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The Warlocks of Wall Street and The Devil's Buttboys.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here we are at the cross pollinating culture blog AND- not a day goes by when we don't have something behind something behind something, intending something else. Meanwhile, the Zio-Nazi, Tribe created, TSA is in search of their own, Genrikh Yagoda. It' s hard to really gear up into a full blown police state without having a front man who looks and acts the part in a uniform. It should come as no surprise that... in an imperialistic, materialistic, Mammon worshiping wasteland of a -'seemingly', formerly impressive, socio-economic experiment of a country that a stone cold, sociopathic, empty suited, dung beetle of  a whatever he actually is, would be the figure head of the country. It also stands to reason and conforms to the laws of ordinary logic that the most materialistic, blood thirsty, Satan worshiping minority on the planet, would be in charge of looting and destroying that self same, 'seemingly' formerly impressive socio-economic experiment. These things need to be hammered, imprinted and branded upon human consciousness at every possible opportunity. These are monsters! Here be monsters.

Flashback (to the last couple of posts)! We merely scratch the surface. Whatever you hear, it's worse. In a sane world, in an allegedly sane 1st world country. The government or a powerful citizen's action group (no such thing) would be launching class action lawsuits against all the major fast food chains, all the major soft drink manufacturers, all the most abusive major manufacturers of drinkable and edible shit, like Nestles, Coca Cola, Pepsi-Co and the lot. In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, the heads of every major bank would be in prison for multiple felonies, Rico offenses and crimes against humanity. The same would be true of the Warlock's of Wall Street. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country (yes, I know I put the comma in different places so piss off), nearly ALL of the major players of the previous administration would be in jail, along with a considerable number of the members of the present administration.

In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, many of the high ranking members of both The Justice Department and Federal Law Enforcement agencies would be in prison for being traitors and for breaking quite some number of the offenses they are empowered to stop. In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, all ties to Israel would be cut and they would be designated an enemy of the state and all professed dual nationals would be deported, permanently as a result of committing the 9/11 attacks and many others, with the assistance of the administration of the time and the intelligence services (see also).

In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, there is no way that the country should have sunk to the levels of comparison that it has. Some things are going right. It is fitting that the Houston Texans should lose over and over again, sometimes remarkably so, when Barbara Bush, George Bush and other reptiles are in the stands. Things behind the scenes have changed dramatically. Why is there little evidence of that down here? It is because we are in the theater of time and the archetypes responsible for ongoing transitions are not. Be patient. Don't be stupid. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country the author of this blog would not have to risk offending people by pointing out how incredibly stupid so many people are. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country the author of this blog would not have to hammer on and on about America's number one enemy (Israel) but the author has to until something is done. The author has to speak truth to power because... IT WORKS! It works just like Nom miyoho renge kyo AND for the same reasons. There is a time for warriors and a time for harmonic maintainers. This is a time for warriors and as Lord Krishna says; "There is nothing more auspicious for a warrior than a righteous war."

Wars are not exclusively conducted with physically applied weaponry. There are all kinds of ways to wage war AND if you wage it with the certainty and conviction of the all powerful, you are victorious long before it becomes evident. Word! (speaking of rare times that I utilize contemporary colloquialisms, which we weren't). When your cause is righteous, you cannot fail. You only fail when you divert from the righteousness of your cause. Many are those once bearing standards who have become the devil's butt boys, like Governor Jerry Brown.

It is extremely hard in this day and age to hold to one's integrity even unto death, which will never come if you are really connected or it will be for the purpose of demonstration and you'll get a heads up on that.

One has to hew the line and let the chips fall where they may. One has to endure slander and all manner of cowardly crimes and seldom give it a thought because... one knows how it eventually turns out. You have to have the necessary measure of conviction and certitude. "How important is certitude'? It's one of the pillars of Islam. It is indispensable for any one presenting themselves as one in possession of certitude. Like integrity, you cannot progress without it. One can be all kinds of reckless and unpredictable, appearing as all kinds of things to all kinds of people but... if one has these two qualities, welcome to a fait accompli. Yes, pull up a chair because you will be there forever, once 'there' becomes 'here' and it ALWAYS does. Do you want to know unequivocally where you are headed? Take a close look at what you are doing. Assess yourself within by comparison with those you purport to emulate and remember the ultimate arbiter has a capacity of latitude and fully comprehends the force and reality of things done out of Love. Those who love much are forgiven much and if you are going to be hard on others, you have to be even harder on yourself. Done!

