Thursday, February 01, 2024

"The Mind is The Devil and The Angel too, Which of These You Travel with Depends on You. Everything Happens in The Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday... after the evening meditation... I was scrolling through Twitter-X and the fake news zones of CNN and The Washington Post. I was thinking about how really bone-deep stupid so many people are; how captured by the tinsel confetti of momentary celebrity... how intoxicated by dreams of power... how hungry for wealth and the false sense of security that it brings. People wind up the victims of the very things... states... and personas they aspire to.

This is how we treat ourselves. This is how we treat each other.

I saw one piece of bad news after another, and I started thinking about how grim the prospects were... the chemtrails in the sky... the specters of world war... the orchestrated famines and plagues that the billionaire banker-psychopaths, and their minions and lackeys... are planning, and acting on... right... before... our... eyes, and then I heard,

Visible! What The Hell? I just finished informing you about how completely I had The Whole Thing in hand and you start building a cloud of doubt over your own head! It's annoying, Vis. At the very least it's irritating. It's not as bad as a root canal, but it is worse than a hangnail, that is... if I were vulnerable to any of that, and... I'm not, BUT... you get the picture? I hope...

Here you are, fortunate enough to be in near constant communication with me, and... what is this, Left Turn, Clyde shit?”

He was right, of course. I try not to do it. Most of the time I don't do it, BUT... sure enough, if I do... do it, I hear about it quick.

He continued; “It was mere weeks ago, was it not? When I told you about the several forces I loosed in The World and how NOTHING!!! Nothing could or can stop them? I went into detail with you... chapter and verse. I told you they were... done... toast.

If I tell you something, it is gospel. (pun intended) I am in charge! How many times do you think I've been through this sort of thing... with one little feckless cabal or another... trying to take over The World? You... can't... count... that... high, son.

I have toppled empire after empire, and... sent the architects to be recycled by worms... beneath The Earth that also did not submit to their empty posturing. I warned them all, though you never hear about that. They were too vain to admit it, and afterward... no longer present. I've heard sabers rattle and cannons blast... for ages past remembering. Do you really think a handful of cross-dressing pederasts can have any impact on me at all?

I have only to move my hands over their collected forms to turn them back to the water I drew them from. They are nothing but a momentary turbulence... stirred up by my shadow... for the purpose of their evolution and... my entertainment. The Good Guys win because I... am... The... Good... Guy. It might not seem so... since it is The Bad Guys that control the lies and revise the histories that circulate... to keep their competition in a state of confusion.

They are doomed, my friend! Let me put it bluntly, they're fucked! They know this too. Well... they know it and they don't know it. So... what do they do? They go scurrying in all directions looking for an escape hatch. There is no escape hatch. They could cut their losses... reduce the amount of trial and tribulation they have saved up in their accounts. Do they? No! They do not! That makes them super-fucked!”

Now here I have to provide a little explanation. Most people would not expect an angel of God to use profanity. The fact is that the angel speaks to me in the language of my own mind, and when looking for emphasis to follow a point, this happens. He was discussing this very thing with me not long ago.

He said, “Visible, hardly anyone has the slightest clue what The Divine is like. They think they do, and oh! The problems that creates for them and everyone they encounter... when they run off at the mouth about it. You don't know me either. You do have the benefit of communicating with me. Let me see if I can put this in perspective, God can speak in tongues of fire that are so far beyond any profanity you have ever encountered... that words fail... and always will fail... miserably.

God is not a wuss. He is not some sweet old man who hands out candy and smiles at everybody. One aspect of him does this... yes, but he has countless aspects and personas. I gave you that mantra of... I don't know, for a good reason. See that you honor it because it is as true as true can be.

Anyone who thinks they know is full of shit, and unless they come to me... hat in hand and humble as dirt... they are going to find out in no uncertain terms exactly how little they know. Life is designed to teach them this, and if they prove hard of hearing, I have The Purpose of Demonstration just waiting for the opportunity to make that point.”

As you can see, The Divine, who speaks through angels... that perform the job of being step-down communication transformers... can get pretty frosty when needs be. It is not for the timid to approach The One; not that any of them would. This is what all those distractions of material life provide an alternative for. People get lost in distractions... because of the sheer terror of The Howling Unknown... which is made all the more frightening... due to their failings and errors in judgment and behavior.

There is no howling unknown. What they think is the howling unknown is simply that area beyond the confining parameters of their own ignorance. The Magician has a silver band around his forehead that symbolizes this perpetual limitation in form.

