Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In Pursuit of Hope, beyond the Lizard Skins in the Flame Room

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a given that we would much rather be chest deep in Love than knee deep in shit so... since this is Petri Dish. we'll have to just hope for a happy medium ...but put on our gum boots all the same. Since this is the cultural vortex, with all that implies, the degree of inanity in the most insane nation on Earth just keeps on truckin.  Not to be outdone in terms of malice, mendacity and shit for brains, is the New York City police department, for arresting a homeless man and stealing his laptop. The man was a student of a programmer named Patrick, who gave him the laptop and was teaching him coding. He was supposed to appear on the Today Show (today), which adds quite some irony to the affair. I'm not posting the link from Activist Post because the programmer is saying how the police are only doing their job and how much they sacrificed themselves on 9/11 and I, I refuse to play patty-cake with these thugs who belong in the jails they are putting everyone else in. It's a known fact that they selectively seek out people of color for their stop and frisk program. Meanwhile, human bulldog, Raymond Kelly, the NYC police commissioner, is being considered for heading up Homeland Insecurity. Anyone being considered for this post must be a known Satanic sycophant by the Lizard Skins in the Flame Room.

How ridiculous are the police in these times? they systematically search for the most dysfunctional and brainwashed individuals they can locate. They don't want people who can think or reason. They want people who follow orders and over react on a regular basis. I can understand what Patrick the Coder was trying to say but... kissing their ass doesn't work!

Something the police don't do is go after the real criminals. No... they protect them. They protect the political serial killers while the system, in the hands of the banking serial killers, is geared for a continuously tightening pressure, like the tightening of screws driving wooden planks into a body, in order to crush it. This article tells a part of the story. What I don't get is how the author can say that 100 million people are out of work and yet also say the unemployment % is at 8%. I hate shit like this. It messes with my barely operational sense of math. Theoretically I get math. Binarily I get math but then there's that math I see used a lot these days that I don't get at all. It's sort of like 2 and 2 adds up for me, you later, maybe.

To see the degree of insidious, being perpetrated by THE 'particular' TRIBE, you don't have to look far or in any particular direction,l cause it's going on everywhere they can get it on. It doesn't mater how transparent the lies are, how erroneous the lies are or how many lies there are. This was the essential motive in taking over the media in the first place and preceding that was taking over the currency presses, in order to finance the purchase of anything they considered useful toward turning society into a steaming cauldron of resentment, hate, murder and all things Tribe pleasing, which includes shit.

Now that the courageous governments of Iceland and Hungary have tossed the Tribe banking scams out of their country, the move is on. The main factor delaying the desired kneejerk reaction in places like Greece, Spain, Italy and others, is that they are still in the hands of corrupt politicians, who are in the employ of the bankers. Once these clerk mind scoundrels have been ousted, it will occur very swiftly. Want to solve all the problems in your country? Throw out the international banking cartels and their functionaries in the seats of power. WANT TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR COUNTRY? THROW OUT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTELS AND THEIR FUNCTIONARIES IN THE SEATS OF POWER! WANT TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR COUNTRY? THROW OUT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTELS AND THEIR FUNCTIONARIES IN THE SEATS OF POWER!!! Everything else will follow.

Yelling at the government is fairly pointless because it is the bankers and corporations that own them who are responsible. Replacing their representatives is a simple affair, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." It is basic policy that has to be changed. Neuter the bankers!

What are we seeing on the outrageously concocted laws front? There is more and more legislation along the lines of granting person-hood to corporations and taking all limits off of what can be spent to put a shit-golem in office. Lawyers are not in the business of determining right and wrong. they are in the business of blurring the lines and making one appear to be the other. Judges are supposed to be in the business of interpreting the law but that is no longer their job because so many of them are Tribe Members and the rest of them are coerced by the Tribe, or got into office on a Tribe Bribe. This is why they are so dedicated to getting those Noahide laws into ubiquitous operation.

There's a curious phenomena that is going on at the moment and you can lay the blame for that at the door of Mr. Apocalypse. For a long time, the Satanic Tribe and associated affiliated and unaffiliated Satanists have kept out of sight. They've skimmed the cream; convinced us that the real mob was Italian, shoehorned their lackeys into positions of power, traded off kids of both sexes like Pokemon cards, set up financial disasters and horrific conflicts, for the purpose of personal gain. They were in the shadows. They trumpeted their victimhood up and down main street and took over the educational system in order to control what people learn and don't learn. This also allowed them to revise history in any way they wanted to.

Then, over recent decades they have slowly come out into the open. They have let themselves be seen doing all kinds of ugly things; bragging about them, laughing about them. When they fucked up the economy, they strong-armed their bought and owned representatives in government and made them bail them out with public monies, sneering all the way. They are not going to get up tomorrow any differently than they got up today. They are not suddenly going to have an epiphany and say, "Oh, my God, I've been doing a lot of very bad things. I'm going to have to stop that right now." They are not made that way and their minds don't work that way. They are psychopaths, devoid of conscience and remorse. They can only be disemppowered, quarantined or sent on to their reward. They are like rabid dogs. You don't take a rabid dog down to the clinic and get him treatment for his condition. It doesn't work. One of the basic assessments every person should make before engaging in anything is, "Does this work?" in respect of whatever effort they are taking.

