Friday, March 22, 2024

They Are So Stupid that They Cannot See that They Are on a Leash and Being Toilet-Trained by a Stool Sculpture Banker."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It seems like Black People got the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome I have ever seen. They got brought over to this country by a... specific... group... of... people... who were slave trading round The World. When they got unenslaved later on, these same people became their slumlords and pawnbrokers.

These are the same people who ripped off all their musical royalties. Seagram had a special division to put their lights out. The Sassoon Dynasty made sure to get around to them too, once they were done with The Chinese; also suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

They manipulate these people shamelessly, and... almost none of them say anything except for Minister Farrakhan. They see themselves as The Organ Grinders... as the puppeteers. They are dedicated to taking everything of beauty and trampling it in the dust.

Kanye... who is one of the stupidest and least talented people I have seen in a long time, was used by these people to dumb down the populace, and they made him filthy rich... so that they could set him up and shut him down, to show their power... because people like Ice Cube, and others... were getting restless about the theft, and... the undeniable backstory that Mr. Apocalypse was making known far and wide, all... of... a... sudden.

Now we got The Plug-Ugly Sisters; Letitia James and Fanny Willis... who are the property of George Soros, just as if he had put a brand on their asses. They have proven to be so stupid that they cannot see they are on a leash and being toilet-trained by a stool sculpture banker. Both of them attended the No I Kant Spell Jurassprudance School of Law in Belize. (I think)

Slavery is still a real thing, only now it is a slavery of The Mind and Desire Body, through the medium of The Carnal Nature.

These law-hookers in The Soros Meat Market are riding high and mighty now... getting paid back for all that slavery that The White Man done did to them, and THEY CAN'T SEEM TO SEE what really happened. They just can't or won't.

Very few white men owned slaves, but the group of people who did own them, and brought them to these and other shores, AND STILL OWN AND CONTROL THEM are... according to them... not white at all. In fact, they are the biggest chorus line for Kill Whitey on the planet. One need only look at The Frankfurt School and Kalergi Plan.

These people aren't what they claim to be, to begin with. They are a very similar life form to HIV that masquerades as something else but... is a lot more fatal. It turns out that not only are they not who they say they are... they are presently exterminating the people who are who they say they are. Is this irony or what!!!

The most beautiful thing that Mr. Apocalypse has done is to set up their downfall... presently in progress. No one is going to stop it. It's been a long time coming. The Lord of Light is coming in the wide skies of The Hive Mind. He is tunneling through the darkness and cleansing the hidden places where evil dwells. He is coming into The Heart of Humanity, AND NOTHING!!! NOTHING can stand against him. Not now... not ever.

All across the country... the vampire banker clan... of which George Soros is a leading darkness... has taken control of Black Culture and reduced it to its most primitive expressions. There are no more soulful ballads... no more getting along with other races... no more dignity of being... now it is all street-twerking to the soundtrack of WAP. You don't agree? What? Did you put out your own eyes?

This never ends well. When a people allow themselves to be controlled by demonic forces... wielded by The Offspring of Satan... you can already see thousands of buses revving up for them to be thrown under. When observably white people start directing people who are not white... to kill everyone who is white... it won't be long before The Law of Return... The Law of Cause and Effect... comes back on them with surprising force.

How is it that for these last few hundred years they have not seen what The Usual Suspects have been doing to them? The name entertainers are owned by them. The sport's figures are controlled by them. The black politicians, lawyers, and doctors answer to them, or... they will experience the consequences of their refusal.

Now these same monsters are flooding the country... with soon-to-be gangster armies... that are going to be stealing the welfare state from the resident underclass. War in the cities is a certainty. However... they believe if they can set them at each other's throats... their control will continue uninterrupted.

Here is how they get it done. They take control of The Money Supply in a country and create a debtor nation... through usury... while extending interest-free loans to themselves, and their kinfolk. It is a matter of mathematical certainty that they will... eventually... gain control of the economy of any country they slithered into.

For a very long time, The World... as it existed in various countries... was administered by royal families... who could react to internal threats... without having to convince a bought-off parliament to go along with their own best interests BECAUSE... the parliament was already owned by these usurers.

