Thursday, October 31, 2013

Drunk and Stupid, with Doomsday in the Event Horizon.

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

What weasels some men be. Some men be lying sacks of shit that should be set on fire and then they should be commanded to stomp themselves out and make soup out of their shoes. "No, I didn't lie. You simply heard it differently than I said it." Oh! That's clear.

Enough about the porchunden amongst us. As I have been 'permitted' to experience an evolution, an upgrade in my behavior and state of mind, I am now given to these flashes of insight that occur periodically throughout my day. My dreams have changed and the empty state of my mind has expanded in emptiness as a result of the absence of tobacco and other things. It's gradual, not how I usually like it (grin) but... the changed state of mind seems to allow for this.

Okay then, the point is that I was standing in the supermarket today and I migrated into one of those hyper states when it dawned on me that there were only women and men moving around in the supermarket. There was nothing else. Everything stationary that I saw around me and everything I saw when I stepped outside was a support environment for all these fragmented expressions of what,  these days, is euphemistically called humanity. All the items in the store were there because they are products of one of the floors (chakras), one of the elevator stops and each floor is lit up by the electro or magnetic force of the Kundalini, that potentially can run all the way to the top floor, when encouraged or permitted to. If it hasn't gotten to a particular floor, the lights are not on.

These days, the greater mass of humanity operates on the bottom three floors. That is because we are in the Kali Yuga, on the outskirts (for whom it may apply) of a taste of Satya Yuga. First, all the decadence and debris has to be cleared away. The darkness must recede and that includes the darkness in the collective human heart. For those who will not permit this transformation, they will recede with that darkness and dwell in the darkness, with a lot of bass and drum accompanied by wailing and gnashing of teeth; sounds like a good environment for primal scream therapy, ♫Oh Joeko, yadda yadda♫ You might think of it as a Rave of sorts when seen from a distance; all those writhing forms, grooving under the light of the perpetually spinning, twilight disco ball, at The Overlook Hotel.

This world that surrounds us is what we have collectively created. Mostly we are inspired by bad appetites and pedestrian desires and it shows. It's not all our fault. Our fault lies in our susceptibility and willingness to be mislead, due to the promise of a carrot just out of our reach. Thankfully (grin) we do get the stick. Satan's Little Helpers, who have their workshop at the metaphorical opposite of The North Pole, have been busy as can be, churning out excrement and awful garbage to delight the palate and the mind. I was being facetious, just in case a member of the general public walked in here by mistake; Fox and Friends is down the hall to the first stairwell and you just keep going down, until there are no more stairs. From there you can just follow the smell.

Through the ages, exceptional souls have come here and channeled symphonies from the higher planes. They have written books saturated with ageless wisdom that have echoed across the centuries. They have spoken the truth in every language, somewhere at some time ...and generally been either summarily ignored, or abused by those too steeped in their sick appetites and perversions. Is it any wonder that the truly wise keep out of sight in these times? If you're looking for them, they know it. As has been explained here a number of times, if you want to see your town councilman, that's no big deal. If you want to talk to someone who does summer stock theater, that's should be no problem. As the individuals become more famous or powerful, it becomes increasingly harder to meet them, though, why you would want to meet any of these people says a lot about you. When you want to meet those who are in possession of things more valuable than anything on Earth, it can be even more difficult and only persistence and determination will win out. Most people don't want to meet these people. Most people are content to give hundreds of dollars to people like Ekhart Tolle, whose nostril placement should be a clue to something. People are more comfortable hiring former dance and massage practitioners who now call themselves 'life coaches'.

One of the reasons for the ubiquity of Reiki practitioners is the ease with which one can get a certificate saying they are a master. I'm not saying Reiki doesn't work. It's like anything else, it depends on the practitioner. I went to school some years ago to one of the best schools in the world, if you go by the price of tuition. I was there for most of a year and while I was there I saw about 3 or 4 people who were going to be any good. The rest of them were either going to keep looking for something to do or migrate into what is called, "stress release management" in New York City. There's a lot of stress in New York City so... it stands to reason there would be a constant need for "stress release management". Now, I'm not sure if that was "release" or "relief". It's been awhile since I heard the term. Apparently that is how it is described in those city hookup and meet up newspapers that are all over the place and about the size of the New York times. If you ever get a chance to read one of them, you'll see where it's at and how late in the game it is. I was really surprised to see the things people were into. "How do you spell relief? Release? (grin)"

Winter is coming. That statement has a Game of Thrones kind of ring to it. It will certainly prove to be our "winter of discontent", or at least one of them. The debacle of Obamacare is much more ominous, will be much more unfortunate, than it may appear at the moment. If you factor in the suicidal decision to cut food stamp benefits and the other assorted offenses against humanity, by the fiends of the moment, we are looking at a perfect storm.

Cutting Food Stamp benefits, while many large corporations pay no taxes and enormous sums are wasted on The NSA, Homeland Insecurity and other Police State industries AND with the prominence of the 1% and their obscene profits at the expense of everyone else, the gratuitous wars for Israel and all of the other outrageous and ridiculous chicanery by the court jesters in the king's seat, even Ken and Barbie should be able to catch a clue at this juncture. that is if Ken can get over staring at himself in the mirror, with his Freddie Mercury mustache and the motorcycle hat. We expect Barbie to be staring at herself though there is a point where one becomes so ephemeral that they no longer cast a reflection, so the concierge at the Overlook Hotel has to insert one.