People, it isn't difficult to understand. It might be difficult (and is) to perform, until it becomes a piece of cake when the investiture arrives (as it will). This is the reason so many step aside, give up or fail. It always has something to do with lacking the necessary passion or selling out. As soon as you put a price on what you do, you wind up packaged and on a shelf, with a due date.

Who is devoted to Blackberry? Like I said, things have changed on the higher planes and change is precipitating down, now.

Here's a mystery for you. Think of all the real shits that are out there; the Hillaries, the John Kerry's, the Obamas, the Chucky Schumers, think of the vast numbers of powerful entertainers, business magnates and sundry.Why is it that none of them comes forth and tells what vile nasty creatures they were. There's no cry for atonement, no public remorse, no catharsis of the soul. It can only mean that the cosmos has it's thumb on them. Why are there no high level Satanists and 'connected' government pedophiles going public and telling all? I don't mean that obvious shill who shows up now and against on Makow's site and purports to be from Australia, I think. It has got to have to do with directorial control of life's plots and it's overall direction. Still, it's a mystery.

If you want to see just how vile the gamut of these Hell-bound freaks is, experience them in their own words. It's the Gospel of Wealth all over again. Should any or all of these miscreants be torn apart by angry mobs or found hanging from public light fixtures it will be less than they deserve. These creatures can no longer be called human and soon enough they will cease to be. They have forfeited their right to incarnate on two feet, lest it be as a kangaroo (unfortunately and despicably) bound for dog food. The cruelties of this time are much greater than we are aware of. There is a darkness on the soul of some that is horrific in it's texture and density. As the shadow knows, "What evil lurks in the heart's of men?" There are truths in the backgrounds of many of these fiends that is awful to be sure. John McCain fought tooth and suppress all inquires into MIA's in order to shield his role as a collaborator with the, so called, enemies. You can be sure that equally unpleasant and quite possibly far, far worse is true about all of the rest of them, Kerry, Graham, Cantor, the Tribe member, Senate Bitch Twins of California. These are criminal elements so steeped in privilege that they are the human equivalent of cowboy coffee.

We should all thank our lucky stars that regardless of the difficulties of our present situations, we are not like these doomed and damned souls; in those cases where souls are actually resident. Strive hard!

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Apologies for no radio broadcast. I was all set to go when something in me said, "No." It was the same with  the most recent Origami. Things are changing.


Anonymous said...


optimystic said...

mr apocalypse, hard at work:

mainstream journalist chris hedges on imploding the myth of israel:

