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"Though not Having The Profile or Talent to be The Whore of Babylon, She Does Rise to The Level of A Useful Strumpet. "

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is a thread on Satanic issues related to The Superficial Twit Bowl. I should point out that the more one exists closer to The Surface... the more one automatically is associated with Satanic issues having to do with The Eye that Lies. As this is a given... most celebrities are linked with Satanic principles having to do with... Deception through appearances. Not all Satanism is conscious... applied... Satanism. Most Satanism is effected from gray areas... where minions and the telepathically manipulated congregate.

The linked thread above shows a number of videos with Swift and Lice Spice... an industry creation... wearing an upside-down cross and flashing Satanic hand signs for the camera. Satanism is Scientology with emotion. When you can pump the carnal energy and symbols into musical performances, you create an aura of attraction for astral larvae, and... disembodied entities that flood concert sites for mass possession rituals. Any capable clairvoyant could give you chapter and verse on this.

All forms of crowd hysteria... group-groping in The Land of Bottom Feeders... and societies of... commonly shared... hunger-driven-perversity... within The Culture... are secondary expressions of Satanic enterprise created... directed... and then channeled through those acting on impulses... generated by infernal practitioners... from The Lower Astral Shadowlands.

This has been happening... ever since shortly after The Christ flushed all those areas... during his residency. This has occurred... in various fashions and at various locations... at the hands of representatives from other belief systems as well... such as The Tantric Buddhist, Padmasambhava.

It's been a long time since The Astral Plane associated with this planet has been cleansed in a complete manner, and even so... it's not long before the invisible cockroaches and other vermin return. It is in the nature of things here... where Humanity wrestles with its Lower Nature in the various theaters of Carnal Whoop De Doo.

When LSD first surfaced and was still pure... before The CIA and other intelligence services got their hands on the chemistry and distribution... the astral and mental planes were landscapes of clarity. I speak from direct experience of it. Then... following The Manson Murders and the proliferation of Satanism through music... via The Rolling Stones... Led Zeppelin... and others, those areas began to fill up with horrific appearing... invisible creatures... that feed off of the carnal appetites and actions... of those performing in that arena of heart and mind.

Like Sauron... The Devil and his servants are never extinguished... except in the hearts of The Faithful. He retreats to lick his wounds in The Darkness, and gradually he returns to infiltrate all Earth-based institutions. Sooner or later... corruption enters through the back door, and it isn't overly long... following that... before it is welcomed in through the front door... camouflaged as pundits... experts, and... dignitaries.

By degrees, it gets more and more twisted.

What was bizarro last week... is considered normal and par for the course... the following week. People tire of The Thrill of The Moment, and new and ever more disturbing behavior is needed to replace it. There is no THERE... there... or anywhere... concerning these forms of carnal deception, and... it gets worse with every new permutation that replaces the old deception.

The pangs of dissatisfied hunger become more painful and severe. One is driven to extremes they did not imagine to be possible in former times. Sooner or later... they become the prey of some astral trapdoor spider and are drained and discarded. It is a well-kept secret, and... otherwise provides a great living for mental health incompetents... that vampiristic creatures feed on the life force of everyone who acts from a carnal mindset. A true clairvoyant could tell you all about that too, just as one could describe the invisible planes above a battlefield.

Here is another thread that deals with the progressive madness of The Lost...

...slipping... sliding... where there are no handholds... into crevasses of The Pit... to seek their own level of associates. ♫ I love that dirty water, ooooh... Tartarus you're my home ♫

Collapsing... Imploding... the impermanence of form... reduced back into the elements from which it was made. Religions and governments... wash away like sand castles... before the incoming tide of The Following Age. A Tabla Rasa appears, and the architects that fashion the new garments... to be worn by The Ageless Archetypes... appear before their drafting boards.

The foreman gets the blueprints... the workers assemble and industry begins. They will stand for a time. People will marvel and worship at the meanings given to them... by those collecting the fare... for their journey through the latest landscape of illusion and material mirage. Twas ever thus... the waterwheel turns and every kind of running water seeks The Sea. Many thinkers from many traditions have grasped some elements of The Thing Entire, BUT... in the long run, it remains a mystery, because there is only one discovery that possesses any measure of truth at all, that has any value at all, and that is the finding of The Indwelling Self.

Then The Seeker is rendered mute... by the sheer spectacle of what they find impossible to describe. This will not inhibit the many who have no problem with making shit up.

Help is everywhere at hand for the earnest and sincere... because there are ALWAYS realized souls who find it so hard to bear the evidence they witness... of the suffering of those... who pass where once they passed as well. This is the core issue of The Eternal Brotherhood.

