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The Whistle-Blower Rhapsody in Asia Minor

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May your noses always be noses and the rest of you the same.

Radio show tonight, usual time and place.

Whistle-blowers to the right of us, whistle-blowers to the left, into the valley of disclosure rides the many. As predicted on this blog for several years, the time would come when some numbers of players will step forward and say, “He/She did it”. AND “this is what they did”. That time has arrived and just like an early leak in a dike, the rate of water intrusion will increase due to pressure and wear. It's possible that 'someone' could open the floodgates but... we'll see. Certainly there is pressure operating in the collective human subconscious to air 'it' out. This is going to be attended by various degrees of humor, as in the case of Jason Russell. Don't tell me this whole thing isn't scripted.

The winds of incredible change are blowing in the parallel atmospheres and internally, the sympathetic string is vibrating. Just yesterday, someone came and told me something that both amused and surprised me. It was something they had done, which was out of character and they wanted me to know it. It was no big deal but it was definitely an example of what I am talking about.

Conditions never arrive on their lonesome. There are always attending conditions and contents to the package. Along with the whistle-blower rhapsody in Asia minor, we've got that cosmic cello solo. That's supposed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, as it inlays confirmation, upon the restless end of the general consciousness. There are maxims that attend these things and they are not about condom manufacture; 'the masses are asses', or that timeless homilie from Descartes, “I think, therefore I'm wrong”. As for the masses being asses; the thinker inside the box, this correlates to the operation of the hive mind. Control of the hive mind, grants control of the world, insofar as the world is a hive and that is certainly true, so far as it goes. Those of us outside the hive mind have simply gone further. The point about being an ass, is connected to the willing cooperation of them that are in unknowing agreement with their own confinement and destruction and it takes a lot of the freedom and joy out of the existence of those who have gone further. That changes at a certain point but it can be a bitch to get there in Kali Yuga.

When you mess with the natural order of things, fooling around in the area of science and fooling around with powers and abilities of the invisible sort, you attract the attention of guardians. Every door that leads to an area of performance, outside of the usual applications, has a door warden. Sometimes you can “break on through to the other side”, or, “storm the gates of Heaven” but that kind of thing is temporary at best, with mixed results and you get flagged for your trouble; speaking from personal experience. The acquisition of a siddhi, as the result of an excess of virtue, or relentless focus and effort, puts the door warden to sleep.

Many people, especially those who come by these things, through deceit and specialized information, believe that they have rightful possession of something. Authentic possession of any of these things comes with the manual. If you don't have the manual, you don't have the operating principles and your possession of any of these things, is only for the purpose of demonstration; demonstration of what happens to someone when they usurp timeless authority. It's what happened to Atlantis. Those possessing workable details from the Atlantian time zone, are in a position to make the same mistakes because the one thing they don't take away from it is the lesson. That would be the most important detail of all. As Lao Tzu says, “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

The most powerful weapon in the hand of the villains de jour, is leverage. It's leverage that has made these recent wars possible and what is fueling the drive for what is planned. It is leverage that accounts for the emergent police state; the ongoing economic crises, the behavior of politicians and all the rest of the heavy hitters and the lies which accompany the day to day. John McCain, Hilarious Clinton, John Kerry, other members of the Senate and the House and most of the governments around the world are all compromised by leverage. This leverage has various acupuncture meridians and Brazilian jujitsu, pressure points. There is the economic leverage and this is made possible by the control of the production of the currency by a handful of psychopathic sonsofbitches. There is the blackmail factor and the possession of the evidence, by those who arranged the compromising scenarios. There is the threat leverage, which involves the loss of life or freedom and the murder of those close to the principals. There is the near total domination of the press by the same fiends who control the currency presses. There is the promise of reward leverage that appeals to the greed of those who put themselves in these positions for personal gain in the first place.

Lindsey Graham being gay is attended by videotapes. Whatever dark shit McCain and Clinton have gotten up to, is attended by videotapes or other damning evidence. The judiciary is riddled with corrupt and compromised individuals, who rubber stamp according to orders. In the future, when you wonder how and why, certain individuals do despicable and unjustifiable things, you can rightly assume that not doing so puts them in a very unfortunate position. When you see the various agents of the judiciary and law enforcement, engaging in selective prosecution and acting like thugs, you may be sure that this is because of policies set in place, by those caught in circumstances they can't get out of, or who were hired precisely because they will not argue against instructions. There's no independence of thought and action going on here. It's all grooved into place, by those who control the currency presses. This is the biggest big deal of all the big deals and why efforts to eliminate the Federal Reserve, come up against a dead end or wind up dead. It's the Big Kahuna of the demon kingdoms. It's why such a tiny minority can control such a huge majority and the largest percentage of them don't even know what is happening, or worse, don't even care.

