Friday, March 01, 2024

"Someone Please Bring in The Musicians... so that Those Shuffling Their Feet won't Look Like Such Feckless Cowardly Scum."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As I observe life... I note that the ages... or stages... I observed it from... have a lot to do with the way I saw and understood it. The constructs I observe it through also affect my understanding and the meaning I take from it. Sometimes... I am quite sure I am experiencing everything in a dream state. Sometimes... I am sure it is in a movie-like format. Sometimes... I note the different theaters of operation; the body... the emotions... the mental plane, and there are higher states that I go in and out of... in search of a greater consistency and continuity of the same.

It is a slow progression... even though I have been told, and I am sure it is true... that I am moving at quite a clip... regardless of however it may look to me. Meanwhile... The World seems to be going in another direction... most especially in places like Israel and the rapidly disappearing country of Palestine. Once it was only Palestine. There... Palestinians... Jews... Christians and others... lived together for many years in the area of Palestine.

A World War came and much of the planet was thrown into disarray. As is always the case... in times of war... The Truth is the first casualty. Someone said that... I can't remember who right now. During this war, a certain group of people tried to fabricate the myth that six million of them were exterminated. That was a lie, and the lie got no traction, BUT... it was a good primer for things to come.

This group of people is genetically disposed to lying and deceitful practices... where money and power are concerned. This led to them being kicked out of 109 countries... for doing the same thing... over and over again.

No other group of people can come anywhere near those numbers. Those numbers are epic, and... according to them... it was always The Other Guy's fault. They are unique in this regard. They were even expelled from The United States by President Grant... in the period following The Civil War... due to military corruption and illegal trade activity.

(Did I mention that they owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to American shores?)

From what even revised history tells us, they had and continue to have a very large criminal element among them, and they kept getting caught out and having to be dealt with.

Then... a second World War came, and... like white on rice... they began to claim that six million of them got exterminated again. This time they were much more successful because they had gotten much more powerful internationally. You can read Henry Ford about that aspect. They also controlled the Nuremberg process... that allowed them to distort the actual historical narrative... by torturing the German officers... they were able to convince them... to confess to crimes they had not engaged in, by crushing their testicles and through other creative means.

The most powerful international vampire-banker consortium in The World... was created by them many decades earlier, and it kept getting richer and more powerful. They sunk The Titanic in order to seal the deal for a Federal Reserve, which gave them control of the American money supply. This all went on before World War One, and... likely led to it, so... they were in a good position... some decades later... to promote a holocaust fantasy for their own benefit; a benefit which still pays remarkably well to this day.

Ironically, they had caused several holocausts of their own before claiming to have suffered The Big One. They instigated The Armenian Holocaust through The Young Turks. They arranged The Holomodor genocide as well, AND... they arranged for the mass murders of tens of millions of Russians. The collected total of deaths... is far in excess of what they claimed to have suffered, BUT... they got away with it, and now... in many ways... they control The World.

They do not control the whole world. No one has ever been able to do that, AND... no one ever will be able to... because someone already does control the whole world, for reasons that are confusing to the mortal mind. Nonetheless... it is so, and no one ever gets to control the whole world. They have gained control of The Western World, and they are... presently... seeking to gain control of the whole world through World War 3, which they are doing everything they can presently manage to do... to bring it about.

However... let us return to the central issue of this posting. We seem to have digressed rather far afield to provide an extremely cursory backstory. Given the scope of the whole thing... the brevity employed here is nothing less than astonishing; thank you very much. (grin)

So... following The Second World War, which they were also the instigators of, and... on the heels of an enormous lie machine that they created... they were able to strong-arm the victors of that war into giving them the country that had previously belonged to The Palestinians. They immediately set about exterminating the rightful residents of that land, which resulted in nearly a million of them fleeing for their lives.

They insisted they were the original inhabitants of that land, and the Sephardic strain might well be. They are not. They are not... no matter how much history they distort... no matter how many towns and streets they change the names of... no matter how many people they kill... they are not the original inhabitants.

DNA tests prove that The Palestinians came from that location and were the native residents of that land. The incoming invaders had no DNA to indicate their right to be there. Their DNA placed them in the area of Ukraine, where they also started a war... just recently... because they want their homeland back, and... I do not doubt they intend to create a land mass that they control... all the way from Ukraine to what is now called Israel, but remains Palestine... no matter how many lying sonsabitches say otherwise.

So... a few months ago... they arranged a false flag attack on themselves. They are very good at false flags, well... their motto is, “By way of deception, thou shall do war.” They orchestrated an attack on America at the turn of this century. This allowed them to create a Homeland Security Agency that they still own and operate, and they are busy as can be through this agency... in an effort to destroy America.