There is nothing that is Good but The Divine. Everything else exists in various stages of tension between opposite poles... generating the image and the forms of temporary things.

The Clueless Queen of The Passing Moment... surrounded by Satanic advisers is the present distraction that holds the attention of Nimrods and Nodwells. Though not having the profile or talent to be The Whore of Babylon, she does rise to the level of a useful strumpet.

Every movement in this dance of shifting appearances is scripted. Her Neanderthal consort shoves and screams at his coach... that should get everyone talking.

He exists in a fugue state of roid-rage; testosterone fueled... for the headbanger lumpen proles; addicted to bread and circuses. What will he do when she eats his heart and casts him to the side, like some vampire wanna-be on the set of Dark Shadows?

This is a side play... a Napoleonic encirclement for The Killer Vaccines. It is all part of The Death Dance of a nation hijacked by The Moneychangers.

Biden congratulated The Swifties and is reading up on The Scooter Braun (Sorosian) affair; how simply marvelous!!!

The whole dance of shifting appearances is a bait-and-switch put-up job. One set of actors keeps your attention while another set picks your pocket. They show you a shrink-wrapped package... with a picture of a video camera on it, and inside is a rock that approximates the weight.

People rushing hither and yon... chasing the assembly-line Fata Morgana, never realizing the end game... not seeing the corruptions that enslaved them and are now leading their children off to The Land of Bondage. The Old will die off. The Young will be programmed, and The Monsters will rule. This is what appearances indicate, and they are so confident... that they are coming out of the woodwork to brag about it.

Fortunately... this is only going to happen in those places where people have collectively, and individually given themselves over to it. This has happened many times before. It is a never-ending drama... once the pursuit of comfort and convenience has replaced the hardships that kept us fit. Weak souls breed hard times.

The Divine knows where each and every one of us is, and... everything there is to know about us. Do not concern yourself with whether it is possible or not. This is absolutely true, and you can work in concert with The Indwelling to feed and nurture it... while you starve the selfish nature. It will go away... so will all your fears and weaknesses. It is the latter that creates the former. One day you will be yourself again, and none of the harms of previous ignorance will be able to touch you.

There is a great power to be had... simply by not buying into things that are temporary and false. They get their power over you by first seducing the heart and mind. That is where they take over. Eject them in the moment and every moment when they appear... these whispering doubts... these creeping terrors... these shadows and specters... with no substance but what you give them. Starve away their presence in you and you will be free of them. "Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World."

End Transmission.......

Links are waiting at GAB=

I am now going to be following the Boehme texts with The Upanishads. I could see where that last link for his book, The Signature of All Things was just too convoluted for most readers.

At some point, I read some of Dionysius the Areopagite, a similar presenter from a couple of thousand years ago, and it was more of the same. My eyes glaze over and I think... this is for someone else. The excepts from Boehme's work were well-curated. Some of his lengthy dissertations are just too complex. It becomes similar to reading Medieval alchemical texts.

The Upanishads... on the other hand... are simple and digestible, and this is a good presentation. See what you think about the connections between Om... and The Breath... Speech... and The Sun.

You can find it here=


Each following page is linked at the bottom of the page. I read 4 or 5 pages at a time. They are quite short. So... each time I provide another link it will be at leaps of 4 or 5 pages. Surely you can do the math and also move at your own pace, I hope. (grin)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm so glad I'm already half gone from this place. Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

And on we go. I'd offer a book called "the crowd" by Gustave Le Bon.

"The whole of the common characteristics with which heredity endows the individuals of a race constitute the genius of the race. When, however, a certain number of these individuals are gathered together in a crowd for purposes of^ action, observation proves that, from the mere fact of their being assembled, there result certain new psychological characteristics, which are added to the racial characteristics and differ from them at times to a very considerable degree.

Organised crowds have always played an important part in the life of peoples, but this part has never been of such moment as at present. The substitution of the unconscious action of crowds for the conscious activity of individuals is one of the principal characteristics of the present age."

Quoted from here:

It will help make sense of all the people who join whatever calls out to themselves.

"Live Free, Don't Join."


Strider Shoal said...

LV I hated memes at first but there some dank ones regarding Tranny Swift and Pfizer Boy.
One says she (?) is Napoleon Dynamite in drag, the kayfabe kabuki of PB getting in the coach's face says...she's gonna write a song about us if we lose! (LMFAO)
The best shows it as Chuckie and let's have a good old time mocking the minions of the evil one.
Bill Hick had a great description of them but this is a G rated page.
He also said don't be anxious or afraid ever, this is only a ride.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Or... We Can Leap Once More into The Breach, The Entryway... The Portal... into The Primordial Soup of Carnal Desire."



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