Of course, all of this is incidental to the summation and conclusion of the whole affair. Think of it as a movie, where the plot is hardwired and the players only imagine and assume independence in their roles. There are the usual red herrings, twists, surprises and denouements. All of these include the impression of different possibilities, an element of the unpredictable and the usual uncertainty that keeps us involved in watching; the resident suspense that makes the whole thing interesting and hopefully entertaining. In fact, it's none of those things in reality and as has been mentioned a time or two before, only the backing screen is real. The unseen stagehands, trot out upon the landscape of a white cow grazing in a snowstorm. They set up the scenery boards and assign the costumes. They build the stage and when it's all ready to go, the play occurs. Once the play is over and the purposes of demonstration have been served, they break it all down and put it into storage. Then they do it all over again for the next production. On and on it goes. Some players keep coming back because the essential reason for the whole affair, has not dawned on them, nor are they finished with whatever it is they wanted out of it. Some players disappear somewhere and you don't see them again. Sometimes one or two return after a long interval of absence. They've come back on the scene to make certain things known to the rest of the players, who seem incapable of coming to the necessary conclusions on their own.

The whole gamut of environments are there; from the conservative and traditional to the liberal and avant garde, straight and bohemian, the greedheads and the generous, the weak and the disciplined and they all come to particular ends, which remain as evidence, affirming that you don't need to go down that particular road. History is littered with examples and the forgotten histories are filled with them too. Multiple, glaring examples are present in abundance but... for some reason, this doesn't do much for the hive mind. This leads to periods like the one we are in, where you are guaranteed answers and examples, whether you want them or not.

Some of us have acquired or constructed an anchor, in the process of their arrival at this moment. Some of us have anchors around our necks. Not all anchors are desirable but the good anchors are very valuable and important, for when the forces of Nature go to work, dislodging and dispensing with all of our former illusions and confinements. The same goes for internal Nature as well. It's a little late to lock yourself into place when the tsunami is upon you. Those in the mountain reaches don't have to concern themselves with tsunamis.

Very soon we are going to have all kinds of new things to talk about. Intermission is about to end. If you don't have any idea of what's under discussion here, you can just go on repeating, “Whip me, beat me, just say you love me”.

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Anonymous said...

"Army Capt. Chris Alexander said Robert Bales worked as a stock trader before the Sept. 11 attacks motivated him to enlist in the Army."

quote from the guardian....hmmm...weird


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm hoping 'very soon' is a bit later this week. People are wondering about March 22, though I'm blank on my own.

Know what you mean about 'breaking through to the other side' prematurely. Got there, got kicked off, and though I was shown things I wouldn't want to live without, it made me miserable for the remainder of my life because I know I can't get there until I get there. . .correctly. It's like sitting in the slums with Paradise on the other side of the fence, but The Gate is locked, and the 3 metre barred fence electrified.

Oh well. I'm closer to that gate opening now than ever before, so I wait. With an attitude of course, but what can you expect from someone who sees no further use in being trapped in the Physical Plane, so heavily compromised not only in ability, but accessible knowledge?

Anonymous said...

i was awake early this morning and lay in bed thinking and meditating on this concept:

i was in my spirit state and going to various people and animals that i know and love who were still asleep. i was bending over them and giving them a gentle shove, saying, "c'mon, let's get out of here.' and then their spirit would exit the form and we would take off together leaving the staged event behind.

very freeing. very possible.

c'mon everybody and their dog (and cat...)...let's get out of here.

liz in los angeles

Anonymous said...

thanks for the songs again
you sound like Mr. Spock to me.. are you a Vulcan?

love and peace

Anonymous said...

here is another example of a whistle blower... an insider in the entertainment industry, some interesting stuff in this story:

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Barry would feel if a group of Afghan soldiers raped his wife and then burned her along with his children?

Anonymous said...

Vis --

Stop it, I love it! Stop it, I love it!! Stop it, I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

mothers spindle
flower blooms
lifting sky
down goes doom
plumes and currents
pearly stars
unions maid
melting hearts
palms of butter
fingers green
tips of wind
running streams
a breath of life
eternal song
where doves fly
the place beyond


PSO said...

One Perfect Moment LASTS FOREVER!
Cheers! Here's to that Perfect Moment -any Moment now...

Anonymous said...

