Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cheetos of the Mind Sector of the Universe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today, I want to start off giving an example of the kind of thing I have to go through around here (grin). Probably well over a hundred times, over the course of time, someone writes in asking me to do research for them. In the past, I would put the simple question in a search engine and instantly come up with whatever they asked me for. This got tiresome. It's not enough I work for free, relatively, or that all my ads are free, or that I answer several dozen emails every day but... I have to be someone's research assistant too. Then, when I politely inform this fellow that he can just go to a search engine, he gets nasty and insulting.

First I get this email; Hi Les, Fascinated by the Zeitgeist film. Tried sharing the video with family members and friends, but they want to deny it on the ground that he doesn't cite his sources. To a larger extent, this is the attack point for all critics of the blogosphere. Can you point me to some sources that will confirm Mr. Peter Joseph Mercola's assertions? Particularly on the Jesus/Horus Piscean Avatar info.I sense he is right. Now I want to get to primary historical documents (papyrus would be ideal)

Any help much appreciated.
Paul Cope

I reply; I have no idea where to send you but I would imagine you can find everything you need and more than you can read via any search engine. I've only seen the film once and that some years ago.



Then I get this; "Okay, but you're referencing a YouTube video that makes challenging assertions about the centrality of Jesus as some prime avatar, when he is in fact just one of many. You, Les, who have studied Chaldean writings and M Blavatsky can't give me one source? This is not a challenge. I am curious, I want sources  and I think you should point me to at least one source. Why? Because you post 4 blogs. You should know primary sources for what you claim or allude to, not just provide hyperlinks to some 
trashy article that supposedly proves your point that evil destroys itself because Mr. Apocalypse is whacking people upside the head. You oscillate between someone who has it together and some bloviating, Birkenstock-wearing hippie, ex-army brat. I'm certain though that you will live to be 106. The good die young.

Paul Cope

What makes this whole thing so ironic is that this arrogant and insufferable fool is asking about a spiritual matter. I now find it understandable why he can't find anything because it is a hard and inflexible fact that the truth and the higher mysteries are hidden from the eyes of the profane.

I haven't seen that film but once and it was near a decade ago. I don't keep an accordion file of everything that relates to everything I ever wrote. I hardly remember what I wrote shortly after I write it.

Another thing that happens around here is that anonymous is seriously jealous and upset that people say so many nice things about me. They rage and fume about this. It could be just one person, not that that matters. I don't solicit people to be affectionate toward me. I even purposely get a little cranky and curmudgeonly on occasion so that people will note that there are scratches on my CD. I'm going to cut that out as there doesn't seem to be a point to it anymore and I'm not like that generally anyway.

When you become a presence on the internet, due to some single action, like your dog does the Macarena, or... you get there by working every day for some years, you become a target. Some people think they own you, that you are another free resource and have no say as to how you serve or when.

I've been subject to all kinds of negative events since I got into this, sometimes it's been engineered over an extended time, just to put me in a situation where someone can fabricate a perspective on me about things that never even happened. When I offer proof that none of it happened, none of these people take me up on it. They WANT to believe the worst. Other times I have acted out in order to avoid getting deeper involved with certain people when I saw that they wanted to glom on to what I have and elevate themselves into a position that I refuse to occupy myself in the first place. Then, instead of simply telling the truth, they make up wild and impossible things about me that are absurd on the face of it. Why wouldn't they just stick with the truth? It would certainly have been enough.

My general state of being around here is that I get up and I say good morning to my friends, then I meditate, have a few cups of tea (thank you Jeff! Your email has disappeared) and go to work. This goes on until I head to bed with brief interruptions to eat and engage in some form of brief socializing. That's how it is every day. I don't spend my days getting high, as my uniformed critics like to believe. I don't drink, though I have occasionally and except for difficult circumstances, very moderately. I don't smoke. I don't do much. It's true that sometimes I like to ingest a comestible so I can see what's going on on the inner planes but that's not often. If anyone has any concrete proof otherwise be sure and make it visible. Since that's impossible we'll just move right along

I'm not here to live up to anyone's standards. I purposely have lowered mine on occasion in order to not be taken for something that a certain portion of the audience wants to label me as. This, on reflection turns out to have been a stupid move but I shudder to think of where I might be now if I hadn't done what I did.