Under no circumstances would the airheads of the hour be in power were it not for the awesome stupidity of the general mass but Mr. Apocalypse is banging on his drum and Vox Populi is coming though the speakers. Day by day the volume and the number or participants is going to go up. So will the hypocrisy. Here's a vampire sucking machine, red to the armpits with making blood wine from  the blasted bodies of these very soldiers, either too dumb or too desperate to get out of it. The public needs to make the connection between the majority of their afflictions and THE BANKS, especially THE CENTRAL BANKS. The banks are behind the cutbacks on all social programs. They are behind the police state. They are behind the wars BECAUSE they chose what and who they finance. One can get a powerfully lyrical experience of THE BANK by reading John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath".

If they don't like what you do, the money will dry up or never arrive. If they want something to happen or they want something done, they provide the money. Their most ideal setup is when they get to print the money. Use your imagination as to what that means. They've been shooting American presidents for some time in order to hold on to this power. They've been creating World Wars behind the possession of this power and to protect their interests in places where a populist leader comes into power and does away with their setup. The ones who own the Central Banks also own The Media and many other industries because they are critical to the mind control of the population. Irrefutable evidence of this can be seen in all of it's embarrassing agony (for those of us watching) here. It could be that there is no cure for Stupid. The most combustive of the possibilities is 'drunk and stupid'.

I've watched a lot of movies and series recently, while working on other things (like this) and it appears that the actors are drunk throughout. Hardly a scene goes by where they're not pouring down the shots or something. They're really pushing the doomsday lifestyle as Doomsday comes up in the Event Horizon. They're pushing doomsday too, for you, unless you are one of the drones they intend to keep around as fluffers, felchers or something really unpleasant. Lampposts are not just for illumination anymore; come to think of it, variable use of lampposts would imply some amount of illumination, as in things dawning upon the collective consciousness. The bankers are not going to just go away. They are not going to be willing to accommodate. The 1% are not going to be inclined to support wealth redistribution. The politicians are not inclined to want to surrender power. It is their obsession with them that got them where they are. It is the 1%'s obsession with wealth that got them wealthy.

This is one of the problems we have, that any detached (and halfway intelligent) layman has, in understanding why some people are the way they are. We're not like them and if we are lucky or careful, will never be like them. Ergo, it is hard to understand why they are the way they are. If you're not greedy, it can be hard to comprehend what it is like to be completely possessed by greed. If you're not possessed of any number of dark attributes, you can't know what it's like to be under that particular spell. If your criminal nature is your dominant nature then it stands to reason you should have a place to flee to when you get caught out.

It is amazing, beyond words really, how corrupt the system and those who serve it have become. You pretty much have to laugh as you read that. Every time you think you have a ballpark assessment of where things are at, you read something like that and you realize they're way past any latitude you might have given them.

Way past.

End Transmission.......


There is a concerted effort at work at the moment between former commentators and new entities. Some of them are government affiliated and some from other sectors. They are coordinating so you will probably be hearing about me at other sites as they attempt to marginalize, deconstruct and generally mess around with the public's perception of me. Someone wrote to tell me something is going on at some site.. anagirifan or something like that. Some are really pissed that I won't spin the desired line that The Vatican is behind things and well... do the math as far as the rest of it goes. I haven't been to these sites, I'm only hearing about it, just as I didn't read Steve's blog posting or the comments. Anyway... this is to tell you that disinfo is about to ramp up concerning me so... enjoy.


Anonymous said...

OMG, the Red Sawks won the World Shear Hes! (And a lot of "hes" got sheared, that's for sure - by Las Vegas). Undoubtedly, they won because they are Boston Strong (actually, they did win because of that, so they could throw a Boston Strong after-party and trot out the Usual Suspects; if this doesn't prove to the drooling sheep that sports is fixed, I don't know what will). I love how they rolled the gimp out in the wheelchair, you know, the guy who didn't get his leg blown off during the Boston Smoke Bombing? He's an actor, of course. I wonder if they will waste him, after this psyop is over? They don't want any loose ends, nope. I'm sure we'll read about how he died of an infection of something, a few months down the road...

And, yes, people are getting drunker and dumber. I was in a bar last night watching the World Shear Hes, and the bartender was drunk. She was the daughter of the owner. Absolutely wasted, working behind the bar, pouring drinks for people. She was about 23, good-looking, and asked me if I wanted to go home with her after she punched out, and eat take-out food off of her body. I passed. Every male within earshot looked at me like I was insane. Hey, that's fine with me. I'd rather be celibate than swap sexual energy with some messed-up broad, even if she's gorgeous. (Shakes head.)

Ginnie said...

What an honor to be so important that you have all of the dark ones in a dither!

Cyber-martyring of you will make you even more popular!

Yes...evil is STUPID! The opposite effect is now in effect!

Think of the unbidden advertising they are doing for you...

Visible said...

I believe it was Bob Dylan who said, "there's no such thing as bad publicity." Must be true in his case because he plays in Israel no matter what. Some of these things just escape me altogether.

Anonymous said...

Next thing, you'll be accused of being a Jesuit and then maybe a Franciscan.

Sit back and enjoy the clown show.


Visible said...

Move along folks, nothing to see here

David V said...

Attention Wal Mart Shoppers! I just got back from Wally World. Usually I sit outside and keep the dog company while the wife does the dirty work, but today I braved the inner depths of Lord Foul's creche. Bought some ammo in case any werewolves or thieving neighbors try to have their way with me, this hollowed eve. The good news, for US gun owners, is the price seems to have gone back down. About time for another Sandy Hook, I say!

