Friday, June 24, 2011

They're not Crazy, they're Stark Raving Mad

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I wound up with an extra day, so I thought I would put it to good use with radio shows and another posting. Of course, another posting is not a bad idea, if you can find an idea to fashion the post around. I noted that there’s a certain amount of buzz going around concerning an Israeli (is there any other kind) false flag against Germany at the Women’s Soccer Championship, or whatever it’s called. I’ve noted a lot of negative events concerning Germany lately. The idea that someone could pinpoint an event intrigues me but we won’t know until the 26th and I’ll be in the woods and on the road, so I probably won’t know anyway right off.

It ties in with my idea that they’re planning something before the Flotilla arrives to take the focus off of whatever heinous acts they have in mind for these heroes ...and heroes they are. It truly blows my mind to look at the state of the world in these times. It’s a cartoon. I see stark raving insanity around the globe and it can’t be the result of the efforts of a handful of demonic world shakers. It’s as if the entirety of the negative and crazy, subconscious impulses of collective humanity are being forced to the surface.

It may not be commonly known but materialism makes you crazy. All of the obsessions and compulsions and ticks, involuntary winces and Tourette like outbreaks, are due to oppressive materialism. It’s a no brainer that dialectical materialism led to the biggest mass murder spree of all time, performed by the craziest pack of materialists on the planet. It’s great to see the residue of Russia recognizing the heritage of the chief on-site architect of the whole mass murder jamboree; keeping in mind the same, concerning the principal paper architects of the same.

Materialism is the kind of thing that makes rolling in road kill romantic, especially if you ran it over on purpose just for the cosmetic value. Any fool can and should look at the ubiquitous proliferance of materialism and observe the unbridled appetites and raging consumerism that ends up with people hanging from hooks for sexual pleasure and demanding the right to do it in the town square. It’s the reverse philosophy of crucifixion with Sarah Silverman as the master of ceremonies. The highlight of the affair is a collective golden shower that results in a strange spiritual transcendence, complete with seizure like jerking, St. Vitas’ Dance routines and a little meth infused tarantella to round out the festivities, accompanied by a Zydeco soundtrack played at 78 RPMs.

Materialism demands more and more, quicker and quicker and ready to go. All you have to do is tear off the packaging and dig in. Self respect goes out the window, along with all of the virtues you used to see before materialism became the order of the day.

One of the fruits of materialism is that everything kills you. Materialism is death on steroids with a racing engine. It slips into every product and situation and revels in the mind of the dying, who celebrate strange notions of freedom and liberty, while bound on the rack and fondled by demons. Hell opens her gates during bouts of materialism, because that is the honorary lifestyle of Hell; just as all of the intricate bullshit philosophies that attend ages of materialism, are penned down below. They make things like the Khmer Rouge possible. They inspire the American ambassador to petition the UN to recognize Pol Pot as the legitimate representative of the Cambodian people. Is it any wonder that you see what you see today? We’re in Batshit Estates, just down the road from Looney Tune Holler.

Once you figure out that your leaders are possessed AND crazy, you won’t have to scratch your head so much. Materialism eats its young and that is why cannibalism appears in the last stages of materialism. It’s also why zombie movies are so popular because people are turning into them. They’ll be like those ‘zine queens’ (Thorazine) that you could dance with once a month at the mixers I attended at the Norman OK mental institution I was in. I was doing undergrad work at the time and went on for my master’s and doctorate at The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane.

I had voluntarily signed myself in to that place because they told me I was crazy in The Air Force. It took me about six months to realize that they were the ones who were crazy. Imagine my disappointment on one level, when I realized none of these people would ever be able to cure me because they were mentally ill. As I went on with my studies, I saw some examples that were downright amazing and would have been hilarious except that they had the power of life and death; in their own minds. It finally occurred to me that I was walking around in a global mental institution wherever I went. What conceals this fact from most people is the presence of seemingly predictable and rational patterns in human behavior. It gives the impression that people have some idea of what they are doing and what it all means (sound of an annoying buzzer); not.

I feel pretty good about the whole thing because I have a reliance factor; something I rely on, to keep me sane and safe so far as it fits with the program. Nobody is safe in a world of mortality. Immortality is an option (later for the explanation of that). This is why I believe all death is suicide. There are billions of wrong way highways and only a few right way outahere highways.

Well, strange days are coming. Did anyone see that (imaginary?) city in Russia (or was it China?) that appeared out of the mist? I’m sorry I didn’t save that link. If anyone has it, please hotlink it in the comments section; shades of Shambhala and in the right general location too. If it wasn’t real how did they get a picture of it? Okay, okay, don’t explain it to me (grin).

Some of us are sane, more or less, but we are definitely in the minority. One of the problems of perception that people like us have, is getting our head around what’s really going on in the heads of the heads of state, religion and the economic sphere. We may think they’re misguided, flat out evil, under the control of those who will kill them if they don’t hew the line (possibly true) but the truth is, even if some portion of the rest is also true, that they are crazy, nuts, not in their right minds.

I’ve said they’re being ‘pushed out’ from within to ‘act out’ for purposes of demonstration. There’s no point to the demonstration if some portion of us doesn’t remain or doesn’t return. As you know, I’ve got my own take on it all; not to say that I’m necessarily right. I’m just banking on ‘ageless wisdom’ and the cyclicity of life, under the aegis of a permeating consciousness, within and without. It’s alive! (grin) So are we and there are certain things you can only accomplish in a body, so a certain amount of focused industry is just the ticket; the ticket onward.

I used to do all kinds of street theater (initially why I came to the negative attention of the authorities). I used to wear a badge and walk a friend of mine around in handcuffs and interrogate him in crowded restaurants, with another friend who also played a cop. Then there were the episodes in the white lab jacket, giving on the spot analysis of the various mental disorders that went by me on the street. I’d have friends around as interns and it was supposed to be a teaching seminar. I never got apprehended in any of this but they heard about it later because I heard about it later. The thing is that it was so real that most of the time people around it thought it was real. There’s a point to this paragraph but you’ll get it, I suspect.

Well back to the getting ready stuff. The solstice party is coming up and then it’s a long trip somewhere for a couple of weeks. It’s looking good for staying in touch and I did all the radio shows, I think. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by crazy, dysfunctional people and some of them have guns. Be nice to the mental patients and retain a professional demeanor. You can provide a lot of comfort, once you are able to see what they are suffering from. You can certainly provide more comfort that actual professionals, the same way you can cure or ease a lot of back problems with certain types of massage and Shiatsu, a lot better than surgeons can. Surgeons are mostly dangerous and only very occasionally necessary

Once you see that you are indeed in an open ward mental institution scenario, you will be amazed at how it transforms your perspective on things and how very useful it can make you; there’s no shame in the humorous side of it either. I’ll see you later if there is one; stay frosty.

End Transmission.......

(true story about a crazy person)
Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫

There will be a radio show this Sunday at 7:30 Central time and for the following weeks.


Anonymous said...

just me, Laurel A. said...

every time i think you must be ready for a bit of writer's block, you just come galloping out from the mist, blazing script in hand :))

my prayer for you les, is that you will be writing for a long time yet to be! and that more and more of us will be reading.

love and happy free spirit to you all from all of us here at this house ...... and i am still doing my utmost to keep my frosty nose out of those dank warm places that will only beget that which they resemble in odor.

and seriously, the team you have is just amazing. in thought and in commentary.

fioan said...

On finishing Talbot's 'the holographic universe' immersed in the ocean as the drop. Lame Deer's saying '...stumbling blindly on the road to nowhere...which they themselves...make smooth so they can get there faster to the big empty hole which they'll find at the end, waiting to swallow them up..' : CERN's recreation of the 'big bang'... yep stark raving bonkers.

Richard said...

Hello more and more Vis, just keep on keeping on.

Bat-shit crazy is what the term used to be, must be some kind of brain-affecting virus in the shit of those leathery-winged blood-suckers. Dying -off in North-east the news wires indicate. Different from bull-shit crazy.

Enjoy the party, I hope that you stay away from K, if there is any, K-unda-lini is always at hand for a natural experience with the Divine as you well K-now.

May the Hearts be filled with the bloom of the Rose Garden.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation

reenie said...

china city in the mist

Scottsonyc said...