Vis: This is one exceedingly rare occasion where i feel a need to countervail a statement you have made here on your blog. "Lindsey Graham is gay". Not true. Graham is no doubt a closet case queer, but he is not gay. For whatever warts he may have, Barney Frank is gay. Frank lives up to his front name. He is open about his sexuality. He may be tight with his brother Tribalists, but he is not owned like Graham. What you see is what you get. It is simply not possible (or perhaps necessary) to blackmail Barney.

You cannot be gay and run for politics in South Carolina where the only contest is between Backwater Baptists, Pineywoods Pentecostals and Dominatrix Dominionists. However, if you happen to be closet queer, but suck up to your handlers like a good little poodle, you can do pretty much whatever you want to offstage as long as a bit of discretion is employed. Much unlike that tearoom queen Congresscritter from I de Ho who got caught in the John at the Minneapolis airport, Graham got his position in the Senate because he is reliably blackmailed.

Vis, i know you are not an out and out homophobe like Henry Makow. You rightfully oppose the "gay agenda" because like the ultra-feminist agenda, it's not coming from liberated and creative gays but rather from that control system which uses virtually all minority groups as part of their little games of divide and conquer/divide and rule. It's like the discernible difference between the words "gay" and "queer". To liberated gays, "gueer" is like "nigger". But the gay liberation movement got coopted by the control network by way of grants, advertising and other printing press powerplays. So you got lottsa good little queers running around these days wanting to get married and similar silliness.

So in truth there is no Gay Agenda out there, but there is a Queer Agenda. The agenda comes from outside the best interests of samesex individuals and its simply another way to control the masses. Money can buy a lot of souls, as can fame and recognition. Thus the likes of the Queer Agenda and thus the likes of closet queers like Lindsey Graham.

A good example of an individual who can honestly be called Gay is Gore Vidal, almost unarguably America's greatest living author. Vidal is an open enemy of the control network and opposes both the twin corporate parties, as he calls them. Vidal speaks the truth as he sees it (and his vision is quite clear) and is a fully honorable and estimable gay man. Nobody owns Vidal.

-stickman 29 Pisces, 33 Anno Eros

Visible said...

Stickman; that doesn't make any sense and why you seek to interpret what I think; with no access to my thoughts is beyond me. Nothing you have said has any bearing on my statement having to do with blackmail. I suggest you research Graham, perhaps by putting Linsey Graham is gay into a search engine. What the Hell has Gore Vidal to do with any of this, or whether people declare what they are or ths inference that Gay is What? What? You've lost me entirely and none of what you are saying has anything to do with my point. I'm not going to try to interpret this, I'm just going to move on to whatever it was I was doing before I ran into this monofilament net of semantics. I don't think I've seen anything this strange and disconnected from what's on the table in my whole time doing these blogs. And Gore Vidal is not America's greatest living author. I really don't get any of this. Truly weird.

Anonymous said...

Vis: Perhaps you skipped through my comments. Of course i mentioned blackmail in regards to Graham and also to the Congresscritter from I De Ho. The control network seeks out for nomination and for election those individuals whom they can control via their twin pillars of blackmail and bribery. We are entirely in accord on that realization.

Generally, you have understood me quite well over the months but perhaps you have a bit of a disconnect with this particular issue.

Have you ever read Vidal's historical "fiction" works on U.$. history? As a historian by training, i can recommend his novels over any musty tome of academicist interpretation of history out there. If not Vidal as America's greatest living author, then who?

Perhaps, Vis, you are not emotionally capable of discerning the difference between gay and queer individuals. Proud and open gays are not amenable to blackmail and may be even a bit difficult to bribe ~ just speculating there, but a personal sense of integrity and honor is something more than mere semantic differences. Could be you have not been confronted with the necessity of differentiating between the contemporary clusterfucked mass-mind hive-mentality Queer Agenda versus the original impetus of gay liberation before.

Back during the initial onset of the gay movement at the end of the 60's, calling a gay person "queer" was exactly akin to using the "N" word to describe a black person. How times change. The samesex hive mentality is stuck with the term "queer" as in "queer studies" and that ilk. That bit of semantic mindfuck originated from those same sources which own Lindsey Graham's queer little ass.

The term "queer" is simply replete with negative connotativity. The term "that's so gay" is another semantic means the controllers devised to maintain their old games of divide and conquer and rule by inculcation and imposition of fear. Sexuality runs on a continuum. Gay and Straight are imprecise descriptions for perhaps more than 90% of the population. But those who would divide people on the basis of mutual fear prefer to maintain matters within the rubric of controllable polarities.


