Tuesday, February 06, 2024

"Most People Think that... Acquiring More of The Things that Cause Their Suffering... Will Put an End to Their Suffering."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There are a lot of people who think you can get around The Rules and The Commandments. There are others who do not think The Rules and Commandments are necessary. I can tell you, for... a... fact... if you do not follow and obey them you are not going anywhere... except back to the beginning as soon as you run into The Agency that enforces The Rules and Commandments.

Take this from someone who ignored The Rules and The Commandments early on. I was a real go-getter and I wasn't going to let any agency... any authority... any religion... priest or gatekeeper tell me what to do. My standard response... to anything... without actually having to say anything was... you and whose army? So... of course... I ran afoul of every variety of temporal authority more than once.

I climbed to some pretty fantastic heights, in... my... mind... only to get booted back down the way I came when I ran into The Door Wardens.

Now... you don't have to abide by the rules of The Moneychangers... who run every religion for their own profit. You don't have to abide by temporal authority at all... unless they can get their hands on you and lock your ass up, which I have encountered several times, and not because I actually broke any laws. They had to arrange for me to appear to break their laws... each time... in order to get their hands on me.

It really came down to their not liking what I had to say... in public locations and on stage... so they set me up to put me away, BUT... I... fortunately... have invisible friends and that brings me to where I am today.

The World has never been short of blowhards who tell you you don't need to follow The Rules and The Commandments. That's kid's stuff, they will tell you OR... it's for the brainwashed... ruled over by those who follow no rules or commandments at all. They get away with whatever they want, so... how does that figure? There are a whole lot of people in The School of Do What Thou Wilt these days... because we are in a time of false-self supremacy, and everybody wants to be somebody, even though nobody is anybody... not really... not at all.

I don't know about everybody else at any... specific... given... time. Some get caught up short and some get a good long run, BUT... everybody runs into the As Above section... sooner or later... regardless of appearances on the So Below front.

I've never had much care or concern for man's laws. If they made sense to me, I followed them. Otherwise, it looked to me like I was hearing from the... do as I say, not as I do crowd, BUT... when it comes to God's Laws, I bend the knee. The trick is to know which are really God's laws, and which are grifter distractions used to pick your pocket OR keep you in line.

I try to watch what I say and say what I mean. I don't always get it right... nor have I stated that to be so. I don't tell people what to do. I tell what I do. Hopefully... some find that useful. I've read thousands of books, I read quickly... unless... I am caught up by something that causes me periods of reflection and contemplation. I don't remember much if it wasn't in The Bhagavad Gita... Patanjali's Sutras... The New Testament... and the writings of certain mystics and spiritual teachers.

Early on, I was introduced to I Don't Know by the greatest teacher I have ever encountered, and he said it more than anything else, yet... he was an immortal in human form. He was truly Gate Gate Paragate (some got, eh? And some don't got... eh?) So... why did he keep saying I Don't Know? It was because that is what you do when you arrive at the pinnacle of wisdom. It is there that you realize you... will... never... know... ever, so... you'd better get used to it.

Then... let me ask you; what do you think might come hand in hand with not knowing? I suspect it would be... Humility. The Greatest Teacher of this last age said that... unless you become as a little child you cannot enter The Kingdom of Heaven. Does that not seem to indicate the necessity of recognizing one doesn't know? I recommend pondering the meaning of becoming as a little child, which certainly implies holding someone else's hand and being UTTERLY RELIANT on them.

I know... I certainly write a lot for someone who claims not to know, but I don't actually write these things myself. I draw these things from a well that has been opened up to me. The question then might arise; is this true? Or am I blowing smoke up your ass? The question then would be... well, what kind of smoke is it? What am I saying? What am I realizing in exchange for this action? One must always go to motive in cases like this, and... on that account, time will tell and we shall see.

I am encouraged... daily... to continue in this effort by the one who inspires me to do it. Whether anyone believes this... matters not at all to me. What I do, I do for a select audience, and others who may wander in here now and again, can take it any way they like. That also matters not to me. If I were not so inspired to do what I do, I suspect... I really do suspect... that I would have run out of juice a long time ago.

Anyone who wishes to serve The Divine is put to work immediately. There are never enough hands, but once the glamour rubs off... inside the minds... of those who thought they might be attracted to this sort of thing, and... they see that there is no material gain to be had, and that furthermore... one cannot escape being powerfully hammered into shape and tried and tempered in The Fire, well... they mostly say to themselves; doubtless there must be an easier way.

Oh! Sure... once the hammering dies down... in the later stages... the shaping is not so painful... because the pain is determined by one's degree of resistance to being shaped... it becomes much easier. There is much less of you left to suffer. Finally, you hardly exist at all in any separated fashion, and you are no longer attached to the forms that gave you pain because... that is a chief source of suffering.

When you are at one with everything, nothing particular is pulling you in any direction... except within.

The causes of suffering are obvious to anyone taking the trouble to discover them. Most people think that acquiring more of the things that cause their suffering... will put an end to their suffering. Yeah... crazy times build crazy people, and... crazy people build crazy towns. In Times of Material Darkness, you are surrounded by this. It can seem like that is all there is.

I find it hard to understand most people. (not really) All life is pain caused by ignorant desire. It's the things you are attracted to and repulsed by that are at the heart of all of your suffering. Simply let go of the desire to have anything, and your suffering will end. Let go of the obsession to control the external world, and it will automatically come under control.