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Claiming that humanity is stupid is a generalisation. Many good people I know understand that something is very wrong but they fail to grasp the seriousness of the situation because they lack knowledge. This does not make them stupid but ignorant. I agree that many people are ignorant in these times, and while I can understand your frustration with such people I think your rhetoric against them is more supportive of the cabal’s cleansing than it is conducive to holding the real criminals accountable. I would like therefore to raise the following points
• It wouldn’t matter what people voted for because the voting is rigged.
• Now people are aware that the food is poisoned they are trying to eat healthier but the elite criminals are replacing healthy vegetables and fruit with cancer causing Monsanto crap.
• Vaccinations are tainted with formaldehyde, mercury, lead, fluoride and MSG, so people are dumbed down while still infants.
• Even when people try to drink more water to cleanse their body for a healthier lifestyle the water is laced with fluoride (arsenic).
The elite claim that humanity deserves what is happening to them. I claim that humanity is the victim and the elite criminals are to blame.
Are the children who are raped and murder by the elite criminals to blame?
Are the Palestinians who are being murdered to blame?
Are the Africans who are starving to blame?
Is the parking attendant who works for $7.50 an hour to blame when the global elite decide to blow up the twin towers and attack an innocent people?
The answer is NO, the elite are. While humanity is asleep God ordained it to be this way. We are all one Vis so if you claim humanity are stupid than you attack that aspect which resides in all of us, you included. I understand your frustration with those who remain ‘willingly blind,’ but the truth is what do you do once you awaken? I try to stand up and be counted, but it is a bit like an ant standing in front of a steam roller who is saying go the other way, which is brave and courageous, but stupid!
People are standing up every day, and they are losing everything they own, being thrown in jail when no offence has been committed, or they are being murdered. Meanwhile the elite keep poisoning us, while they actually make the cure for this poison illegal. I mean what can a body actually do?
The thing is Vis if humanity is as stupid as you keep trying to make out then why is the elite poisoning them to make them stupid and creating a billion dollar misinformation industry to mislead them, and why is it necessary for the elite to constantly wage false flags? The answer, I believe, is that humanity is not that STUPID but that DECEIVED!
Humanity is not stupid Vis they are gullible because they are naive and innocent. How can good people possible imagine the depths of depravity of these beasts? So please stop ragging on humanity and focus your criticism to the real criminals who are killing, raping, and pillaging all over the world. It is they that should be in jail! Let us not confuse the issue by pointing the finger at the victim!
As for a righteous war, I didn’t know there was such a thing! It occurs to me that the only winners through war are the global elite and the lower entities that feed off the dead! My proof of this is that the global criminals want war, and a lot of it, so they can slink off into anonymity with their vast wealth intact. What they don’t want is for humanity to raise their consciousness and deal with the problem in a responsible fashion, which means lawfully, not by war.

Kazz said...

PS Vis,

If only we knew how to wage a war of consciousness I feel humanity would have a chance. If that is what you meant by your post then I agree. Sorry if I,once again, didn't catch your meaning right away. The only right conclusion I can arrive at that the only thing that will save humanity is an expansion of consciousness (truth). Breaking down the walls of their indoctrination is hard but I get the feeling that as the net tightens around humanity many more will wake up. I just prey that by then it won't be too late.

Just to clarify your work Vis, I love it. If I have responded in what you perceive to be a critical fashion please forgive my inability to communicate more precisely. The thing is humanity is such a generalisation that it includes all of us, and while I know I can be stupid at times I cannot see how we can stop supporting these goons short of killing ourselves and family off. Even if we retreat to the country we will still be forced to pay rates (land taxes) which goes to the elite to wage war. If we buy food the taxes go to war. If we use water the taxes pay for war. If we go and live in the bush they throw you in jail for trespassing on Crown land. If we do none of these we die. Even by using banks we support this low life, but what choice do we actually have?

Please don't get upset with me for being honest Vis :o)

Anonymous said...

You should change your name to "More" Visible.

Keep up the good work.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Last post on topic, I promise. Whilst ruminating on the topic in question the divine brought it to my attention that without humanity the elite could not have accomplished their end, so in this degree you are right about people’s involvement. I am well aware of this and in total agreement. To clarify my earlier comments I feel the words of Jesus puts it perfectly, ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do.’ Of all the prophets I find the words of Jesus Christ best resonates within my consciousness. I remember very clearly what I thought before I was awakened and I was not a bad person, although I did bad things because I did not know better. I was so indoctrinated that I didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, I only thought I did. For all I know that is still the case.

If humanity is living out its karma, and I believe that is what the quickening is all about, then all I can say is OMG. What I see transpiring before me is overwhelming. I believe each of us will be judged in accordance to how we have judged others, so I dare not judge harshly for fear of the same. Your posts have highlighted why I am so sensitive in relation to judgement or assignment of blame. I am far from guilt free so it is hypocritical of me to judge another, or even criticise, yet I have. I have no right to. I am not fit to judge anyone. That is what I am going to take away from these posts and the ones recently posted. If we are all one body then we must either sink or swim together. Perhaps the only answer to the problem is forgiveness. The purpose of demonstration was to show us what happens when spirit immerses itself too deeply into the material world. Hopefully we will find a natural balance and not swing all the way back in the other direction, which would simply put us out of balance again.

