Tuesday, February 27, 2024

"Welcome to Thoughts of Glitter and Tinsel... There is a Neon Vacancy Sign for Minds Inhabited by Creatures of Appetite."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Surely there are reasons why things have come to such a pass, and... surely... it has something to do with advanced Materialism and the abandonment of an inner life. What religions there are... are either completely under the spell of dark agencies... that have taken control of the doctrine... or have become ruthlessly authoritarian, and also under the spell of dark agencies.

Let's think of the former as being an expression of Luciferian self-will, and the other as Satan's Penitentiary of The Mind. On the one hand, we have flesh magnet transsexuals giving the daily sermon. On the other hand, we have Sharia Law. Neither of these inspires any sense of Higher Love, and Higher Love is the single pathway to the upper rooms of light. One drives us to ever-greater excesses, and the other clamps down tight.

Most of a person's perception of The World... near at hand or far off... is determined by Mass Media and Social Media. Both of these are nearly... entirely... in the hands of a Sabatean Frankist cult. It may seem otherwise... because the controllers of information are hidden from public view. We have... instead... talking heads and sleazy propagandists that appeal to each generation with a rotating stable of spokes-freaks.

There is the old guard of lying sociopaths that haunt Morning Joe and Meet The Press, and if you're a metrosexual, there's Rachel Madow and Joy Reid. For the younger set... there are The Influencers... who read from prepared scripts... concerning the latest noise and nonsense; it might be about sex... makeup... social justice... or video games. There's a wide gamut of interests... all of them superficial... trivial... and focused on external minutiae. The point is to keep the one who is watching... distracted... until they are either herded into 15-minute cities or... murdered by The Killer Vaccines.

All of these chattering monkeys are demagogues. Their allegiance is to their place in the pecking order, with their sight set on a place at... the... top... of the pyramid of shit... where they hope to... one day... be rendered into a stool sculpture deity.

I know that many of you are looking at the crumbling of the culture, and... civilization at large, and... you are asking, “Where are the cavalry?” I'm going to refer to something I read a long time ago. I can't remember where I saw it. It seems to me it might have been someone like Annie Besant, but it could have been anyone who was familiar with Eastern Teachings... occult history... metaphysics, and related sources.

This won't be verbatim, but it doesn't need to be. The gist of it will be the same. As near as I can remember, it said that when The Avatar comes into manifestation for the presentation of the next chapter in human evolution... based on the rotating vehicles of The Astrological Clock... he first comes down through the planes... sweeping out all of the places where malicious intelligences have made their nests over the centuries between the times of the coming and going of The Avatar.

The italics are for the parts I am referencing. The rest is my own, by way of my teacher.

Each age of the 12 ages on The Astrological Clock is somewhere around 2,200 years, which makes a complete cycle around 26 thousand years. That's no amount of time at all... when taken in the context of kalpas and yugas, but... for the human mind, which individualizes... for brief periods... of something less than a hundred years, and more on the order of anywhere from before birth to 87 years... it's a long time.

I should add that a year in prison seems to be a lot longer than a year at the beach. I should know since I have done more time than that in each of them. I should further add that more and more people are trapped inside their heads, which is a kind of place that I call... a prison in The Mind. These days, a lot of people are doing hard time there.

In recent decades... general humanity has become increasingly coarser and more carnal... due to the ubiquity of advanced materialism. Materialism feeds the bestial mind with a bewilderment of attractions, and those Sabateans I spoke of... are intentionally driving the human psyche into ever darker zones of interest. Most especially... they are twisting the sexual nature, which eventually opens a world like what was portrayed in the film, “Caligula.” A sybaritic hedonism is on the menu for the idle rich, and...

...the poor spend their time dreaming of the chance to be among them. For the moment... they must live vicarious lives... through fandom and the worship of clueless personalities... who have been placed there for just that purpose. The celebration of vanity is at an all-time high, and it seems that the Cyrenaics have been mating with The Cenobites... to create a temporary freak circus. These are their heroes.

They have peopled The Hive Mind with mindless sluts from Cardi B to Taylor Swift. It's beefcakes and booty on an assembly line. It's... welcome to the meatrack of the mind. Welcome to thoughts of glitter and tinsel... reflecting a neon vacancy sign in minds inhabited by creatures of appetite. They will not survive and... that is the point of those herding them into blind alleys of darkness.

I should add that the more bent the sexual experiences become, the more violence is to be found in the process... the more gruesome the practices are... the more pain is taken for pleasure.

We know who is doing it to them. That is part of The Divine Plan... exemplified in apocalypse... for the Purpose of Demonstration. The Avatar has driven them out of their hidey holes, where fallen Powers and Principalities had set up shop. They have been driven down from The Mental Plane... to The Astral Plane... out into The Material Plane... for the purpose of judgment. Here they have taken up residence in the minds of the willing, and... as you can see... the willing are many indeed.