Anonymous said...

am sorry about my angry poems earlier,but i did thoroughly enjoy writing them,when talking about outrageous stupidness and doing things you wouldnt normally do,i have actually been calling my ex a puke slug and hell pig in a very angry manner in an email after finding out yet more lies,,,,i feel bad,,i hate doing things like that,,,,,have appologised to her now though,,,,,she is probably thinking profain thoughts about me somewhere as i write this,,,but all this lieing everywhere is just some real deep muddy sticky rotten horrible stuff.....
i try to take most things as a lesson from universe usually,,not take things personally,,,but sometimes thats hard,,,,so i own up and im sorry to my ex,,,

but im not sorry about angry poems to israhell and the tyrany that calls itself the west,that says it speaks for the people that inhabit it,whilst it loots and robs the resources and life from other countrys around the earth ,,we need all tyrany gone by the end of this year,,,planet needs tidying up,we need to show that we as a species do care,,,that we are just stupid,,,but we're ready to learn

sorry for going on about nothing people


Visible said...

I've read Burr and some number of his other works, including the trenchent, Myra Breckenridge. I'm quite familiar with him. I just find terms like 'greatest' to be subjective.

As for this strange construct of queer and gay, I am highly unlikely to concern myself with strange subcultures and fringe conditions that exist only because of the state of the times and which repeat in all cultures when they get to this point.

I am talking ONLY about Graham being blackmailed. All this other stuff has no relationship to what I'm talking about, it's like my discussing a recipe for shimp scampi and being asked if I'm familiar with the chemical construction of rayon.

I cannot find a perspective where my incidental and passing commentary on one politician and the correlative possibilities of the rest that I mention, has any tie in to what you bring up. I made no mention of gay culture; which would have provided an intro. I made no judgment of any kind about the lifestyle, that was purely incidental. If he were being blackmailed for financial malfeasance or kiddie diddling; both of which might also be true then that would have been the mention.

My position on gay is that it is a phase through which everyone passes and a choice some people make and in some cases, not a matter of present choice. I don't think about it much except where it is a tool of the Zionists to destroy the family unit through draconian political correctness legislations.

How we got on to a subject about the difference between gay and queer I have no idea. I imagine it is a construct from the gay (or queer) intellectual quarter; some kind of Castro Street of the mind... heh heh.

I can tell you this, I have zero interest in any of the philosophies behind this movement. It's way over in my peripheral space and of small importance to anything in terms of a better world or what is going to come after.

I do know that the majority of the gay dynamic is an expression of reversed kundalini. Meaning when the essential lifeforce is turned toward material attractions and concerns as opposed to metaphysical and immaterial concerns. Just about every level contains some measure of material, however subtle it may be.

This being a time of the greatest materialism known in this period of history, it is understandable. I will say, no offense intended because the historical record conclusively shows it, when this phenomena is wide spread, it is always in decadent times. It is not operative when a culture is young and vibrant. It comes in the decline and certainly certain glaring examples should immediately come to mind.

I mean no rancor or harm by this or my previous comment. I'm just extremely confused at to what the point is. I'm not confused about any of it, taken as a collection of thoughts, even if they are not my own, That requires no more than a simple exercise of logic. It's relevance that I am having a problem with.

In closing, Vidal is a very gifted writer and I am a fan. I've given thought to visiting him in Italy more than once. I don't really know if he is America's greatest writer or not, all I know is that there would be multiple arguments against that from academia and any number of informed individuals.

I just don't think there is any such thing as America's greatest writer. You might argue greatest writer of a particular subject or form but generally, it's not possible. The varieties of subjects and types is far, far too wide.

Visible said...

For whatever the reason, I am transplanting this comment from the Facebook page to the comments page here. I was discussing the unusual things that have been happening recently and used this example;

"Strange days; like Mr. Nobody trashing me at his blog, without taking the trouble to bring his concerns to me beforehand, when I have been always friendly to and supportive of him. The best I can do is just honestly address conditions and accept what follows such as it may be".

For the last couple of weeks I have been in a state. It's been disconcerting and lacking in the general tranquility to which I am accustomed.

The last few days have been really intense in this regard and I am watching myself closely so that I don't act precipitately as a result of what feels like shedding a snakeskin. Whatever this is, it's hammering me. The good thing is that I know whatever is going on will define itself sooner or later.

Some adjustments were made to me in recent days and I am getting the sense and some confirmation that this condition is all about that so, it's got to be good news at some point. Right now it's like balancing in the middle of a teeter totter.

Rob in WI said...

