kevenj said...

Les, are you feeling blue these days? Is income a problem? Tuff luck! this is Kali Yuga baby..

gurnygob said...

"Spread Your Wings"
yea, well, humm, I guess it was sort of alright, maybe!


Clarity said...

Dear Visible~

I enjoyed last night's radio show, and you can count me as another "Spread Your Wings" fan. Love the song!

"...what you don't get is, they're coming for you. That's right. After you have fulfilled your dummy puppet role as chief enabler, they will put your shit in the street next."

Many times I've thought, "Do the math!" The tribe has been open about their endgame numbers. When will the useful idiots open their eyes and realize they're not scheduled for the final act? I am wondering if some of those beginning to speak out are the ones who are realizing that, and figure they might have a chance to save their asses if they get out now and make it appear that they have a conscience.

You're awesome, Visible! Don't ever forget the value of what you do. You have done much good in this world.

Love to you, love to all...

Anonymous said...

"Spread Your Wings" as others have said, is a brilliant song,(makes me feel good/hopeful).- DreAmeoba

p.s. I always feel like I have a lot to try to say every time I post at any of your blogs,but by the time I start,it suddenly seems unnecessary………

Anonymous said...

we don't get it??? you're kidding, right?

there'd be precious little (extra)
edification, confirmation, entertainment value - if'n we didn't.

Anonymous said...

p.s. get mad, get glad, be sad. but don't take it out on the kids.

haven't seen this phenomenon of attention in some time. unconditional love might be a hard act to follow.

sleep tight, sweet prince.

Anonymous said...

I love the internet! The ability to read your blogs and communicate half way across the world. Like the others, I really liked your song "Spread Your Wings". I also like the UB40 reference, soo had to listen to that, it brought back fabulous '80's memories!

merrymerry said...

First time I listened to a song and loved Spread Your Wings! Even though I don't usually post I read your blogs every day. Thank you, it is all part of the big picture that gets clearer by the moment. - merrymerry

merrymerry said...

I keep trying to post a comment and nothing happens. Not sure what I have to do here. Loved the song Spread Your Wings and always look forward to your writings. It is a piece of the puzzle for me on a daily basis. Thank you! - merrymerry

Richie (Dana) said...

This one needs to be for you.
It is often that I wish to convey my appreciation for you and am suppressed by the politically correct.

I do not wish to inflate your ego thus doing damage to the power of the Divine. I know you understand that one.
On the other hand I am acutely aware of the battles you are faced with. I think it is Okay to understand that every being needs to know that he is of value at times.

Sir, You are truly a most precious find in this time. I have continually searched, and not found that which I searched for.
Then I find Mr. Visible.

Your greatest gift is submission to the Divine.
In doing this, you help us see.

I just wanted you to know that you are greatly appreciated notwithstanding what your personal feelings may be.
In the last few days I have imagined going to Smoking Mirrors and wipe off all that age old grime and dust to see the image. I see myself and behind me the tapestry of “life” is clearly shown.

My image is beginning to fade
I am a wraith.
I believe that would be the goal?

I have believed for a long time that thoughts are living things. The level of thought around here is off the charts of any past experience. Nothing in creation is possible without the creative thought. Every single person who comes here helps to create the path home.
It is very interesting to find such dissimilar beings that just seem to have the most important thing in common.

My “life” consists of an inordinate number of hours spent “surviving”, to achieve the reward of the “real” life I find here.

My mind is on the Divine.

Much gratitude, Visible.


TVMH said...

aww, hell...make it a three-fer...teh Trinity approves... :D

Visible said...

Wow! How really different, all these people appreciating my songs. My invisible friend said that I should start putting them back up and I might be surprised. Amazing.

Kevinj; much as it might disappoint you I'm in a splendid mood and my basic needs are met. No one should demand more, more will come then, when the time is right, for the purpose of demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kick in the pants tonite Les. At times I have thought that you were full of shit and just trippin, at others that you were well written, but still performing for the audience. Tonight your words resonated and synchronised with so many of my highpoints of the last few days that I know. Thanks for being a bump on everyones flatline and I'll see you on the edge of the circle. Keep truckin' brother!

siriusdogstar said...

me thinks the retreat was a big success, high-vis.

nearly every fucking comment. Sweet Jesus.

amazing what combined Love does. (wink-wink)

dog in heat.

Oh, and: More, Please, Sir! They find it pleasing.

Clarity said...

Dear Visible and All,

Visible, although it's midday for you, mine is just starting. If this is any indication, it's going to be another great day.

A gorgeous singer (besides you, that is) is joined by another to sing a beautiful song. Add in Israeli support for Iran, and it's hard for me to see anything but beauty and hope here.

