Monday, January 29, 2024

"In Reality, this Should Be The National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, So Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Saturday. I was in the kitchen getting a cup of tea, (but not a Madeleine) when my friend told me that today is National Chocolate Cake Day. Then I said, Well, you know what else today is? It's National... Celebrate The Biggest Lie of The Twentieth Century... Day.

It makes me think of that wandering tome of the endlessly subjective; “Remembrance of Things Past.” by literary poofta, Marcel Proust. I don't... at this time... know if he was also responsible for the hair treatment that bears his name. However... the title of his book made me think about the title of another book... as yet unwritten... called Remembrance of Things that Never Fucking Happened. I suggest you get a copy.

I don't write posts on Saturdays. I do often write them on Sunday morning, BUT... I thought it was fitting to acknowledge this great and enduring act of subterfuge, that was created as a cover story against the greatest act of murder ever committed; The Bolshevik Revolution, which was still going full steam at the same time. It was The Bolsheviks that built the phony after-the-fact evidence at all the so-called death camps. We know this now OR... you should know this if you have been paying attention.

Here we see the fruits of The Apocalypse in action. Lies and myths... designed to profit those we are not permitted to criticize.. are all falling, as Mr. Apocalypse uncovers and reveals them, and Lady Awakening grants us an understanding of them.

It has always amused me how the more widely known truth-tellers would hedge their commentaries on this massive charade. They might say that the numbers were fudged, but... but... millions still died in gruesome ways... yadda yadda!!! I'll tell you who died in gruesome ways, it was the German people after The Russians rolled in... after Dresden was leveled... after The Clown Circus at Nuremberg.

It's all because of who controls The Money, and... it... still... is.

I used to shake my head at the tortured language that was used by those who had important investments in their own celebrity and form of livelihood. They could not afford to have those you are not allowed to criticize come after them. I made sure to never have ANYTHING that I feared to lose... enough to compromise my integrity in that way. If I were to lose my connection to Truth... what little may be inclined to hang around with me, I... MIGHT... AS... WELL... BE... DEAD.

Now we see Gazacide. Now we see the professional-victim racketeers become ten times... a hundred times more vicious... than their oppressors (whoever they might have been) ever thought of being. They are target-shooting people waving white flags. They are bombing enclaves... protected zones where The Palestinians have fled for sanctuary; where The Monsters sent them.

They tell them they must leave... wherever it is that they are, and before they can even get to their feet... The Monsters shell the encampments. They murder women and children, and... they dance... and... they laugh about it.

Everywhere... in The World... you see mealy-mouthed politicians hemming and hawing about what a terrible thing it is, but that Israel needs to protect itself from the people whose land they stole... the people they herded into concentration camps... the people they are now starving to death.

No one says anything because THEY... control... The... Money, AND... THEY serve The Prince of Darkness, and... all the suits in formation... shit themselves with fear... over a bigger mirror image of themselves. They look into the reflecting pool of their own corruption and are astounded when they see how evil they are. Here is that moment of revelation, now... come... to... term.

Can anyone doubt that something transforming and revolutionary is about to come upon The World? Surely... surely... a great change is upon us? Surely... The Hand of God is about to move over the oceans and shake the Earth between them? Surely... that hand is already in motion. Whenever you see those who pretend to righteousness and justice... openly conspire against them both, you know that Heaven has already begun to move in earnest.

Right before our eyes... we are being separated into camps. We are either in the camp that obeys... fears... and serves The Temporal Order of Outright Criminal Monsters OR... we are in revolt... in our hearts... in our minds, and... in our speech and actions.

People are still defending The Kosher Killer Vaccines! People are dropping dead all over the place and talking heads sneer and mock the truth of the matter. They do it for money and to maintain their postures of subservience... hoping that their Satanic Master will pat them on the head, saying; “good little orc... good demon... good little monsters; now tell me... where are the children? I am hungry.”

This should be National Lying Sacks of Shit Day. This should be the National Day of Moral Blindness. This should be a day of mourning for the loss of our human credentials. In reality, this should be the National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, so Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day.

Oh! It's coming good friends and neighbors! The Walls of Denial are breaking up before the relentless pressure of the waters of Divine Light. The lies are catching fire, and the mouths of the liars are set aflame as they speak them. The Citadels of Evil are crumbling! Heaven help you if you are standing in their shade.

Whenever life reaches a level of the ridiculous, when even fools can see the foolishness of it, you should know that we are on the precipice of great and irresistible change. It should be GLARINGLY apparent; the state of The World. The Minions of Evil scurry in all directions trying to halt the tide of apocalypse and awakening. They seek to blot out The Sun. The Sun is their enemy. Anyone who has The Sun for an enemy has lost the battle before it even begins.