It's impossible to please everyone and there's all kinds of resentment and laborious ego dancing going on out there. People want to be something, be important but refuse to put the work and sacrifice into it to get there. They want the instant, 'just add water', "I'm a Reiki master" thing. Also, the option of anonymous, allows mean spirited, small minded and generally impotent and frustrated individuals, the license and latitude to snarl and sneer with impunity. None of this has any appreciable effect on me so they're wasting their time but it all bears mentioning. I'm only concerned with approval from one source and that generally accounts for whatever similar returns I get elsewhere. You can't do this kind of thing if you're going to be knocked off center every time someone who wants to be in your position gets outraged that they're not. Anyone can be in this position, just do the work. Just do the work. Eventually the source will readily leap forth whenever summoned and the water will run clear, for the most part (grin).

Sometimes I wander around (not often) to other locations on the internet and study the comments being left by people on any number of things. I'm amazed at the amount of vicious commentary going on. A lot of it is also just uninformed opinion, masquerading as a legitimate read. I watch people tear down anyone and everyone. Some of the subjects are deserving of the effort and a visit to Madame de la Guillotine as well ...but some of these people, because they are noted for good works or public service, are the object of all kinds of smear campaigns, based not on any proven facts but rather on what someone said and that's used as if it were fact.

So much of all of this is ludicrous and should be embarrassing to the people engaged in it, were they not immune to embarrassment, so that everyone else can see it except for them.

I am not the reader's research machine but I do assure you that I have researched whatever I write about, recently or at some point in the past AND- if you are such a loser that you can't even work a search engine, you don't deserve to know anything. You need to migrate away from here and head over to the Cheetos of the Mind sector of the universe. If you are the sort of person who becomes outraged when your needs (demands) are not met, you can look forward to being perpetually in that state, given the planet you're on. If you are going to go around in a state of conflict with people you don't know and who are only barely aware that you are out there and that, only peripherally, you can expect your frustration to be a regular state of being in the future.

One of my favorite sayings from one of my favorite writers, Omar Khayyam, is "the dogs bark but the caravan moves on". If you don't have a body of work, it's likely you're not in a position to comment on someone who does. Critics are generally people who can't do what they criticize. This accounts for much concerning them. We all get our due, if not here, then somewhere further up, or down. History and the cosmos will eventually set the measure of any man or woman. Time will tell. I'm comfortable with that. Some of the most popular writers of their time are not remembered at all now. Others who got short shrift while they were around are giants presently. As much as The Tribe fools with history, there are some things they can't change. Those who are slavering to see me hammered or massively disgraced, can rest assured that I'll get what's coming to me either way. I have, in fact, been assured of that many times; probably to keep me marching into the teeth of the wind (grin).

I don't expect everyone to like me. I wouldn't be doing my job if they did. There are all kinds of weak, dishonest, duplicitous and craven individuals out there. There are some fine, true and noble sorts as well. Hopefully it is the later who appreciate my work. It appears to be so. Usually I average about one negative comment a month. As the tensions have gone up in the world- and they have- it's more like once a week now. That's still a fantastic percentage, given the amount of comments that come in each week.

These are very difficult times. It stands to reason there are some very difficult people around. Instead of working on themselves, these poor souls have allowed the force of materialism to amplify their arrogance and egotism to a ridiculous size and so they spend their existence like a huge zeppelin, bumping into everything around them. They are very uncomfortable with themselves, as they well should be but... they don't see the solution which should be obvious but it is never obvious when such shortcomings so completely block one's line of sight.

Well, this is something a little different and no doubt we've all got some position on the variants presented here. For now, this is where we step off.

End Transmission.......


Smyrna said...

I was going to ask you what a Birkenstock was Vis, but on the back of that post I didn't dare. (grin)

Turns out they are expensive sandals.
I prefer cheap rubber thongs anyway.

