Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pizzas from Hell in a Flaming Dumpster

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet and truthful in the sensing.

Here on Animal Farm, there are pigs, there are the feral outriders, there are the Mason Verger, accelerated, pig operatives of the Smithfield variety. Variety can be the spice of life, depending on the chef, or even if there is one, because; 'here's those hog nostrils, Visible, sliced real thin, just the way you like 'em', like prosciutto for your Pizza from Hell. Yeah, wafer thin Visible, almost like you, in real life. Of course, you prefer rapier thin, doncha cuz?

Deed I do, deed I do but I ain't deeding it over to you; sides, the Vis doesn't eat pork for various reasons. He knows ein wenig about reincarnation and also doesn't want certain qualities in his composite.

Yes, there are all sorts of pigs, which means there are pig Hermes, like this delightful porcine journalista. Yes, Michael Ledeen's buttbuddy, is still stoking the coals for his own baby back ribs, all you can eat special. How dark is my dungeon? How green was my valley? We'll be using human pins down at the bowling alley, “smoking them here Boss”, 'snorting them here Boss'.

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to decide whether to be man or pig. In Kali Yuga there are a surprising number that will opt for the latter. They want that Jacob Frank thing. They want those franks on the bun, with all the nasty things that making laws and sausages have in common, especially if you happen to be common and not special and elite.

An argument can be made for asking how is it all that different from eating goats (symbol alert!) instead of pigs? Well, I don't eat goats either so, that would be my response. I also don't eat carpaccio, anymore than I eat prosciutto. Yeah, I know what those things are, I'm a cook, as opposed to a chef, because they lost me at nouvelle cuisine, or maybe even before, with all the strange sauces; not to mention basic ingredients from the gitgo. We're all about putting the gitgo in your Gitmo around these parts.

How those sabers do rattle, as the rapiers hum in the apprehensive air, that wishes they had just stopped with Ozzie and Harriet. That's the thing about being absolutely right and absolutely certain, when you are absolutely wrong. You can't stop. You got a taste for it, sort of like Clarice describing Buffalo Bill to Hannibal Lecter and “I, on the other hand cannot”, smell it but then I'm not Miggs am I? Visible digressing and coalescing, as he goes and don't mind the deliquescence. It comes with the territory and you need to keep in mind that tears and salt water have a lot in common and that the Earth is 3 quarters water. That sounds like a lot of tears but fish fuck in it so, what do I know? There's that salt crystallizing in a perfect cube, like the tears of Mary, or the bench on which sits the High Priestess and don't get me started on Lot's wife.

Have I got your attention or am I in a different dimension? It's all a matter of perception. Words aren't the only things that can be made to stand on their heads. The critical issue and concept that everyone, who even gives a shit, should keep in mind, is that we are watching evil shoot itself in the foot. Once evil is sure the foot is dead, evil is going to grill that foot and eat it as an appetizer, on the way to getting around to the rest of itself. Yes, pilgrims, this you must keep in mind. Evil is doing it's death dance. It's impressive. It looks to be unstoppable. It's got all kinds of special effects and the money to pay for them. It's got your attention and everyone wants to be on the winning side but there is confusion about the time remaining on the clock and who the referees work for; the price of those franks on the bun, what is actually in those “take me out to the ballpark” franks (where do you park your balls?) and who and what you will have for dinner. If there is a dinner; “didn't get a dinner”. Do you think I'm trying to make out with a snake? Wow, he mentioned Lot's wife too and that brings me back to what I heard a few years ago in Italy, “Visible, I'm having my morning coffee, then I'm going to dispense my blessings. I'm going to open a window of forgiveness, for those who may come as they may and then I am going to kick some ass”. Hmmm, now, I'm wondering if any of this has to do with the merry, merry month of May?

I remember the highway from LA to Palm Springs, there's a part of the road where you are looking at these parched, brown hills and you can see the faces of the comedians in the rock and strata formation; at least I did. Of course it could have just been the result of the LSD but it was there, a long line of entertainment, Mt. Rushmore contortabiles, frozen in the moment, sort of like that fly in amber kind of a way.