(They acually do make silver-tipped bullets, by the way. What they are good for, I don't know, but I have some. You can't be too prepared.)

Anyway, I have a collection of photos that someone took inside Wal Mart. You can probably find them floating around the 'net. They show people shopping in their underwear, bare asses hanging completely out, shit stains oozing through pants seats, people of indeterminate gender dressed like poodles and clowns and god knows what. Hell can't be that bad, once you've been to Wal Mart. When in Rome...

All the bloggers are at each others' throats lately. Basically, anyone who sees things a little differently than the "ascended master" du jour does, is a shill and a paid zionist stooge. Some part ways over what did or didn't hit the pentagon, how big or small were the explosives that brought down the towers, how ridiculous it is that anyone believes in weather control or UFOs or Tesla earthquake weapons (never mind that serious authorities have acknowledged that all of them exist)...Others lose it over the inclusion of the spiritual or alien realm into what is going on. On and on. It just proves that "divide and conquer" still works as well as it ever did.

Me, I've been on the fringe all my life. I just take what works and fit another piece into the Chinese puzzle. If the whole mess is starting to resemble a ball or a cube or such, chances are I'm onto something. Any future piece, that continues to fill out the whole puzzle, is probably true. If it don't fit, I drop it back into the pile for another try later on. No, I don't "acquit".


optimystic said...

well done, visible. you know you're over the target if you're getting flak. bombs away!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dylan and Co. are ordering up lunch.
A big juicy, as my friend lobro says..

"monsanto pizza, jewish mama mia."

Farmer said...

"Cyber-martyring of you will make you even more popular!"

No one should ever complain about bad publicity. Good publicity is what should be concerning. At least in this world.

Kazz said...

Hey Vis,

I believe it was Lucretius who said, we will give the people the illusion of choice through voting but we will choose the candidates, so the choice will be ours. This will work in our favour because we will know what the people are thinking. This is only from memory from my history studies of Ancient Rome. It still stands true today, so when you claim it is the fault of the people for voting these drop kicks in I don't agree Vis, you see we never really had a choice. Take Australia's Pauline Hanson who got locked up for filling out a form wrong. She was not really the kind of person Australia needs to lead them because she is ignorant about so many things, but at the same time she appears to be an honest hard working person who understood the concerns of the people. Having said all that as ignorant as she is she would have been an improvement on the jokers running our sunburnt country. She got released after 6 weeks incarceration due to public uproar. Image putting a politician in jail for filling our a form wrong with what the major party degenerates are up to! On the very morning of the election a full spread on the front page of one of the major Aussie papers was a seductive look alike photo of someone who was supposed to have been Pauline in her youth. Ms Hanson eventually got a $300,000 settlement because it was not a picture of her, but the damage was done. The point is people don't vote in these jackals because they want to, they vote them in because they have no other choice, and if they decide not to vote in Australia they get a fine.

As an Aussie who has woken up to the enslavement of my people I disagree with any suggestion that we the people deserve what is happening. I have talked to numerous hard working farmers who have had their land stolen away from them. They know what is going on and have fought it all the way to the high court, but as we know the courts work for the same US corporation as every other arm of this corrupt organisation that passes itself off as a government.

The fact is that the majority of people are good from where I sit. It is those who are willing to enforce draconian government laws who need to take a look at themselves. Humanity is the victim of this satanic tribe so please don't infer that they are responsible, I mean how can hard working people who have little free time know what is happening? It took me 17 years of earnest study to know what I know today. Add to this that the people have been poisoned to lower their IQ, and on top of that they have been force fed shit instead of truth under the guise of knowledge. I see the ignorance within humanity but my heart aches for them. These people are guilty of being naive, and that is because they are so good they simply can't fathom the evil that abounds, which is why I believe we are all here to learn.

I must admit I get frustrated with people who do not want to know, but that is because they are afraid. They are like little children Vis. I pray that God will show compassion upon these people, as did Jesus Christ, who was a strong advocate of not judging others.

the gardener said...

Just shows to go ya how powerful the "out Demons out" chant really is.

And the demon spirits in the bottles are some of the roughest and most stupid around.

This is probably one of the worst times there could be to be drunk or stupid. Wise up A-holes.

the gardener

Visible said...

I read back through the post, I can't find where I said that and it doesn't jibe with my mention on so many occasions about voter fraud and candidates picked for the susceptibility to corruption and moral weakness.

What has Australia got to do with the U.S.A.? Why are you preaching to me as if I said all kinds of things I never said. It's as if you picked up an orange crate and walked into a room where people were gathered, set down the crate, stood up on it and then started talking as if the people in the room had been saying the things you started talking about.

I've never been to Australia. I don't know how what you are talking about has to do with anything I said. I don't mean to be insulting but you're completely out of context with the conversation going on here. Very strange.

the gardener said...

ok everyone should know that Mercury, planet of communications etc, has been retrograde for a week+ now (goes direct November 10th @29 degrees Scorpio) but from the ways of the weird working out I thought maybe Neptune was changing directions (stations) but that doesn't happen until Nov 13th when it goes Direct at 2 Pisces... maybe in its 'stuck' position for the big change of gears.

BUT tomorrow NOV 1rst is #4 of 7 squares of Uranus to Pluto-last direct hit (square) on May hit (square) on April 21rst.


Nov 3-New Moon with a 'hybrid' solar eclipse involving... last one like this in 2005... @ 11 degrees Scorpio conjoining: Saturn, Mercury and the N Node...