Of course, if you are lying to yourself to begin with, then you're beyond help until you stop doing that. If you've built up a thick and strong wall of denial, then it also becomes very difficult to stop lying to yourself. This is what composes the walls we build around ourselves. This is our cocoon of ignorance and isolation.

The world, as it exists at this moment, is tailored to encourage you in all the wrong ways. If you follow the ways of the world you are doomed. There is no positive exit. If you do not  then, expect difficulties up until you find the way in and around, or acquire the assistance that takes it all out of your hands; provided you will allow that. That's no small thing. Many a powerful and highly intelligent individual has doomed themselves by being incapable of seeing clearly or... being unwilling too. Being smart or clever is not always an asset.

Yes, there's a full court cultural press going on as one can see in the construction of that article. On and on it goes and what is waiting in the wings is ever so much darker than what is presently on stage. Why did they come so out in the open and not bother to conceal their connection to so many of the great crimes of the times? They know that time is getting short and also, they've been forced out into the open, while at the same time, Mr. Apocalypse is making sure they get connected to all that they have done.

Yes, time is getting short and they are learning what every world shaker before them has learned without exception. No one ever takes over the world because... "the Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes."

So it goes and on and on it goes. I love the argument given by the New Mexico Supreme Court. That constitutes a legal argument?

I suppose the relentless, heavy tread of these recent years can be seen as some of the agonizing worst; certainly for some people. For many people, it definitely has but it's all a part of the movie and it's all been scripted a particular way for maximum effect. No doubt a great many of us disagree with the span of latitude allowed and the amount of time consumed. That's because we can't see all the ends of it. It's frustrating, I know. The insufferable hindrances placed upon so many of us in our pursuit of a simple existence and on our freedom to come and go are very difficult to bear. Things and freedoms that were once an accepted norm are no longer accepted or allowed. Mean spirited bureaucrats, mindless flunkies and thugs have proliferated across the landscape. It's not the case everywhere but the atmosphere of collective depression serves nearly the same purpose.

One of these days... one of these days, the barriers and blockades will fall. The evil among us will be radically awakened and see the full extent of their crimes as judgment takes place within the core of their being, where it cannot be denied. I'm waiting on the skies to open. I guess I can wait a little longer, maybe that's all being held in reserve until the hearts open first.

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McKenna Fan said...



The best scene in the new Ginsburg movie is where he meets the young Mr. Crook, (who is less visible now than he used to be.)

Hilarity ensues.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Absolutely superb writing, vis; and on such a consistent basis.

I read wide and far; and, you are the finest working writer in English, bar none. I feel privileged to even be able to read such work, and for free no less. You should be worth a fortune for what you've been doing on these blogs. Then again, we both know that none of this would be possible if you laid a finger on their filthy lucre.

I mean, you're hitting everything out of the park and leaving nothing in the strike zone.

And who else has the stones to consistently call out the bandit bankers?

Good on ya', bro': you really are the best of a generation, one that has shown itself so full of sell-outs that i almost gave up on you-all.

i know it's been a long, hard road, but these pieces of writing are priceless and worth everything it took.

At this very moment, you're showing me that truth really does will out, and that is giving me strength to carry on as a wicked typhoon is gusting over my house on its' way to rumble with the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors.


Jenny said...

Wonderful words here ... I like the part at the end- deeds exposed and all that stuff...I can wait too, it will be quite a show indeed!-jen

Anonymous said...

One Jew over the coo coo's nest, wouldn't be a bad title for that movie you spoke of Vis

From a remote area of Oregon

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Not the First. ( As long as there is Mother's milk in the breast of the Multiverse, who am i to argue whether it was offered to many before me, better to suckle, or as the cartoon character says ' mama and not the mama ).

Gratitude arises spontaneously.

It seems that the Veterans Today has taken a liking to Patrick's rendering of Visible's fingertip tango. Soooo, tongue firmly in cheek, in my Confucious state of mind, cannot decide whether the left or right,,,,

GOT IT, will become a 'forked tongue', THAT will resolve the quandry,

MR. Visible you will have to become much more Politically Correct, otherwise no more of this visibility thing for you !!!!!

That will mean no roof and no food, after all who can put up with an invisible Visible ?

Bear hug, on my way to get some honey, but those damn bees.......

Be well, be Alert.

Visible said...

Very few people think that's my work. It's only very occasionally someone mentions it. Patrick puts my name on the scene but I suspect people make no association or confuse it with something else. Anyway, I've been noticing this for a long time. It doesn't matter.

maquinna said...

