Friday, February 09, 2024

"All Power Comes from One Source. After That... It Is Adapted to The Uses and Purposes that are Defined by Intention."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Looks like I wasn't wrong about this short-circuited electric clown car that continuously drives up its own ass until the batteries run down.

What is the personality type of someone who can look like a vile splatter of radioactive vomit one minute, and then turn on a dime into a Warren Beatty seduction routine the next minute? They call that a sociopath. Well... they call it a sociopath when you can still walk away from an encounter wounded... but alive. It's called a psychopath when you wind up in 2 different garbage bags at opposite ends of town.

He looks like the coming attractions to a whole lot of people winding up dead. It makes sense that he would arrive around now, given what has been happening... for years now... down South in that Patagonian bolthole. It's turned into The World's biggest rabbit warren for weasels. A little casual inquiry should enlighten you... if you are in the dark about that.

While certain people were making it impossible for us to find a getaway zone when everything turns to shit, by turning everything to shit ahead of time... little did they realize, and they haven't realized it yet... that the same conditions are going to apply to them as well.

Certain busy little... demonically-possessed... reprobates from a burning town... that they set on fire... just before leaving... are going to find a forest of Ents awaiting them... in the darkness on the edge of town.

It must have been a very successful meeting between Putin and Tucker Carlson because the projectile diarrhea...poison rainbow Nazis are having an epic meltdown everywhere you look, provided you look in those places. I have started to do so... a time or two... to see what the other side of the storm drain is up to. What an articulate maestro of the spoken word is Master Putin. There wasn't a single dropped punctuation note in the translation.

It's not a long read... you owe it to yourself to read it. Heh heh... especially the next to the last line of his commentary. The tattooed human graffiti boards of the gutter press, are wailing about how Putin did not allow Carlson to get a word in edgewise. Isn't it the job of the interviewer to get the interviewee to go on and on at length... in the hope that some truth might escape in the process?

Meanwhile... in the occupied zone of The White House... our own retarded Saruman has turned into the lady who doth protest too much. He got called out for being a doddering old fool who can't remember whether he did... or did not do or say... what he can no longer recall having done or not done, and this... was visited upon him by his own butt-boy lackeys in The Fourth Estate.

In the process of sputtering and stamping his foot... he called the president of Egypt the Hetman of Mexico. I can see him now... standing on the banks of the Potomac... his keen eyes shaded by some Parkinson's hand jive... looking for The Polish Tall Ships to come in.

This... coming simultaneously... or if you prefer... on the heels of... inferences from The Supreme Court that they would rule in favor of Trump being on the Colorado ballot; though why he should care, I don't know, Colorado went to the Rocky Mountain lowlands on John Denver's musical soap bubbles a... long... time... ago. There are probably a few pissed-off ranchers still around, but everyone else went down with The Progessive Yuppie Flu.

It's like what happens when a zombie bites you, which is a little different from being a vampire's juice box. I'm not that up on the comparative mythologies of the types. What I've seen is that zombies can cause large population increases and vampires? Not so much.

With a zombie flute, you can control them like a cattle drive. With vampires it's like herding cats, unless you happen to be the head vampire, say... and your last name was Rothschild or Blitzfrickinstein.

Why am I talking about zombies and vampires? Well... vampires are the apex predators in the food chain. I don't know if it has anything to do with the difference between eating flesh and drinking blood. It's said the power is in the blood, but... you see... vampires and zombies are not what you think they are. The traditional meanings are a blind. Anyway, zombies don't have to concern themselves with vampires. They are already dead.

There are all sorts of little tells that you might pick up on if you were the sort of people who pick up on connections, which is a dying art these days; like how garlic is supposed to drive vampires away and how garlic is ALSO... a blood purifier. The point is... pure blood is poisonous to vampires, and that's where the confusion about the cross driving them away comes in.

Any fool should know that a cross is only as effective as the power of faith, AND understanding... that is present in the meaning of it, in the mind of the person holding it, and... this is something very few traditional Christians are aware of.