Nov 6- Big ol Jupiter goes retrograde at 20 Cancer.

Nov 10- Mercury direct @ 29 Scorpio

so the next ten days have a lot of big gears shifting energies and this time last year Mercury went retrograde like the day of the selection...

don't let the energies of this New Moon in fixed water Scorpio get you in trouble.

take care and be suspicious of everything that presents itself.

sources: and Lynda Hill's

the gardener

zepheri said...

On ole school boy would say that he thought he had heard the care bus pulling up out front. The punchline of course, just another school bus, like normal.

Anonymous said...

Boston wins the same as New Orleans won after Katrina. Sort of a concession prize, I guess?


Pete said...

This Snowden thing, has he passed any of the Litmus tests yet? To my knowledge, no.

Torey Sabatini said...

saw the post/hitjob on "aangirfan". I guess you never know who's who. I thought they posted some interesting things, previously. Guess more discernment is needed. This shit makes me want to turn off my computer and dust off the old hardcovers. The "net" is a pretty seedy neighborhood. Thanks for what you do. Lord knows it ain't easy.

Torey Sabatini

Kazz said...

Just to clarify. The comment I was referring to was "Under no circumstances would the airheads of the hour be in power were it not for the awesome stupidity of the general mass", said by you Vis. This is simply not the case because the people have never really had a choice. Whatever candidate they voted for was always going to do the tribes bidding. Harold Holt, once Prime Minister of Australia, stood up to them and he got killed. The majority still believed he drowned! Everyone right throughout history who tried to tell the truth and lead the people out of slavery was killed so how could good ever triumph. Humanity has had its hands tied behind its back and armed with a tooth pick, while the satanic cabalist's have used long range missiles and tanks.

I am not criticizing, or at least I did not mean it to come across that way. My meaning is that although you are most probably correct about the awesome stupidity of the masses, I don't feel it was their fault getting here. Throughout history, even prior to Rome the global slave trade has flourished, and still does today, as I am sure you are aware. People have never had a choice! If it were not for the internet I believe many still wouldn't know, and I would be one of them. The thing is Vis I believe holding humanity responsible for their stupidity, considering everything the tribe has thrown at them, is like blaming a rape victim for rape. Humanity are the victims here and if they are stupid and misled it is because they have been lied to, had fraud committed upon them, and finally poisoned and vaccinated to destroy their grey matter. The tribe use people's attitudes to trap them but there are plenty of people throughout history, most recently the Indians in the Amazon, who have lived according to God's laws, and these people have been wiped off the face of the earth. So humanity never stood a chance, EVER!! At least that is my take on it.

I hope this explains my rant a little better.

Anonymous said...


Give them the other cheek as you have always done. Maybe the Good Lord thought you looked a little pale and needed some pink cheeks to brighten their confluence on the River Dread?

I am glad God made you with sand. Like the old punching bags of yore you just pop right back up to go another round. If Ali wasn't Bill Cosby's jello poster boy I think he'd be proud to know another floating butterfly and scathing bee is busy pollinating fickle minds all over the world!

Love you and the crew,


Ray B. said...

Vis: “When you want to meet those who are in possession of things more valuable than anything on Earth, it can be even more difficult and only persistence and determination will win out. Most people don't want to meet these people.”

It gets even more interesting when the people you want to meet aren't 'people'... (grin)


Vis: “Move along folks, nothing to see here”

I still believe that a massive scare campaign is on over the Fukushima radioactivity releases. For instance, from the Truthseeker article you linked:

“'Every single day, 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima enters the Pacific Ocean,' writes Snyder about this one major sign. 'That means that the total amount of radioactive material released from Fukushima is constantly increasing, and it is steadily building up in our food chain.'”

Even if valid, 300 tons/day strikes the lay-reader as a large amount. However, doing some in-the-head math: Water weighs around 62 lbs/cu ft, so one ton of water (per day) is only 2000 lbs / 62 or around 30 cu ft. So, 300 tons is about 9000 cu ft. That is equivalent to a cube about 22 feet on a side. Not very much. Even a year's release, 9000 x 365 or around 3 million cu ft, is only a cube about 140 ft on a side.

Now, for comparison, the in-my-head volume of the affected Pacific Ocean is (very roughly) 4000 mi x 2000 mi x 2 mi or 16 million CUBIC MILES in volume. Now, as 1 cubic mile equals 147,197,952,000 cubic feet (had to look that up), the dilution factor in a year is 147,000,000,000 x 16,000,000 ÷ 3,000,000 or around 900,000,000,000. A HUGE amount.

Put another way, each radioactive atom spilled into the Pacific Ocean is swirled around and around until that atom is (on average) surrounded by 900,000,000,000 atoms of water (neglecting the NaCl).

This is why I am not worried about the Pacific becoming noticeably more radioactive...

Also, from the Truthseeker article:

“BBC News in the U.K. reported last year that literally millions of tons of radioactive debris had begun traveling across the Pacific Ocean...”

Absolutely, completely, knowingly CRAP. Most of the highly-radioactive vaporized-core of Reactor 3 is heavier than seawater, so it settles to the bottom within a few miles. Any concrete or steel-rebar blown into the air by the nuke also goes thud into the bottom. The same with almost anything man-made. Dust (not dirt) and other light material blown into the air will float and be carried off. However, this probably amounts to some tens of tons of material at most. The writer of this BBC News article is either incompetent or saying what he/she is being told to say...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Karen might be referring to:

"Under no circumstances would the airheads of the hour be in power were it not for the awesome stupidity of the general mass..."