Thanks again for pointing to the RGO.
Sometimes when the conversation ends at that juncture where the listener sees, my usual closing comment is,"Interesting planet you have here, you do the meanest things to each other".
Travel well

Visible said...

thank you dear readers for that link and Richard, it's bad form to project and understanding of a situation in which one has zero input and which is actually a subjective expression of one's own circumstance. My only regret is the people who don't send it to me while offering to unsolicited or giving me excuses like, "I just can't get it together, I don't know why." while also offering unsolicited.

I've been here awhile, I think I can manage certain things that are more benign than anything I've previously encountered and which do me a world of good. It's too bad reciprocity is a one way street around here.

Anonymous said...

Visible, you are amazing and well tuned. I awoke this morning thinking just what you just wrote about. I see the same back stabbing and insanity going on in the political enviroment of the small homeowners assosation I work for as is the highest levels of government. Proof to me thats its not all just a big plan by a few evil men. I must admit I was not astute enough to tie it to materialism like you have, thank you for that, and verifing my revalation.
Your writing is an antibiotic for the wounds many of us suffer from
trying to function in the brain dead insane system has become the biggest trip of my life. Thank you for being there.

from a remote area in Oregon

Neko Kinoshita said...

It's all good.

The challenge these days seems to be keeping my amusement from showing too clearly.

The inmates get upset if you laugh at them, kinda like cats. “A professional demeanor” is an insightful recommendation, so I’m listening.

I appreciate the insight into materialism and its effects. I suppose I had not thought it through quite so thoroughly. I try to push out little bits of guidance, and then let them ferment. We’ll see if that works out, even though little time remains.

Staying frosty, even in the humid summer days, and don’t expect ME to offer unsolicited advice, after all, I don’t seem to know anything much at all.


wv: tokeso - Hmm, interesting...

Anonymous said...

"there must be some kind of way out of here said the joker to the thief"

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an example of lunacy in the political circus:

"The debate was thus a fine study of impotence, ignorance and stupidity, all combined, with the House frittering away its time and passion discussing the fate of less than two score creatures, about which it has the power to do nothing. What a graphic example this is of the decline and fall of a once-great institution."

bholanath said...

'Bat-shit' about nails it. Can't really get the head around most of what's goin on.
On a friend's blog, she reports on the rabid opposition to urban folks' backyard beehives. Seems the bees are somehow a threat to 'property values' and the 'merkin way of life'.
Howlin like a coyote up in the high country...

Richard said...

Perhaps the key is in the 'unsolicited' part. If it was from three or more, and they did not come through, the Sufi saying is that the Divine is communicating something one's own ears are unable to hear in direct manner, for the moment at least.
Sorry about the form, it has been known to be grating at times,maybe even highly so, but on this occasion it was unintentional, thus the apology.

I stay with my invitation.

Keep on keeping on.
Shiva/Shakti dance......

Woof woof from the Dog Nation, hugs and much gratitude in the reciprocal manner available in this moment

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone !

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len was a psychologist working in a state hospital for the criminally insane in Hawaii. It is verified that he cured an entire ward of mental patients without ever seeing or talking to them . He simply went to his office everyday for two years and after studying a patients a file would ask himself what was in him that created this persons condition.

His method involved the use of (ho'oponopono) . A constant dialog with the divine. Using a certain technique.

Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life - simply because it is in your life--is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone--even a mentally ill criminal--you do it by healing you.

This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy--anything you experience and don't like--is up for you to heal. They don't exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn't with them, it's with you, and to change them, you have to change you.

When Dr. Len was asked how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients' files?
He Replied. "I just kept saying, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' over and over again".

Full Article Here

A guide to ho'oponopono

Thanks for your Blog Les :

Patrick V1.0

Denny said...

Patrick 7:41PM

The majority of "patients" I've seen in various mental institutions need far more than simply "healing" of their clinical conditions. They are also "social cases" whose physically degenerate appearance alone often makes it impossible for them to function "normally in society". This is why they have no one interested in either supporting them, befriending them, or even less likely, becoming attracted to them and thus wanting a relationship with them (which is why they're alone and sexually repressed along with it).

So am I now to understand that every single such "social case" - or for that matter every other mentally and physically degenerate human being in this entire world is MY responsibility, and that because I'm not spending enough time reading all their case histories and concentrating on sending them all my love and blaming myself for their situation, it's all MY doing..?

Oh well, no wonder I often feel guilty simply being alive in this world..

I suppose I could start by reading through obama's case history and start sending him all my love and blaming myself for his situation, but that might not work because his case history files are probably faked anyway and the energy wouldn't reach the "real" him.

A "psychiatrist" once tried having me locked up and force medicated simply because I asked him two questions he refused to answer. I asked him whether or not mercury was a highly toxic poison that causes serious damage to all living organisms and whether or not the MOUTH was a safe place to put it. He jumped out of his chair and threatened to have me locked up and force medicated on the spot (he didn't know that a close friend of mine is married to his boss). But it's frightening to know that these pricks in white coats have the power to do such things.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to change careers, that chick sounds like fun. Open up a dating service PLZ?

truthsoup said...

The techniques used in the practice of ho'oponopono seem to be very similar to spiritual techniques of many times and cultures. I believe it must have something to do with getting rid of that materialism problem.
I've been reading "The Sermon on the Mount" by Emmet Fox. The spiritual truths he expresses in this book seem to be universal.
It's all very cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

I was the anonymous who linked to the songs of Leonard Cohen and the videos of "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin" on a previous post.

I am glad to see Les Visible talk about the rumor of the false flag in Berlin on June 26. It may be just a rumor, but it is worth checking.

Check the website of Van Geest, the German lawyer who is bringing a lawsuit against Angela Merkel for not doing anything to protect Germany against this false flag. It looks crazy, but he has a 400-page document (in German) to support his lawsuit.

In it, he mentions the songs by Cohen, the Illuminati Card Game by Steve Jackson (published in 1995 with pictures showing what happened on 9/11 with both the explosions of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon), and numerous blockbuster Hollywood movies with clues about 9/11. One thing I realized when researching this stuff was how much they use movies and other media to convey their plans (for what purpose? I don't know. Maybe like these satanic hand signs that they sometimes do).

Here are some links if you are interested:

Van Geest's website:

(very brief) summary in English:

Steve Jackson Games (Wikipedia):

Steve Jackson's "Illuminati New World Order" Game (also from Wikipedia, but interestingly with no mention of the playing cards referring to 9/11...):

The complete set of playing cards. There are 21 pages of pictures:

A few interesting cards in light of recent events:
- "Tidal wave" card (p.16)
- "Earthquake projector" with something that looks indeed like a HAARP device (p.21)

Anonymous said...

Richard. that's one of the stupidest and most arrogant and all seeing comments I have seen around here and then you went and compounded it. I suppose minding your own business and operating as a blind remote viewer are mutually exclusive. It takes a very dense person to analyze someone they've never met over a subject that wasn't on the table and which you know nothing about.


Anonymous said...

Here is the Youtube link to "Mega Ritual 2011", a 28-min video (possibly prepared by Van Geest himself) discussing many of the hints about 9/11 and 26/6 that can be found in movies:

Again, even if nothing happens on 26/6, these observations are interesting in that they reveal that possible hints about 9/11 were scattered in blockbuster Hollywood movies throughout than 1990s. I will admit that I found the first few minutes of the video more convincing than the rest, but of course we can judge the clues about 9/11 in hindsight while the discussion about 26/6 remains hypothetical.

Some specific clues:
0:50 Terminator 2 -Judgement Day (1991) ' Caution - 9' 11" ' sign on the bridge
1:02 Super Mario Bros (1993) - view of the Twin Towers with one tower collapsing
1:14 Godzilla (1998) - zoom-in on the watch with the hands pointing at 9 and 11
1:29 Trading Places (1983) - zoom-in on the clock with hands pointing at 9 and 11
1:43 Gremlins 2 (1990) microphones of reporters displaying 9 and 11
1:58 The Matrix (1999) the expiry date on Neo's passport shows 11 Sep 01 (exact match!)
2:03 New York vs Homer Simpson (1997) magazine ad for a trip to New York for $9 with the Twin Towers right next to the $9, giving "New York $9/11"

Now moving on to the alleged false flag on the 26/6 (this part is not as convincing as explained above, so I will only mention a few points):

3:08 A "224 422" sign on a taxi cab in the trailer from "Unknown Identity" which is reinterpreted as 26/6/11 (I'm not convinced)

8:08 and onwards: Focus on an episode from the Simpsons which interestingly was not shown in Germany. Two zoom-in on clocks: first the hands of the clock in the school class are showing 2 and 6 (26?), then zooming on the 6. This episode, coincidentally (or not?) features an explosion which looks like an atomic mushroom. Next time-related clue: an enormous clock falls in the garden, next to Homer, with the hands showing 11 and 6. Then from a news report (always in the same Simpsons episode): "The bag detonated at Springfield Station today contained deadly plutonium, which can only mean one thing: A terrorist plot!"