Maybe some collaboration with Bon Jovi is in your future as well? That's one I'd like to see!

Blessings and Love to all,

Anonymous said...

anti-GENTILISM is the problem. There is NO-SUCH-THING as "antisemitism". There is only a natural reaction of normal People to antiGENTILISM, which is CALLED "antisemitism". Humanity did not sit around the campfire and DECIDE to hate Jews, and then wait thousands of years for a Jew to appear, so Humanity could pick on him for no reason. Jews codified hatred of all NON-Jews in their belief system, and then went on to EARN the animosity of "the GOYIM". JEWS are the source of "antisemitism"

Anonymous said...

Ricardo Sans Largent...AKA "Anthony Clifton"...AKA "Davy Sprocket"...SEZ : Your congregation is growing cuz, "The paradox concerning the nature of OBJECTIVE validity is by design and degree instinctual."

Thanks for the vibrational harmony...that weapon slays dragons.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible.....seems to me you have always had " the stones"......and there's the rub in our own personal lives....finding the courage to step forward in life.... Thanks for your encouragement !.........

A navy seal said...


On the heels of NDAA, ObamaCare, Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, Patriot Act, takeover of auto, energy, media and movie industries, and the relentless implementation of Agenda 21; The Obama regime running our country into the ground has issued an updated Executive Order which suggests the probability of impending MARTIAL LAW.

We are left to scratch our heads and ask Why now?
The only possible answer is America is in fact, right now, in the vicious throes of a Cold Civil War.
Cold as in non-violent and Civil as in nationwide; an attempt to force a new government-controlled ideology upon an unwilling public.
And the forces implementing this agenda are relentless.


"an attempt to force a new government-controlled ideology upon an unwilling public"

Perfectly descibes where America is right now. The zionist new world order is trying to force the ongoing demise of the USA in their own fashion, for their own evil end gains. Look at the 250-plus FEMA concentration camps. Look at the tens of thousands of 100-man plastic coffins with lids.


The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order is nothing more than a blatant attempt to stir trouble of the highest intensity. The regime is looking to see who jumps and to see the movement that happens amongst the most vocal defenders of our rights, (you and me). They are poking us to see if we will go over the edge and do something so stupid that there will be a crisis… it will be our fault… and if any of our number are provoked enough to rise to the proverbial bait — they will finally lower the hammer… all in the name of “national security and public safety.”

These are classic Soviet style tactics designed and implemented in an effort to make us react, get us to either flinch and shut up, or overreact and get suppressed. It is also an exercise so they can gather intel on who is who and who has pull.

Many of us are trained. We know this game.

But we cannot stand down. We cannot be silent. We MUST stand together as one…WITHOUT VIOLENCE, for there is no going back from that; we MUST speak out with the conviction and the authority granted by our unalienable rights and the United States Constitution!

Remember Martin Niemöller and his immortal wisdom about the failure of courage in speaking out; “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.”

The regime is limiting our speech on a daily basis, so speak up while you still can. But be smart about what you say. Do not be tempted to phrase your words in terms of violence. For this is the way of the enemy and we should never stoop to their low and bloody tactics, whether in word or deed.

Keep preparing for rough times ahead. Stock your pantry in preparation for lean days, even as the regime attempts to make such things illegal. Focus your mind on liberty, that it should never die.

I cannot tell you exactly what is coming but I know, as do you, that something unprecedented in American history, perhaps even all human history, is coming soon.

This is the common theme in most of all the conversations that I hear… there is something coming, no one really knows what it is; they just know that whatever it is, it will be momentous. The discussions range from quantifying this “something” to describing what we will do after “IT” happens."

Keep up your fine work Visable.

Anonymous said...

To A navy seal,

I agree with all of your message except the no violence part. Here is a writing from three centuries ago:

“We have petitioned – we have remonstrated – we have supplicated – we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and parliament. Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne. In vain, after these things, we may indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any room for hope. If we wish to be free – if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending – if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon, until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained – we must fight! – I repeat, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!” — Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.

Visible said...

A Navy Seal; wow! What a quick, across the net response. I was seriously impressed by how informed and erudite you are. That doesn't happen very often (grin).

Brett Rogers said...