HOWEVER... before they destroy America... they must destroy Palestine, so... as I said... they arranged a false flag attack, and have been using that... since... to justify the murder of tens of thousands of women and children. They have also arrested many thousands of Palestinians... of every sex and age, and are presently torturing them for their amusement. This is an incontestable truth... like it or not... it is so.

So... now we come to the present where they have herded a couple of million of the remaining Palestinians... that they are shooting for sport... and whom they intend to wipe out... and they don't give a flying fuck what anyone might say about the matter. They just opened fire on a large crowd of Palestinians... who were starving and waiting for food trucks to arrive. As soon as they did... The Israelis started mowing them down. They killed about a hundred and wounded nearly a thousand.

The people who shot them said they felt threatened by all these people... these unarmed people... that they had herded into this location, and... since they had been threatening and harassing each shipment brought in by aid groups... the people were very hungry. They caused them to be hungry. They want them dead and they are doing it in front of the whole world while those in power... who fear the loss of their positions and fortunes... if they say anything about these monsters... they just stand and look and shuffle their feet.

Someone, please bring in the musicians... so that those shuffling their feet won't look so feckless and cowardly as they do. They can pretend they are having a good time. No doubt some of them are.

Meanwhile... a small group of demonically possessed psychopaths who operate organizations like The WEF... The WHO... The UN... Bilderberger, and... well, there's a shit-ton of them, so... I don't have to list them all do I? Even so... they are a small number because many of them belong to all of them, and the killers of Palestinians make up a large number in all of these groups. Anyway... these demented... cold-blooded monsters... are working on destroying most of the human race, not just The Palestinians.

The whole world has gone crazy, BUT... it is always like this at the turning of an age, and there are so many of us who have shown up for The Event. What that event is... few of them could tell you. They thought they knew why they came here... once... now they no longer do.

I know it looks grim... my friends, but... me no worry. I've got invisible friends. So do many of you. I recommend you rely utterly on your invisible friend(s). There's only the one friend, but that friend has multiplied his/her presence far and wide because he/she has a lot to manage. Find that friend within now. Find that friend before you are driven to find that friend. Find that friend and let him/her create a sanctuary within you. That is the best advice I have to offer.

I have been observing life... through its stages and phases. So much of it makes so little sense, but that is because it is so hard to see The Big Picture. Everything is under control. I don't care how it might look to you. Pray that you might be granted the ability to see more clearly. Pray for The Palestinians and others who struggle through such torment in these times. The Avatar IS coming, and a golden age will follow that. There's going to be a lot of dust-up between here and then. Shelter in place.

End Transmission.......

Gab has now made it impossible for me to post the masthead-pictures-etc unless I buy a membership. If I get bounced everywhere you can still find me at The Truthseeker.

Links await at GAB=


M - said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but not being at GAB will have no affect on my accessing your Posts.

Tate may say the "right things" (sometimes) but I will put him in the same category I put Musk. My tummy doesn't like him.

Visible said...

(grin) I'm confused. Tate's not in the post at all, nor do I think he ever has been.

AL said...

"Find that friend and let him/her create a sanctuary within you. That is the best advice I have to offer."

It's the only advise anyone should need and the only one that works.

Thanks for the greatest advise Brutha1


M - said...

Vis, Tate's been in your links at GAB - at least those videos look like him.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post should be required reading for the whole bloody planet!


0 said...

Still working my way thru the great masters of the himalayas book. Some good bits around page 92-93.

""It is said that he who worships the personal God, after his body dies takes the road to Partiana, the Father. The devotee's spirit ascends with the smoke of the funeral pyre (cremation exclusively--is the means of disposal in India). The smoke drifts into the
night, and the night is lost in the dark half of the month. The spirit journeys from the dark nights into the six months of winter. When the sun traverses the southern arc, still the fettered spirit does not arrive at the end of the year, but passes from the months of
winter to the Kingdom of the Father, thence to the moon in the ether, King Soma. king of waters; thence to the throne of Indra (God). He remains in the pleasures of Indra until Indra's debt, incurred by the devotion of the spirit, is satisfied."


"The path of God for those who die having meditated upon the Impersonal Om is thus: Their spirits enter the flames from the funeral pyre, the flames are absorbed into the day.; the day departs for the light half of the month and from thence to the six months
of summer. When the sun journeys north the summer months meet the end of the year; thence to the moon; from the moon into the world of the sun; from the sun into lightning-who personified leads the free spirit to Brahm. With Brahm the spirit may remain and never again be compelled to come to Earth, for it is free."