More clues from Hollywood movies:

Mega Ritual Part 1 Bonus Material:

The first 2 minutes are identical to the previous video.

Most interesting moments from the new material:

2:18 The 10th Kingdom (2000) The Twin Towers AND WTC 7 (!!!) crumble under the footsteps of the giant (note that nothing else is destroyed in that image, interestingly)
2:30 The Tick (1994) The Twin Towers fall down
2:36 Max (1997) Zoom-in on watch with the hands pointing to 9 and 11
2:49 Synchrony (1997) A voice shouts 'Look out!' Immediately after, zoom-in on a clock with the hands pointing to 9 and 11
3:02 En Ami (2000) Zoom-in on clock with hands pointing to 9 and 11
3:20 and following seconds: The Handmaid's Tale (1990) Several clues pointing to the date 9/11
3:43 Back to the Future Part I (1985) Alarm clock showing 1:19; later, image showing 'Twin Pines Mall' with clock showing 1:16 - which when reversed gives 9:11

Anonymous said...

Re-posting of some of my stuff about Leonard Cohen's "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin":

* This is a must watch! *

1. Video from the "Famous Blue Raincoat" version, with Jennifer Warnes and Leonard Cohen (1987)

0:48-0.52 shots of some Manhattan buildings with something (smoke?) coming from them, people running in all directions in the streets of New York

1:00-1:05 Leonard Cohen going to his window in a high-rise building in New York; note the reddish hue of the sky

2:08-2:20 Crowds of people running in all directions in the streets of New York, as in a panic. Some people looking back quickly at the tall high-rise buildings before running away in a hurry.

2. Alternate version. This video is taken from the intro to the BBC movie "Songs from the Life of Leonard Cohen", produced in 1988. Live sound is the BBC recording of Royal Albert Hall show, May 30, 1988

First 40 seconds (especially 0:20 to 0:40) - the view of Manhattan, the towers, and then... the plane!

3. The lyrics. I will stay close to the text as much as possible, so that no one can say that I am "trying to interpret" clues, and for that reason I will limit myself to the most obvious clues.

- "First we take Manhattan"
Easy and obvious, but it's right there.

-I'm guided by a signal in the heavens
I'm guided by this birthmark on my skin
I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons

No interpretation needed, except perhaps for the birthmark reference (Cohen is a Jew). Note the "beauty of our weapons".

- Well it's Father's Day and everybody's wounded

I'm not sure about the reference to Father's Day. The attack by the Red Army Faction in 1986 (referenced in the German text at the beginning of the song) occurred on April 5, 1986, so it's not that. But the "everybody's wounded" speaks for itself.

Tom Dark said...

The fault is not in our money and doodads, dear Brutus, but in ourselves. People have been un-tweeting me because they're afraid to admit to even a little crazy.

Anonymous said...


I don't believe you when you say it's a one-way street around here. Not true my friend. And forgive me if I misread your intention with that statement.

Zombie materialist; eloquent and should replace the bald eagle as the US of I national bird.



Visible said...

Ghana; I didn't mean it in a general way. I meant it in a specific way. I probably shouldn't have said anything but the Bible thumping lecturing set me off. I've been doing a whole lot of things, which usually means too much and when I'm in that phase or groove I give less thought to what I say. I shouldn't say anything at times like that but I did (grin).

Vajrasattva said...

The source of the vision of entangled fear arises from the name you often hear coming from the voice of condemnation. Bless the lost.

Underlying all art is inspiration – unthinking, the body is moved by the master. No object gain is the freedom of mind; unfettered, one or all does not speak.

Release nothing because that is what it is. “They” are your lesson in creation. The good news is you merely forgot you are GOD.

Without a name, the moment of truth is now. Life is perfect; you get what you want. If you choose light for yourself and condemn others, you’ve chosen hell.

Rest, and be truly moved by inspiration. Nothing happens in this dawning bliss. You are the vessel once thought as the universe – choose heaven for this.

Richard said...

wow, seems to touch a nerce,
Let' me see. offers of mindbending chemicals (K), unsolicited, are other peoples's business, but messages that it does not come through are, while unsolicited, NOT?
Must be having trouble shaving lately (looking squarely in the mirror, that is)
Vis suggested in many posts that the simple act of sex attracts so many unknown and unwelcome visitors and yet kemichals do not?
That I do not choose to expand on the K-now-ledge, whatever the nature of such knowledge is, does not mean that it is not present.

The suggestion is simple:
The non-arrival of unsolicited 'stuff' is protection from foolishness by kind and influential sources, possibly the same ones that chose for the subject to be written about by me (grin).

Woof woof from the Dog Nation.
May the Heart be full of bloom of your Rose Garden

Anonymous said...

Its time to search self for SOUL.When found get to know it,love it,stay close to it.
Most of all hang on to it,because in the endgame, its your only saviour.

dublinmick said...

Dear Les
It is painful to read such things but it has always been this way. The malformed dumb as a log types always conclude those who possess a certain amount of genius are crazy. It is their own limitations they try and impose on others.

In short they expect everyone to be as stupid or evil as they are. This is just a manifestation of the planet we find ourselves on at this time.

People do not think big enough, they do not delve deeply enough. This is a rather low level planet and spiritual plane, but obviously many were not even up to this. They will devolve after the big hoedown and wonder why physical bodies are being denied them.

There are I am sure worse planets than this one awaiting all who refuse to accept goodness. That is as it should be. The universe is a big place and I am sure there are cannibal planets for those who wish to develop their instincts further.

It is not a great necessity to even be in the physical world which is not real. It seems to me some of us get bored with the paradise of the spiritual world and end up with short stints attempting to act as guide posts upon hell planets like this one. It is a futile endeavor almost when we are in an age like kali Yuga. It is going to take time for the light to prevail once again.

The earth is going to be a paradise once again in the future but there is some serious pain awaiting here before that arrives.

Enough of this, I just got the movie, "The Road" in the mail off ebay. That is the one Nina is always talking about so I am going to watch it.

Anonymous said...

The bigshot yidish jews control the money and media right.Therefor they and their asorted shills are calling the shots.
Their aiming at a white jewish world order, and a slave race of TAN,thats if it dosant backfire on them.
But if they do succeed,than I hope Im learning my last lesson.

Anonymous said...


You are the busiest recluse I know and the best friend I have yet to meet during this wheel spin; other than vibrational resonance, telepathy and possible remote viewing as of this penning. (}0:
I was poking you... cuz, I miss you when I'm not here.



Anonymous said...

pierre said.
(I knew you meant recipricocity in that special (K) / material (IMO) sense.)

it is also possible, if those movie hints are for real that the Divine will make them reveal themselves in such a fashion aforehand, perhaps a final warning, perhaps that they cannot say "forgive us, we do not know what we would do". Knowing that time itself is not what we think it is, nothing surprises me . to the extent that time in a sense goes backwards, these clips can be seen as a historical reveleation.
(Latest doctor who does this with Angel lady, who travels in what we would call a backwards time line.)

anyway, reading this post brought up memories of Josephs Heller's (another Cohen type) Catch 22. bat shit crazy all right and histerically funny and oh so sad and oh so real these days.
Yossarian our anti-hero wants out of the Air Force. he pleads insanity and starts doing crazy things. He's told he has to apply for dismissal on those grounds. And if he applies for dismissal to get out of the goddanmn war, that means he must be sane. "That's some catch". "It's the best catch there is".
and on his crazy antics. "What if everyone did that". "Then "I'd be a fool to do otherwise, sir!".

in the end materialism is an archetypal manifestation, a pursuit of meaning in matter (or a flight from the reality of the Self). It might have worked for the Alchemists, but theirs was a spiritual pursuit taking into account the (christian oppressed at the time) material world. And we know these days matter aint what we think it is. perhaps 'materialism' is another word for shallowness and wilful ignorance or just plain zombie behaviour from the followers of the Synagogue of Satan, Materialists In Chief.

many virtual special K's to you Vis, ta again.

wv: dinimpbr . ( no fair to skip the hard ones, tedious to try. pass)

Den of the Chaldes said...