Why does no one do anything about Gazacide? Why is the extermination of The Palestinians permitted, at the behest of the Zionist Ersatz Israel movement... which is a juggernaut putsch... toward some metaphorical Tigris to The Euphrates in their dreams of empire? It is because anyone who could object is also owned by them, either through debt or... fear of exposure... due to blackmail... conceived through The Honey-Pot Industry.

The Material World is a Chinese handcuff complexity. It's like a roach motel. The roaches move in, and... they don't move out. The giant wheels of The Economy turn because of a specific lubrication... without which they do not turn or soon freeze up. You gots to have the oil... the grease. That grease is MONEY. No sane person would involve himself in something that... inevitably turns into a concentration camp... that is the end result. Free enterprise always resolves into tyranny... once the organization gets tight enough.

However... few of us are sane in Times of Material Darkness. It's a kind of fascination... yeah? ♫ It was fascination, I know, And it might have ended right then, at the start ♫ But it didn't. It went on and it got viscous and sticky, and then... well... see for yourself.

A whole lot of people got duped into believing that everything they ever dreamed of, could... be... found... here. That's a lie. It cannot, BUT? Better luck next time, and eventually you do get whatever it is, and it starts to melt... like ice cream on a hot day, only... it's not The Sun that is causing it to melt. It is Time, and then... it's gone and you have to start all over again, and people do... people do. Then there is the press of the crowds and the howls of the winners. It's like Loser's Night at The Casino. It's always Loser's Night at The Casino.

The people running The Casino work for The Great Horned Owl. It's a family business. They don't like outsiders, but... you can convert, all you got to do is... pervert your nobler instincts, and it won't be long before you do something really bad, and arrangements have to be made to keep it... a secret. Don't worry... you're in the club now. You might not even mind your turn in the barrel. People that stupid usually don't.

Well... life is a mystery. It works according to laws that are... for the most part... poorly understood or... completely invisible to the players on the court. However... these laws are immutable. Their operations are fixed... like the constellations in the skies... from which these laws, and the order that they bring... radiate down upon us, and... within us.

Sooner or later a time of judgment comes. Sooner or later the scales appear in mid-air, and... adjustments are made. Portals open and close. Personifications of God appear and walk The Earth. It is a time of momentous change, and... magic too. A golden age... usually... commences immediately in the aftermath, and people soon forget about all those moments of What The Hell Was That?

Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

My BFF said something recently that made me smile: "If they wanted something done, it would be done." This truism can be applied anywhere to anything.

Your comment about "Why does no one do anything about Gazacide?..." directly relates to a few articles I've read recently.

No 'Clear Message of Peace': Russia, China, and Algeria Vote Down US Gaza Resolution (aka The slithering hand of Zionism is wanking governments world-wide.)

While the rest of the world’s governments and “philanthropic” organizations stand around debating (wanking) whether or not Israel is committing genocide, chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen, made the first maritime delivery of food to Gaza.

Meanwhile, UNICEF stated that Israel has killed over 13,000 children in Gaza.

Furthermore, here in the US They’ve all bedded down with SATAN.

They (the Usual Suspects, Khazarian Mafia, ad nauseam) won't allow any resolutions TO ANYTHING that do not work in their favor. Fuck them and fuck that.

And if that makes me a "racist piece of fucking shit" (as one douche bag recently labeled me), SO BE IT.

Blessings to all except you-know-who.

Anonymous said...

‘’Time will tell and we shall see”.
Oh dear Visible I admire your optimism and faith.
We don’t have time , it’s now or never, The communists are winning , the people are pretty much asleep or maybe it’s because they have no leader. Whatever, the time is upon us now . Horrors are expanding exponentially . Your prophetic words over the past have proven true. I hope you're right this time as well. The Avatar hopefully will arrive sooner then later because if not, the good and just will suffer the same fate , the same slaughter as the evil ones and the sheep.
Godspeed to all as our country and the western world heads toward complete collapse

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just being in the Physical Realm is slavery. You're a slave to your own body, and everything else is slavery by degrees. Every obligation is slavery. Every moment you HAVE to do something is slavery.

As for being under the dominion of others, everyone forgets the Irish, and the poor of the UK who were kidnapped and put on the ships. The Irish were lower than the blacks in those days. If the working conditions in the weather didn't kill 'em, they were more uppity, and more likely to run away or fight back, so they were the bottom of the barrel. That isn't taught in schools. Or the fact that it was the honky-gringo-cracker who TRIED to end slavery. Hey! It's still going on. It's just not talked about in the MSM, or it's called something else. What's an unpaid intern?