"He needs no help from God or Guru, neither does he need knowledge-for all is light. He is desireless and an example to the striving earth-bound spirits. "So wise one, meditate upon the Impersonal Om, the Impersonal Brahm and think not that Brahm differs from yourself. Om is everything, everywhere; Om is within you. Read and study the Chandogya and Brihadaranyaka Upanishads."

Curious stuff.


Visible said...

That sounds near exactly like an excerpt from Chapter 8, The Eternal Godhead, taken from The Bhagavad Gita

Anonymous said...

There is some very sus goings on at Gab. People there are pissed about the paywall and wondering where they can go next and they’re not buying Torba’s excuses. Most are saying it’s because he wants to further develop it’s AI, which might be part of it but there are bigger issues than that. I wouldn’t buy the excuses either, and here’s why; the change was very quick and short notice, almost like an ambush or a suicide pact. It doesn’t make sense.

Others are also saying it’s because of the upcoming election and the paywall is a way to data mine user info to J6 account holders, which might sound paranoid, but these days that might not be a bad thing. He did not set up a secure private payment system for his base subscribers to feel comfortable with even making payments, and the current payment management system runs from . . .

. . . Isntrael. Maybe what really happened is our pimp in the ME became very triggered after Torba began the process of eliminating any accounts with posts coming from there and blocked our pimp from setting up their whorehouse on gab, which was very recently; mere weeks ago. So there’s that, in a bomb shell.

Someone should check up on Torba, because whatsever running gab now might not even be Torba.


Visible said...


Thank you for that information. That clarifies a great deal. I contacted GAB half a dozen times about becoming a paid member. I wanted them only to answer some questions. I never got a single reply.

Anonymous said...

Real Torba from 2022, he must be gone from gab now! Usual suspects took over!

Anonymous said...

vis , havent been able to access gab for a while now , am sure im not alone,, it just says gab is blocked /

Sukh said...

For what it is worth: GAB's explanation verbatim (there are spelling and grammar errors) on charging for media uploads (from their email newsletter on Wednesday, Feb 28):

"Changes to Gab Social

Starting in March, Gab will be introducing a new policy for media uploads on our platform.

We have made this decision to ensure the sustainability and growth of our services. As you may know, Gab operates its own in-house infrastructure due to being banned from other cloud hosting providers for protecting free speech on the site. Over the past year, we have experienced a significant increase in data uploads, mainly from free users. This has led to the need to purchase more storage and allocate our engineering resources to expand our infrastructure.

In addition, we have noticed a surge in bot accounts that seem to be deliberately uploading large amounts of media files to exhaust our storage space. The cost of maintaining this data is becoming unsustainable. Every month it costs Gab six figures to keep Gab Social online.

We are rely on the users of the platform to help us cover these costs. We don't have the luxury of being propped up by the endless money printing of the banker class like Silcion Valley companies do. We depend on support from people like you. Gab Social needs to become a sustainable business to survive as a service longterm. So in order to continue providing our users with a high-quality platform, we have decided to make media uploads a feature reserved for GabPRO, Verified, Donor, and Investor users. All free users will still be able to like, react, comment, post text, polls, send dms, join groups, etc.

This change will allow us to allocate resources more efficiently and maintain a stable and secure environment for all our users. Existing GabPRO, Verified, Donor, and Investor users will not experience any changes, and their media upload experience will remain uninterrupted. All other users will need to upgrade to GabPRO to enjoy the feature of posting media files on Gab. You can learn more about GabPRO and its features here. We appreciate your understanding and support in this transition, as we work towards providing the best possible service for our community. If you recieve value from Gab and the Gab community we humbly request that you consider ugprading to GabPRO to support the longevity of the service.

The Gab Team"

Andrew Torba posted this the following day (Feb 29):
The Era of Free Lunch on the Internet is Over

Visible said...

Thank you! Sukh!!!

That clears it up. I fully understand their concerns. I don't know why they have made it so hard for me to join. There is some real deadwood handling their press and personal contact. They could have sent an emailer about this. They didn't, and I didn't get any notice at GAB either. That's a mystery. Maybe the enemy is inside the gates.

Mountain Dude said...

Regardless of material status, position or appointment.

Rich of poor, Black of White, The Whole world has is starting to focus through the red and blue lenses of US politics on the screen of 3D reality. The Bankers and the WEF maybe have bedazzled their specticals but they are all entranced by the same pictures in motion.

And those of us, who truly see, not by sight,

watch for the cigarette burn, that starts the new real.

And even though we may not be found among the rolling credits, it doest make our work any less legendary.

~ When the game is over, both the pawns and the Kings, Both Black and White, return to the same box. ~ old Italian proverb.

Thanks LV

Mountain Dude said...

One Love.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Boarrrd!!! All Aboard The Train... All Aboard The Train... to a Higher Plane. People Get Ready... All Aboard The Train."



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