Conversely... some numbers are awakening... some numbers are resisting this possession that is everywhere in evidence. It is in the history of Babylon... at any time that it has appeared... that those cavorting in bodily form... will soon... no longer have forms to cavort in... on the sensory bandwidth. I do not know what form the culling will take. It will likely take many forms. These too, have been demonstrated many times in the history of Babylon Rising and Babylon Fallen.

Large numbers of humanity are swept up on invisible tides of illusion and hallucination. Magicians of various levels of ability sway the crowds... in specific mating dances with Death... tailored to the attractions that appeal to the bewildered residents on each ray. They have costumes to suit, and backup dancers aplenty. Look how they draw them to the lights and the spectacles! They prance about in their parodies of The Goat of Mendes, while they mumble incoherencies.

This is the new glossolalia... gibbering in forked tongues... dreaming that science can soon give them cloven hooves and horns by chemical means. I never doubted what their intentions were... concerning stem cells. Science is for sale to the highest bidder, and it is always in the employ of sex... comfort, and war. The conditions of the present are no accident... everyone is being revealed for what they are. What will they do when the lights go on? Nothing is concealed... whatever they may think.

Everywhere... around The World... the beaches are lined with sand that was once part of the buildings of civilizations... long forgotten now. They rise and fall. They come and they go... and in the process... every... single... one... of... us... is seen for what we made out of ourselves... by the degrees of our resistance to The Hand of God. Some of us allowed ourselves to be shaped, and... most of us did not. We were shaped though... we were shaped... nonetheless.

We are still being shaped... by The World and the one who uses the desires and appetites as chisels, and... by The One who ministers to Humanity through the various shepherds... who guard the faithful from the predators. Those who fall by the wayside are as often eaten from within as from without. The World may seem to be a place of many dangers, but these only have meaningful connections to you when you have a magnetic resonance with them.

Reduce the attractor force to a manageable flame. Cease the wanting, and... you are free of the traps and deceptions. Let your love aspire out of the fiery landscape of material desire.

Nothing is ever as fixed as it may seem. Fate is often modified by those with a will to that end. The greatest power of negative fate is one not having the will for change. One can always tap into The Spiritual Will if they are inclined to seek it out.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...




I will read post after I finish watching this. Oh, yeah.


Seems like my counter culture ways make a pretty good gadfly for the way things are. I guess that's one of the reasons I came here, though virtually none would life my 'FECK THE SYSTEM AND EVERYTHING IN IT WITH AN UNGREASED TELEPHONE POLE!' ways. Too inconvenient, huh? Not really. Most convenient possible, really.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ah yes. So many Dorian Grays out there now. Gods, Oscar Wilde was one awesome intuitive and philosopher. Too bad he was taken out like he was. I can't wait to meet him.

I am so glad I walked away from all the mortal flotsam games that keep us trapped here, and that I have nothing but contempt for. I do just barely enough to fulfil my stupid contract for the duration I agreed to imprison myself in this disgusting realm for in order to flick that ego driven chip on my shoulder off. The chip is gone, but I guess I'm still here to get the satisfaction out of watching this moronic era get flushed down the toilet all the way as so many countries are committing suicide at behest of their psychopathic gubments.

Has there ever been a better time to hate the world and life in general in recorded history? Schadenfreude can be so much fun some times.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...



Ty said...

Oh Visible. What is with the desire to liberate oneself from the divine gift of incarnation, where once born we may bring divine heaven into the world? If God is eternal, and we should seek to emulate that what is eternal, why should we be finite? Is not true liberation beyond that of the desire for liberation from incarnation. If one desires nothing, what of God?

Ty said...

Have you read this Book on Sakti Visible?

"The serpent power : being the Ṣaṭ-cakra-nirūpana and Pādukā-pañcaka : two works on Laya-yoga"


If so, was it an easy read for you, or did you need a vedic dictionary to soldier through?

Visible said...

You'll have to work those things out for yourself. Such questions never enter my mind and I don't need a dictionary to understand Indian teachings. It does seem like you're not actually asking a question but simply stating something in a questioning manner. My mind is nearly always empty and loving The Divine and enjoying the company of The Divine is all I will ever need, I think. If he wants me incarnate... that's fine. If not... that's fine too.

Ty said...

Makes sense. Key word seems. Do you ever find yourself sucking the secretions from your nasal cavity and migrating it to the tip of your tongue, where you leave it and it activates unique sensations that do not exist without its presence?; Is that amrita?

Ty said...

Visible, off the top of your head, what is the meaning of:

Bhogena moksarifapnoti bhogena kulasadhanam

Tasmad yatnad bhogayukto bhaved vTravarah sudhih.

Visible said...

I've had any number of experiences. It's a matter of the different degrees of real with me. I'm just a residence in the service of The Resident... a hosting mechanism.

Visible said...

Off the top of my head, the meaning is the same as what I got from your first comment. You're messing with me. You think you are clever. Time will tell and we shall see. God sees all, Your behavior is your own concern. Not everyone who is being kind is stupid.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Trying to Fill The Emptiness... Created by The Departure from God, and Which... Cannot... Be... Filled... in... This Manner."



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