Sorry for my rants Vis, but they have served as a timely reminder to me. If we each took more responsibility humanity would not be where it is, so of course people are to blame for the positions they find themselves in, no matter how bad. I even get why babies suffer etc. because karma follows us from one incarnation to another. Whilst studying Eastern religion I found out that Karma comes from the Egyptian words Ka(meaning spirit) and Ma'at (meaning cosmic harmony). I believe, what is transpiring on this plain is simply a rebalancing to restore cosmic harmony.

If I have been over zealous in my attempt to cry out in the people's favour, I apologize. It was most probably an unconscious plea to the divine for forgiveness. May the blessings of the universe be upon all of us at this time, so we can overcome any perceived differences to realize we are truly One.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

When did we become the nation that fits the description of Soviet Russia some years back? Seriously, we've got a total poly-opoly where a few corporations write all the laws and control all the business through their "lobbyists" who are in fact bribe negotiators. All the competition has been legislated out.

We can no longer feed the homeless in any major city in this country, and quite a few smaller ones.

For a person to start a small business, without being born into the oligarchy is about impossible, mafia-style tributes to the government out the wazoo, and impossible regulations. Not to mention no customer base to be had.

They've literally made it to where you can buy and work from a few select corporations, but other than that you can hang it up and enjoy begging.

And that's what people are forced to do, beg the all-impotent "Big Brother" for social welfare hand-outs, and even if they aren't strictly hand-outs, as they make you jump through certain hoops, fill out a set amount of jobs apps, etc... It's the same concept.

I can't believe people aren't constantly protesting in the street, and these same business types that have made it impossible to survive, they're preying on our young women they've turned into prostitutes with their destruction of the economy.

Did people not see Braveheart? Well it's worse than that, the wealthy have first dibs on a vast majority of the females, long before they were planning a wedding night.

Not that that's what it's all about, or that this, much like your blog post in the sense that it covers only a fraction of the level of depraved corruption, but these monsters that have created, and now thrive off these conditions have got to go. And you're spot on, to hang them, even from their testicles, from the street lights would be all too kind.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Things behind the scenes have changed dramatically. Why is there little evidence of that down here? It is because we are in the theater of time and the archetypes responsible for ongoing transitions are not. Be patient. Don't be stupid."

Man, oh man. Taps foot impatiently...


Vis: "Wars are not exclusively conducted with physically applied weaponry."

There are even 'hybrids' of physical and non-physical. Once, I was either being very, very imaginative or doing an 'assist' in a "Star Wars"-type space battle. Somehow (it wasn't 'me' controlling the action), my sole 'task' in that battle was to give the commander of one ship a really bad headache. I suppose it was to hinder his ability to concentrate. Not the highest, but 'I' wasn't in charge, anyway...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

missingarib said...

Vis, time is not on the side of the tribe.
Let me be the first to second: "Should any or all of these miscreants be torn apart by angry mobs or found hanging from public light fixtures it will be less than they deserve. These creatures can no longer be called human and soon enough they will cease to be." Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin The writing is on the wall as the famous saying goes.

thank you for your Constance .
live long

Anonymous said...

word up !

as for the time thingy....

how's a thousand years sound...?

no worries

if the going is easier...

you're not climbing

warriors for truth

fear not lies

have you ever read Isaiah 3 ?



Visible said...


Yes, I am talking about a war of consciousness. I also quote Jesus Christ more than anyone else.

As for stupid being only so so pervasive. I relate that to when people tell me, "Don't be so down on rap music, there's some good rap. It's not worth the trouble of looking through all the crap to find something worth my time.

Now I DO NOT mean that in terms of humanity not being worth it. There is a reason there are Jeremiahs around and I'm one of them; to point out, to exhort, to warn. I'm not here to create warm fuzzy feelings (accent on fuzzy).

I'm not here to sing Kumbaya and talk about how we are all shining stars (we're not), or how it's all going to work out for everyone. It isn't and that can be seen.

I understand where you're coming from and I wish you success from your point on the grand circle. My point is at another perspective and I am compelled to walk around with a sandwich board, saying "the end is near". Well, the world ends for some number of people every day.