Welcome to the "Pathocracy"

Den of the Chaldes

Anonymous said...

Amazing open free mind and love soaking in all your love and anger at the same time. We need your words to pound the true reality into us all les!

just me, Laurel A. said...

@richard 1:21 am.......dang dude, chill for a minute already. there is a reason i keep my nose out of warm dark smelly places. because my nose wont stay frosty if i go there. you cannot do both things at the same time. so just find your niche here and stop looking for an alpha slot. no alphas here. none.

Anonymous said...

Richard- oh wow, you rented The Road, the one with Viggo Mortensen? I just saw it for the first time in January. That movie was so heartbreaking in so many ways... I wasn't sure what to expect at the end. The fucked up thing is that right after I finished the movie, having stared at Viggos (reminds me of eggo) pathetic, malnourished frame for over an hour I went and stuffed myself full of Spaghetti and turkey sausage. I hadn't eaten sausage in over a year at the point.

Neko- “A professional demeanor”. YES. that jumped out at me too.... of course I can still get a little crazy behind closed doors where only God and the people in the room can see but I'm not hurting anyone so I don't care. ;-))

I do offer unsolicited advice, especially if an issue of well being arises, I just try not to be a narrow minded dickhead about it. NOT calling anyone a narrow minded dickhead, btw. Pardon my being frank, probably not a good idea to be on here high. lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

What a great topic to discuss before your journey...materialism...

materialism feeds the ego mind...the monkey mind...and has absolutely nothing to offer spiritually...

does one really need 100 pairs of shoes...closets much stuff one needs to rent storage to house the crap...this does nothing but weigh one down in a spiritually worthless environment...

the latest generation needs to be addressed "Generation D" for "Discusting"...just look at what have we done to ourselves...look at the behaviour of the robots of this evil system... has evil energy attached to it...the evil intent of its makers...users...and gatherers...

money is of course totally artificial...but prized by the international financiers for its ability to exchange what is of value for what is other words...nothing is exchanged for everything by the international financiers...

this game is coming to an this dimension fractures from the toxic effects of evil...

these demons in fancy suits are doing everything to keep this materialistic frenzy alive but slowly it is dying before them...

Spiritually...the world is rapidly approaching total bankruptcy...and materially...all of the superstructures of society built upon and dependent upon money are also going bankrupt...

Les, have a safe and happy journey...see you soon..

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

bigshot yidish jews

Anon 4:09:00 AM - Hey, that's the name of my favorite Italian-vegan restaurant. Unfortuately the owner's husband is a real shlemiel.

Miriam said...

Tender times.
Talk about exposures and mental illness~ found out that 2 years ago a dear young friend was date raped.
She blocked it out, had all kinds of problems so was put on a med, had to get off it, and finally was able to talk about it.

The guy is outed now, exposed, "pushed out". When I would see this young man, I could see something was wrong, just didn't know what...more and more things began to be exposed...his friends excused him, forgave him many things...but now this.

I will stand by my dear one and those who have been effected by this wounding.
I feel badly for the guy that he is so fked up, and will include him in my healing energies.

But there is a time to cut people loose so they can face the consequences of their actions.
No one should protect a predator.

It is very sad, horrifying and sad for all of us to know this and we all need healing.

The world got upended. The drama of this world does not have to destroy us. We will land on our feet, just in a different place.

Kray Z8 said...

Thanks Les and Friends; the light just keeps getting brighter.

Let's remember that, ultimately, there is no us and them; only Us. If we continue to love unconditionally, the Creator will send it where it does the highest good, wherever that may be.

The energies we're all experiencing are, in all likelyhood, unlike anything in our collective history. IMHO, this works as a magnifier on all of us, regardless of our state of mind. Thus, our natures and characters get expanded and projected outwards for all to witness.

All the more reason that those who are aware choose wisely their thoughts and emotions. A Zen parable states "Right thinking leads to right living." Now is the time to follow Ghandi's advice and be the change we want to see.

For those who embrace it, concious co-creation is self-explanatory.

Keep up the great work Les & All.



Anonymous said...

Dog Poet, you're the man!

Another problem with materialism is that, since it denies transcendence and metaphysics, it remains stuck in a loop, with no choice but to feed on itself. With no soul a person is left with mere mechanism and a robot-like persona. In such a state aesthetics, philosophy and mysticism are of little or no interest, or irrelevant.
So what are we left with? We're left with the illusion of a void that can be filled with almost anything and a measly, pitiful state of affairs in a world ruled by psychopathic narcissists who can blow it up in a capricious orgy of megalomania.
Not good. mon ami.

May your mountains smell like roses!

tikisynergy said...

Well said, as usual. However, we have to remember that the definition of crazy is determined by what is considered "normal"--if everyone started driving spikes through their heads and calling it "body art", eventually it would be considered "normal". Is one sane in an insane society, or is it just me? Namaste to you all, non dualistically speaking.

Anonymous said...

The more you own the more it owns you. This is worth checking out:

K gets honorable mention too. Have a good day Rich-tard.
From Minnesota

Anonymous said...

blind men commit slaughter
devils make their claim
shackle up the heart
or clouds around a flame
with claims of superiority
told lies instead of truth
the fruits of disrespect
war and civil abuse
but the people growing tired
life is living school
universal peace
tied within us all
the pull of heavens vastness
draw the inner light
on motions of in harmony
glowing deep and bright


Anonymous said...

house of ill reputed
seems psychosis caught your tongue
you stole comitted genoside
dead childrens bones you spun
told lies,manipulations
holding minds to perpetrate
crimes of inhumanity
dripping blood of all the slaves
seems your days are over
the mistakes you made are yours
universal peace
is the thing that you outlawed
but laws were made for breaking
lies wimper in front of truth
the vastness of the oceans
uplifting livings root


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I was walking on a public trail today.
I was chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, as I walked.

A few people smiled at me, a few frowned, a few thought I was crazy.

I felt really really well!
Still do..

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada..

The destruction of this body is not his destruction. The real destruction is that when we lose our spiritual consciousness, we lose our identity, that is destruction. That is destruction, that now, in our material conception of life, we are practically destroyed because, destroyed in this way, because as spiritual being, I have got my eternal life, I have got my blissful life, I have got my knowledge, full knowledge, but here I am living in a wretched condition that my life is not eternal, I am not blissful, and I am not in full knowledge. So don’t you think that we are already destroyed?

We are thinking that “I am very much advancing in civilization,” but unless you revive your original life of eternity and full knowledge and bliss, you should know that you are not advancing; you are being defeated by the illusory energy. This is destruction. Destruction of my real life is materialism.

est said...

the gravity here
is so heavy
i can barely
get out of town

like most of us
i take my rest
turning a verb
into a noun

but the dialogue stops
only on the road
when i'm out
walking round

so if you meet me
please don't kill me
and i won't
make a sound

Anonymous said...

Miriam said...
But there is a time to cut people loose so they can face the consequences of their actions.
No one should protect a predator.

I was just thinking about something along those same lines. As sympathetic as I can be, I know that everyone has to pay for their actions, one way or the other. I feel bad for the lost as sometimes their heart/soul is actually really decent. It's this bucket of chum they project as their personality for whatever reason that gets them into trouble.

There was a friend of a friend who liked me; he was under all kinds of stress and isolation I think it was driving him a little bananas. Anyway, he would tell me how pretty he thought I was (in so many words). A lot of what he said made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and I told him he was crazy and needed to calm down/shut up; I thought he would know better as he's almost 30 years older than me. He made a stupid joke one time about a food he would eat always giving him an erection, asking me why I thought that was... this sort of stuff became frequent. He never did anything really threatening although, maybe I did feel a little threatened at times. I'm not a violent person but there were moments I had to stop myself from slapping him. It was incredibly annoying because he couldn't manage to take his head out of his own ass long enough to realize what he was doing or how he was acting. The thing is, I knew he was super intelligent, had a heart and everything so I let it go for awhile. One day, he does something - not sexual, but somehow still offensive and creepy as hell - and I stop talking to him for a few months. He calls me one day and sincerely apologizes and we sorta talk about it and I forgive him, and now everything is cool so long as he manages to treat me like a human being deserving of dignity and respect.