This brings me back to Shakespeare, where I hadn't gone in the first place. It's all tragedy. It's all comedy. It's both. It's two for one night at Little Caesar's, with harmony, tranquility and peace, “stuck in the middle with you”; if you happen to be there. Indeed, it is a pizza from Hell but you don't have to eat it. The world is what it is, because it really couldn't be any other way, here in this boot camp, Greyhound station, to points unknown. Some are traveling luxury and some are traveling coach and some are riding the trains in India. That all depends on your ticket and the quality of the ride depends on what you can afford and that depends on whether you earned enough, however you did it. At the same time, some people can fly first class with next to nothing depending on who they know. Who you know counts for a great deal in all cases; as does what you know and don't know. Finally, in this regard, trips, tours and lives end and how they end and what the result is, or the continuance, does not depend on whether you traveled first class or coach, or on foot, across whatever landscapes. It depends on how you comported yourself and all of us know this is true, regardless of what we believe in, because we feel it and we have to live with it, as we are doing and will do. This is what we contend with and we seem to think that's okay. Enough of us do, so that it continues, or it has. Then there is the apocalypse. It's right there on the Rolex, Oyster Perpetual, on the wrist of the cosmos. It's highlighted. Keep in mind that pearls grow in oysters and maybe you want to reference the irritation, that grain of sand that causes the pearl to form and what the pearl symbolizes; something along the lines of The Philosopher's Stone, for all those stoned philosophers.

We don't do wetwork here at The Petri Dish, unless we do it on ourselves because there are things that need killing. One of the true arts in this life is knowing what needs to die and what needs to live and assessing what certain experiences and desires can cost you in that respect. One thing you don't want in your knapsack is regret. How's that go? “Act in haste and repent at your leisure”. That can be expanded on, so that it's not only about haste, but intention, over the long haul. It's about direction. As has been stated here and there many times. It doesn't matter if you catch a plane, ride a train, hitchhike or walk, you are going to get there all the same, if Kansas City is where you are headed. That would be a metaphorical Kansas City. Some people think that Shambala is metaphorical or allegorical. That's not the case. It's as real as you are, if you are.

I've had deep and high-end burgundy moments and Thunderbird wine sorties. I've had the high end comestibles, if you please. None of any of these things count in the long run. It's what and who you are in the mix. There are all sort of irritations that are commensurate with divine discontent. There are all sorts of follies and frolics to choose from and so you are bent. We are bent according to whatever we are after. All the strategies of acquisition, the smoke and mirrors and the trick lighting, are only stage props and features. What we are after defines us. That's how it is down here. We are representative of what we seek. We are fashioned and formed by what we are after. That's all you need to know about what's going on and then comes laughter, or whatever follows after and then come tears and remorse and regret. If you don't know bout this, then you ain't got there yet. So it goes, the Whiffenpoof disappears up your ass, or up your nose. It's why we don't look so good without our clothes on, except for that space of a youthful sprint, in pursuit of what? That's the part I don't get. Yeah, I get it but I don't get it and I don't want it, either. Help yourself, every sense of the phrase.

Alrighty then. Here we be. Is it Scylla and Charybdis, or the devil and the deep blue sea? Well that depends. Everything is available, including the Colossus of Rhodes less traveled. You can be a ketamized John Lilly, dreaming with dolphins or Albert Hoffman, riding his bicycle around Basel and be over a hundred year old. You could have a dead animal on your head like Donald Trump. Or you could be a Darth Vader Obama who is definitely not Forest Gump, or you could be yourself. Then Lecter says to Clarice, “yourself” and there is the Benjamin Raspail with no bottom. So you can see the stars if you look down. Yes, you can bring home a bucket full of starlight, with no bottom in your pail. It comes down to you and who or what you rely on. You can even cue Bill Withers to lean on me.

Goldbergs or gold mountains, are nothing next to Cold Mountain, where you can “sleep by the creek and purify your ears”. All the gold, guns and ammunition are of no consequence, when the mind behind the object, or apparatus, is no longer under the control of the one possessing it.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫


Ian James said...

Ah, Thunderbird wine... a blast from a much simpler past, when the only question was
"Red or Blue, Sir?"

Oh, what is MKULTRA by the way? And what actually happened
♫ Down Mexico Way? ♫ Did I miss anything interesting?