I have to (don't have to really) write these long polemics every day. It stands to reason I will cover large expanses of ground. Lately I've been honing in on the enemy of humanity. What I said about 'speaking truth to power' is where I'm at. It has an effect, like a stone thrown into a still lake, it will ripple across the whole of it eventually. Someone can say something (me or you)with enough conviction and certitude in Canada and have it repeated in Egypt a week later.

Truth vibrates on 'the ether' and is not obstructed by the elements as so many things are, like idle chatter.

I don't sit down at my desk here and say, "Well, I'm going to write about this today." I just sit down and start writing and whatever is waiting at the level I draw it from, proceeds into print (metaphorically speaking).


Visible said...


We are each different imperfect expressions of particular archetypes. Everyone's efforts cannot be measured according to some general standard. We are each of us specific to what we are. I try my best to be fair and tell the truth as it is revealed to me. I have a commission in that regard and it is why I am, have been, protected in respect of it.

Some would say I am an employee of the enemy and that's why I get away with it. It is the enemy within them that speaks so. I may be erratic sometimes and not as harmonious, wise or compassionate as I could be but that's just how it is. That's all changing too. I'm not what I was last year, nor will I be what I am come the new year. I am finally in a position to work in accord with that which is shaping me. It ain't easy. I woke up today as nervous as a cat around high electricity. I don't know why but... this month and the past month are pressing down fiercely upon me. It's all I can do to maintain some semblance of balance. I'm told when this month ends all will be well. We'll see.

I'm what I am and I do what I do. I have to entertain as well as inform and I have to do it every day. I don't want people missing out on their chance for a quantum leap so... against the possibility of even one person showing up on a given day and getting something from what happens here... that makes it worth it.

Some number of people have bailed on me, mostly because of that lying snake Steve Spadgett. They must have been looking for an excuse. My whole environment there would have defended my account of things but God allowed this for a purpose. I know who these people are and why they bailed. I get told things. People would be very surprised at some of the things I am told.

Just the other day, a disgruntled former reader offered someone critical to me a lot of money and support if they would cut all ties to me. Nice huh? Now that person is gone and leaving me with no information about some very important things related to what I do every day. It's eerily like Judas and the 30 pieces of silver.

This is why I KNOW there is an organized effort against me. Steve was part of that as are others. There are people lurking at these sites like time bombs waiting to go off. They are trying to play on my perceived paranoia (don't have any). They are informed about my being institutionalized so they are trying to 'gaslight' me. They haven't done their homework. I'm not prone to any of this. Time will prove out all I say and time will also reveal those of treacherous nature and all these 'fairweather friends'. I'll forgive but I won't forget. I seek no intimacy with shallow people.

I got to go write an Origami.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece.

I also encourage all of your readers to view JB CAMPBELLS latest- Communist America.

He offers hope and solutions.
Please share with all former military vets, police and enthusiasts.

Jenny said...

Good day young man! Today is guy fawkes day... and I shall go forth and protest- with other free thinkers beside me. Along with my signage on my truck, my links to you on my business site, and my "living rightly" I shall assist all of humanity in overcoming the evil infecting us now. -Jen
p.s. oh yes, I love it when those goofy Texans lose... you should see the hogs at the trough around the stadium on "game day" tailgating and drinking mass quantities of beer... eating their sausages....quite a sight even from the freeway.

David V said...


Stupid is willfully remaining in a deceived state when you have every opportunity to become undeceived. Stupid is failing to learn from experience. Stupid is diving right back into the same old pig sty when you barely made it out with your life the last go-round. Stupid is ignoring and ridiculing the truth while roundly condemning seekers of same. I could go on, but maybe this broad-brush portrait of the the average know-it-all, ugly American will do.

I have spent my life surrounded by people who think they have it all figured out, based on a movie or TV show they saw in fifth grade, or on what church their parents attended. They have done no more thinking or inquiring, have absorbed no information that might support a different view, since then. They select only the information sources that tend to support their narrow views (Fux News, Southern Baptist), yet they don't hesitate to bombastically castigate me for, say, reading books and generally taking a peek outside their thought prisons.