Visible said...

Heh heh, I've never had a pair of Birkenstocks in my life and he even got that wrong. It wasn't hippies who wore them but new agers and trust fund babies.

Ah well. Hey! I hear that Australians are the richest people, per captia, in the world. Congratulations!

Smyrna said...

It must be the flood of wealthy Chinese and Hong Kong-ites buying up the place that has skewed those statistics.

Anonymous said...

"Another thing that happens around here is that anonymous is seriously jealous and upset that people say so many nice things about me. They rage and fume about this. It could be just one person, not that that matters...also, the option of anonymous, allows mean spirited, small minded and generally impotent and frustrated individuals, the license and latitude to snarl and sneer with impunity."

Visible, you are not alone in your assertions there. The former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden recently stated, "The problem I have with the Internet is that it's anonymous" -

In my opinion, the right to anonymous Internet posting is a fundamental and absolutely critical human right (indeed, a vitally necessary one), in the age of the World Wide Web. It is tangentially sacrosanct to our 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th Amendment rights, for example, here in the United States of America. Reporters frequently quote anonymous sources, so as to protect their identities. Doctors frequently utilize the doctor/patient confidentiality agreement, (well, until Obamacare came along, anyway), to protect patients from harassment on a wide-ranging scale (lawyers do the same thing with their clients). Throw in the fact that there are innumerable, flat-out, murderous psychopaths out there - some of them ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, ex-wives or ex-husbands, not to mention demented people with personal axes to grind, from all walks of life - and the right to remain anonymous can actually be vital to one's health. The landscape of history is littered with the carcasses of people who spoke out against government and religious oppression - and did so using their real names.

Visible, you have often stated your disdain for anonymous posting (as have numerous other "regulars" at these blogs). I was wondering how your beliefs might differ from those of the former director of both the NSA and the CIA? It seems a bit curious to me, that your feelings on this subject appear to mirror Michael Hayden's, at least on the surface.

I'm sure you have a rational explanation for it, however, and I'm just not seeing it at the moment - which is why I'm asking for a little clarification. (No, I'm not asking you to do research, or any unnecessary work, I'm just asking you to clarify your stance a bit.)

Anonymous said...

three thumbs up . .

interestingly stupid never changes true...and actually one of the most difficult thing{s} on Earth is to get STOOOOPID people - male or female - to confront the FALSE ASSUMPTION that their so-called "Belief" system is based on...

for comments, as you say that is generally speaking...WHERE "IT'S" the moment.

I personally enjoy the "Jewish" narrative sites {just for fun} I always ask Bro. Nat and 'DesertPeace' when the - Children of Israel [12 tribes/company of nations] -
... turned into [Khazar/gog & magog] "Jews"...{leaven of the Pharisees}...Truth Haters.

or, better yet how a so-called "LAW" site always manages to avoid discussing the TALMUDIC "LAW" enforced on the "Jew" worshipping inhabitants on the north American landmass designated by cartographers {who pays them} as the "JEWNITED STATES"

orientation & attitude...

LOVE & mucho grande big Grins...



Visible said...

This is probably the tenth time I have explained this and the tenth time it will be ignored. I've got nothing against anonymous, I post them all day long. I am commenting on a type of personality, simply commenting on. You know quite well; what I mean and you've definitely heard it before. As for Hayden and me. If I say the sky is blue and he says the sky is blue then... I should say it's green?

Anyway, I use my name I'm not a coward, everyone else can do as they please and as for being anonymous, if they want to find out who you are that's a piece of cake.

william said...

Hi Vis, I have caught up with your latest posts and sympathize with your exposure to the negative mail. I marvel at people taking the liberty to inflict so much judgement characterized by the use in this persons message of the word should.

Cant figure what people think they are owed. Could it be that they never wanted to be here, got suckered into signing a bad contract and now the world owes them something for their presence? Well guess what ladys and germs the privilege of your being doesnt change the fact you are here on the same ship as the rest of us , experiencing the human condition with all its uncertainties dissapointments... and opputunities!