That's what gets to me about some guys, they look at a girl and forget that she's a HUMAN BEING because they get so caught up in these temporary, superficial distractions it's ridiculous is what is; beyond absurd. When I was younger - and even now at times -, when a guy looked at me I would get angry and belligerent because I knew he was not seeing me as a person. When I look at a 'guy', I'm not thinking about gender (unless I feel unsafe...) I'm thinking about who the person is. I never paid much attention to what was on the outside because I know that what attracts me to anyone is their inner attributes. Superficial beauty never impressed me and I don't understand girls who get verklempt over that nonsense either.

I'm sorry about your friend. I have dealt with this issue myself and found the most important thing was to let go of any feelings of guilt or shame; we have to be forgiving towards ourselves and not let anything make us question our value and sense of self worth. Easier said than done, but that's part of the process of healing and moving on. We are all precious in God's sight and that's all that matters. I used to have terrible PTSD, regular meditation helped get rid of it. You may want to direct your friend to RAINN , they've really helpful information.

Anonymous said...

multiplying versatile
unifying liberation
origonating vibrance
binding concentration
resonating everyway
drawn and pushed and pulled
might of chasing river
mountain tempest chord
school of living sanctity
deepened sense align
blind men slaughter children
men of peace shine
mind upon the factors
observing in essence
tuning higher nature
stirring lifes presence


Anonymous said...

I believe there's a very fine line between genius and insanity and to this day, no one to my knowledge has successfully determined where exactly that delicate line is drawn. Sometimes it's just severe imbalance.

It’s the reverse philosophy of crucifixion with Sarah Silverman as the master of ceremonies. The highlight of the affair is a collective golden shower that results in a strange spiritual transcendence, complete with seizure like jerking, St. Vitas’ Dance routines and a little meth infused tarantella to round out the festivities, accompanied by a Zydeco soundtrack played at 78 RPMs.

That's easily one of funniest things I've ever read. Even though I've only a vague awareness of most modern or antiquated cultural references or illnesses. I see why the writing can be so wildly popular.

It finally occurred to me that I was walking around in a global mental institution wherever I went. What conceals this fact from most people is the presence of seemingly predictable and rational patterns in human behavior. It gives the impression that people have some idea of what they are doing and what it all means

Mr. Visible, this is impressive and definitely one of your best. You sound like you'd be so much fun around my favorite bonfire. 1,000 Internets to you, sir.

I've never seen myself as sane - simple maybe - I don't think I have the objectivity required to make such an assessment. I've befriended people who were put into "Happy Acres", usually by family members. One I was particularly close with. I noticed how he was just so in touch with other realities and ways of being and most everyone in his life mistook this as some mental deficiency on his part. He suffered bi-polar, manic depression... throughout his life he wasn't shown very much compassion. He could definitely be off the wall, but I saw that he was kind hearted and was really only a danger to himself. I think this other-worldliness made him a bit of a recklooose (says she who's locked her car keys in the car) and I often worked to pull him back down, when he lived near me at least. He also suffered a lot of trauma growing up. The dreamers, the true poets and musicians, don't thrive in a materialistic culture and often it seems, die young.

Speaking of clouds and crazy genius: The Wayward Cloud. One of the strangest fruit of tragically hilariously poignant thoughtful erotic-musicals I'd love to spend my weekends-

*anticipates radio shows*


walter washco said...

Hi Les.
Great post and great comments. You have a way of drawing lovely people.

Anonymous said...

Had me a good hearty laugh at this one:

LulzSec Hacks Arizona Department Of Public Safety Website; Posts Confidential Data Online Just For The Lulz

LulzSec says they targeted AZDPS because they are against SB1070.
SB1070 is a legislative act that was passed in Arizona state which is considered to be the strictest anti-illegal immigration law in recent history.

The charlatans who think they can continue to get away with their gross abuse of power will all be exposed for what they are and there isn't one goddamn thing they can do to stop it because the force exposing them is greater than they'll ever comprehend. 8)

Anonymous, your reputation precedes you. Hat's off to you, love.

<3 always, and Godspeed...

Anonymous said...

It blows my mind too, only it leaves me dumbfounded

Somebody observed –

"The line between insanity and genius is drawn by success"

– that would be material success.


wv: trucks. Les does. Keep on truckin.

Anonymous said...

Siriusly disturbed.

Some might suggest the 'line' is drawn between those who have and have not as yet been able to process a certain quality of awareness.

Rather I think it is the resistance to the calling of our True Nature, and the myriad excuses from which to choose on this, the plane-t of 'victim consciousness'.

There is that which is so ... all else is simply nonsense. Seems most folks on this forum tend to re - cognize that. (The mystery tour continues.)

Carry on!

Carry on!

neal said...

Anon 640:PM

It's hard to tell, but if that Love for the bits and pieces that are still fighting doesn't hold, then you have chosen to curve into that part of the womb that won't let any time play out, for the story.

To say it is what it is should never go beyond yourself, that would be trying to play with Gravity, and the Love, and Light, and Time. We don't have time for that, we are still things buried in the air, with some small choices.

There are bits and pieces scattered around, the nature of this place; but if you choose to let them go without fighting for them, you may just be that, for the irony of Karma that will not be closed, ever.

Take care, and please consider this, don't stop attention to the fading of this, this can bring the gift of choice.

They are prodigals, all worthy, and are praised above almost all, if you would embrace them.

There is math, and shapes on rocks, and things that wake us up in the hours of decision.

Will you give Her a kiss, and strike a blow, and try to live with the places that result?

This talking used to be equations, we are poorer for the pictures roughed up.

Anonymous said...

total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life - simply because it is in your life--is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone--even a mentally ill criminal--you do it by healing you.

Patrick- Thank you for sharing, that was a very interesting read. The way I understand it, this is something that occurs due to the connection we all share having the same Divine origin. We're all branches on the same cosmic tree.

I can only describe what Dr. Len did as being very Bodhisattvic and of course, many of us are not up to such a task. There's something about the energy we project that makes people react in a certain way towards us. When we're in a state of love, doing and saying kind and loving things, this changes the energy field around us and this in turn, affects the people around us. Some spiritual teachings dictate that we draw to ourselves every experience as a means of soul growth, even the most distressing, painful things. I've seen the truth of this in my own life.

I've seen how, after meditation when I'm in a state of peace, the people around me seem calm even cheerful. Whereas if my emotional/mental state is out of whack, those around me will begin acting negatively...

We are all responsible for each other insofar as, we're responsible for how we act and the way we react to one another in any given situation. Loving, kind and good thoughts and actions raise your vibration and increase the width of your aura; all negative thoughts and actions have the opposite effect. We are beings of energy; your energy field permeates your environment. I even see this principle evident here in this virtual space.

If I could pinpoint the singular thread connecting the people I've worked with, it's that they were lacking in love of self. They were capable of great love for others, they received great love from others, but they lacked true love and acceptance of themselves. They lost their inner strength - forgetting the one who loved them first - and spiralled down a very dark road that few find their way through. They despised their own reflection. When we change our view of ourselves and acknowledge the resplendence of our divine heritage, our outer circumstances change to reflect this. We're all mirrors for each other so always try to reflect love and compassion, even in the midst of irritation.

I remember reading how the macrocosm is within you and the microcosm is everything that you see on the outside. Everything we see outside of us is (so far) but a paltry manifestation of the macrocosm. The greatest realms and universes we've yet to explore are all contained within and so, my quest for self improvement is never ending. We are at once creators and destroyers in a cosmic sense.

May I be a guard for all those who are protector-less,
A guide for those who journey on the road,
For those who wish to go across the water,
May I be a boat, a raft, a bridge.

For all those ailing in the world,
Until their every sickness has been healed,
May I myself become for them
The doctor, nurse, the medicine itself.

- Shantideva's Bodhisattva Vows


Techmeaux said...

Rewrote your article so crazy people can understand it:

whatever it’s called. I’ve noted a lot . ceremonies. The highlight . collective humanity are being fced to the surface. It may not be commonly known but materialism makes you crazy. All . comft.

you can find an idea to fashion the post around. I noted that there’s a certain amount . compulsions . crazy.

a lot better than surgeons can. Surgeons are mostly dangerous . should look at the ubiquitous prolerance .

accompanied by a Zydeco soundtrack played at 78 RPMs. Materialism dem. another posting. Of course.
the Flotilla arrives to take the focus .They're not Crazy.

another posting is not a bad idea.

are due to oppressive materialism. It’s a no brainer that dialectical

are penned down below. They make things like the Khmer Rouge materialism.

