Wednesday, March 27, 2024

"Timing is The Difference between Wow... and Oops! Perfect Timing is Motionless but that Feature is Impossible to Explain."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It seems that we have entered the next phase of The Action, and that dance of forms that comes out of nothing we can see... moves to and fro through what we can see, and then departs again into what we cannot see... has now... transported itself into the prelude... that leads to The Time of Signs and Wonders.

The whole of the events... of manifest life... are no more than changes in The Weather. Unless one's attention is focused upon rising above those conditions... one remains in those conditions; sometimes it is clement, and sometimes it is inclement, and then... on occasion, it becomes like the times of Pope Clement, and that would define itself as living in interesting times... devoid of the luck... that did not exist... in the first place.

History delights me... most especially when viewed... in a detached fashion... from a distance.

I am not so fond of many aspects of history, BUT... the way it can teach those... who are attentive... is a marvel for the performance of precognition. Of course, it's easy to predict something when it keeps happening over and over again. The single... key... ingredient... as it is in all things... is timing,

Timing is the difference between Wow... and Oops! Perfect timing is motionless but that feature is impossible to explain. You just have to get that on your own. I'm told that meditating on the nature of the condition of timing will bring insight. However... I am told that meditating on ANYTHING will bring insight into that which you meditate on.

Things are not what you think they are, especially if you think things are what someone else told you they were. Here are some quotes by Eliphas Levi.

Note... most importantly... the one on Lucifer. Here are some more involved quotes from his book, Transcendental Magic.

And who said; All Magic is in The Will? And who said; Concentration is the secret of the magical art? I thought it was Levi... yet I don't see it. I didn't look really hard, BUT... I could find neither one in the search engines. Did I say it? Yes... of course, I have said these many times because I find them to be true, BUT... they did not originate with me.

Levi also said about The Tarot; “An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequaled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.” Now that... without someone even understanding what he meant; I would bet that would sound profound.

Let us consider what he said about Lucifer; “What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the Paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism.” Hmm... how about that? That should separate the men from the boys, though... you need to use a crowbar to do that if you are in Hollywood.

Here we are on the doorstep of Easter too, and you should ask yourself; what does it all mean? Really? Do you really know what you think you know? Do you know anything at all? Really?

Most of humanity is kept below a certain level of understanding. On the one hand... they are kept in the dark by the people who seek to rule over them. From another perspective... certain truths are hidden from them because they wouldn't be able to handle them in present time. Wisdom must be earned through endless disappointments; I said that. (grin)

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to convince yourself that you know something you were told by someone else OR... that you figure must be true, but you have not tested it out. You are at the portal of wisdom... the entryway... when you have come to understand how very ignorant you are. Ow! Darn it! My pneumatism seems to be acting up again.

Evil and Good. Good and Evil; which is which... eh? Certainly what is happening in Gaza is evil. What the banks do is evil. Are they a necessary evil? What about the connection between the bankers and the people committing genocide in Gaza? Hmm...

Whatever good or evil there is... is first in The Mind. That is where it all comes from... that is the source point that engineers the appearance of forms in The World. Why... one might say that appearances are what is evil. They are certainly a lie. Because everything that exists on The Visible Plane comes from The Invisible Plane... it is very hard to know... sometimes... why conditions are what they are in The World.

The Visible Plane does not take into consideration the reality of Reincarnation or Karma. People toss those terms around in certain circles, and... they have an arbitrary, and... sometimes unconscious meaning depending on who is giving them meaning... and in what context.

What does that line in The Lord's Prayer mean; Lead us not into temptation? It is a prayer authored by Jesus The Christ. It is a prayer directed at his Heavenly Father. It seems to imply that God the Father might be one who leads us into temptation. I'm sure that fundies and pundits can explain this in great detail. After all... they are the experts... aren't they?

I'm guessing that the one that gets us into the shit, is the same one that gets us out of the shit and that it is a matter of choice... directed by appetite and desire... that causes us to operate on the planes where those desires and appetites exist. Certain things happen in one section of town, and other things happen in another part of town. In reality... almost everything happens in any part of town at some time. You just don't see it as much in the areas not designated for it. They tend to try to keep it out of your sight in certain locations.

This is... maybe... because certain groups of people have taken it upon themselves to define what is good and what is evil... eh?

Yeah... Mr. Apocalypse can AND DOES make it difficult for those who are used to being able to hide the other side of their face. Times like these... those for whom evil is their chosen vocation... tend to get real nervous. Good! I hope they get jumped right out of their shoes, AND... they will be. Count on that.

I'm not here to tell you that some persona you always thought was evil is actually one of The Good Guys. I'm here to tell you that every archetype has a job to do, and you might not always know what that job entails. If you operate according to what someone else told you... or you read it in a book where...someone intended... to get you to accept something... at face value... you know... according to the appearance of it, well... maybe you might want to meditate on that.