Symbols are repositories... residences... housing mechanisms... for a force that is defined and held in place by the symbol that contains it; held in a specific configuration. The Art of Magic moves in one of two directions and that is determined by the intent behind the performance of it. It's the same magic in the sense of what is required... the mental tools you need... to effectively wield it in either direction.

Magic... like anything else having to do with you and me... is all about Wanting and not wanting. The Wanters drive their magic one way, and The Not Wanters drive it the other. This might seem confusing but I can't make it any more clear than that.

Bankers are vampires by definition. Their forms of operation demonstrate this. The people who work for them, and... everyone on a certain plane of endeavor does work for them, are... zombies. Werewolves work the security for vampires. They operate according to contractual obligations. The vampires don't own them, but they do know how to obligate them. A lot of this goes on invisibly and involves those symbols where the power is contained in a certain geometrical configuration.

Here's what I am getting to. All power comes from one source. After that... it is adapted to the uses and purposes that are defined by intention. Ordinarily... life follows certain predictable routes. Any fool should know, but they never do... that you don't borrow money from The Mob. However... The World is a place of trapdoors and levels... ascending and descending.

It would help if they knew who The Mob was, but they don't know that either. There are two operations that work opposite sides of the street, and everything is allowed to go on in a certain orderly way. The Bulls run the place. Foxes know how to get around The Bulls, and... The Sheep? The Sheep wind up on the hooks.

It seems really unfair Out There. There appears to be no Justice whatsoever. Really nasty customers run the place and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. They own the politicians and they control law enforcement. Every now and then... to give the appearance of Justice... they throw a few of their own under The Bus, and The Bus comes around at regular intervals... that are measured by the levels of public discontent and public satisfaction. Both of these go up and down.

The truth is that the people on the top and the people on the bottom trade places every other go-round. You just don't see it because existence is a helix. Half of what happens is always hidden. Certain features are eternally hidden from vampires... zombies, and werewolves. It really is as easy to get around all of them... as it is to be trapped and drained and eaten by them. It all has to do with Wanting, and as long as you want shit Out There... your paths are going to cross.

Of course... you could always ask the guy who runs the whole show, and who owns everything there is, and who just lets people use it all, and tell themselves they are the owners, which they are not, and he will be glad to give you any of it, or... if he really likes you... keep you from it and keep it away from you.

None of this stuff is worth having in any permanent sense, and that's a good thing... because none of it is permanent, but... there's this magic dust that gets liberally sprinkled about. You need to watch out for that. It agitates the desire body and generates a climate of Wanting. Trust me on this... anything worth having you are already carrying around with you, you simply have to be able to recognize it, and it is near impossible to recognize as long as the force of Wanting is in effect OR... you have Fairy Dust in your eyes.

Every now and then... like now... the guy who owns it all... observes that things have gotten out of balance and he is then required to step in and make corrections... adjustments, and such. These result in a switching on and off of The Power... rerouting The Power, and also... kicking ass and taking names. There are also reward ceremonies as well, just like The Oscars... and The Grammy's, and the not-so-Nobel prize awards. It's what happens when as Above comes down Below.

The Apocalypse; Mr Apocalypse... heralds this, and The Awakening... a higher octave of Lady Nature... makes it possible to see what it is that's taking place. This does not automatically confer understanding, but it does galvanize it in the places where it is already located. The quiescent then becomes the dynamic.

You should be seeing it all around you now. If you don't... that's an indication of something too. In any case, both the apocalypse and awakening are soon going to intensify dramatically and then people will wake up whether they like it or not, cause how can you sleep when your beds are burning?

End Transmission.......

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This is the end of The Jacob Boehme teachings (it's been only a short introduction), and we'll move on to something else next week. You can order his work and you can find his work for free on the internet in PDF format.



Anonymous said...

the demon Goddess Kali sets the whole world on fire, and it is Shiva's energy that empowers her to do so.

Visible said...

I know you're just trolling but... call Kali a demon and word will get back to her.