Mr Cabal's very keen isn't he? A little too keen perhaps, might be all those consumables.

Thanks, Les.
And may your macaroni always be smothered in cheese.


maya seri said...

I want the Divine I pine for it I ask for it with my every breadth I want to be consumed by it I want to be filled by it drunk on it that is all I ever wanted I will not stop asking I will shout it out from the rooftops from the internet from Visible's blogs I will shout for my longing of the Divine I know the Devine hears me and will grant me it's presence I will not stop untill that happens.


Delicious Pink Slime said...

“There is an end of the world feeling in Tangiers, with its glut of nylon shirts, Swiss watches, Scotch and sex and opiates sold across the counter. Something sinister in complete laissez faire. And the new police chief up there on the hill accumulating dossiers. I suspect him of unspeakable fetishistic practices with his files. When the druggist sells me my daily box of Eukodol ampules he smirks like I had picked up the bait to a trap. The whole town is a trap and someday it will close. Not a snap shut but close slowly. We will see it closing, but there will be no escape, no place to go” - Burroughs in Tangiers June 16, 1954

Neko Kinoshita said...

Defined by what you seek.

Always clarity. It is why I come here when I need a bit of clarification to wipe the dust from my eyes and sneeze it clear to get a breath of fresh air.

Thanks Vis.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Every Empire eventually meets its Waterloo, through a natural disaster, or by economic changes, or by underestimating an enemy, or by alienating its own citizens. Since Empires, by definition, control many widespread lands, the chance that a single natural disaster will topple an Empire is reduced. The more likely cause of an Imperial collapse will be economics, or war, or rebellion.

Bullies rule the Empire; Teddy Roosevelt liked the word "bully", and he personified it. The schoolyard is the microcosm, where the bully meets his Waterloo when he underestimates his victim. Pride (hubris) goeth before a fall, as the saying goes.

The jocks run the Empire, singing their Whiffenpoof song, while gang-banging their latest victim. They believe themselves to be superior, as Kipling taught them, the natural masters of the inferior classes.

The bullies and their Empire do not give me what I want from life; they never did, and if they wanted to give me what I want from life, they wouldn't be bullies. I admire the lifestyles of most of the bullies' victims, and I count them as my friends.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Delicious Pink Slime (with vodka and coke and a many a toke)..

(93-94-95) Burroughs would shake his fist at me and laugh as I passed by his little red house, always eager to shout Hare Krishna! Hare Rama! if I spotted him by the pond or garden, milling about with his cats flitting around him.

This was a ritual of sorts.
One which I believe we both enjoyed..

Reminiscing, I always feel this sense of a mystical leisure, a specialness without much ado.

Though I thought about it I was never inclined to approach him for a chat.

My brother told me he was quite amenable and open to conversation. Not what you'd think from someone so old and well... which adjectives are appropriate-applicable.
I guess pretty much all of them..

We said what needed to be said in passing and it actually was quite nice in its own small way.

That's what I got from William Burroughs.

gurnygob said...

"What we are after defines us. That's how it is down here. We are representative of what we seek. We are fashioned and formed by what we are after."

That sounds a bit like "Nothing is worth having, unless it is a part of you."

Thanks Les.


Visible said...

That was a beautiful statement Gregory, speaking as one of the victims, I know too well that particular thing. Steady as she goes.

Anonymous said...

I really liked "Bad Dogs & Barbed Wire",reminds me of a lot of scary people I've known….(on multiple levels)...
p.s. national strike planned May 1st

Anonymous said...

i found speed reading to be of an indispensable sort for this one ... and a nod to be as good as a wink.

where's the fire?(grin)

Anonymous said...

"we are stardust, we are golden ... "

we are, each and all (reptiles incl.) the stuff of infinite resource.

just a touch of amnesia, case of mistaken identity. not to worry, should clear up in 'no time'.

when the dust settles, it'll be like we never left.

until then, 'all you need is ...'

geobro said...

as a wise man said mushrooms aint the only things kept in the dark and fed on shit

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

if I may, Keiser seems to be at his best in this eposide, as far as the war goes.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of shrooms, good luck finding them or LSD in the Midwest anymore.