It also could be Vis that you leave yourself open to the defication of others when you say as in your prior post, "I am annoyed at myself when I find my attention is not on the ineffable. I tell my self it should be more of an extended focus."

In a world of judgement never should on others and especially be sure to never should on yourself.
Something about not soiling your own bed seems to fit here.

Your attention to the ineffable has been a great source of inspiration for me and certainly many others. It is that source which helps me (us) to focus our attention more on the ineffable. It may have even been that attention you spoke of which allowed me to make this observation (grin).

I think in the end as in the beginning the only thing we have is this moment and if we can place our attention more on it the better we will fair in the long run, so I hunbley point this out.

As elite asswipes and Fukishima continue on their noble mission I think this will become even more understandable...but maybe not who the hell knows for sure.

cheers, will iam

Visible said...

Anonymous, if you want to play a sleazebag at home, please do. You can't play one here. Trying to tie me i with Hayden is B.S. I agreed to nothing and I certainly don't find anonymous the only problem on the internet. Anyway, I have a feeling you won't be coming around here anymore so that's sorted

Anonymous said...

Lord Visible, many of us are still wondering (I'm sure I can't be the only one here) how you got out from under that terrifying period of surveillance and harassment that you recently had to endure, at the hands of the Zio-ogres. I know you realize that you aren't the only person at these blogs of yours, who has had to endure it (or is currently enduring it). So, a little practical advice from your end, would really help out your readership here.

How did you do it? And what do you recommend in terms of getting out from under it successfully? Also, can you tell us exactly what happened there? Perhaps what happened to you is similar to what has happened, or is currently happening. to some of us? You are looked up to, as I'm sure you are aware, as somebody who speaks his mind and thumbs his nose at oppression, no matter the consequences. You are also looked up to as someone who is a highly spiritual being who is most definitely not a coward. So I know you will have no problem advising your readership on this matter, since it is critical to your readership's health, well-being, and personal safety. Thanks in advance, Prabhu.

Visible said...

I'm having lunch. I'll try to answer that later on.

Copernicus Kidd said...

I can tell this guy was trying a weak bait and switch on you just by the mention of Zeitgeist ... years back, a bunch of my associated truth seekers were all wowed by this internet flick and its Neo-Matrix type of veil pulling. There are three parts ... two on the obvious tricksies of 911 and central banking ... and then one on the falsity of Christianity. Back then, I found it compelling .. but after years of research I must say that it is disingenuous and "usual suspecty" to dig into 911 and the money supply ... only to tear into Christ .. but not that other religion that isn't really a religion at all ... so don't sweat it. And then some fool comes in to compare you to the Goy Gestapo Chief Bush Buddy. Brass balls in the snake pit, BIG brass balls ....

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:26

The problem with the obnoxious Anonymous cohort that posts on Viz's blogs is that they generally tend to be idiots in addition to being obnoxious and uncivil.


Anonymous said...

everyone has gone nuts! i love it!!!!

paul cone or whatever his name was...NUTA!

prabhu and his carefully worded plea for insight into saving his ass on the internet...NUTTA!

and vis is having lunch...i love it!

and i'm ANONYMOUS....i doubt it! i think i'm NUTS

Anonymous said...

Esteemed and Gentle Man...My research radar picked you up on around my third day of being online with a search engine. I was a "neggie" from day One [deputedly 4 24 44]. Or should I say my fluff detector has always shown me who the phonies are. Not to embarrass you with praise, but I have you at the top of my bookmarks and I am sure if I had your kind of balls I would probably be one of your favorites. Just know that this evolution in conscious conscience since ten years back is one part of scary and why I sometimes revert to anonymous even while knowing it aint. Very generous the way you reverse engineer the trolls and please stay strong. Chipster

Visible said...

I don't know who it was that came after me. All I know is there were SUV's and a visitor got freaked. Then Susanne went to Italy and some group crashed my computer, took it over and set about attempting to drive me crazy. It all stopped when they found out I wasn't who they thought I was.