Visible y stickman,
Wow, your exchange is most interesting. stickman; Why do you think the adjective "gay" was allowed to be appropriated by the homosexual "community"? The feminist agenda was also manipulated. It was no longer PC acceptable to refer to a pushy female as a dyke. Political correctness IS an agenda. If one studies the Protocols, the agenda is evident. Be well, all, Rob

Peace and Love said...

Mr. Nobody is workin for somebody, das fo sho - an it ain't who you be workin fo neither.

Much bigger things are coming over the horizon any moment now.

Yo on point Viz.

Jus tell the truth of what you see when it appears.


Buelahman said...

"No, its not wrong to accuse the Jews of what has been done in their names. As my latest bitch session from the knee-jerk reactionaries at my place have shown, they refuse to acknowledge the truth.

I have said many times that they (the secular Jews) better call the maniacs out before its too late. And I use the word "Jews" lightly, since most of them are not, but simply claim the mantle for their ill-gotten gain and murderous intentions.

And whenever someone calls me an anti-Semite, I respond that they should ACTUALLY be a Semite to make that accusation. Those European Khazars are certainly not Jews, much less Semitic.

I also warn them to either be Jew in religion or race, but a European Khazar is certainly not the same race as the original inhabitants of Palestine. They look nothing like them.

And if they choose being "Jewish" as a religion, then they better understand that the Talmud is the most vile piece of shit book that was ever written and to understand what it means and how it brainwashes them if they claim to be atheist.

I was recently told that secular Jews don't know anything about the Torah or Talmud. Its a crying shame that this dumb ole redneck knows more about their own Holy books than they do."

Lindsey said...

Les, again, an absolute master-piece. Eventually, those who are not at the top-levels but who are middle-managers in this nightmare are going to have to face the terrible choice of continuing to go-along-to-get-along and HOPE for their survival when the "jewish-Utopia" is formed, or blow-the-whistle on the whole God damned abomination after realizing that the fate that happened to those useful-idiots in Russia after the jewish Soviet Union was formed is going to be the very same fate that these non-Tribe members will face at the hands of their psychotic masters.

Les, everyone knows that time is running-out for the ignorant-masses to know what is TRULY happening to them, and more importantly, WHY. God willing, there WILL be people coming-out-of-the-wood-work SOON before the heebie-jeebies fully-instigate their "Final-War," known as WWIII to those who do not know about what is contained in The Protocols.


Rob in WI said...

The message in your comment is something that should be common knowledge. It describes why so many of us are chastised as being anti-semetic because we object to zionism and sabatean supremecy. It's why Visible, and many of us, have friends who identify as Jews, but are aware of the jewish figureheads, who are behind the reasons some of us are so "anti-semetic".
Thanks, and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

You are one of the few that can absolutely see what is going on here. I find your article refreshing indeed. In particular is you reference to Atlantis. This is so important as according to Perun’s account in the Vedas, our history is no what is presented by science which suggests they are “in on it”. One Earth moon (Lelia) was destroyed by the Dazhdbog 112,000 years ago. That’s why the rocks collected by the unfilmed (or certainly not publically aired) moon (Mesiats) landings appeared to come from “the centre of the moon”. By all accounts Atlantis was an impressive civilisation far in advance of current societies. However it was built on a system of elitism and racism where secrets were kept by the few and technologies were sold to the masses as “magic”. About 14,000 years ago the Atlantans launched a bid for global supremacy using their massive fire power. However in doing so they smashed the ice moon Fatta whose rotation of earth lasted 9 days. Shards of ice bombarded this planet and Mesiats. But more importantly a huge mass of ice landed on Atlantis (which would have been temperate at the time) and created the north pole region, altered the water systems, created artificial mountains and knocked the Earth off its axis (that did happen for a reason!).

The lower caste outcasts had settled over Russia and these people were not wiped out by the catastrophe. They were the ancestors of the modern day Aryan Slavs. Instead of learning from the Antlans they set up a similar hierarchal society offering “magic” to the lower castes for their subservience to “Gods”. According to Perun the reason we settle here 40,000 years ago is we were forced to after a massive war with the “Dark Forces”. The Dark Forces are described as “grey skinned with large black eyes”. They would “never disrobe because of their bestial appearance”. Perun explains that they could be mother or father, which has been interpreted as dual sexuality or hermaphrodites. Yet there is no suggestion that marriages needed to be consummated and they could be asexual. Reviewing the fake (wink) evidence of grey alien autopsies, they would appear to have no sex organs and would be asexual. It is clear from the analysis of the “fake” autopsies they have silicon “skin” and are at least partially synthetic. This would go some to explaining the 100,000 or so recorded “selective” cattle abductions over the last 100 years. In some cases parts of bodies have been kept alive by an electrical field usually in the form of a blue or orange light.

