Monday, February 19, 2024

"Religion is The Single Biggest Stumbling Block to Finding and Understanding God that I Have Seen in This Lifetime."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Time is the prison house of Karma, and even when you attain Liberation, which is really... simply a matter of perspective, you are not suddenly free as a bird. Everything comes in stages. Even when your Karma is complete, the wheel does not stop spinning. One has to wait for the wheel to stop spinning to step off of The Wheel. In Eastern Teachings this state is called Jivanmukti. One in that state is called a Jivanmukta.

Something very profound has taken place in recent days. The Big Dogs have decided to punt.

Not all The Big Dogs are in agreement. One of the dogs has gone rabid. He was always batshit... always privileged, and psychopathic... where many of his infernal peers are mere sociopaths. I'm talking about that very bad man, Bill Gates. He's decided to go for it on 4th and 10.

This is a very big deal. The material representations of several of Hell's Arch-demons have adjusted their course in the advent of possible transmogrification... Fink... Dimon... and Sundry... have blinked.

We have mentioned here several times now... the several divine forces... that The Divine has loosed in The World, and also stated that The Big Dogs have been put on notice. They are deeply, and... intrusively affected by The Awakening, and... they are starting to see The End Game for themselves... if they continue down the road they are on. I do not know if they will have some spiritual transformation. Frankly, I expect them to jump horses over to Plan B, which is The Alien Caper.

They are going to run into a wall of fire in that direction too. The rest of us won't see that wall of fire, but they will. They will... literally... feel the heat. They are going to find that there is no way forward for them. Even their auxiliary plans... behind their primary plans... are going to be a no-go. They will capitulate and cut their losses or... they will be dealt with in a... less... than... pleasant... manner. It's over. I don't care what it might look like at the moment. It's over.

One of the things we do really well in The West is Hypocrisy. We accept second place before no one in that respect. Consider how we ignore Clinton's body count, while we froth at the mouth over our imagined body count of Putin. If you have any intelligence and a patient regard for a well-presented perspective you might want to read this article on Navalny.

Navalny was a frontman for certain remnants of The Oligarchs, and The Old Order. I don't want to get any deeper into this rat's nest of Backdoor Chess. You can find the truth if you look. He died during his exercise period from a blood clot. Now... what does that sound like to you? Ring any bells?

Every time well-funded opposition shows up... you have to look at who is funding it. However, it is like trying to track down the owners of shell corporations. You have to look behind the man... who is behind the man... who is behind the man... that is working The Wizard's special FX machines.

More important than any and all of these shifting appearances... my friends... is the primary and essential fact of existence... as it presents on The Material Plane. Everything is an act of Love or Passion... manifesting thought into material being. The whole of existence is an act of love; often badly performed at the human level.

The Universe is permeated by the progeny of countless acts of Love and/or Passion. So it is that The World is filled with bad lovers and... a few notable exceptions, including those who work that magic in anonymity.

Lao Tzu was one of the greatest lovers ever known. So was Krishna... Jesus Christ... Buddha... Mohammad... AND OTHERS. They were all manifest expressions of The Sun... who is the greatest of lovers, and the immediate vehicle that The Divine rides as he comes and goes in a personalized format. The Sun is the cosmic and archetypal expression of any one of us who has The Great Work... The Operation of The Sun... accomplished within us.

This is when our inner sun comes into a perfect and enduring resonance with The Sun that is too bright to see. We'll not go further into this or The Black... Red... and White Sun of alchemy... because of the detail and nuance required... not to mention the tsunami of words that will forever be incomplete.

Let's just put it this way. The World... especially in Times of Material Darkness... is filled with bad... poorly informed... awkward and clumsy lovers... dancers... magicians, and incompetent parents. This is because selfishness... and self-interest... reign supreme. Most lovers... in these times... are only masturbating in the presence of their partner(s)... who are only indirectly involved in the act. True love is a complete giving of one's self without thought of return. It is what makes The World go round, but most people are turning it in the wrong direction.

Love exists on The Dial. The gradients measure from high to low. Passion moves from the base level... through degrees of Desire... through degrees of Aspiration... to degrees of selflessness in love, which reaches its apogee in sacrifice.., such as personified in Christ. It is the pleasure of saints. It is the annihilation of The Lesser Self into The Greater Self, and it is too... much... to... ask... for most people. It is seen in its best expression when The Greater Mother is resident... and operating... through any of her time-sensitive expressions.

If you have Love... you LITERALLY want for nothing, AND... you have it all. It is the primary extension of The Personality of God, and that from which The Qualities of God emerge. This love enters the plane of material existence as the white light traversing the prism into The World; speaking in simple terms... for a greater convenience of expression.