That statement is clearly true.

I cannot speak for her, but she might be putting forward that the blame to be assigned to the (manipulated) masses should be much less than that assigned to the elite.

Ray B. said...

Oops! Should be:

"Put another way, each radioactive molecule spilled into the Pacific Ocean is swirled around and around until that molecule is (on average) surrounded by 900,000,000,000 molecules of water (neglecting the NaCl)."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Well then you misinterpreted what I said. It has nothing to do with voting. It has to do with general torpor= tamas guna and the thralldom of the material world which is everywhere to be seen around you, if you care to. All the evidence in the world is there. the public ignores what is happening to them. People with kind hearts can also be very stupid.

Alan said...

Keep the posts coming

Thanks Heaps

Visible said...

Here is the radio show with Robert Phoenix

Visible said...

Before the usual anonymous thugs come around to tell me how insensitive I am... I am often very busy coming and going and don't take the time I probably should to walk on eggs or be all things to all people.

Quite frankly everyone gets what they deserve all the time or it wouldn't happen. That is the inflexible reality of Karma. People get what they deserve or it wouldn't happen. The universe is perfect. Few people like it as it is but none of that changes anything. The mind of the author is perfect and all tings happen as they should. This is no just me saying this but every teacher of note who has ever walked here.

My rants, such as they are are not much different, except for being softer (grin) than the old testament guys. Jesus went off on people all the time. I'm not Jesus nor claim to be but I am quite familiar with what he said, including all the contradictions between judge not and his imprecations against fornicators and sundry.

For all of my naming the mass of humanity as being dumbasses (which they are) I encourage and seek to assist in whatever way I can. They get what they deserve or they wouldn't put up with it. They go along with it all. They watch bad TV and eat bad food and talk nonsense all day long and bow and scrape before their 'betters'. As long as their little appetites get fed they aren't concerned about whatever else might be going on.

They let all those Israeli inspired wars go on and send their children to die in them. How they cannot see what is right in front of their eyes is a mystery to me AND... they defend their oppressors whenever one of us brings the truth to their eyes, they close their eyes.

Karma accounts for most of what we see. Bad things happen because those people, dressed as someone else, did bad things earlier. We may not like it. They may not like it but... so it is. Things are what they are. People can argue to their hearts content or moan about those poor people in the corner. It doesn't change anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey to being insensitive. I made fun of an ex-colleague whom I detested when working with him. Another colleague sort of berated me for it, appealing to my conscience because the former had cancer. I retorted that I don´t feel any empathy for my fellow men while I opened a drawer of my desk and took out my peperoni sandwich and said - "How am I able to eat this pork while commiserating with others of my own kind ?"
Happy Weekend

Anonymous said...


What about hellish circumstances for purposes of accelerated evolution?

I find people who have had easy lives have no idea how the world works.

HYPERTlGER said...

The banks are an effect of the choice to take more power than you give to sustain existence.

The demand for power by all of you in the system has become greater than the supply of you all in the system.

The demand by all of you from all of you has led to yield starvation...the exponential decay or hyperdeflation behind the exponential growth or hyperinflation....has been increasing for 5 years now.

When the polarity shift is hit....the hyperdeflation will rise to the surface and become visible and hyperinflation will become invisible.

All the rising prices are due to the yield starvation of the top raising their demands upon the bottom for yield.

Yields have been dropping for 32 years to zero.

The implosion of yields is causing the explosion of credit that is being fed into the continued demand for more and more yield...which is causing the net producers to be annihilated.

When we get to the singularity...or maximum potential...

The yields will want to explode and the credit supply to implode.

Similar to what happens when you cause and atomic explosion from the shockwave from poking a hole in a bubble with a needle.

You rip a hole in space in time....the difference between the two dimensions equalizes this is the cause of the thunder clap....or shockwave or explosion from the implosion into hyperspace.

Basically the same math powers a black at the core of the global banking system.

I do not know how much time is left....but once we hit the singularity point....

The is going to be collapse to oblivion.

Since the USA and the world have been taking more power than they give since 1944...Bretton woods set this march to doom with glee up.

The logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption all exist fast approaching

the gardener said...

Here's one case, one man-a Boise cop, AS MANY AS 20 VICTIMS

Sheriff’s investigators and Ada County prosecutors say Young could have abused as many as 20 child victims over a 30-year period. Young, 59, was charged with four counts of lewd conduct involving four children after 2005. He eventually pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual battery of a child and is serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Prosecutors say Young’s victims were infants or babies, 21 months of age or younger, and all were either family members or children of friends.

Young was a Boise police officer for more than three decades. He spent 10 years as a school resource officer at several Boise schools, but prosecutors say they found no definitive evidence he molested children while on duty.

Filed under the 'what would it take for some with color of authority to go to jail for their crimes'.

This is a perfect example of how many can keep secrets though many know and use their bought and paid for authority to protect and cover up abuses of the most horrible kind.

Speaking of 'aangirfan' this article is what that site excels in exposing. They've bravely gone where few others have gone and that is with the massive child trafficking, pedophilia by the authorities of church and state ... why that really stupid to the point of questionably 'drunk and stupid' post by dublinmick is very wrongly linked there at that site-sandwiched in between baby rapers du jour and spook business deals leaving entire continents destitute. Maybe just a case of 'drunk and stupid, with Doomsday in the Event Horizon'?