Only God can see God, and one must become God to have any real understanding of what lies beyond that place... which lies beyond the place... which lies yet even further... beyond the place that so many have called The Bending End or The Ring Pass Not or... whatever it is that they came up with to give a name to what they can't seem to find, and wouldn't understand even if they did. There is ALWAYS something more... beyond the limits of mortal imagination.

When one realizes Godhead, then... one must depart from the common thoroughfares of The Mortal Realm. They become either endlessly still or... an endless wanderer who serves as they go. No one realizes who that was... until they are gone. This is The Why and The Who... of legends and myths. They are all based on The Real, but The Real cannot be seen as The Real in The Land of The Unreal, BUT... should anyone be so deeply inspired as to seek them out... they are there to be found.

When you have gone into The Howling Unknown... as I have... many times. You find that what you encounter is what... you... brought... with... you. Bring monsters and monsters you will find. Everything is a mirror, and each following reflection... is a departure and a degrading from the original image. The Moon continuously demonstrates this by its offspring... when reflecting the light of The Sun.

That is how we get creatures of dream and fantasy, all the things associated with night. We live in a half-world that is half this and half that, always changing into the other in appearance... while being neither of these dancing opposites in real time. Real time is The Eternal Moment, and can't be seen from here... in any of its external false impressions of what lies... always... beyond mortal sight.

The angel was spot-on with me. I had been entertaining doubts, and I had heard otherwise from him not long before. That is the nature of The Mind... who is The Great Deceiver, and... our worst enemy... until he is brought to heel. The Mind is The Devil, and... The Angel's Trampoline too, which of these you travel with depends on you. Everything happens in The Mind.

Every moment of every day that we are in motion, we are passing someone who is passing our sight line or... passing us outside the range of our sight line, but... passing us nonetheless, and moving through Time... that flows all around each of us... like an invisible river... that wears us... inexorably... away. We are temporary vehicles for the education of The Soul... which CAN BE a permanent vehicle for The Spirit of God.

The Soul is an investment bank. It is a record of all you have accumulated in your passage through time. It is what redeems and convicts you before The Court of The 24. It is clear and present evidence... at all times... of exactly who and what you are. In Times of Material Darkness, Humanity turns toward outward things. Such Luna-See can only go so far... before it self-destructs of its own accord. There is an integrity that holds it all... and every part... together. Once that integrity departs, well... you do The Math.

End Transmission.......

Hmm... this is obviously an Origami, and yesterday's posting was a Petri Dish, so... I'm kinda like a day short and a post late. We'll fix it in The Mix.

Since this is supposed to be an Origami (not that it would matter) we have some more Boehme. This segment is not an easy trek.


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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

My higher mind told me all this just this morning when I discovered that it talks to me in the language I understand and when I don't give a shit about the world and their predictive programming, my divine mind said yeah F..k all that.

always spot on when i'm reading you. sandy

Strider Train said...

I remember you said let the world be the world the other day.
It has always been a Potemkin fraud of smoke and mirrors but now it has reached the end of the line as those are not meant to be a permanent state of affairs.
Why so serious is a favorite and recently found some "deviant" PAWS artwork of cats surfing and other dangerous activities with sticks of dynamite and knives with a enjoy the now attitude.
This time of terminal peak stupidity is a golden time of purpose of demonstration.
Be of good cheer, Mr. Apocalypse is here!

Anonymous said...

Nice Every Which Way but Loose reference... or was that from Any Which Way You Can ?

Am I the only one who gets that joke and longs for a return to 70's Americana


0 said...

For all it appears to be, I too will set aside the seeming knowing and leave it to the All to sort.

I have more than enough domestic issues to deal with at this point anyways.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"A Pretty Face. That Could Be The Lure on Your Hook. You Might Cash that in Before Your Sell-by Date... If You Were Smart."

0 said...

Thanks Viz, your assessment is accurate and I've always been the one to resolve whatever conflicts arise even tho the Other is the one that foists them into existence to have their way. And I allowed it. I allowed it for 25 years. It has been cutoff now. She asks me something I just don't respond. I ask her something, she sees it as an opening to start saying whatever and I ignore it all and repeat what I said and give her a second chance to answer, if she persists in not, I just ignore her and leave the room. Its unpleasant for me, but so was being constantly taken advantage of and lied to.

Thanks for the comments man, I appreciate them. It is what it is. I am what I am. It will be ok.


Anna Cordelia said...

"...How many times do you think I've been through this sort of thing... with one little feckless cabal or another... trying to take over The World?..."

Yup. God's "been there and done that."



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