What adds injury to insult is that these very same people are the ones who tend to wind up running businesses and bureaucracies, i.e. "management material". They have the "courage of their convictions". Therefore they are the obvious first choice for leading everyone off a cliff.

Am I getting through? I could easily go on for page after bitter page about this. Ignorant can be fixed, stupid can't. Stupid will deserve everything it gets in the end, and I hope stupid gets it good and hard, while I'm still around to watch.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Military Cocktails at the Feeding Ground for Ghouls.

Anonymous said...

IF all these traitors with dual citizenship of Israhell (each and every one of them states over and over their loyality is Israhell) looked all would be overwhelmingly obvious the amount of scum that needs to be skimmed off the gravy boat...

yet, these mindless self imposed slaves prefer supporting a leadership of morally bankrupt death machine of a criminal cabal having them pursue this materialistic lustful pedofile lifestyle as normal and nothing toward our spiritual path which is funny because that is the only true thing that is real and eternal is our about being stupid!!

demons only know destruction, they offer nothing to life...they will destroy oxygen bearing forests so the sheeple have that special wood to hang their plates, dishes and display for flooring...nothing is sacred with demons they will destroy until there is nothing left (that is how STUPID they are) ...and cowards that hide behind lie upon lie...

it is a no brainer once awakened and begin to sense this beauty that abounds above this dark madness...and the more one awakens the more disgusting this hell hole becomes...and our liberation can't happen soon enough...

Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...

I heard a report on the mass produced news shows a poll of American's job satisfaction is in steady decline. Huh? That's funny, i thought people who had jobs should appreciate them like a warm blanket, simply because they have one. Of course, this argument cannot hold up in a court of honest opinion, i knew that and others do too.

Jobs totally suck if you realize your life is wasting away for a bunch of stupids and devils. Could this "dissatisfaction" indicate a glimmer of such a realization? One would hope so. I continue to assert the need of sleepyheads rising to their new day to press for a moratorium on participation in their involvement in the hamster wheel-meat grinder, and to gather momentum in bringing it to a grinding halt until good means overcome bad ones. Not to hold my breath here, but we could use some help on this, especially from insiders.

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!" -Mario Savio

If that one doesn't inspire, this should...

"I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers."
-J.D. Rockefeller, on funding the General Education Board in 1903

But hey, can't just repeat some old words and expect a lot, but they beg for repeating. And for repeating.


Visible said...

Some privileged yuppie twit decided that someone else's job was demeaning he doesn't have to feel demeened anymore cause now he has no job.

Visible said...

I got the first season of all of HBO's comedy shows. These are shows people pay for. Every one of them pushes the extremes of the scatological, sexual and basically whatever is gross and demeaning of the human estate. I'm thinking the toilet they must have filmed them in was not so trendy as that one in the restaurant. They certainly came out of a toilet mind.

One is about a wimpy Jewish guy who is a writer but is bored so he goes around pretending to be a private detective. The first segment starts out with a Jewish moving company and there's some dialogue exchanged that seems to have something inferring 9/11 without saying anything. He certainly outdoes being bored with being boring.

There's this show called "Girls" which vacillates between gynecological gross outs, very lame unprofessionally exercised sex and wussed out slacker guys with 'issues'? But the issues are really trumped by the female side of it. I deleted all of them.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before in your comments: All people are prone to emotional/mental problems as well as stupidity. Even the strongest and smartest among us.

There is no intellectual gentry. A man could be a master chess player or a scientist with several advanced degrees and this man would still be prone to being stupid.

There is no superior awareness or consciousness. There is only superior aptitudes. Courage is more important than brains and kindness is more important than courage.

A couple of old adages: You can't cheat an honest man; Evil won't come into your house unless it is invited. These statements aren't the whole truth and nothing but the truth but there is some truth to them.

The NWO, illuminati, military industrial complex or whoever the hell they are couldn't do what they do without help.

A man with kids to take care of doesn't have the luxury of demonstrating in the street. Food and shelter for his family have to come first. Being a 'conspiracy theorist' could lose him his job or at least make him an object of ridicule.

I always get a lot from reading your stuff. And I really like the responses from the other readers. The shit makes a guy think.