The Greys found their way to this planet and mislead the people who had forgotten their past. A few thousand years ago (dates vary), under instruction of the Greys, Aryan bandits who had been expelled from the Russian motherland were used to create a genetically modified human from their seed and the body of the black female. At the time society was matriarchal and worshiped the Goddess Kali-ma who required regular torture and blood sacrifice of humans and animals (arguably supporting the Grey’s agenda). The genetically modified humans were given an agenda and called the “chosen” by the Greys. They build some dogma to ensure that White Forces would never be able to present a rational path. This is called the Torah. There is only one commandment. They is “thou shalt not steal”. That determines the right to stolen property. Once the concept of “property” is in place, life becomes not a “gift” but property with an owner. All commandments are in relation to property and their ownership. Therefore, capitalism is Judaism. There are only two forms of capitalism – Fascism or Marxism. All others are “versions”. Although America is the Promised Land, it relies on an elite (shepherds) controlling the masses (sheep). Control means enslavement. The Grey aliens are renowned for astonishing telepathic powers than can induce brain injuries or death (Ariel Sharon?). Will they reveal themselves to complete the loop?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

there are "whistle blowers" and then there are rats fleeing the sinking ship - to wit


with lists of rats' names and corporations they do crimes for

A.H. said...

"Insofar as the Zionists have the world believe that their aims would be satisfied by the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine they have duped the Goyim once again in the vilest manner. They think not in the remotest way of building up a state in order to inhabit it and work the fields for their living. The sole reason why they want this state, with recognised rights of sovereignty, excluding the legal power monopoy of other nations, is to create an organisational centre for their international World-Frauds, a safe haven for unmasked criminals and a high school for trainee gangsters…

Written 90 years ago, but could have been written yesterday."

Steve Lendman said...

"The prospect and potential consequences are chilling. Yet rogue US and Israeli leaders risk leading their nations, the region, and perhaps world into an abyss they can't control [Syria, Iran, WW3].

America wants Iran and Syria run by pro-Western regimes. All means are employed to achieve it, including war. Risks, human lives, and rule of law principles are secondary to objectives.

As a result, anything ahead is possible, including global war if major powers Russia and China intervene to protect their interests [oil trade].

America, Israel, and rogue NATO partners want unchallenged world dominance. They're willing to risk destroying it in the process. It's shocking leaders think this way. It's appalling more people don't understand.

The threat's too real and chilling to ignore. It's up to mass public outrage to stop it. Our lives, welfare and futures literally hang in the balance.

'Governments....deriv(e) their just powers from the consent of the governed....whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.' Thomas Jefferson "

Anonymous said...

every word in it's place.

the disproportionate micro-interpretations of a piece you know you've nailed perfectly must make you laugh ... to keep from screaming.

another lesson in expectation.

leverage is ... as the leveraged have allowed.

an uncompromising piece. pitch perfect, once again.

Anonymous said...

oh and yeah, for my psychoactive currency, tom robbins is the greatest living american author.

gotta love a good turn of phrase - for the cause.

it's what keeps me comin' back.

G.S. said...

Here's the inside line:

Next week Turkey is going to openly attach Syria with it's army. Syria will retaliate against Turkey WITH the help of Iran. Nato (USrael) will support Turkey by attacking Syria and Iran. Russia and China will attack Turkey, Nato (USrael).

Within three weeks weapons of mass destruction will be wheeled out and used by the losing side resulting in the winning side also using nukes.

The world as we know it will be gone by three months from now.

The reason the West is hellbent on destroying Iran has nothing to do with nukes - it has to do with the fact that Iran refuses to suject itself under zionist Rothschilds usury private central banking.

See you in three months - if we're both here.

Anonymous said...


"an organisational centre for their international World-Frauds"

You might really be on to something there. A partial list of confirmed and suspected World-Frauds by the criminal state of 1948:

Lavon affair - dressed as arabs bombing the hotel in Egypt

Liberty attach - trying to sink the US boat to blame it on Egypt

Holocaust embelishment - from 172,000 dying of sicknes and starvation to 6 million dying in gas chambers.

The Fed and private usury central fiat banks in 193 of 197 countries

AIPAC, ADL - controlling the American house of representitives

9/11, 7/7, Spain train bombings - done by Mossad together with US and UK secret services.