It’s also why zombie movies are so popular.

concerning the principal paper architects . the wld in these times. It’s a cartoon. I see stark raving insanity around the globe . liberty.

us are sane.

flat out evil.

giving on the spot analysis . mtality. Immtality is an option (later f the explanation . negative events concerning Germany lately. The idea that someone could pinpoint an event intrigues me but
I saw some examples that were downright amazing . revels in the mind . materialism.
I suspect. Well back to the getting ready stuff. The solstice party is coming up . walk a friend . the Cambodian people. Is it any wonder that you see what you see today? We’re in Batshit Estates.

I think. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by crazy.

I’ve got my own take on it all; not to say that I’m necessarily right. I’m just banking on ‘ageless wisdom’ . situation .

some what they are doing.

that is why cannibalism appears in the last stages . the chief on-site architect . the day. One . the dying.
involuntary winces . Tourette like outbreaks.
is getting our head around what’s really going on in the heads . Russia recognizing the heritage . seemingly predictable . only a few right way outahere highways. Well.
just down the road from Looney Tune Holler. Once you figure out that your leaders are possessed AND crazy.
me less.

not in their right minds. I’ve said they’re being ‘pushed out’ from within to ‘act out’ f purposes . the same. Materialism is the kind . the time people around it thought it was real. There’s a point to this paragraph but you’ll get it.
once you are able to see what they are suffering from. You can certainly provide me comft that actual pr. crucixion with Sarah Silverman as the master . demonic wld shakers. It’s as the entirety
perfmed by the craziest pack . an annoying buzzer); not. I feel pretty good about the whole thing because I have a reliance fact; something I rely on.
please hotlink it in the comments section; shades . the negative . the cyclicity . weeks. It’s looking
so a certain amount . all time.
so I probably won’t know anyway right . perception that people like us have.
so I thought I would put it to good use with radio shows . the various mental disders that went by me on the street. the obsessions . death; in their own minds. It finally occurred to me that I was walking around in a global mental institution wherever I went. only very occasionally necessary. Once you see that you are indeed in an open ward mental institution scenario.
they're Stark Raving Mad. Dog Poet Transmitting. ‘May your noses always be cold . doctate at The John Howard

who celebrate strange notions . the effts . the fruits . the heads . the Then there were the episodes in the white lab jacket.
within .ing the right to do it in the town square. It’s the reverse philosophy . materialism is that everything kills steroids with a racing engine. It slips into every product .s me ..
you will be amazed at how it transfms Shambhala . ready to go. All you have to do is tear . the authities). I used to wear a badge . retain a pr. these people
a little meth infused tarantella to round out the festivities.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Denny

I get pissed off just like you when I see love doesn't match reality. I didn't invent ho'oponopono . But if I did well why would I be here?

I had a better post but it was more than 4096 characters so I did that one.

God Bless ya my Brother from a different mutha. I spent some time in the silly hotel and it taught me humility. Ho boy did it ever.

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on mate.
Liked this essay - thanks.

Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

clinton oks murder
serves her masters well
genoside and starvation
framework of living hell
imperialist persuasions
formed in eternal dark
the lies and utter chaos
of a disconnected heart
elites they play with turmoil
dogs bite all the way through
wise men center peace
four humming birds flew
the root of all thats living
love that permeates
weaves through existance
of one who contemplates


Miriam said...

Anonymous~Sunday, June 26, 2011 12:05:00 AM :

Thank you for caring and giving that link too.
I will pass it on to her.

Anonymous said...

lightnings fast
winters cold
lies are darkness
shadows hold
gold does glitter
starvations cruel
elitists fail
harmonys true
paradise wonder
round the wheel
war is lost
thunder steel
palms of iron
lions burst
crash the system
peace does work


wheels of goodness
travel light
sweep the feilds

Anonymous said...

burning splinter
times of change
unions deep
liberation aims
justice fires
weathers fair
birds of peace
love and care
rivers quick
the light does glow
north winds fierce
truth does flow
earth is living
love is free
a pounding heart
of harmony


Denny said...

Patrick 11:40 AM

Do you think this doctor Hoola Boola guy could heal my toothache.?

It's just that I don't intend to hand over about $450 for a filling compliments of that despicable bunch of halfwits aka "dentists" who put highly toxic poison into the mouths of young children.

Incidently, talking of halfwits, when that prick in a white coat tried to get me locked up and force medicated for having pointed out to him that poisoning everyone with mercury isn't exactly the best thing for their health, he had to get a second opinion from another "psychiatrist" before being able to do so, but she could find absolutely nothing wrong with me.

So in the morning I was (according to the prick in a white coat) "paranoid", "psychotic", "schizophrenic" and "a danger to myself and others", and then in the afternoon I was (according to another "psychiatrist") completely psychologically healthy...??!!

And I'm STILL waiting some years later to know which of them was right in their "diagnosis"...

Am I stark raving mad or am I normal...?!

Anonymous said...

Vis And All,

About 20-25yrs. ago I used to tell my wife and dad,

"sometimes I think I'm the only sane one in the world."

Thanks To You and The Crew here in Visible Land,

I have been able to really accelerate my spirit/soul growth so much faster than I could of imagined, lots of my past makes much more sense, since i've met you all the past couple yrs.

walking hawk

Still trying to Walk with the Light of Truth.
(and its getting brighter)

I Love You Guys.

su said...

to anonymous who posted the link to Ho'oponop i say thank you from the depths of my being.

i am not happy with the schism of us and them. good and bad. right and wrong. it figures that the divine intelligence is battling to make things right.

i do agree that everything that manifests in one's life is an opportunity to heal that aspect of self. an upset is really a set up for healing. where is my internal banker. where am i israel. when i turn these externals inwards and meet them then there is peace.
and peace is what i want more than being right.

Anonymous said...

ANON. 2:00:00pm.Wow that restaurant must give food for thought a whole new meaning.

Erik said...

Hi All,

For those interested in Ho'oponopono, this site has some very good additional information on Huna (Ancient Hawaian Shamanism)of which Ho'oponopono is (only) a part:

Neko Kinoshita said...

To Anonymouse, (Friday, June 24, 2011 11:36:00 PM)

You know, I played Illuminati back in the late 70s. There’s one thing that’s very clear.
Seriously, the reason so many things in that game look familiar is because they are archetype examples of what they describe. (Why 9/11 was so friggin’ obvious for goodness sake.)
On the other hand, it does open you to seeing that there might be something going on behind the curtain…

To many of the rest of you guys,
Always good perspectives to see, much information and the love that is so present here. Always feels like home when I visit.

Insanity is popping out all over in the cul-de-sac, we had a discussion here in the pride last night about how as the hidden is revealed, your true self must start shining through. Materialism may conceal, but truth is all you have left to clothe yourself when it gets stripped away.

Hope the adventure is all you look for and more Visible.

I will be thinking on the poetry, as I complete my day in the tower,

Love to all,


wv: reptin: cheap metal dinosaur

Richard said...

'Man Facing Southeast'

An old but wonderful movie with a taoist bend that Witter Bynner would possibly appreciate.
If you can still find it, much recommended. Deals with issues of sane/crazy/unfit for society.

Some hint on taost inner alchemy in the title- Kan & Li.

May your Heart be scented by the bloom of The Rose Garden
Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion Richard. In the process of finding it, it's Spanish apparently.

I'm reminded of this movie: I'm a Cyborg But That's OK


Anonymous said...

Denny; I'm sorry that happened to you. Obviously it's left you feeling understandably angry. I know well what it's like to have someone trying to throw their weight around, thinking they can wield whatever imaginary power over you that they erroneously believe they possess. I try not to hee-haw too hard in their faces at their over-exaggerated sense of self importance and delusions of grandeur.

But let me ask you, what did you learn about yourself from that experience?

And if you're asking yourself whether you're crazy or not, I don't think you have anything to worry about. :)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I came across this movie yesterday. It reminds me a lot like "They Live", though it suffers from the same B Grade level minor faults. It has a lot more gratuitous and graphic violence.
Like They live I think Ill be back to watch it again some time.(Theres a bit of Trailer Park Boys to it, it also stars common actor Robb Wells (for a short time only).

Hobo With A Shotgun


Anonymous said...

21 arrested in Orlando for handing out free food to homeless

Attorney Elahi links the crackdown to the planned gentrification of downtown Orlando

What a stand up person this mayor Buddy Dyer is. And by 'stand up person' I mean, shameless dried up douche bag.