Getting free of the threats and annoyances always relies on my invisible friends. They allow and disallow everything that happens to me. They throw the switch in either direction for whatever the purpose of demonstration is. I don't have much to do with it. I don't remember much about it now either. What I do remember is that it was pretty dangerous on occasion. Obviously I can't talk about it which is why I'm flopping about all over the place

Visible said...

The radio broadcast is up now.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time my Boss said to me: Hey Dude! How do you manage to make so many mistakes in a single day?
Easy,Boss, I replied without thinking. I get up early :-):-):-)

Visible said...

The force of dissension and opppositional divisiveness, between those who might ordinarily be allies is at or near it's highest level. Many are buckling beneath the pressure and turning into travesties of themselves, descending into and dissolving in petty confrontations and childish behavior of all sorts.

Those who are remaining strong in the face of this are aware of what is happening and are not allowing themselves to be driven down into the mosh pit of conflict and confusion. God help all in these times. Some number are blessed with invisible friends who strengthen them in their hour of need. Everyone has at least one somewhere if they would only send out the appeal. Failing that, one is left to rely on their own resources. That's not promising.

Visible said...

Imagine my shock and surprise.

Visible said...

A spot on commentary from Michael Rivero;

The Fifth Estate, which cost an estimated $30 million (£18.5 million) to make, took an estimated $1.7 million (£1 million) from 1,769 cinemas around America - the worst opening weekend for any major film released in 2013.

Even Movie 43, the critically-panned ensemble comedy by the director Peter Farrelly grossed $4.8 million in its opening weekend in January.

Opening weekends tend to be more a measure of public acceptance of the film's topic, whereas followup weekends reflect more the merits of the film itself.

In this case, it may be that a lot of people have come to the same conclusion about Julian Assange and Wikileaks that I did; that he was a wholly manufactured propaganda fraud, promoted by the corporate media as the "go to" place for whistle blowers, to head said whistle blowers off before they got to other bloggers with a real track record.

What made me suspicious about Assange from day one was the fact that just three months after he registered the domain Wikileaks, and before he had leaked anything at all of any significance, we made the covers of TIME and NEWSWEEK. Then there was the way that Assange tried to take credit for the Climategate leaks even though they had been on a Russian blog first. There was that odd incident where Assange announced he had some very damaging material against Bank of America, that would be released some weeks after the announcement (always a dangerous thing to do if one holds secrets worth killing to keep hidden). The weeks passed and suddenly Assange claimed the information on Bank of America had been "lost", and Julian Assange, although supposedly supported by private donation, suddenly had a surplus of cash and was flying around the world living a jet-set life, including sex scandals that only amplified his name in the tabloids. Whistleblower website ... or perhaps an extortion racket? Finally, there is the fact that not once in its operation has Wikileaks ever released anything damaging regarding Israel!

Now being from the film industry, I hate to see any film flop, and feel sorry for anyone who did the film on a back-end deal.

But hopefully the Wikileaks flash-in-the-pan is over, and blogs that have been doing the real work for decades will start to regain the public focus.

Dan said...

I just completed reading "There is a river." the story of Edgar Cayce and I believe you linked it in one of your posts. The book was very interesting and really left me with a different perspective that I am still trying to wrap my head around on religion, reincarnation, and the possibilities of the human minds' ability of the sub-conscience. thanks for the link if it was you!

Anonymous said...

Saw a great saying on a T-shirt the other day - "It's not how GOOD you are - it's how BAD you want it."

Visible said...

I might have linked to Cayce some time ago. I know I have recommended him. He's an interesting study.

the gardener said...

RE: Vis' imagine my surprise link-that was from an article written in 2002! with all sorts of sordid articles from now-2013-linked to the right of it extolling 'everyone to turn anyone blah blah blah in'...

ELEVEN years from that huge bust of:cops, teachers, social workers etc and with so much more info on the many children abused by these same sets of monsters and higher aboves... you'd think we'd be a little bit better along the child rape/abuse discovery and prosecution but we're not!

It has just become familiar to our senses now that mass abuse of mass children often by the ones closest to them in their lives does happen and worse.