Anybody can argue about anything, and they do. It's your fault if you stand around listening to them, and even more your fault if you contend with them. People who like to argue are living proof that they don't know what they are talking about. Running around saying God is Love is rather limiting. Yes... that is how God expresses on this plane, and The Sun is the living evidence of his presence, BUT... Love as it is commonly understood is not Love at all or... one might say it is what passes for love at that level of understanding.

Evil operates within certain parameters in The Mind. Evil is doing something the wrong way. It comes out of wrong thinking. As soon as one stops doing something the wrong way... they are in a position to do it the right way. This is why forgiveness is such a critical possession for those who wish to continue in a correct relationship with everything else. A lot of the time... Evil is ignorance in action. You have nothing to fear from any of these things... unless you do.

You are about to see a whole lot of Holy Shit and WTF... starting any time now. Probably it has already started, but... is only just coming into view now. God is real. That is what I know. Everything else is just an opinion based on a perspective, which is always changing, just the way The World keeps turning and continuing to attract or repel you... unless you are in that motionless state that is what gets everything done. Therein lies the meanings of action and inaction.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

hehehehe Trumps got the Ark of the covenant ... replica... :P

Can't be to long before all the nazis faces melt off...


Dude said...

Yes. Be still and know, I am God.

Let it be said, THE DUDE answered your prayers. Thank you again.

The Grand Rising of the new day. I'm leaving the mountain to a new place.

A place with over 100 horses run and a place of over 100 weddings a year. I'm actually moving into the very building where over a hundred brides dressed in white pass through on their wedding day. Its next to a lake called good and close to the ocean beach called win. A very popular wedding venue as well as a horse ranch.

What a terrific opportunity to pray for others.

It kinda reminds me of what you do around here LV. Shovel horse shit and Make love.

My relocation all happened very very quick like and in sequence. I recieved a call found out about the Ranch. The next day got relieved a call, got a job close to the ranch. Packed my shit in 2 hours and I'm out the door,

The snap of a finger and lickety split.

In completely different environment. Everything differnt. Elevation, temperature, humidity, everything changed in very short period.

After spending a year moving spirit and light, within a living expression of the Chariot of God, right before the eclipse,

I relocate to a parade of brides, encompassing love, the uniting of souls and families. The ritual of Heaven and Earth. The Sun being the Groom and the Bride being the Moon.

Consider it done you said not once but twice. And it happend in two days.

While the rest of the world does what it does. And that is not my concern.

The course is set, the ship will follow.

My fondest memory on the mountain is,

you ever seen an ice crystal rainbow before? I had never seen one. Only rainbows made out of water. Up on The Mountain the wind ferocious at times. On rare occasion so i wa told the wind will whirl up the ice crystals toward the sky. Creating an ice crystals rainbow. I saw one. It was coolest things I'd ever seen.

About a month ago I got out of my work truck and walking. The wind begain to whirl around me and it was almost as if time slowed to a crawl. I was caught in the moment. It was like standing in the center of the milky way galaxy. Millions of little flashing orbs of white, red, blue, green and yellow whirled around me. It seemed as if i was standing there for an eternity. But it was only for a few moments.

A co worker yelled, Hey you were standing inside a rainbow!!!!! I said I know. Sooo cool.

I had never heard of anyone ever standing in a Rainbow before. Ever. It was so unbelievably wonderful.

I looked it up. And found out it's an actual thing. Tibetan thing. Called The rainbow body. But these Tibetan dudes vanish into light. I thought oh shit. I hope I don't turn into a being of light. There is still alot of stuff I wanna do.

The Tibetan monk dudes call it The Crystal and the Way of Light. Pretty tripy.

Yes, good Friday and the two thieves. The Earth quake and the curtain torn in two. The Day that Jesus died for the sins of many.

You know the difference between Jesus and Licifer right? Lucien was called the morning star. Jesus was called the Bright Morning Star. The Bright morning star is the sun and the other morning star is Venus.

I thought you would like to know, your prayers for me were answered.

You said,

Consider it done.

Consider it done.

And done it was. Not once. But twice.

Anyway it's time for me to fade into the background. I have weddings to attend, filled with laughter, dancing and love. How cool. I'm excited about the next chapter of my life. New ip address, new address, new number and new all that.

I may stop by at some point in the future to say hi. The world does what it does. I'm going to do what I do.

I Am Stridercus said...