The USA has pathetic food safety standards prompting stuff like this. And that was in '08 it's even worse now! Have any of the companies or institutions responsible been held accountable? And here regular citizens are being charged with terrorism (by some feckless government boot-licker) for feeding their homeless fellows. No wonder people are lighting themselves on fire.

Miriam said...

Hateful Madness!
Israel Passes Draft Law Requiring Palestinians to Pay for Their Own Home Demolitions

wv: obbords~ cousins of the Uruk-hai, Saruman's evil creations, who are very bored with the whole thing and refuse to participate, preferring to wait for the video games.

billbo said...

I am so emotional these days ...

I will be watching or reading something enlightening (so to speak) and I'll just burst into tears ... tears of absolute joy.

I had a revelation a few days ago. I started meditating a little, to help center me and allow the energy to flow through - so I could participate in the healing of the earth, air, fire and water; and bless the ether that pervades all; the healing seemed so important right now during this transition.

I sort of apologized one night for being dirty & sweaty and thought I should shower before the next meditation ... to whom, I wondered, was I apologizing to?

The next day a few things I had recently heard, clicked in my brain. I realized that there is nothing to apologize for, there is no-one to apologize to. We are the ones we have been waiting for - We are coming home from a very, very long trip. And we will be greeted and loved by all our old friends no matter what or who we have been in the old world - We are old souls that have chosen to hone ourselves through the world of material into beings of truth and love. We knew it would be hard, and exciting, and wonderful & awful things would be experienced.

But now, it is time to come home. Those who have learned to listen to and follow their heart, it is time.

We chose to be here now ... we chose to be the imperfect beings we are (if we were perfect-we wouldn't be here). And, whether this was a or wasn't what we expected of it - It is exactly who we are - the good, the bad, and the dirty.
None of that matters - it was all a grand experience.

Whenever I listen to/read some 'Galactic Federation' stuff, or Abraham Hicks, or recent Hopi statements, or even non-verbal stuff like the recent crop circles; I keep hearing 'We love you - We welcome you in joy - We are here to help in your homecoming' - They seem as anxious and as full of joy at this moment as we are.

"You see. There are no giant right and wrongs, there is only the living of life and the moving to a new place and then finding something that lines you up with that new place. And whatever it is, is of value. ...
"The source is diverse. In other words, source is present within all people of all religions and all political parties. The source is not trying to get you to stop being that and start being that; Source is the basis of love beneath all things you see. And so, there's a big misunderstanding when you are trying to separate into piles the rightness and the wrongness of life. When you come into alignment with who you are, you can find the value of everything that you give your attention to. ...
"But, this is how you can really tell if it is source orientation; If it is source, it does not try to get you to do something else. If it is source, it does not try to say 'it is the only truth.'" ...
"Your an interesting lot you humans. You say, 'just tell me what to do and I'll do it. Just tell me what's true and I'll follow, I'll follow it to the letter, and I will be righteous.' And then you say, 'Oh, that's too hard, never mind.' [laughter]
"Because, what you really want is freedom. Who you really are are freedom seeking beings, you see. And you really don't want someone else defining for you. You are creators, your not regurgitators. You've come forth to create your truth, not to find one what worked for someone else, and try to replicate it." - Abraham Hicks

"You walk the road of light, and the messages are not always for you to decipher, much the less for you to project in your interpretation. You should be given to understand the difference. You shall seek wisdom which is the first virtue. First in all things. ... Wisdom comes from the errors committed and not repeated. ... Wisdom is the recognition and reverence, not worship." - Grandfather Aton-(06-01-92)

Anonymous said...

mr visibles,hope your ok.....neil

billbo said...

Finding something worthy to watch/read can be a hit or miss adventure. Below are some that I thought worthy & moving. The 1st 2 are where the quotes from above post came from. (the blog-posting won't allow embedded links - sorry - ugly, i know) - anyone else have something to recommend, my soul is famished (oh wait, my stomach's gurgling - must be lunch time).

"Abraham-Hicks - on The Galactic Federation"
"The Age of Chaos - Message from the Hopi Sages 1 4" (grandfather Anton)
"Official Message from the Hopi Nation about Japan-Amazing and Historic ( Prt 11 FINAL Prt )"
"HOPI Blue Star Prophecy"
"Native American Elder On Prophecy Of The Great Shift" (hopi elder)
"The 1-11-11 Message To Humanity" (hopi-video just a slideshow-hit 'more' link to see the prayer/prophecy - interesting)
"Ascension-Raising Your Vibrational Frequency"
"2012 - A Message of Hope" (posted here before)
"How To Meditate on the Breath" (nice-none of the gobbledeegook)
"The Wall - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee" (posted before)

thanx to posters here for sending me to a fine digital copy of Bynner's "Way of Life", the "emerald tablets" "the wall" article etc etc - plz post anything you found moving - still hungry : )

Anonymous said...

pierre said...


the blog will allow embedded links as html code. replace with your http address, and linkdescrition with the highlighted text that embeds the link.



only learn't this recently thru this blog comments.

singing .. tools and dies, tools and dies. nuts and bolts and tools and dies.

est said...

i would recommend
this diamond sutra
i will not attempt
to hot-link due to
general ineptness


Erik said...


Your test did not get published ... strange ...;(

Anonymous said...

bilbo and your hopi message of 1 11 1 "this year we get 1/1/11,1/11/11,11,1,11,11/11/11.take the last 2 digits of the year you were born and add that to your age see what you get "strange days are here again

billbo said...

tony - hehe ... 55 + 56 = 111
course, unless your birthday hadn't happened yet, anyone's year and age would = that.
what does that meeaaan ?:)

"It never got weird enough for me" - Hunter S. Thompson

ooh, its raining - got to go get wet - BRB
how sweet was that - cool wet, on a hotsummer day.

pierre - thanx for the embed-link info - I will try it (wish I knew that before I published that big ugly list of links : ) [the only diff. i see is the "rel=...", maybe it was just a bad server day; its rejected my html before when I was just using italics and bold!?]

& est - thank you - been digesting the "diamond sutra" off and on all day (opened it this AM over coffee); just finished.
Seemed like something to read with respect & slowly. I like to reread sections and let it roll through me before I read more.

Glad it was not some wordy something or other -- loved its simplicity. That's why I loved Lao Tzu and Zen - minimum words - maximum profundity. Very nice - thanks.
: )

Here's another "Message From The Hopi Elders" I really liked (there's a number of versions, I enjoyed the music/images on this one)

"Gather Yourselves
Banish the word Struggle
From your attitude
and your vocabulary
All that we do now
Must be done
In a sacred manner
And in celebration
We are the ones
We've been waiting for"

- thanx - billbo

PS: also wanted to thank whoever mentioned the "The Legend of Atlantis" 'prophecies' series (by Elia) as 'one of his favorites' (at least i assumed this was the series he referred to); inspired me to pull it out of the archives and watch it again. It actually made a whole lot more sense this time around ... Especially after reading the "Expando Planet Model" article someone else posted a link to (the pangea theory never made sense to me).
If anyone isn't familiar with the electro-model of the universe (as opposed to the gravitational-model we were taught) - I recommend "Thunderbolts of the Gods". Nice documentary, the title is a little misleading; it is a fairly straight forward sciency explanation of universe' phenomena explained via the electrical-model. It also touches on the idea that we may well be in for a plasma blast, which has happened in the past.

Anonymous said...

@ billbo

oops, I did the link as a link, here it is again (I hope) in multiline, eliminate the #'s and put on one line.


wv: thica . me sometimes.


Anonymous said...

On the topic of madness & entheogens I just thought I'd leave this:

trippin' on shrooms

I lost it after he stood up on the bed and took his shirt off. I could be wrong but I think he may have taken a wee bit too much...

Bless you Mother Earth.

est said...

cutting to the chase :

Subhūti, if there were a person who took the amount of the seven jewels in numberless, countless worlds and gave them away charitably, and there were also a good son or good daughter who gave rise to the bodhisattva's aspiration, taking just a four line verse of this scripture, memorizing it, reciting it, and teaching it to others, this person's merit would exceed that of the former. How should one teach it to others? Without grasping to signs, staying with things as they are, immovable. Why?
All conditioned phenomena
Are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow
Like the dew, or like lightning
You should discern them like this
The Buddha concluded his delivery of this scripture. The elder Subhūti, along with all the other monks, nuns, male and female lay practitioners, all the worlds of celestials, men, and titans, having heard this teaching of the Buddha, experienced great bliss. They believed, memorized, and practiced according to the Scripture of the Diamond Transcendent Wisdom Scripture

Denny said...