RE: Dan and There is a River that was one book which any time I found it in old book stores I'd buy the copies and give them out to people interested in such matters.

I was glad to know a friend who had had a life reading done by Cayce in the 30s. He was very well known and very popular as he long distance healed many people of many maladies.

His secretary, Gladys, retired to the town I spent my teenaged years in and I regret not knowing that until long after she had passed on as I would definitely have loved meeting her.

A very humble man was he and his research group A.R.E. is still working away. His youngest son just passed last year I believe it was. I've known several members of A.R.E. over the years and I've used many of his healing treatments myself-like his 'Castor Oil pack' and recommend them to everyone.

Cayce called Castor Oil the "Palma Christi" a gift from Christ to heal all conditions and I had a small old pamphlet book of his telling the various things to do with that gift from Christ. :)

It might be a good idea to get some pure Castor Oil and rub it onto our throats and heart/lung areas with the intent of 'the gift of Christ healing any maladies caused by the radiation of Fukushima' (just thought of that one).

the gardener

PS-one of Vis' links to that hideous monster man Jim 'fix it' had a list of the pretty outrageous awards he had received from everyone from the queen to the vatican. What was that being...really?

the gardener said...

hahahaha from Max Keiser's site funny art LoL at the freaks takes a great load off of our hearts.

the gardener

saw that one with faux obama doing a miley on the wrecking ball too-that one cracked me up. Makes me proud to be a human with the humor availed to us. pssssst psychopaths do not like to be made fun of... pass it on...

Anonymous said...

I didn't post anonymously. I emailed you using my own name. How is that Anonymous?

Visible said...

That's irrelevant and has nothing to do with anything. It's quite clear that the point is the way you were talking to me and the insults when I didn't hop to for your Lord of the Manor thing.

PC...heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Dear vis,
I hope lunch went down ok.
Those cheeky bastards are enough to give you heartburn.
Ive done some research and its an idea to keep a lock on your cutlery drawer due to the clandestine nature of the intelligence services remote viewers. Fucking twats have bent all my spoons.
On a lighter note Ive paid me tv licence up to date so I dont need to worry about the tv detector van hanging around.
Have a pleasant evening,

Eudoxia said...

Not sure about the comment Australians are the richest per capita of any country. All you need do is take a walk down any street in any capitol city to see that the wealthy are restricted to certain areas and the rest are well, in the rest. We might make more than say the Americans salary wise but Australia is,the most expensive place to live in and just like America, the wealth of those who had any to begin with is being transferred out to the 1% as per the usual blue print. A packet of cigeretts here if you happen to smoke, costs approx $20 per pack of 30. A loaf of bread costs anywhere between $3.00 to $5.00 plus. A bottle of Ketchup (just tomato sauce here) is, depending on size and brand $2.50> I have not seen any grocery item less than $1 for years now unless it's a packet of two minute noodles or something of similar nutrient deficient crap. If this tyranny continues for much longer we are going to be seeing a few Detroits in Oz. Also, like any other so called first world countries, all our industries are being off shored. Unemployment is rampant, the government lies about the stats. What else is new huh? Oh yes, what really does it for us though is the outrageous amount of tax we pay here, if you do make any money at all it's taxed out of existence but that's just the wealth transfer thing.

Oh Yes the Julian Assange business, when he got MSM attention that did it for me. And yea nowhere in his leaks did the general opinion on Iran appear to change, all his leaks enforced the opinion that Iran must be stopped from obtaining a nuclear weapon at all costs bla, bla, bla and bla.....pfft.