Those are some great quotes LV but I don't know about the abomination one, maybe if it was done to the forces of evil or is that good? (grin)
@ Nobody, Trump is selling a $60 bible with Lee Greenwood to make America pray again.
(Not the Mystery Babylon Be)
We love a good spectacle no matter how fake it is in former USA.
Isn't Love forgiveness?
Look how God always forgives us no matter how many times we F' up, that is beautiful and Love.
I'm one of those get all worked up and then forget about ten minutes later and Thank God for that.
There is no helping the worldlings and those who sold their souls for materialism, may they enjoy it to the fullest.
Springtime thoughts of Love are much better than divide and conquer hate or letting two old angry politicians live in your valuable head space rent free.
Keep calm and stride on and may your timing always be right on.

Wedding Dude said...

I dont call good evil and evil good.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I am A Man of God. The Good.

Light doesnt contend with darkness. Light just shines.

I once met a man who said i am an Osini. luciferian bloodline elite. I said cool. Im a sinner saved by Grace. He laughed and said if i was Satan? Id kill you. I said listen osini hoodini, you might wanna let that go.

Another person told me he died 2 weeks later.

I dont by into others hype. I dont buy into my own hype or anyones claim of who i am. Or who im not.

I just a dude. I make no claims about myself. I let THE DUDE make the claims about me.

Jesus came to save the sinner. In grateful for that. I too have had 12 NDEs. Some thinks that a bit excesssive. I think, well Death stakes his claim and i just keep on living.

Lucifer came to shine his light the sin to the siner.

I keep thinking. 8.8 eq. Maybe in jackson hole, where 8 left the sun coin on top of the moon.

I am about to completely change scenes. Car is ready to roll. Okay cool. Thanks DUDE.

100s of horses and a parade brides all dressed in white it is.

We will see of the world, follows suit.

Until we meet again LV.

One Voice
One Love.

Cowboy up!

Dude said...

Ha! I had to stop and take a pee test for my new job. The bank across the street is called Zions bank. Next to it sits a pawn shop. The place I had to stop and do my UA is called Grace Plaza.


Somehow being on this side of the street verses the other side. Seems so meaningful. It's like everything.


You can't even make this shit up. Its so amazing. THE DUDE has Jokes.


0 said...

"@ Nobody, Trump is selling a $60 bible with Lee Greenwood to make America pray again.
(Not the Mystery Babylon Be)
We love a good spectacle no matter how fake it is in former USA."

Yeah I saw that... what a joke. The ones who have faith and pray ain't the ones blowing 60 bucks on a novelty bible.

Does God Forgive us? we still get the consequences... :) Fairs fair. Besides without consequences who would finally understand Why they suffer?

If I'm not doing my day job stuck in front of the computer, none of this continues in my awareness until the next day comes and I'm back observing/working. What happens here matters to me only in regards to what future life awaits my kids... thats Love. If I need to take some action to try to nudge their futures onto a different course, I do, tho mostly I watch and observe and try to stay out of the way.

I hope we have accountability instead of a revolution, but I'm prepared either way.

I'm in the path of the april8th eclipse north of DFW, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Will have to see if fulfords right about DEW being prevented or if its allowed to happen so they can set precedence that "we're in a time of chaos where solar events have direct surface consequences... " and they game everyone to think its a solar cme doing the diddle, versus orbital DEW platforms using raytheon multi-spectral targeting from aircraft local to the event.

Chop chopinski. ... oh and its not my timing... makes it so its always right on time. :)


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Some Step Out of The Rushing Torrent of Mortality and Remain Corporate... Some Embrace The Temporary Death."

Anonymous said...

Dude from wherever. Your schtick is tiring and megalomaniacal in a devious though transparent way. You're someone who constantly claims to be leaving and you never do. This is not a stupid place. Stupid people do not come here. That means your little song and dance gets old around the first time anyone sees it and goes downhill from there. I'm only speaking what everyone else is thinking.

From The Peter who paid Paul.

Chillease said...

Ruby Franke has pole axed people in the Mormon Church recently. The Lori Vallo and Richins cases of psycho women in majority Mormon Utah. These women, well, 2 of them seemed to be Mormons in good standing and then went on to commit horrible crimes against family members after "receiving" inspiration from God. I left the Mormon church but took Jesus with me some time ago. A lot of Mormons now are wrestling with the literal connection of Connexion's connection to the church. The story of the worst evil is something I think most Mormons are grappling with. Anyway, here it is: Liz

Anonymous said...

Sau -> in german.

I get it. You get it.

Im 100%. German. Living in the land of milk and honey.

From the mountain to the beach. In very short period time.

Its the difference between the child in me saying Holy Wow! Is this real? Me??? and actuaklization of the omn8presce of THE DUDE within Oscolating back and forth.

Just keeping it real.

Happy Easter Vis.

Jesus predicted his death and resurection time and time again.


He is risin.

So i say, about my future.

I wont be back.

Oh a bumble bee just landed on me. ;)



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