0 said...

hehe. Light em up. Lions unmask. Kali is Mom. Mom looks out for her own.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Viz’ link on the eclipse in yesterday’s Mirrors covers my territory, so I’m staying inside that day and do some sadhana like 0 suggested. We shall see if anything gets accomplished. Chit takes me so long to do, i could use a little more speed in my activities. On the other hand, chemtrails have been so thick lately, who knows what the weather’s going to be like that day. It might just be dark, depressing and rainy and i could wind up sleeping thru the whole thing.

I did my birthchart syncs with this eclipse and the old man sits right on top of it. I shall not go into detail about it, but with the way the other planets line up, it was interesting. I only have the faintest idea what it all means. I’m just sticking with it’s going to be all for the best. It might be a good idea for everyone to cast their syncs with this eclipse to get a snapshot for what’s ahead, if only out of curiosity.


Anonymous said...

Visible your metaphors are like fine crystal. I posted a couple paragraphs before
i read this. Is it just a waste of time? (as Pink Floyd plays in the background).
Of course there’s no justice, why would there be? They’ve overthrown the Law. Virtually everything is based on lies, coverups (which are necessarily lies), omissions, etc., it’s a very simple thing to arrive at.

What’s not so simple is being able to find a container large enough to maintain all those lies, so they spill out all over the place and then eminent domain land grabs become more and more common, because they need the landfill space; figuratively and literally. Waste to the Suspects is a profitable enterprise, it cheapens everything and delivers their pay dirt on time and it’s a ‘wonderful thing’.

I’ve been reading your links to Boehme off and on and a few of the tomes have been a little difficult to absorb, so i have to return to some passages more than once, but chapter XIV went deep. It got into me.
Thanks much for those.



M - said...

"I know you're just trolling but... call Kali a demon and word will get back to her."

LOL. I feel the same way about Lilith, Vis.

Mountain Dude said...

Per The Eclipse,

"In the shuffling madness
Of the locomotive breath
Runs the all-time loser
Headlong to his death"

Jethro Tull.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Steady reader from I don't remember when, grateful more than ever of your narrative of the apocalyptic times we are living, what an unimaginable joy! Just thought of how everything in this platonic cave we live in is inverted, and how well they have prepared us to believe the apocalypse as the "thing" worse than death itself. Well, good news is that as every thing else, this is looking like the exact opposite of what most people believe, like a spark of resurrection on a dying body to give it back life, this apocalypse is becoming the only thing that looks capable of getting life back in order. Back to life and out of death, which is our usual state of awareness, is what this is all about, for me anyways. Love your daily toil for the father which nourishes my soul five days a week. Be well my friend and may the force be with you!
A friend from greece

Just Striding By said...

That Javier reminds me of the Joker for some reason, he must want the shekels really bad.
They had a nice country down there and then...socialism.
Lenin called it the stepping stone to the egalitarian workers utopia where everyone is exactly the same or communism.
Plenty of bolt holes and fresh water in Red State and some places even fight the Fundamental Transformation by not allowing any subdivision/stripmall/industrial park eyesores.
Harold the Brain moved there and offered the woods behind outbuilding but there is a Yankee Puritan I like money haulin' ass gettin' paid wifey. (sad trombone)
This former almost rural area has been transformed into cutout cardboard condo maze sardine section 8 particle board land and it is sad.
The same two lane roads from the 1960's with four times the population be like all smart n' stuff. (honk honk)
As it melts down into a steaming stinky slimy egalitarian equity hell on earth the drooling masses will return to the Source from which all things depend as only HE can wake them up from the Marxist materialism stupor.

Visible said...

For some years now, The Usual Suspects have been buying up large lots of land in the far South of the country= Patagonia, and... as can be expected, there have been murders and all sorts of Keep Off reminders and the regular incestuous doings we have come to expect anywhere they go.

They are getting extremely confident in the performance of Evil, as seen in this useful idiot and their plans to carry out mass genocide in Rafah, quite soon now. This is always the final stage before they get their asses handed to them... whoever the 'they' is that they turn out to be.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"That Thrall... That Anodyne Narcotic Darkness... Shimmering with Dream Images... Seems to be Real in The Mind."



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