One thing though I can happily say about the anonymous shills out there. They have a set MO, it's so obvious it sticks out like dogs balls. They never have a sound argument, they only know how to attack not defend similar to politicians. They are in general vicious, rude and use sweeping statements which show their total ignorance of the points they are attacking. Nobody should bother wasting their time and energy in responding to these idiots, although from time to time it's tempting. In saying that I'm not suggesting that all who take an anonymous tag are shills, they may have other reasons, I'm simply referring to the shills out there. I do have a theory on this which I'm sure many here would agree and it is this. A high functioning person would not take a job or rigid opinion as they do. Therefore, these jobs and opinions are only taken by low functioning, spiritually bankrupt individuals who only seek to dominate and turn another to their point of view and or taint the other's point of view. Much like narcissists, they have no desire for truth or reality, this must be attacked at all costs. They can only berate and tear down others. They can't elevate their own status on status alone as they don't have any. Jack Nicholson's character depicts in well in whatever that movie was called when he said "You can't handle the truth" well they can't it imbalances their already imbalanced equilibrium even further, it sends them off into a tail spin of hostility. They just become more defensive and more unreasonable. No amount of sound, logical reasoning works with these people. It's like trying to explain color and hue to a blind man. Sad state of affairs really.

Peace All..........

David Fiske said...

'It is not how good you are but how bad you want it."
T shirt quote

However Maharishi said "Deserve then desire."
So maybe get the deserving done and then desire greatly. I'm talking of desiring Spirit of course not cash etc.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you're getting a strong signal. That means that now you know why some have engineered themselves with encryption. You also know why there are no secrets on this planet.

Anyone who values their worth upon opinions of others if sentenced to failure. It's a weakness to be exploited and, more often than not, it is.

Not much can be done about it right now, except to accept the fact and move along, muddling through the swamp until you reach a firmer ground.

Lee said...

Mr. Visible. I understand your feelings when somebody asks you to research something they can do by themselves.
Don't you just hate it when you help someone, they turn around and stab you in the back?

You know, sometimes I have had my doubts about you, but here I am coming back to read your blogs.

I just saw the video, "Jesus Jerky On A Gone Dead American Train". I saw the title and knew it had to be yours. I saw it and I am amazed at the impact it made on me.

Perhaps I am one of those people who have to see and hear the spoken word. It just made a lot of sense.

I know you can't be someone's personal spiritual guide. You have said the many times before. But,people want that "Instant Visible" or "Visible In A Box" experience. Now that's marketing plan if you don't mind me saying so.

I realized with all the things you have gone through, you are one tough cookie.

Here is something that hit me like a ton of bricks today. "He Turned The Water Into Wine". It's a bible verse and lyrics from a Johnny Cash song when he went to the Holy Land.

I wanted to share that with you. It has a symbolic and spiritual meaning there, some how.

P.S. On this day,October 21st 2002, I had a serious injury to my hand/arm and nearly lost it. It's a miracle I can type and play the guitar again, not like I used to.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Lizard Tongued Chomsky's and those Expensive Tolle Booths.

Visible said...

Poor Paul Cope has morphed into a ten year old kid, creating identities all over the place, pretending to be from different countries. Man! when you don't knuckle under to imperialists they go batshit.

Anonymous said...

Les, people like that will zap your energy and if you let it bother you that much, shorten your lifespan.

Stay focused and use your energy doing what you do best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

What people say about others is more indicative of who they are than the person they are mentioning! I get you Vis because I am on the same path. What I notice is that people who don't see reality for what it really is are always attacking the speaker instead of trying to descredit what is said. This is a common political ploy to undermine the speaker, because they can't undermine their work!

The comment by the individual in your post is very telling, he is a total dick! I like the fact that you don't take yourself too seriously Vis because this is the true meaning of eating unleavened bread to make sure your ego does not puff up.

The fact is Vis that it doesn't matter what others say or think about us it only matters what one thinks about oneself. I for one love who I am, and that is not to say that there is not plenty of room for improvement, but that is why I am here :o). The less judgemental one is in respect to others the easier they are on themselves. This is why Jesus told us not to judge others like the Pharisees did, and still do in our courts! Each of us has a witness within and that witness shall judge us using the same yardstick we apply to others.

Maybe one day all these agro critics will realise good thoughts, good words, and good deeds are the path to peace, satisfaction, consideration, forgiveness and love, and then they will be on the path to home ;o).

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Stop Living in the Crotch Pouch of the Central Banker's Underwear



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