Fukushima 3/11 - Dimona dozen loaded Stuxnet and bombs disguised as cameras into the nuke plant during the weeks and months before
the nuclear generated tsunami.

2008 mortgage fraud - millions of Americans losing their homes and bailouts to banks paid by citizens

Greek bankruptcy - to initiate world economic meltdown to ensure a need for a one world currency to be introduced.

Who really done it? said...

Theory of innocence:

The unit that Bales was working with is Special Ops Green Berets. They are a “hearts and minds” psyops unit. It’s possible that a small unit was flown in, mercs perhaps (perhaps from Libya?) in order to carry out a clandestine black op mission. They could have been outfitted with regular army uniforms and sent on this mission to further destabilize the Taliban in the area.

According to the official story Bales was drinking prior to leaving the base and according to witness reports the soldiers (plural note) were laughing and obviously drunk when they were attacking the civilians. Could have been the ones drinking with Bales but I don’t think so. CIA assets (mercenaries) drink too you know.

More than likely Bales and his unit were off that night, no night missions, and so they were doing what guys away from home do on a weekend when they’re off… they drink.

My guess is, Bales is drugged, separated from the rest of the unit, and secured till they needed to wake him. His unit is carrying on partying without him til later when they’re alerted he has gone off reservation and they have to go out on foot patrol to find him.He’s been missing for a while so they don’t question it.

Meanwhile, another set of helicopters (not the ones assigned to their base) is flying in mercs dressed as regular army from a different location. They go directly to the villages, commit the crimes, and leave. This explains all of the eye-witness reports of helicopters and multiple soldiers. Also explains the different rounds used and the burning of the bodies to conceal the evidence.

The search is called off because Bales supposedly wandered past the search party and Bales is woken up in an interrogation cell, told the crimes he “confessed to”, shown a confession he “signed”, and told he would get all the help he needs. That the Army wouldn’t leave him behind.

Anonymous said...


that scenario seems as logical as any (in a post w.w.2 manner of reasoning.)

still, i'm not clear as to how that accomplishes, strictly, the goal of adding iran to the central banking ledger.

order out of chaos, perhaps, but it seems the least efficient and most risky of the myriad options from which the ruling class have to choose.

last thing they would want is to level the playing field, which is why i suspect it has not already happened.

proliferation of fear is the game afoot.

Anonymous said...

"Iran is set to begin selling oil in currencies other than the dollar tomorrow. Combine this info with the fact that there are now 4 NATO aircraft carriers sitting on Iran's doorstep, and this week's Illuminati holy day of March 21st (Vernal Equinox), and the Greek CDS payments which are scheduled to be made after today's Greek debt auction, and the situation could not look much more bleak.

We all know what immediately happened to the last 2 oil producers who announced plans to sell their oil in a currency other than the US dollar (Iraq & Libya)."

F*ck yes, yes and yes!

All these wars in Iraq, Libya and Iran are about ROTHSCHILD controlled dollars being the currency of trade so that ZIONISTS can continue to control the world through their private usury fiat banks where they CREATE and LOAN OUT all the money in the world.

In other words the wars are gangland shakedowns of countries refusing to pay protection money. Using Rothschild controlled dollars is paying protection money to the zionist controllers of planet earth.

To keep control the gangsters will bribe, threaten and/or kill anyone who gets in their way.

Follow the money - all goes to zionist Rothschild castle.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the wearabouts of Dick Cheney? He is the dark leader who will personally plant the devices to sink our carriers, then dissapear while blame is spread the the Middle East. Rememberm, he shot lifelong friend in the face when he simply asked about Cheney's role in 911, then blamed it on a hunting accident.

Anonymous said...

I just wish that they'd quit callin me straight. Should I call em bent or kinked? Why can't anyone write a good song without being compared to the so called "best" Dylan or McCartney? Here's an example, give it a listen my invisible friends.

Could be that there's something blowing in the wind around here. Best to all from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:59:

yep. to anyone who hails from 'the city', it's a 'protection racket' plain and simple.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ozzie Thinker:

There is no one named Perun in the Rig Veda. Nor is there any mention of Atlantis, or Lelia, or the Dazhdbog, or Fatta, or Grey aliens.

Anonymous said...

To A.H.

Hitler must be sardonically laughing in his grave or wherever he is: "I told you so"...

Per my info, he stated sometime in the course his reign, that should the state of Israel come to being (the Balfour declaration was in 1917), it will be a legitimized, sovereign, base of operations for the world Jewry (or Zionists) to acquire world power.