"Hey dipshit. If your such a badass Navy S.E.A.L. then pull your fucking head out of your ass and realize it’s past time for talking. It’s past time for talking because sheeple like your momma and daddy cheered you and yours on for the past 3 decades while you attacked other countries to destroy them to steal their resources and all the time the criminals that were running this country like Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan were tearing this country down from the inside bit by bit but you stupid racist bastards didn’t notice because they were white. Now a criminal just like them gets in office who is black and NOW you want to wake up. NOW you want to speak out. Motherfucker the time to speak out was 30 goddamn years ago. Obama works for the same goddamn CIA that Bush Jr. is tied into. The same fucking CIA that Clinton was and is tied into. (See Mena, Arkansas) The same piece of shit CIA that Bush Sr. is tied into (Former director and his name is on the fucking building) in McLean, Virginia. THE SAME CIA THAT MURDERED SEAL TEAM 6 to keep them from telling they never carried out a “Bin Laden Death Attack” and that Bin Laden has been dead for a decade and never attacked the USA once. It’s all easy and good to go murder some innocent, basically defenseless people in other countries to steal their oil and grow opium isn’t it bastard? People that didn’t have a fucking thing to do with 911. Your own fucking government along with Israel took down those towers on 911 you stupid soldier fuck. When you grow a fucking pair you little SEAL shit quit talking your pathetic scared shit about coming home and “talking” and “speaking up peacefully”. (eyes roll) The time to do all that was long ago. Now you are actually going to have to do some REAL fighting and it is going to be a civil war against those stupid bastardslike you that are still in the military and believe the shit the govenment tells them against the militia who already knows who the enemy is. I guess little scared SEALS like yourself will just sit by and say,”Oh woe is me, I hate to pick up a gun and shoot my own people.” You sorry fuck. You sure didn’t mind shooting innocent fucking people in other countries that never did a damn thing to you did you? The government here in the USA are the biggest criminal bastards of them all and if you can’t see that and pick up a gun when the time comes you need to fucking eat shit and die you loser motherfucker."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Sweet Swinging Ineffable.

Visible said...

I think that response may be just a little over the top and I am certain it is something you would not say in person; that's always my guide when I have something to say. I don't see where this fellow said anything wrong and you don't know what he was engaged in while in the service. There are many oathkeeper types around and many whose eyes are opened in the process of going through what they go through. Waking up is the point, not what you went through to get there. A great many good and decent people were in the miltary.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible wrote: "Waking up is the point, not what you went through to get there. A great many good and decent people were in the military."

I agree with that, but I think that true decency does not abide in those, be they veterans or nonveterans, who approve of the US Military aggression for resources.

US Military service means service to the Oligarchs and their Corporations, to protect and promote their dominance of international commerce and the world's material and labor resources. US Military service has very, very seldom acted to protect the safety, the rights, or the freedom of Americans or any other citizenry. Of those who have served in the US Military since WW2, I respect those who have repudiated their service, and not those who are proud of it.

When people identify themselves as "ex-US Military" or as "Navy Seal" it makes me wonder what special respect they might want or expect from others for wearing that label. In my view, the label of US Military veteran is a minus, not a plus, on a person's resume, and not something one should boast about in polite company.

Statistics show that US aggression caused the deaths of more than 20 million people since WW2, and that was before the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The number of victims of US aggression is rapidly approaching a level that exceeds that of the Nazis. The USA is soon to become the most murderous regime of modern history, if it hasn't achieved that distiction already. At the rate that the US Government and the US Military are murdering people worldwide, the USA should achieve the status as the modern world's most murderous regime within the next decade, or two, at most.

If we regard Nonviolence as our method and our goal, militarism has no place in shaping that ideal - not in the process or in the product. We do not need the help of the Military in shaping the future of the USA or of the world. To people who choose the path of Nonviolence, the status of active Military personnel and of Military veterans should deserve no special prestige whatsoever.

Visible said...

We should not pretend to know the heart of another, nor make sweeping generalizations. Every one of us is posing as someone we are not to some degree. I don't mean to be contentious but viciously attacking someone on their first visit here is off the wall and not justifiable under any circumstances, especially when it was also the first time that person posted, to my knowledge.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible: you're right, the posts by the "Navy Seal" Anonymous poster were spot-on, and I don't have any criticism of them.

My remarks about the social status of US Military service was not intended as a personal attack on other commenters, but only as statement of my own opinion, which is negative toward the history of the US Military. Knowing that history, I see the US Military as part of the problem, not part of the solution, to the USA's problems. Militarism has played a big role in creating the anti-democratic monster that is the USA, and if we want to create a better society, I think that the military model needs to be discarded and repudiated. A military coup (via "Oathtakers" or whoever) in the USA could serve to perpetuate, or worsen, the conditions that we have now.

The US Government and the US Military have historically been, and they continue to be, a great source of evil in the world. They do not serve me, or represent me. I wish that they would stop what they are doing. They are murdering people who are far better than them, who I count as my friends.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Moonbathing on the Banks of the River Styx.

Visible said...

I can't argue with that, thank you for being a gentleman and classy too.



Joseph Brenner

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