Just wanted to go there one more time before I go there...... and SOL!!!

MiaBellezza said...

Hidden Messages in Water as demonstrated before and after meditation ~ "Reflections in a Petri Dish" :)!

missingarib said...

vis, regrets like the splash from a passing transport on an interstate highway in the rain- going 60 to nowhere -only to wake up at the rest stop and half a day from home- it's a new home in the morning and now it's just"one to many mornings and a thousand miles behind"

Dreaming of the "dance beneath a diamond sky -" except at least one hand must be free , sleep deep, arrange for the gun fire wake up call,the front desk is only to happy to help
ah well, even the words of the dream are written on the lavatory walls," the cops don't need ya and man they expect the same"

live well, live long, and gracias

Anonymous said...

ya gotta watch the bullies and really see what they are clamoring for. They want to be first in everything. They have a great need to be first. This means victory in every or any event.

You need only believe in free will. In the end it's the only image that will be left to look into, it's the last thing you should do, you owe it to yourself.

hipriestess4u on the rooftop

Richie (Dana) said...

"Whenever evil overwhelms this plane, I manifest." Lord Krishna

True beings understand some basic truths even though they may not be aware of them at a given time.

1.Evil exists on this plane.
2.They are not responsible for it in any way.
3.They understand that God is Love and is working in their interest to eradicate evil forever.
4.They are different from most "humans" they meet to an extent of severe misunderstanding.
5.They know that false beings are introduced to create a false image and are only here for "the purpose of demonstration".
6.They know without doubt that this dimension is unsustainable and will be destroyed.
7.Evil is self-destructive and they are here to witness that demise.
8.They are permanent, never ending, children of the Divine who may lose these physical bodies, but can never be “killed”.
9.As such, the only mission is to seek the attributes of the Avatars and join the battle as warriors for truth.

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

My friends, stay the course as it is almost complete.
I suffer with you, but have unfailing hope.
All questions are answered in seeking the Divine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible - love the song (no offense at all intended towards the great Willie Nelson or his fans -(nor scyophancy towards you) but i don't think he woulda done your songs due justice ... )!

Thanks for the new music player too (my old computer can actually run this app)!


Richie (Dana) said...

Mr. Visible,
I honestly had the tears streaming when writing the previous.
That, only because it was not my doing.

I meant to tell you again how much you are appreciated around here.
You’re slightly silly banter is humorous today, but I see between the lines.

I did notice the tricky combined AV and music files which I could not listen to until I got home to my fast connection. A very nice addition.

I can promise you Sir, that I will never be able to repay what you have given me.

God Bless,

Joe Bassett said...

-This evil must be fought with evil. The Jews came to Europe. They would not do the dirty jobs. They wanted the good jobs that paid well and after a period of time the corruption would start and slowly the people grew tired and would kick them out. If people knew all they had to do was kill 20 million people and we would have no more wars or depressions they would not do the deed. We know who is causing our problems, but we have career politicians who will not do what needs to be done. The only way to stop the elite from controlling the people is to elect common citizens to public office and then replace them every year. Because our founding fathers did not give us a perfect government.

Joe Bassett said...

Let's face it the average person knows what is going on and who is doing it. So you know the government knows for sure. The politicians are supposed to represent the citizens. But how many citizens want drugs in their country? How many want uncontrollable third world immigration, wars, and nuclear waste.
Our government could solve the drug problem by sending troops into Colombia and Bolivia and destroy their drug operations. We can go to Asia, Germany and the Middle East and blow them to bits based on lies.

Anonymous said...

.. and if the ice cream van is full we kin easy use taxis

love and peace

Erica said...

Hi Vis,
Have been lurking at your blogs for the last year or so.Always find your writings inspirational.Just want to say thanks for the brilliant song-it put a smile on my face!Also enjoyed revisiting what has to be George Carlin's best routine ever-says all you need to know about the system we're imprisoned in.Thanks.

tmcfall said...

@ Joe Basset..governments ARE the drug problem. They control it so they make it illegal to drive up prices. Tons and tons of coke, grass, heroin and you name are imported with government knowledge and protection. We don't need the government to do anything but go away!
Tom in Tempe Arizona

MiaBellezza said...