For a while now I have been wondering, "does the universe have to make sense?"

I have gleaned that it doesn't.

I am not a smart person. I have done so many stupid and embarrasing, even disgraceful, things that I have no platform on which to look down on anyone.

I try not to hate anyone. As Nixon pointed out: "If they make you hate them then they win." And I try to understand that I am part of something bigger than myself. The universe was created by Gods and Goddesses for purposes that we mere mortals may not be capable of understanding-or so I believe. But the Divine Order is a beautiful thing even if it is hard to understand sometimes.

I wish you well Mr Visible! You are a one of a kind. Unfortunately, a man like you, a thinker, a seeker, a gifted writer
has to suffer much. I see you as a modern Diogenes or perhaps a patron saint of misfits (like me).

You have helped me! I can only hope that someday I will be able to repay the favor.

If I ever seem at odds with your message it is only my opinion and I am but a flawed human being who often makes mistakes.

God Bless You!


Visible said...

I consider you a real and valuable person.

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman, November 05, 2013 1:05:00 AM

"If only we knew how to wage a war of consciousness, I feel humanity would have a chance."

Karen, that is exactly what is going on - both on the way down to the present, and on the way back up.

I see 'consciousness' differently than most folks. For me, your consciousness level determines what you CAN think, feel, realize, etc. It's kind of like being tuned in to a certain part of the radio dial. Or, which floors of a building you are in, using Vis' analogy. Your consciousness level is who you ARE - or what you display, more correctly. Thoughts, feelings, actions that are outside your range will simply not be perceived, kind of like being color-blind to that range. It is a package deal. If you are at X level, you will - broadly speaking - do what other X-level folks are doing. That is where you 'float', using another analogy.

The way to 'win' a consciousness war is to make sure NO ONE of a lower-than-desired (or in the bad guys' case, higher-than-desired) consciousness level is in your 'neighborhood' to effect the whole. If I charge at you with a spear, unless you are very good, you will not be experiencing love, joy, bliss, etc. You will be in survival mode (1st chakra). That is infectious, so to speak. Think of how a crowd/mob acts/reacts. So, changes need to be 'universal' to seal off the unconscious-reaction effect.

There are two quick fixes. A planet-wide change (positive) in consciousness is one. That is what the coalition I have been working with has been pursuing. I call it the Turning. Moving lower-than-desired consciousness-level folks off-planet is another. I get feedback that that is happening, too.

The above is the only way(s) I see for large-scale change. Otherwise, as you noted, an enlightened individual's actions are quickly damped/swamped in the overall 'matrix'. That is why I have chosen to work for mass enlightenment. Let's hope it is (1) real, (2) effective down here, and (3) timely...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada..

"You are saying that you are a fool, and I shall be glad to get a number of fools like you. I want such transcendental fools and not material intellectuals."

simple living, high thinking

"Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form"

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

I meant to say hamster-meat wheel grinder.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, i didn't read the link.
That is just so funny. Well, we all have better things to do, i guess.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Groovin in the Grove on the Rainbow Wisdom Highway.

the gardener said...

I've been having morning awakening *blurbs* that are like my own individual Sabian Symbols for the day. They've got a different edge to them than 'normal dreams' have and are like a parting shot from the dream world.

yesterday-Nov 5
Old Civil Servant Shows Me My Mail He Has Read...

today-Nov 6
Nasty Thief Preens Wearing Fur Coat She Has Stolen...

I found this article about 'brain washing' very credible and explanatory... Why You Need Good Sleep

And since that is one of the first things that go with: stress, sickness, poverty, homelessness,too much crap on our heads and shoulders etc

Funny isn't it how hard it is to get some sleep in the hospital. Rude bastards just getting rougher and rougher in the hospitals!

A smart nurse told me years ago when I noticed my friend (who had a pee catheter in) really had maximum output at night whilst sleeping vs day time when she was having tons of input.

"Kidneys work at night time-need to be horizontal for them to really work best" she said...

so lots of important cleansing and debris clearing goes on in our bodies while we are sleeping. Brains, Kidneys... so maybe dreams are just really *brain farts* coming out with all that cerebro-spinal fluid swishing around?