They are aggressively working to shut down food production. They are warring against travel and the means of travel. They know the hour has come. They know they are to be unmasked, BUT... but... maybe... just maybe they can burn Samara to the ground before they arrive. Soon... blind panic is going to be sown in their ranks. I... KNOW... THIS. They are creatures of Destiny who do not know what Destiny means.

Everywhere... madness is afoot. Schemes and Plans that have been in operation for generations are falling apart. They will flee to their Oppidum World beneath The Surface World.

Do they not realize that Lady Nature is turned against them? Do they not realize that she is a living... conscious... being? Her chains have been broken. Do they not know that every living thing is their enemy now? Do they really imagine they can contend with The Enemy Within???

Fools! Mad intoxicated fools! They shake their fists at The Sun. They war against the very powers that gave them life! They imagine that they can build their own world... outside the confines of this world. Little do they realize the truth that... indeed... they are building their own world, and it is...indeed... below The Surface World, and... it is already populated by every monstrous creature they birthed into being by their terrible acts against everyone else.

Just as The Great Master, The Christ... went to prepare a place for us, their master has created a place for them too. Everything is in perfect working order. Everything is just as it should be, regardless of whether it is as you... or they... wish it to be. It is... what It is, AND ever shall be.

On this day of toxic remembering, I'll tell you what I am remembering. I am remembering what a steaming load of bullshit it is. I rank it right up there with false memory... recovered memory...historical revisionism... the real disinformation and misinformation that The Dark Side gets its bread and butter from and... ♫ mammaries... from... the... corners... of... my mind. Swollen... twirling... hypnotic pasties... for the mesmerized and blind. And... if they had it all to do again... tell me... would they? Oh! You bet they would ♫

They have come to The Rubicon... a blank wall of darkness... filled with glory holes, and hungry mouths... in search of an opportunity... for servicing the accounts of damned souls... with poisoned cups raised to their lips. They toast each other in a moment of awful recognition... as they see that this is not the place they expected. This is not what they were told awaited them.

It's not all bad. It's not all crazy everywhere. Let me leave you with something I know to be true... above and beyond the vast ocean of things I do not know, and which... is the only thing that you or I ever need to know and that is... (drum roll) The Greatest Commandment; “Thou shall love The Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, (will) and with all your mind.”

Why is this so important? Why is it The Greatest Commandment? Here is an illustration of the interplay between Metaphysics and Physics. Metaphysics... which overshadows Physics, and... which flows into Physics, and... gives it the whole of everything known to Physics... contains, in the form of Ageless Wisdom... the key to understanding this commandment.

Love is The Great Attractor. Everything in your life is there because you attracted it AT THE LEVEL at which you feel, and comprehend Love. The Divine, which is The Source of Every Good Thing... is made thereby... into The Great Attraction because The Divine is The Source of Every Good Thing.

So... if you Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, (will), and mind, you are loving God more... than... anything... else, AND... AND... you are then attracting The Divine... The Greatest Attraction... into your life more than you are anything else. How could you want anything more?

Please think about that.

End Transmission.......

Jacob Boehme on The Christ.


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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

How many underground dwellings are in earthquake zones? I hear New Zealand is a hot destination. Heh-heh-heh.

Nostrils to the sky on this epic post.

AL said...

Just the other day my wife was laying on the floor with my 3 year old Granddaughter and she commented on something she was building from Legos. She said honey that looks fabulous and my Granddaughter said, no Nana PopPop is fabulous.

That continues to fill my cup and to think I went from such darkness in my youth to being capable of even absorbing something like that and this very thing you mentioned got me to where I could hear that from another Soul.

“Thou shall love The Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, (will) and with all your mind.”

I have fallen down more times than I can count and still do sometimes but I always get up remembering where I am aiming.

Thanks Brutha for the vibes.

Todd Ethier said...

You have been a busy Man of late , Les . Many, many "Thank You's" for your words and efforts over these years! I seldom comment even here, and NEVER elsewhere, but I always read what you have to say... Best regards and Blessings to you ! Todd

M - said...

OK, I understand what's behind the unveiling and all. But I have to admit, I thought the talking gargoyle was kinda cute - but then again, I love gargoyles. We have them all over the house. Gargoyles were originally crafted to be protectors of buildings. So I guess it's all how you look at it.

Obviously, the talking one at the Denver Airport was MEANT to be an art installation. Poking fun at all of us conspiracy theorists. I get it. But still...kinda cute.

My Shadow Side rearing its ugly head? Perhaps. Now if it was a FELINE gargoyle (which we have several of) I would've tried to bring it home with me. LOL. Ramses, on the other hand, might not have been as pleased. 🐱

Anonymous said...

Vickie Nuland is an animated malevolent gargoyle.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"For as Long as The Heat of Carnal Passion Fuses Them to The Objects of Desire; Attachment is a Whirlpool in Suspension."



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