Here i stand at the doors to the Temple of Truth... thanks you dear vis... yoy da' man! For me i like to go straight to the Essence as the Shakti leds me..., its the Jesuits, the soldiers of christ who must be exterminated... "Exterminate the Brutes!' Once they're all in Quarantine on that island way down in the furious fifties in the S. Indian Ocean w/o any contact whatsoever i and my next incarnation will feel much relieved. Yes folks the Vatican must go and with it so goes Terrorism... They are the masters at that game, that's what they do, hiding in plain sight... that word motherfu_kers was coined for them... Community is the answer, there's only one of us... hugs to All u (-:

Frog said...

Thanks for the writing as usual Les, and I have a favor to ask of everyone.
Last few days, I feel that God is pushing me hard for something, but the resistance and oppression I'm getting is amazing. Trying to find a coin in a swimming pool of s**t.
Anyone that can spare a prayer, a word with the Almighty, on my behalf would be appreciated. I'm not asking for relief, just need some clarity as to what I need to do or not do.
Thanks all, and you are all in my prayers too.

zepheri said...

Pats voice is so owned by him and commanding that he kinda turns into the news man, of course thats his voice, with your words.

Visible said...

Here is an example of what was said in the posting.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "No doubt a great many of us disagree with the span of latitude allowed and the amount of time consumed. That's because we can't see all the ends of it."

I am one of the impatient ones. What I call the 'turning' has met all the criteria for 'turning loose' and has even fully manifested its energy 'down here'. Indeed, many of the 'workers' from other realms/worlds have already gone on to other things, confident that the 'task' is done. We are the last, in this whole Sector, to 'turn'. I can't imagine what is the hold-up. No doubt, we will 'get it' once the turning has actually occurred. Release, release...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

mike m said...

That "woman" NYC "cop" looks and talks like an Outer Borough bar hag.

I don't believe "her" and other like minded "cops" would be much trouble when TSHTF, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Visible - does the tribe run its secret tax scam on all foods, paid for by the non-tribalists, as it does here in the zio-USSA (it is known as the kosher-food tax scam - estimated to bring dollars in the range of billion(s), to a few of the less than 1 percent of the total population)?

And - this is how they do it, obtain control of as much as possible (one of the many ways)

jeiwsh control of internet activities

respects to all souls!

missing munich said...

thanks for being you. Your posts keep my head straight so I can venture on.

Anonymous said...

the more one awakens the more disgusting this dimension becomes...

Exposure of these dark creatures was and is a very necessary part of the divine plan....ALL will understand why this evil dimension must and will come to an end....those dark demons and their mindless easily programmed support robots are on their last hooraah....the long promised judgement is very near....soon to be transmuted back to primordial energy....they are disgusting creatures of Satan's world....

those enlightened will be liberated from this hell hole we have been trapped in....forced to reincarnate into Satan's world over and over will finally be over...

we will again be connected with our true divine heritage and energy and live in the peace, love, truth, honor, joy, that our heritage is made of.

and thank GOD that these dark demons of hell did not steal your divine heritage and your soul remained true.....it is only Satan's masters that have fooled us into believing we are here to learn lessons....we don't need disgusting demonic self destructing lessons....

our divine heritage is made up of all that is part of a higher consciousness and is found when we leave the monkey mind behind and look inward to our true blueprint...

Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...

About 70 years ago,There was a man who was the leader of a country who was badly victimized by this international banking system.But this man was a true leader.A man who deeply loved his country and it's people.Against all odds,He was able to successfully extricate his country from this rapacious banking system.And when he did,his country flourished.For his efforts,the international baking cabal managed to get the whole world to declare war on him and to charge his government with unspeakable crimes, of which they did not commit.
I think you know of the man I am referring to.I salute his memory.

Visible said...

A new visible Origami is up now-

Freedom and STD's at the Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam, Emporium.

Visible said...

nice try Tribe Satanist. I know better.

suk said...

Vis, I think you might be referring to Mr. Vatican at 5:53 diverting attention away from the true culprits.

Visible said...

No... so guy came around calling himself Khazar Iman and saying I served demons and other garbage, basically trying to insult and diminish me. That sort of thing never works.I'm long past being confused about who I work for.

the gardener said...

"it is only Satan's masters that have fooled us into believing we are here to learn lessons....we don't need disgusting demonic self destructing lessons...."

Thank you for this statement AwakenedLaurie... since when has pathological abuse been good for any 'learning lessons'... the only thing conceivably learned from encounters with the psychopaths is either avoidance or becoming like them to survive and it is just not possible for anyone souled to 'be like them'.

Keep on doing the 'shining the light' exercises. It works though not necessarily on our timings.

This is a very excellent example of what we can all expect to see much more of as normal people snap under the burden of working around pits of vipers.

"House stenographer scolds congress on: God, Jesus, Freemasons and the Constitution" (heh)

Even in her breakdown she had the governor on mentioning any other 'religions' lol

I have questioned how anyone could stand to be in the same room with any of the vipers. That ceiling is so high to accommodate all the demons packing in places like this.

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Evolutionary Moonwalkers on the Wheel of Obscenity



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