The Big Dogs aforementioned... whether rabid or... driven wild... in the complexity of impossible hungers... know nothing of Love, and this accounts for their eventual defeat on The Playing Fields of Existence. NOTHING can stand against Love. It is simultaneously... both the greatest defense and weapon... though it appears to be neither. It reduces and neutralizes everything back into itself so as to become yet more love.

It explains how the greatest mythic and scriptural enemies of The Divine... are often liberated in the act of their destruction at the hands of The One Who Will Not Be Opposed.

This also explains the ferocity of The Mother... when one transgresses against her. Payback is a bitch, and woe betide those... like The Big Dogs... when they must return again to the scene of their crimes, and... it accounts for the type of mother... who provides the specific birth canal... for their eventual reappearance here. I literally tremble at the thought. No one who sees Smashin Tara remains sane, BUT... some of us are prepared for it beforehand.

These Big Dogs; not to be confused with canines in general... are soon to find out the cost of their behavior toward the rest of us. Most of them already know something is up, and that explains the backpedaling... except in cases of total possession, such as Satanyahu and his minions. Then there are Gates... Soros... The Rothschild vampire clan. (and others) They don't know the meaning of retreat; “if force doesn't work... use more force.” We'll see about that. They will learn the meaning of a bridge too far.

What needs to be understood by all the rest of the actors on The World Stage... which includes you and I... with our varying degrees of name-recognition... which can change in a heartbeat... is that this was all arranged long ago by The Alpha and Omega, who opened the chute we entered through, and who waits at The End of The Line as well;

♫we are on a vast horizon...
facing into the blazing sun...
and we have come to Armageddon...
just to find the battle won ♫

I know that all of us exist within polarities of doubt and faith. One is stronger than the other... in every case... because we are moving through the whole of it, and changing as we go... and that is the whole point of the exercise; endless change unto the point where we encounter The Changeless... where we discover that The Alpha and Omega are the same. Time is a condition of mortality. I have to laugh and shake my head at these transhumanists; talk about doing it the hard way, AND still failing! How can anyone who thinks themselves so smart... be so stupid?

It's all a play and The Actors don't know. They think they are awake but... they are dreaming. This is something we are reminded of every time we go to sleep, but... we never get it. Oh, dreadful irony!

Nothing is real but God alone, and nothing is Good but God alone. Religion is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to understanding this that I ever did see. Ssssss... Snake.... Ssssss... Serpent, but... what do I know? It's one thing on The Ground Floor, and quite another in The Penthouse Suite, BUT... it's the same thing... only differently both.

♫ Your inside is out, and your outside is in,
so c'mon... c'mon... c'mon and take it easy...
everybody's got something to hide...
cept for me and my monkey ♫
(guitar riff)

It creeps in the grass, and... in the act of realization... it spreads in a hood over your head. Life moves from Truth... through Deception... to Truth. You have it... you lose it... you search for it, and... you have it again, but it didn't go anywhere.

So... how did your day begin?

End Transmission.......

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Elizabeth Nickson nails it again=

These next two pages on the Kundalini have gotten quite interesting. I direct your attention here.


and... I direct it here afterward.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Ty said...

Mention the divine serpent to a Catholic priest and they will bring out the holy water.

At one phase of my early Kundalini awakening, during the activation stage, I seemed to be having a deflected uprising... it was not going up the sushumna... I was hearing dark NADA music, attending a lot of dark, demonic like entity activity... and this constant sound of energy rising up and spinning out, then falling back down again... like the sound of a starter of a cosmic starter turning over an engine. This went on for months. This was 3-4 years before I knew what Kundalini was. Eventually I held the energy up while chanting a mantra with a clenched fist, and through clenching of my jaw, from dusk till dawn, for 12 days and also began engaging in celibacy. It felt like altering the flow of a raging river using the power of sheer will. After a few days of this, my efforts bore some fruits in maintaining the energy in an upward momentum. If I stopped, the energy would fall back down again. At the same time I came across the mantra "prana apana sushumna, hari, hari har, hari...." and began chanting this daily, while focusing on the ajna and breathing up my spine with the intent of maintaining this energy upwards. Suddenly in the midst of my chanting, an opening appeared in the base of my spine... it felt like a big hole opened up at the tip of the coccyx. This experience was in much contrast to the opening of the first chakra in the following months and years... which was the sensation of a prickly pinecone nerve or a lotus nerve peeling open petal by petal and unfolding.

Looking back retrospectively, after the sushumna or citrini opened, there was no longer any need to use the force of my will to raise the energy, and the sound of shiva and shakti 'spinning out', constantly rising and falling, in a restless search for union in the ajna went away.