Anon 2:27.00 AM

Nah, it actually made the halfwit in question more angry when he refused to answer my simple questions. When I returned to pick up the shit he'd written about me in his journal he saw me in the corridor and very quickly turned into the nearest room to hide away from me. Further, his secretary refused point blank to help in him when he asked her to arrange the necessary papers to have me held there.
They're all a bunch of wankers who've been given authority even over the police, and these pricks just love it.
That halfwit followed me all the way to the front door of the building shouting that I was not allowed to leave, and it would've given me the greatest pleasure to have turned and smashed his f***ing jaw, I knew quite well that if you smash the jaw of a "psychiatrist" you'd be diagnosed as "a danger to others", whereas if you smashed the jaw of anyone else in a bar etc., you'd just be done for GBH.
Yeah, they don't like being reminded that they are ALL working for an utterly corrupt "healthcare" system put there by those who CAUSE the diseases whilst all living off of them like the pararsites that they are.

For example, right now the surrounding fields here in Sweden are filled with beautiful, yellow rapeseed plants, which just goes to show how deceptive appearances can be. And meanwhile you've got "celebrity stooges" being put on TV begging everyone for money towards "research" for the strangely increasing heart diseases occurring everywhere. NO ONE has a clue what's going because the dangers are occurring in a place where they'd never think of looking - ie right under their very noses.
If I caught any despicable halfwit aka "dentists" putting mercury literally "right under the nose" of any child of mine, believe me, he'd regret it for the rest of his wretched life. But then again I'd never allow any child of mine to ruin their teeth with their f***ing sugar anyway.
Same with their vaccines and all the rest of the shit their BOGUS AND PARASITIC "healthcare system" is doing to people.

They've now got their poisons and drugs in just about everything out there, and you can put sodium chloride (or what they call "salt") first on that list.

Yeah, they've got it coming to them, and believe me. I've got infinite patience.

neal said...

I would caution against any public announcements by Hopi, or any First Nations Peoples.

It never worked that way, there are mountains and mesas to be climbed even to get a chance for directions to the places those ones occupy.

And even if you are crazy, there are examinations, and consultations, and tests made before any consideration of tasting the danger.

And you could end up a hidden person existing within an extinct culture. Broadcast, that is sound and fury. Whispered, that is just hanging on.

The Old Ones will take care of this, but you may not like what you see.

Anonymous said...

theres a Visible new radio show (not mentioned here) 26 June


wv (teramad - tempted but multiple posting them is a bit much)

Denny said...

Talking of what's going on right under everyone's very nose, now you've got the usual zombies standing in long queues outside mobile units all over Sweden waiting to get their so-called "lyme disease" vaccines compliments of baxters.

And would you believe it, I also saw the boss of the entire county's psychiatric department standing there among the bleating sheep waiting to get her shot too.

They must be raking in around $100 000 daily from each of those units, and they also want your mobile number so they can call you when it's time for a second shot plus later "booster shots"...!

Meanwhile, mountains of "soma" chewing gum placed in strategic positions in all the so-called "food" shops...

Jesus wept!

Anonymous said...

well dont know about everybody else here but I love the buddha,and that little piece you have posted is brilliant est.

respects to the buddha,even if some of the stuff that he said I cant understand....

mr visibles respects to yourself... neil

Pond Owl said...

@Neko Kinoshita

Hi Neko it's Pond Owl(Josh), if you see this post please send me an email at and then I will be able to send an email back to you. Just wanted to swap some info about the area we live in. Thanks.


Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Neko Kinoshita said...

The speed, volume, and intensity of the insanity is rising by the day...

So, why does it seem to get easier to take everry day?

It's all under control, and the voice of the universe grows clearer through the din of madness.


Wv: lissen - indeed.

billbo said...

Neal - as far as I can tell the hopi rarely if ever put out anything as representative of the 'Hopi Nation.' 2 of the videos are misleading in title, as far as I can tell they came from one elder (not the nation) and through the 'Blue Star' contactee lady, who says, when asked, she does not represent the hopi nation.
What's with this dark vision of hidden mesas, secret passwords and hidden knowledge & 'you may not like it when you see it' stuff? Conjures up visions of the dark world of don juan where the eagle gobbles up all life & only the wizards' way will lead u to lasting individuation.

I understand that in the old world, secrets had to be kept - or you would be destroyed by the PTW & other foolish people. If we are heading into a new world - then all truth will come out. The Hopi will play their part, as we all will.
Truth is never a negative - even if its not what we expected. Even a dark truth is never a negative because we will make better decisions based on it.
The reason so much of the population is so easily manipulated is simply because they don't have the truth as part of their arsenal for how they see the world, & for decision making. Truth is a tool - we should never lack the tools for creating something good, or for deciding where our life is heading. The blindness needs to end.

I will, if given a chance, rail against the burgeoning copyright laws, oh for so many reasons ... though in particular it puts all this data and information (leave alone music & arts); our truth, $Clang$, behind bolted doors only available if u have money.
Even if you can afford one database, there are still oh so many more. They want to extend copyrights to a half century or more! Which means your very lifetime's worth of culture and information is being locked away from you - unless you have endless reams of money.
How many times do they want to get paid for the time it takes to write one song, or book or create a piece of art. As many times as they can get away with it, it seems.
I have no prob with paying someone for their time, or publishing costs (a few bucks usually) ... but enough is enough.

An enlightened government would see to it that all knowledge is available to anyone who seeks it ... so be it.

I've noticed, passionate people are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and tools with others. People seem to have natural gifts or abilities. If lucky enough to cultivate those gifts, they can be quite passionate about them. I like being around passionate people, they always have some interesting information or art to share.
I use to be real into music, and other musicians & music lovers who were all well aware of 'supporting the artists,' were the first people to shove a CD at you, "have you heard this yet?" This simple act of sharing could cost you $1000s of dollars if caught burnin a disc, or downloading mp3s. The musicians and music lovers who Support the music industry the most (via live shows and buying CDs), could be fined amazing amounts for this simple act of sharing. It is insane.

Insanity reigns

Neko said: "So, why does it seem to get easier to take every day?"

The calm before the storm perhaps ; )

There are aspects of my life, my being, that seem to make more & more sense; especially as I garner a more solid yet tenuous acceptance of aspects like previous knowledge and previous experiences that bleed through into this life.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Every now and then, I like to look at the bigger picture. Some pictures tell a story about a segment in our lives, some tell a story of a whole life, and then we have “The Red Lion” The Elixir of Eternal Life, an Alchemist Novel by Maria Szepes, recommended on the back cover by my friend Monsignor Miceal Ledwidth and Lawrence Gardner who needs no introduction in topics such as this. The Red Lion tells a story of a man’s whole cosmic journey from life to life across the ages without the attendant loss of memory through the stupid veils. In the end, we all become practicing alchemists, prod some of those souls lurking here on Les’s site and they will admit to having a secret furnace even if it’s in the form of a modern microwave. In a susceptor runaway meltdown I have achieved 2600 degrees C by accident and in doing so, nearly burnt down my dwelling.
In some ways, Les Viz reminds me of this character in The Red Lion. After reading this work, you will smile when you observe our indignations for those presently abusing power. So we see in the bigger picture that if we have not abused power in our lives, we inevitably will… and it’s for very good reason we do so. For from a cosmological perspective, we learn more from our mistakes and destructive discordance than we do from our charitable deeds. That is the reason the creator created this damnable space that way…. Nobody says we have to enjoy witnessing the discordance, and it may be that this just mirrors too much of our own past, to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone ?!

With all the doom and gloom I wanted to say I love you all my wounded soldiers. Just keep praying.

Stand Up


Patrick V1.0

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up-

I'm with Stupid and Proud of It.

Italia said...

The much-anticipated follow-up to their first studio album "Lungs", Florence + The Machine have hit new creative heights with this latest release. The first thing I have to say about "Ceremonials" is that it is compulsively listenable. I rarely come across an album where I don't feel the need to constantly hit the track button on my mp3 player. I am content throughout the entire listening experience and sure to find new things to appreciate each time I listen. I already have my favorites that I go to again and again but it's all wonderful.



Joseph Brenner

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