Oh, and then there was Rome. They didn't care what you were. They had slaves of all nations they conquered. And I'm under the impression the u.s. is the last vestige of Rome. A cuntry I hate as much as Khazaria. I wish both Russia and Alaric did a better job when they had a chance.

Oh, well.

Now, all I can do is kick this place in the face by not being there. Being as useless to what is, as possible. Doing the bare minimum to get by. Being a liability from inaction. Costing calipornia $15,000 a year for covered calipornia which I refuse to use. Man, those zero dollar Kaiser bills sure make good shopping list paper. Going against every stupid social trend there is, and then some. So BLLLPPPPPHHHHHTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude said...

You mentioned this. "I may point out (even though it is not possible to give more than a hint) that the force of the Cosmic Transferer [one of the names of the Avatar] is being called into activity by the transference during this cycle [of 2500 years] of a special group of highly advanced units of the human and deva kingdoms (members of the occult Hierarchy) to another scheme altogether.”.......

He's talking about some of us being transported to another location. I've heard about this for a long time. Some will stay, and some will go. The ones who stay are the ones who feel they still have business to conduct here. The ones who go are done with all that nonsense. I don't doubt this happening... not even a little bit. Some who might have gone will choose to stay... in order to help the ones who are left behind. It's always that way........"

I been thinking about that long before I read that, what you said above.

I think I'm participating in activating or bring about what you wrote in the quote above, "about some of us being transported to another location.

They say the 4th world ends those who been vaccinated will remain there for a full cycle. And those who weren't. Will enter the 5th world. Everyone was given a choice. And a choice was made. The souls who chose not to be vaccinations will advance to the new world. That this has been going on for eons.

That could be bullsh8t too. I don't know. I been thinking the same thing. I know the Cosmic Clock is in motion and that I'm synchronized with it, and I can't be the only one moving in the same motions. There has to be others also in motion to Ush8r in this new thing.

And that all the stupid shit the evil bastards are doing is working to the good guys advantage. The evil bastards are doing the Great will of the Cosmic Wheel to the advantageof the Good guys and they don't even know it.

It's happening. It really is.

I think you are right. We are being transported to a new location.

Funny thing is. I have had many people say to me, "we're all just along for the ride. We aren't driving the bus. God knows where we are going Just lick your own windows and mind your business. We will be there when we get there." Hahahahah

I drive the bus to take the miners to work every morning. I actually do drive a bus. Hahaha. I don't wanna even tell them u drive the bus. They might start thinking I the man and shit. I don't wanna be The Man. Hahaha

We all have a part to play. Play wisely.

Dude said...

There has been many times I have thought. If I'm the One. The Great returning King. They must have picked the wrong guy. There must have been some mix up. So if I'm the atar guy, there must have been a mix up.

All these images of Great White Dude on a Big White Steed wielding a giant Sword with glowing gold and white light around him depending from the heavens with an army of Angels with shields and armor on coming to slay the dark evil beast of the world.

Fuck, I'm just trying to get the pretty waitresses attention to being me more free chips and salsa. Refill my unsweetened iced tea.

Most of the time, in my life I found that the mighty Hand of God looked at first like a flimsy Reed to a drowning man be user to pull himself to shore. And later on down the road of life when life gets hard he remembered God didn't save him from the ocean to drown him in the bathtub and remembers the flimsy read he used to pull himself to safety.

Not A great White Dude on a Big White Steed wielding a giant Sword with glowing gold and white light around him depending from the heavens with an army of Angels with shields and armor on coming to slay the dark evil beast of the world.

I don't even own a horse. Lol

But I'm pretty good at making nachos.

Dude said...

Well LV. I bought some lotto tickets in star valley wyoming. Guy says, the odds are 300 million to one to win the powerball. I laughed and said the odds of me, me! The guy standing on the front porch in his bathrobe and rubber boots scratching my belly while having a smoke in the early most mornings,

Being the first person in 2500 years to stand at the point of creation while the whole wide world sheltered in place are astronomical.

And.... The Powers above chose me. So I think my chances are good.