Is there divine programming in place? You play the game, win a match and go onto the next challenge and maybe, just maybe, move up a level? Is the Creator's programming in our junk DNA, or should I call it precious? Our brains are plastic, malleable and every experience alters our perception of reality. Only out of fear have we helped co-create and allowed to manifest the World such as it is. Divine Matrix.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

From the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?" - HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER - Dr. Masaru Emoto Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ

"Now, in this next series of pictures, Mister Emoto printed out words, taped them to bottles of distilled water, and left them out overnight. This first photograph is a picture of the pure, distilled water that is the essnce of itself. These subsequent photographs, as you can see, are eah different -- this is the Chi of Love, and we move along here to Thank You" and you can see where he taped that to this bottle here. But if you speak Japanese, you already knew that. Mr Emoto speaks of these thought or intents, being the driving force in all of this. The science of how this actually affects the molecules is unknown."

What we are shown are a series close-up photographs of snowflakes, with their characteristic hexagonal chrystalline shape. BTW, it does snow and freeze in Japan, and it also frosts sometimes atop Mount Abu in India. Is Mister Emoto any relation to Mister Empatho? Next we will show you the Bearded Lady and the Siamese Twins. Please leave your critical thinking skills at the door. How does Mister Emoto make those chrystals from the water? He thinks cold thoughts.

MiaBellezza said...

Consciousness is the programming language of the universe. The only thing that is real is the experience ~ The 12 Universal Laws. Also see Cupid and Psyche.

Thomas said...

brutal truth, eloquently put. Superb!

Wishes of Light Days for Everyone :)

Anonymous said...

"Whenever evil overwhelms this plane, I manifest." Lord Krishna

No you don't. You're a literary fiction mistaken for reality and I refuse to give you credit for mans handiwork aside from your literary status.. And I don't really give a fuck that you're blue, but it is a nice touch.
The spiritual and the religious folk never cease to turn me from their God.


SDogS, blue said...


Richard's correct, tears they fall like reign. spelling correct, as well.

Vis, thank you. To see, shall be to elevate. Perhaps we need to Breathe as well. Oxygen required.

So many haltering, understood, but needless.

I had a demon attack me recently, it is going around these dog days of spring, and was proceeding to turn me to stone, or boulder, same, teeth first. MOst interesting. A simple prayer fixed it.

We, of course, are not facing all this alone. Know that, breathe, and elevate.

It is not that this world is limited to 3rd density, that is an individual's false perception.

And certain to create a true miss of these very real times.

'Cause I've been to Kansas City, but now I'm going Home.

woof, puppy lovers~

neal said...

Nobody complains about the water, just wants that to be just so. If more were careful, that would be more fair, and then maybe some of us would not get the what we deserve dept.

Oh well, we takes the blame, but not so much the thing given.

Twice born is just being squared, but living memories are dreamed up by such affairs.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

What It is and How It is, Amen.

Gregory F. Fegel said...


I watched, and I liked, the videos that you linked called "programming language of the universe" and "The 12 Universal Laws". I criticised "HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER" because Mister Emoto's photos of snowflakes are presented dishonestly as a product of prayer or conscious effort. We should not resort to deception in an effort to show that the Soul or God exist. Mister Emoto's snowflakes remind me of Sathya Sai Baba spitting out cheap jewelry to wow his followers.

Visible said...

Then again, too much certainty without direct exposure and the tools and credentials to make inarguable judgments is not credible either.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Since every snowflake is different and no two look alike, of course anyone can claim to have prayed or conjured some snowflakes into their crystalline shape. It is an action which is both unprovable (because each snowflake is always unique) and unproven (also because each snowflake is always unique).

Since every snowflake is always unique, how can anyone claim that they have made a snowflake assume its shape through their own effort? Snowflakes are indeed a "miracle of nature", but what purpose is served by claiming that we can influence their shape? And by what criterion, or whose judgement, do we decide which snowflakes are ugly, and which are beautiful? (Mister Emoto claims that some of his water crystals are ugly, and others are beautiful.)

I think that "real" is an important part of "religion".

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Three Blind Men with Mercury in Retrograde.



Joseph Brenner

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