It should be obvious by now, that the prediction has come to pass...

Anonymous said...

To Steve Lendman:
It's worse - much worse.
Look-up Israel's "The Samson Option".
It's simply blood curdling.
In a nutshell: If Israel faces defeat, they take down the entire Western world - Europe in particular - with them (via nuclear bombs) regardless if those countries had absolutely ANYTHING to do with their defeat.
It's basically saying: "If we (Jews) die, you (Goyim) die too." Whether you are guilty or innocent is irrelevant.

Historically, this level of sheer evilness is unique and unprecedented.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I wonder if Hitler ever referred to the alternative Russian Zionist Autonomous Zone in Oblast and it's capital Birobidzhan , which was a flop, that Stalin set up for the Zionists ( a trap for the Zio-used Jews?). I'd never heard of it until I saw a BBC travel doco, with my they live glasses on. so many Zio concerns throughout, not least the imprisoned
oil tycoon Mikhail Khodor-kovsky , who had the compaires full sympathies. Thinking (maybe this tax evader wannabe politician was Jewish, I looked it up, of course, his father was. doesnt prove anything, just some inclinations to view Putin's stamping down as having some legitimate basis.).

Richie (Dana) said...

A message to Nobody,

Okay, so I have read everything I can find regarding your challenge to Vis the other day. David McGowan is doing fascinating work and I am still working on that.

In all this reading I came across some references of Guru’s and Groupies. The groupies were portrayed as dupes and naive individuals. So sorry, but that is just the way humans are. That is why it is so easy for these Demons to take control of things. Being naïve and trusting is one of the traits of Love.

On the surface of things, this may seem detrimental to those who subscribe to such things. I can assure you that Love will prevail.

You cannot possibly understand what I say here without considering the Metaphysical.
There are 2 worlds here, separated by the physical and the spiritual.

The vast majority of what is conveyed in websites and blogs regarding the “truth” is always about the physical. When Mr. Visible comes around we get a pretty clear view of the potential of the spiritual.

That is really all this is about. Everyone is just doing their job as Vis has pointed out frequently. You are on the stage playing your scene. I have heard lots of Alex Jones bashing. I personally cannot stand to listen to it….but, I say he is just doing his job. As are all the rest of them. Do you remember Lloyd Blankfien saying that he was just “Doing God’s Work”?

This body we inhabit is just a shell. You get to choose which entity will be your guiding force. That would be Love or Fear. There are many Entities, good and bad, which are only too happy to oblige your wishes to any degree.

Regarding the MK-Ultra thing, What if Vis is that?
Question; Does it matter?
If so, then why?
Despite the misgiving of some, I sometimes resort to some truths in the Bible.

“By their works, ye shall know them”.

I submit that the “mind control” of God is much stronger than anything these wimps can come up with. If you “need” the physical, then please show me some proof as to the damage the Mr. Visible has caused others. I need to see it. (Just kidding).

I do not need to see because I already see with different eyes. All of the answers to your questions already reside within you. You have only to wish for this to occur, and it will.

Nobody; I have read everything you wrote in times past. I read your exit today. Your work is very good and will be missed by many. I know you are having a hard time. Guess what…Everyone is and it will get much worse or way better depending upon certain things.
Pease reconsider,


Richie (Dana) said...

A message to Nobody, continued…..

Let’s talk about “Groups”.
What happens here is not a religion and not a club.
We happen to be a rag-tag band of misfits. I hate to even say the “We”. It is not about us or Bush, or Obama, or Israel, or Jeff Rense, or 911, or ANY of the “physical” things of this world.
You can read very common conversations here regarding the minutia of each occurrence. They are all here, because of another reason, whether or not they realize at the time. Everyone is where they are supposed to be, hopefully helping others to see the light.

It does not matter what I say…..nor has anything Vis has to say likely to change what is about to occur.

“Everyone will lose everything and all beings will be exposed for who they really are”.

You will know very soon if what I am writing tonight is the truth.
It does not matter what you write or who you portray yourself as.

It does matter who you are.


Anonymous said...


as to the importance of "who we are": as chance (and the 'One') would have it, we all possess exquisite spiritual genetics.

admittedly, this is sometimes hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis, speaking of illusions, whats your take on this "American Kabuki" guy? That's the name of the web site. Seems like he is pushing some serious koolaid. Suggesting we all relax and wait for the space aliens who have everything under control?I understand if you would rather not say because of ruffling feathers and all. Anybody? Just curious......Jimmy

Visible said...

I never heard of him and I don't mind ruffling feathers, I just don't do it for sport.



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