The book in the link you provide eventually quotes 'the serpent power' by arthur avolon, a book i bought not long after that experience, and have yet to read; I pulled it out and will get to it.

p.157 "And it may be that the Commentator Lakshmidara alludes to this when he speaks of Uttara Kaulas who arouse Kundalini in the Muladhara to satisfy their desire for world-enjoyment and do not attempt to lead Her upwards to the Highest Centre which is the object of Yoga seekings super-worldly bliss."

p.158 "Now I will give you his own words about awakening the Kundalini: "One very common effect of rousing it prematurely is that it rushes downwards in the body instead of upwards, and thus excites the most undesirable passions"

Prior to this experience, the Kundalini briefly appeared, I had an electrical kriya which threw me onto my couch and pinned me down like a bouncer at a pub, it looked me in the eye and said "are you sure you are going to survive this?". "Yes," I said. I heard the sound of energy moving in a downward fractal vortex pattern; as vivid and tactile as any psychedelic experience. Soon later, electricity began audibly and visibly arching out of the power pole outside my house... I wanted others to confirm lest they thought it was in my head so I brought my nephew out and asked him, "can you see that electricity?." "yes", he said.

I believe I had what some call a top down awakening.

All of this resulted in the wake of following your blogs and radio programs religiously

Anonymous said...

They have lied about everything. Why would you believe the greatest lie of all... What is the true nature of this realm? They are hiding the creator. Rotating, revolving and rocketing... I don't think so. Ive been with you for 18 years - unwavering like Polaris.

Wernher Von Braun
Psalms !9:1

with all due respect,
Mikey Neptune

Elliott E. said...

I think I may have realized something important. In much the same way as shit and straw and waste food all compost together into something that can be used as fertilizer, perhaps all of the major religions are undergoing a similar composting? The vile aggressions of Judaism and Islam combined with the loathsome passive-aggression of modern-day Christianity, all coming together in a perfect storm of putrid rebellion against the very nature of everything God is supposed to represent? Could the violence of these times be the energy needed by the malestrom of high-speed stainless steel blades set to frappe to consume, pulverize, and liquidate the current parade of religious frauds, and render useful the positive energies of all of the decent people who have been deceived by these detestable vermin for so many millennia?

Elliott E.

Zurdo said...

The return of Nosferatu and Count Orlok. The fate of those that follow evils beckon call.
I have come to a conclusion that the real rulers of the cabals have a similar look to a Count Orlok of the film Nosferatu. They are simply vampires that feed on the living and have developed grotesque features from dabbling in their wicked schemes. I also believe Gollum from Lord of the Rings had a similar fate after the One Ring came into his possession. This of course was after a very nefarious deed he committed to obtain it. The cabals may not be fully aware of how the universe works or how powerful the real the Great Omnipotent Deity works. Justice and a rebalancing of the current world order is taking place and hopefully the Orlok's will have to return to the crypts from whence they came. Let's see how how they finagle themselves out of the mess they created through corruption, debauchery, and who knows what else. They need to prepare themselves for their final outcome. Slithering around like Gollum with no semblance of human features. They will return to the slime from whence they came. Take a moment to read this prose from the author Les Visible, it may enlighten those that call themselves spiritual but their actions speak volumes.

This is a link worth reviewing as well to maybe see why things are happening in this place we call earth.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The World Would Become Very Grim for Me... Very Quickly... if The Divine were not The Centerpiece of My Existence."

Visible said...

I have mentioned this several times. This is a Flat Earth Free Zone, You don't get to come here and talk about Flat Earth bullshit. I can't believe many of these people are actually deceived in this matter. I suspect it is a government-globalist op. In any case... it's not welcome. I don't like being censorious but on this and certain other disinfo efforts, I have to say, no shoes... no shirt... no brains, and... bad intentions... no service.

I let The Mikey Neture comment through because it was ambiguous. I don't care at all how many years anyone reads here. That gives no priority at all. Anyone can say anything and mean none of it. There's a darkness behind this kind of thing and I am not giving it a forum. For some reason... those fronting for this seem to want to engage me when they really should go where a certain audience might see such nonsense favorably. The Way is Closed! You shall not pass!!!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing more to gain from here. Farewell, old friend.

Mikey Neptune

Visible said...

Thank you for explaining to me the source of that latest comment under a different name. People who part ways with... alleged... friends of long-standing over OBVIOUS and UNPROVEN constructs of this nature were never really friends. You get that, right? We must measure friendship differently.

Anonymous said...

I didn't post anything else under a different name. I thought I should come back to clear that up.

Why would you believe anything from that jew f*g Carl Sagan or Steal de Bike Tyson.

You say you live on a spinning ball with curved water, but you can't prove it. It took me a year to get to this realization.

As always,
Mikey Neptune



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