People are either crazy... or hypnotized... or possessed. They are fixated on glitter... flashing colors... beautiful and doomed forms... lulling sounds, and also energetic driving sounds... rousing sounds... the endless clamoring of noise, and attendant images. They seem to be living in a constant loop of “A Day in The Life,” in that part of the song that winds tighter... and tighter... and tighter until... suddenly... you hear, ♫ woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head ♫
♫ and somebody spoke and I went into a dream ♫

It's just like a dream out here. It's like being underwater. Often in a dream, everything's in slo-mo. Time and Gravity seem to be responsible for that. If a Dream in Life and The Dream of Life have similar constructs then... I think it's safe to say, it's... all... in... your... mind. Therefore, the solution to everything must be in your mind also.

Where does all this pressure come from? Sometimes it gets so intense that people split into different parts of themselves OR... they begin to see everything through a lens of distortion, OR... whatever shape The Problem takes, it then becomes the thing you are running to or running from OR... maybe you are paralyzed with fright, and all of this... is something the mind did... to protect itself from what it doesn't understand... because IT DOESN'T KNOW, but... it thinks it does.

If you stop by any of them for a moment they will tell you all about it...wild-eyed and hysterical OR... in some kind of a monotonal trance... with various degrees of ghost animation, OR... as if they weren't even paying attention OR... as if someone else is standing there... someone who went away a long time ago, but they have yet to realize this.

There are other planes of being... besides the one we collectively imagine we are all contained inside of... where all this same shit... different day stuff... goes on, but you can't really tell anyone because they are in this dream. Your job... then... is to negotiate your way... back the way you came... without running into any of them.

The Truth of the matter is that you are not in charge, but... your thinking that you are in charge is the cause of whatever it is that surrounds you, be it good... bad... or indifferent. Regardless... it is subject to change, and it is going to change from one of these to the other, again and again; isn't it? Cause that's how it works down here in The Land of Temporary Things. Well... sooner or later... we'll see... won't we?

End Transmission.......

Excerpt from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Charles Johnston= Book 2, last couple of sutras

The right Withdrawal is the disengaging of the powers from entanglement in outer things, and their return to the quality of consciousness.

To understand this, let us reverse the process, and think of the one consciousness, centered in the Soul, gradually expanding and taking on the form of the different perceptive powers; the one will, at the same time, differentiating itself into the varied powers of action.

Now let us imagine this to be reversed, so that the spiritual force, which has gone into the differentiated powers, is once more gathered together into the inner power of intuition and spiritual will, taking on that unity which is the hallmark of spiritual things, as diversity is the seal of material things.

It is all a matter of love for the quality of spiritual consciousness, as against psychical consciousness, of love and attention. For where the heart is, there will the treasure be also; where the consciousness is, there will the vesture with its powers be developed.

55. Thereupon follows perfect mastery over the powers.

When the spiritual condition which we have described is reached, with its purity, poise, and illuminated vision, the spiritual man is coming into his inheritance, and gaining complete mastery of his powers.

Indeed, much of the struggle to keep the Commandments and the Rules has been paving the way for this mastery; through this very struggle and sacrifice the mastery has become possible; just as, to use Saint Paul's simile, the athlete gains the mastery in the contest and the race, through the sacrifice of his long and arduous training. Thus he gains the crown.

Sorry about that, it's another Origami in a Petri Dish like last time. That's just the way it goes. Those waiting on the next slasher flick will just have to be patient. (grin)

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0 said...

I haven't read todays blog yet, but wanted to share this. Past time.


Hope it makes them Squirm.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I GROK this one, 1000%. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

And something beyond wonderful and weird happened. OK, this Saturday The Year of the Dragon starts. . .and a musician who has basically chained me to his music posted an incredible ancient style piece called The Dragonslayer.


I wonder if this synchronicity foretells anything?

And on another off topic note, I finally finished The Gospel of Barnabas.


It took me all week to finish 111 pages because it so grated me. It tells of a great way to live, but the portrayal of Source sounds like the portrayal of the demiurge. In it, it also says the Earth is a nasty evil place, and Yeshua did NOT die on the cross, but was replaced by Judas via an illusion. Quite frankly, I'm left gobsmacked. WTF did I just read? In it, it says Mohammed was the REAL Messiah. And for a supposed religion of peace, Islam has been used as a political tool to the contrary, not that they're the only guilty party; by far.

Seems to me religions are based on bribery, extortion, and blackmail to get people to behave certain ways. Then who am I to talk, being an 'owned' Non-Denominational Pantheist Pagan with a strong Cathar slant who is also a psychopomp slut?

Anonymous said...


Spirituality is a relationship.
Religion is crowd control.


Gandalf Strider said...

I am just a standard issue dumbazz as someone much wiser than I once said (wink) God puts the thimble full of wisdom that I have there...which is why I say Thank You God multiple times daily.
Just read the Tucker/Putin interview transcript and it is a barn burner!
Brandon is going to be in single digit approval if this gets out, hopefully, Barry will be upset, some place in MENA will have to be blown up, the popcorn is tasty!
Let the world be the world and enjoy the demonstration.
Possessions only possess and once you get what you think it is you want (worldly) the ecstasy is over in seconds.
Like the people who at eat the all you can eat 24-7 Frankenfood buffet, ten seconds after finishing they are still hungry...emptiness.
Nothing there, smoke and mirrors.

Farmer said...

Thank you

Farmer Maloney from iowa

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"In Times of Material Darkness... The Greatest Feat God ever Performed... was to Convince You that He Exists."

Anonymous said...

“I know... I certainly write a lot for someone who claims not to know”

But that's part of the fun of not knowing, isn't it. Writing to explore the unknown / unknowable. Feeling our way through with words, music, thinky or non-thinky walks in the woods.

[Smile Emoji]

M in the North



Joseph Brenner

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