Read that "Did Fellow Mormons cover up officer's baby molestations?" reporting to see some very experienced weasels slither out of their being called out for 'knowing and not reporting crimes'... this was a very radical arrest, conviction and investigation. From 2010.

Many many people work to disclose, reveal and bring to justice some very sordid and dangerous players. That this cop is in prison is really a miracle. Does not happen enough.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 15.8


"The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one body to another as the air carries aromas. Thus he takes one kind of body and again quits it to take another."

"This process of transmigrating from one body to another and struggling while in the body is called karṣati, or struggle for existence."

BG 15.8

Anonymous said...

If I seem to have inadvertently supported a suspect post I am sorry.
Thank you for the clarification, it was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I understood her point - but only coz I am from Oz.
I happened top agree with her.
Maybe you need to travel more - hard to understand things if you've never been. I can't say that my countrymen are ready yet to understand you tho.
I respectfully suggest you suffered a rare brain phart in taking exception to someone actually praising you.
Its a cultural thing betwixt us Aussies and you Seppos.

Copernicus Kidd said...

[seems like the tits slits and asses are self destruction according to program]

Anonymous said...

..forgot something. I am a narcissistic pig ! ...dat was de punchline.
Once again - wish ya´ll a happy one

Visible said...


you're missing the point here. I wasn't talking about Australia. I know nothing about Australia and I didn't want to become argumentative with the lady at all. Everyone has a right to their perspective and opinion. I was responding to her comment on voting. It sets me off when someone infers that I said something that I didn't say. I try to be very precise about the specifics of my commentary and when I run into someone running tangentially to what I said and adding in things I didn't say, I have to take exception to that and only that.

She went into a great deal of detail about things that had nothing to do ,with my commentary which was all about the mindset in American and had nothing to do with Australia and I can't understand sometimes why people do this. It's like they are pressed to say something so they seize upon aspects of my post that aren't actually relevant to what I said. I don't want to be a stickler on these things but I get taken out of context and a whole commentary is launched ostensibly upon what I said and I said none of it.

Then, while trying to deal with it, I find I am in a hurry (usually I am) and I don't finesse things as I probably ought to. I think I'm probably better off if I just let people say what they want to and just not comment at all because then when I do, people are generally not open to my response and get miffed or offended that I didn't allow a vast expanse of latitude whereby whatever they said, regardless of it not having anything to do with what I said should somehow be fine regardless.

It's an apples and oranges thing. In the future when people want to rift off on what they perceive as an opening for something they want to say, whether it has anything to do with what I said or not I'm just going to let it go by.

These times are very tense and in my scurrying about to take care of all of the communications that come in to me, I find I have been brusk or abrupt, or dismissive when that was not my intention. Later I look at some of the things I say and I realize I said too much or too little, or the person isn't going to be interested in my response such as it is because they were only concerned with saying what they want to say and I was incidental to that in the first place.

These are tense and confusing times and it is very easy to say the wrong thing without intending to and I find that is the case with me, especially in this very critical time frame (for me). Appearances are complex.

So I'm going to respond much less to what people have to say unless I can manage it in a satisfactory way. I can only plead the pressures of keeping up with the large body of communications that come to my attention each day.

I am under a great deal of pressure at the moment due to critical astrological forces acting upon me and I am going to scale back on my responses across the board until November is behind me.

In conclusion, I didn't miss anything that was being said to me and there was no brain fart. I was simply pointing out that I was having comments attributed to me that I did not make and I was trying to clarify that. I just didn't do it very well.

I had to just delete an entire post because it came out wrong but... at least I could see that.

I'm doing the best I can but it's inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your interesting analogies of this weird world. One thing is for sure the brain-dead masses keep the meat grinder twirling in an enigmatic ballet full of disorder and emotional chaos. Love the fact that the Christ killers are so few but, rule with an iron fist!

Visible said...

Here it is like I have been saying lately and at the radio show. Soon comes a tsunami.

the gardener said...

Your guesting on the 2nd hour of Robert's Friday Farcast radio show was a big hit with the chat caste... *grins*

Glad Robert P. broached 'your latest book' and we got to hear a little about what's going on with it.

Hoping this deep fixed water New Moon on the 3rd serves us all who wait. ... with a hybrid Solar eclipse served up on the side.

the gardener

Eudoxia said...

Many people are on tender hooks at the moment. I've found the past two weeks to have been incredibly stressful this is playing out across my entire family. Just when you think it can't get any worse Universe ups the volume on worse. I have personally found I am extremely sensitive to criticism of late, it's difficult when you try to do your level best only for it to be revealed that it's not the best in the eyes of the perceiver, but hey that's just their filters at work, so be it. We are all being squeezed, and it's not the situation that is really doing the squeezing it's how we respond to it. In saying that if we mishandle a situation the mechanism for correction is present also, more so than it ever has been in the past. That's how I am viewing events at present. I'm trying to stay as present as possible and not to go into resistance, however, the minute I do I soon recognise it and can make the correction. Life is certainly providing us a roller coaster ride at the moment so we just have to make sure we are all strapped in, lest we get flipped out at the next curve of which are plentiful right now, not to mention the ride appears to be picking up speed for just about everybody. Be well all.

Eudoxia said...

Re the comment about Australia, Oz sucks as much as the US, Canada and the UK. They are all tarred with the same brush. I heard the propaganda speeches given by Howard and Harper in their respective parliaments about their reasons for giving military assistance to the US after 911 and the invasion of Iraq - it was word for word ver batim the same speech. However, and thankfully, not so the case with the latest failure - Syria. This shows the cabal is now pushing shit uphill instead of dumping its steaming mass on us.