He just stood there blinking quiet for a moment looong pause then said okay its a winner and handed me my tickets.


I spose I'm going horse shopping now.


Dude said...

I went to your page written in 2011, the one where ya talk about hitch hiking and getting picked up by Elvis. How cool is that?!!! I'm a big Elvis fan. Good for you Dude.

And I thought about the line of thought that took you from that moment to this latest writing. The sequences of thought that traveled through to get you to what you wrote today and where that is taking you from here.


There is a river of life flowing out of me, it makes the lame walk and the blind to see. There is a river of life flowing out of me, it opens prison doors and ~ sets the captive free. ~

Spring up Oh well within my soul.
Spring up oh well and make me whole.
Spring up oh well and give to me,

~ That life, Abundantly. ~

I agree with you LV. The solution is not, more Bat shit crazy to fix the already bat shit crazy in the world.

Most of the world needs to have that ~ come to Jesus talk. ~

If you see my ip address location. I'm in the Village. Aka Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If your local you call it the village.

I was sitting in a room and all 20 people were from different states. One guy from New York, another from Vermont, another from Philly, another from New Orleans, Louisiana and bunch of others and there was me, from the tiny town Kenai Alaska.

I and I wonder, how is it THE DUDE takes 20 people all from different states and economic seats and brings them all together in one spot for a brief hour long moment. It wasn't a pre arrangement or anything like that. We all just ended up at the same spot for a moment in time. A intersection of life. Pretty cool. Maybe one of them is your avatar guy and I got to meet him.

All the lights for neon sign on the side of the theater in front of me are off, Except two letters. O and N. ON. The Divine pardox.

I agree with you LV. The solution is not more Bat shit crazy to fix the bat shit crazy in the world.

Most of the world needs to have that come to Jesus talk.

Until then.

~ Chop wood and Carry water. ~

Just Striding said...

The more astute brothas view the nose as some form of super whites.
A great Old World Chaos investigator (h/t-AW) said that rap was about wrapping up a culture or that Netanyahoo quote about places that we really hate for refusing to be our slaves get turned into welfare plantations.
Those early 1990s Ice Cube albums have some hilarious moments and he bars none, everyone gets it with some stuff that couldn't be released today regarding Asian shopkeepers but the hate YT stuff would be left on there.
Eazy-E has the 2 Hard Muthas bank robbery rap where he goes off on trannies with a gun up its skirt reference.
We loved these albums as teens and it was like the Spirit of 1977 punk rock and yes I know the Sex Pistols were basically putting out a rock album while giving the middle finger to the industry.

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

Benjamin Netenyahu

Ron Chapman said...

G'day Les,
Thanks for your work.
I agree that “They take control of The Money Supply in a country and create a debtor nation... through usury... while extending (Ron: counterfeit) interest-free loans to themselves, and their kinfolk.

BUT the stupifying fact is that the banks don’t just impoverish us using usury, they steal the whole loan amount by getting national Treasuries to reimburse to them their bogus loan amount from our Strawman Trust account. Then they demand (with menaces, supported by government courts, police and prisons) that we pay them the book entry loan amount plus interest. The usury is just the icing on the cake. They steal most of our productivity and wealth, not just the interest on loans

We aren’t debtors, we are creditors.
See eg:


Visible said...

Thanks, Ron! I did know about these and other complexities that turn into a rat-warren... from Kosher taxes to varieties of welfare disguised as all kinds of more noble gestures, but I am simple-minded when it comes to such matters, and I try to keep in on a simpler line... lest I get out of my depth... which can happen... real quick.

I'll see that these go into the links shortly once I've had a chance to familiarize myself with them.

Chillease said...

Les, a truly brilliant, beautiful and incandesant Candace Owens is, for all intents and purposes, the young queen of the black race. She is married to a white landholder from England- a young, Christian genius. They have 3 children now. She was just fired by Ben Shapiro for speaking "truth to power"....

Visible said...

A fan of Candice for years now... have been watching this transpire with interest. Mr. Apocalypse drove Napoleon Complex Boy out of his camouflage by backing the Gazans. This Candace has done as well.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"That's How It Works in The Worlds of Wanting. Everything is Eating Something Else or... Being Eaten by Something Else."



Joseph Brenner

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