And considering the chemical soups washing our brains provided by our own hands-Ambien, fluoride based zombie meds and against our knowledge and permission-gov water treatments, poisonous skies, plastics etc Deadliest Antibiotics on the Market

Seems like there ARE multi level attacks on our brains!!!

Imo, the word 'ignorant' implies 'ignoring' and that's what most are doing... and many are of such gross dishonesty it's not like they don't get it about those who 'know things' it's that they've found it is easier for them to pick someone apart for what they 'know' and then as a reward for their dishonest type of schooling themselves give the 'knower' a good derisive kick about the heads and shoulders, only to parrot the same words of YOURS back to you ten, even twenty years later, claiming it as their own...

So 'playing dumb' (if they'll let ya) is a common ruse too for those smart enough to see what's done to those who might feel the urge to share... or crafty enough to use the truly stupid (those who ignore the reality of the high percentage of psychopathic meat bags walking around these days) to tell them everything they need to know to use against them to their advantage.

Always good to side with discretion and really sharpen up our abilities to 'see without using our eyes'.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

A moratorium across the board is unrealistic, i know. My post was meant to spark a conversation, possibly. But didn't you ever wonder whether humans could ever pull it off or what would happen? I guess i'm coming from a disadvantaged standpoint of being one wandering sheeple watching many other sheeple in the distance who are miserable in their "jobs" and may know who they are working for but usually not why and often not even 'who', but keep doing it because of tight restraints upon their own time to be close to those they would rather be with or to know what it's like to think and do to improve for themselves for a change? Nigga pleeze. Then to live in frustration of the knowledge that obeying the absurd mandates on top of it all has not worked out in favour for a lot of us, but we still do because the alternative would most likely result in some punishment for not paying the middleman. Me being one of them. I may be a sheeple, but i'm not a sleeping sheeple.

But something that has always bugged me even from childhood, is the monetary system and why we're so heavily programmed to worship it and live with it's brutality.
In my optimistic naive youth, i always thought things should get better, improve over time. Well, not so much more yet that i can see. Or maybe my timeline's just messed up. Seems we are teetering on the of brink. We will see.

Mr. Viz, You talk at length about the central banks, and human integrity. I think we both agree institutional finances, religious-money-materialism have way too much leverage over human affairs. My point is, what is it about the catch? The catch is, debt for who and credit for debt for who. Like Dianne Feinstein's new post-offices. I can't speak for her, but I bet she wouldn't be embarrassed in front of a bathroom attendant, especially after she gets paid for her post offices; she could drop a Ben next to the towels on the sink to make herself feel better for being such a traitor to people like the bathroom attendant. And if i was the bathroom attendant i would take it from her, whether i knew who she was or not, because i'd be tired of sitting there to wait for a buck. Wish i could do that; you know, buy loyalty and bribe underlings and stuff. It's so much more convenient than integrity. Then i wouldn't be embarrassed by bathroom attendants. Or depending on her mood, she could be a cheap insensitive bitch and give nothing. I say it's the latter. Anyone for a wager or a class action law suit?

Believe me, i'm not against work. I do a lot of work and do not get paid. Lots of good people do lots of work and do not get paid. Does that mean people should stop what they are doing? Remember housewives? Farmers? No, not the ones on TV or the ones that work for Monsanto, the real ones, devoted to their families and friends? Their services are needed elsewhere, you see, now we're all just one big world family. List their duties and pay someone else for 'em these days. Quite a chunk of change. Apparently, monetizing and taxation of EVERYTHING is the name of the game. Somebody's gotta keep score, i guess. I see the meaning of work has got little to do with it. I'm sorry, i can't argue.

i don't know what the real answer is, but if the subject is absurdity, well, supporting the system either is or isn't; for those attached to their jobs, if you can, keep your job if you like it. Carry on. I guess i'd tip out of guilt, but then there you are, back to jobs created solely out of some looming idea that it makes sense to have a complete stranger preside over the comings and "goings" of other complete strangers for a pittance or a fortune.

If none of what i said makes any sense to you, you can just delete this and i won't say anything else.




Joseph Brenner

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