Once upon a time I would have agreed with you Karen about the elites being at fault, well yes they are but now I have to swing with Viz because it's the people who keep these corrupt institutions alive and kicking. The farmers are more aware than most, they are the ones who are being targeted right now by big agriculture and government - it's bullshit and it shows what total fascism we live in. The academics are the most profoundly ignorant of all as they have been well and truly indoctrinated into The Tribe mentality. Let's not forget the cosmopolitans and their cafe latte lifestyles. Yes bury the head in the sand scenario.

Ignorance is a choice, we either chose to remain in ignorance or we search for truth and understanding. Those who remain in ignorance get what they deserve, unfortunately there are repercussions for those who chose not to. It is still unbelievable that today the same sheep mentality is just as much alive and well in Oz as in the rest of the fascist countries. How people can NOT see the same shit different day scenario when voting is just astounding. We still have a two (which is really one) party system over here and the retarded Ozzies still vote for same ole, same ole, despite it being blatantly obvious they are are all there to feather their own nests, they work for the global capitalist agenda, they don't have the best interests of the people at heart and to that end, neither of them work. As the old adage goes: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!

I voted for Pauline Hanson by the way she was running in my electorate. She was the better of all the rest on offer. She had quite a sound platform but was bastardized by the Murdoch media. She stood for Australian jobs to Australians first. She almost won, she was only defeated by 400 votes or so, so it showed a decent swing against the main two parties and it is a rural electorate. Do you remember the Steward Driver guy who was trapped in the snow after the avalanche at Kosiosko some years ago? Pauline went there to assist, and after perusing the environment she boldly announced "See I told you we just can't trust these slopes"! Somehow I don't think she'll give up but neither will the corrupt. We just have to keep going at them is all we can do. Peace All.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I totally get where you are coming from in relation to karma, but if all the angels in Heaven cried at humanity's fate, so can I. The reason I did the big rant about Australia, even though you were referring to the US, is because Australia is following suit, big time. We are fast moving into a police state too. It was never my intent to twist your words, if I have done that I apologize. I enjoy reading your posts and would be grieved to think that any remark of mine could be cause for a reduction in your performance.

Us Aussies are suckers for the underdog, and humanity is definitely the underdog in this race, so please excuse me if my support, and cheering from the bleachers, has translated into a soap box moment gone wrong.

I agree that everyone is having their karma worked out, and I agree that more people need to stand up and be heard in an appropriate way. I am one of those people Vis, I have recently challenged the police and the courts, because I care about the kind of world my children are going to inherit. I look at others who are deaf to the fierce fate awaiting them, and I tire of the frustration of their personal attacks, but I remind myself that this is just their fear talking. In an attempt to wake the sleeping I often become too passionate and feel this may have been one of them. It was not my intention to hijack your post but simply to flow from it.

I can't begin to imagine the consequences that you must endure simply to share your insights with all of us. If I have appeared ungrateful than shame on me Vis. Keep posting you are a legend.

Luv Kazz

PS Thanks to my fellow Aussie for your support. It is nice to know we can rely on our mates, especially in times like these :o). Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Greet Greet.
I seldom (actually never, til now) bug you.
I follow your work, and look forward
to what ever hairball is next.
Just Hi (and be well)
Maybe someday we play music er whatever.
Right Now it is all in flux (all fluxed up)


Visible said...

Well, I appreciate it not raining down on me this morning thank you). I meant no harm but I often read intent in words. This is what I react to, even when it might not be noticeably obvious. I read carefully. I don't react as carefully as I read, I should but... I get so damned busy sometimes and I'm racing to catch up.

I wish my bank account would reflect my industry however, given the state of the world for so many of us economically (those of us who give a shit), it makes sense that the wells run dry as the greed heads tighten the flex of our world.

Sometimes my impatience is pressed on by my being held in a limbo that does not mirror my needs of the moment. This is my fault too because I should know by this time that there are periods where everything stops and the more desired elements, not just the bread and bed realities, also are arrested, because the changes pending are of no small order.

Things are going to take a major upswing for me come the passage of the deepest most impacted murk being scaled from the intestinal walls of ancient karma (grin).

I've been crawling uphill for some time now and the Sisyphus routine is as frustrating for any of us as it must have been for Sisyphus. It's worse when the ball rolls back 'over' us.

One of my major lessons (obvious to me by how many times I fail to do it), is the reactive mind. There's no reason to react at all but we do. Eventually that has to burn out and it will. Once the long term deep under conscious forces of Pluto and Uranus get done rattling the windows and shaking the walls, all should be well.

As is ever the case, steadfast endurance is the key. With all eternity glimmering in it's immeasurable expanse, we need to take it lightly. We are never so close as when we feel so far away. Step by step our time comes. Far better that we should have struggled all up and down the road than to have had a breezy passage through all things material.

I try to remember, "those whom The Lord loveth, he chasteneth." In that case he/she must really love me (grin).

What trips my mind is that I really thought all this would have been sorted much earlier but... I guess I'm a hard case. Still, as bad as it sometimes looks, given that appearances are deceiving and I've spent near zero time in any of those perfumed hog wallows for which Lindsey Graham's state is famous... that should mean something.

This is that time of summing up and also given the extremity of the payoffs in all directions, I shouldn't feel so bad. It's just that the sand tends to run out of the hour glass with more speed in the latter periods than it did formerly and I wonder at there being so little time remaining for a time of ease and more persistent joy but... I don't know how much time remains do I? There could be a full third or more remaining yet and once the veils go down and our personal matter is quickened, there is no telling what's operative then.

I think I've had to put aside a post less than five times in all the times I've been doing this but... I had to do that yesterday. Let's see what's in the hopper this morning.

I was less pleased with the radio show than I thought I would be. I am seeing and hearing myself in ways I've never experienced before. I suspect I'll be speaking slower and less passionately in the future. Ah well. Onward.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Bint Paradise of Helminth Crawlers in the Age of the Aeolist

Anonymous said...

Like David V. said in his post above, it's like a Chinese puzzle. And I think it's been created that way, deliberately, in order to confuse everyone. People collect little snippets and morsels of what they believe to be true, and they glue it all together and their finished product always differs, in some regard, from everyone else's.

And then everyone argues about the finer points, and become divided as a result. They agree on the overall construct, sure, but their egos won't let them embrace anybody who disagrees with the finer points. They hurl invectives at them, and insult their intelligence. And this is all part of the social engineering process engendered by those running the show, I think.

These astrological energies are messing everybody up lately. People take offense to things very quickly. You have to keep firing your bullets anyway, if you feel compelled to do so. It will all get sorted out later, and make sense. But the fired bullets and ruffled egos are part of the learning process.

Yesterday I went off on somebody - and I was completely in the wrong. I confused them with another person (long story). Afterwards I was amazed at my mistake - it was so unlike me. I also made another similar mistake about dates and times (of business meetings I have coming up). I never do that. Well, one of my favorite sayings is, "Never say never - I just said it twice."

Sometimes we are at the mercy of forces, whether we like it or not. That doesn't mean we should step back and keep our mouths shut. I think it just means that by shooting our bullets, and then witnessing our mistakes, we learn. (Either that, or it's just a convenient excuse on my end, for justifying my recent behavior...)

Tomorrow is another day, however, and as long as we have a pulse, it's all good.

Don't be so hard on yourselves. This is a war, and as long as we are still standing, we are winning...

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia, November 02, 2013 3:38:00 AM

"How people can NOT see the same shit different day scenario when voting is just astounding."

This may not be what you meant by the above, but it's what got brought up for me...

My first major aha of 'something's wrong' in the voting process was in the Gore vs Bush election. Dan Rather (TV reporter) had just 'called' Florida for Gore, stating that their exit polls had shown a definite win for Gore. Shortly after, Rather had to retract his 'call' and announce that the counted votes indicated a win for Bush. He was perplexed, and obviously distressed. He seemed truly puzzled, and stated on the air that he had never seen such a discrepancy between the exit polls and the 'counted' votes. That was when I knew something was wrong.

(I believe that Rather did not know what to think because the bad guys did not 'pre-program' Florida. Their 'fixing' of the vote occurred after the real numbers came in, and they saw they would lose.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

I am with you Ray. B. Australians hate the major parties but liberal's Tony Abbott, the budgie smuggler, won. If these criminals are willing to rape, kill, pillage, and well just about every dispicable act possilbe, how can we be so sure the election wasn't rigged. I personally think it was because the average people in Australia are fed up, which is why the TPTW have recently attempted to install their unlawful bikie legislation.

Adam Evenson said...

I read many of the first comments here, and realize that I am in the midst of people that are either too smart for me to imagine communicating with, or authors creating their lives as they move along. Wow. How do all of you people exist, anyway? Is it anything like my own existence, in which I am in the dark quite a bit regarding anything and everything? I am supposed to behave as God and be as ignorant as a nincompoop and it has me to the point where I am about ready to erase everything. Ha, ha, ha. Is that anywhere near how it is with you humans?

David Fiske said...

I agree the 1% are never going to give up their power voluntarily.
I was hoping for a USA default to bring the house down. Only a total collapse will
allow meaningful change. I'd like to think were living in the wheat and chaff time.
It seems beyond the change that individual action can create.
Hugs to you Visible.
“porchunden” ?

Visible said...

porchunden= pig dogs.

Your most recent comment at Mirrors did not post, don't know why.

Ray B. said...

Adam Evenson , November 03, 2013 2:33:00 AM

"How do all of you people exist, anyway? Is it anything like my own existence, in which I am in the dark quite a bit regarding anything and everything?"

I, too, am amazed at the quality of people that post here. I have learned many things. And, been heart-touched.

Everyone is where they are. We are all trying to make heads or tails out of an infinite amount of input. We can only fail, human-wise. Fortunately, however, we all have 'backup', should we call it in. I can only say that the universe gets 'interested' in someone who becomes 'interesting'. After that, you just try to keep your head above water...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

You won't be so keen to support wealth redistribution when you have a look at how it is done in South America and other regions. In every case, the people who are doing the redistribution grab for themselves a sizable piece of the pie to be redistributed, thus becoming themselves very rich in the process. Look at the opulent living of the people in control of the socialist states of Cuba or Venezuela. In both cases, you will find that wealth is concentrated in fewer families than before the so-called "revolutions." How is that any different from the theft being done by bankers? Moreover, in both cases, they resort to the same strategies that enriched bankers: 1) reserve ratio of less than 100% of total demand deposits; 2) currency devaluation. So, not only is wealth concentrated in fewer people, but the "nouveau riche" keeps taking advantage of the "legal" framework created by their predecessors.



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