Wednesday, January 03, 2024

"A Key Factor to Making it Through The Chaotic Moments of Cosmic Change is Who and What You Allow to Influence You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Ah! The first Petri Dish of the new year. I thought about changing the name to “Body-Bags for 2024.” That is because there are going to be a lot of casualties this year. I'm not talking about The Stupids and Suicide by Vaccine. I'm not talking about all the poisons in the food... the water... the air, and... The Hive Mind. I'm not talking about war or TikTok challenges.

I'm talking about The Culling of Evil. I'm talking about the big names that are going to be getting invited Downtown, and it's not an invitation. It's a vast and invisible... sweeping EMF... from The Spiritual Plane... that is going to be doing a lot more than humming a few bars from... ♫ Swing Low... Sweet Flaming Dumpster... coming for to carry THEM home ♫

Yes... there will be a version of The Court of The Last Judgment convening in mid-air, BUT a great many of the name players who imagined they would be here, will be... elsewhere.

There is this thing about Evil that doesn't get the press that it ought to, and that is why those who are Evil often do not know about it. Certain rules of The Road apply, DEPENDING on what mile marker of The Road you find yourself at. If you are in the run-up to The Apocalypse and The Great Awakening... one set of rules apply. If you are in The Apocalypse... attended by The Great Awakening, everything changes, and there is this particular feature that goes into action.

It is the appearance of The Alternative Vehicle to The Glory Train... bringing in The Sheaves... the gathering of The Righteous... the actual Rapture; not The Hollywood/Council of Nicaea version. This alternative vehicle is The Flaming Dumpster, already mentioned. It is The Gone Dead Train. It is The Ship of Fools. It is the summing up, and being found wanting collective of those who chose The Road More Traveled.

Initially, it is a companion vehicle, right up to the point where they depart from each other at a specific juncture and... go their own way; ♫ you can go your own way ♫

A lot of people are expecting a Great Reset... a New World Order... a 1984 Redux... some version of Gotterdamerung. Most especially, those personally engaged in bringing it about are expecting it. They seem to run the governments and by extension, The Catamite Press and Media. So, they seem to control all the information that relentlessly streams into The Hive Mind. They are supremely over-confident, and... they have been shaped that way by the one who created The Purpose of Demonstration (for them) to begin with.

These are the people of whom it has been said; “They never saw it coming.” These are the people who have been leading The People... down The Garden Path... into a wasteland of torment, and who discover that it was they... themselves... who were being led into a wasteland of torment... designed for them by their thoughts, (descending into) their emotions, and (shaping) their actions, (then materializing) into the fulfillment of their works.

When you know there is a Divine Being who rules over creation... how is it that you can have any doubt in outcome? Hmm... maybe you do not know that there is a Divine Being who rules over creation? So... you're what? Hoping to contract with Oppidum?

What happens when whatever you are protecting yourself from happens to the people servicing the Quipment?

The Rich are different alright, and in Times of Material Darkness many people admire them and wish to emulate and be around them. I compare it with the presence of superficially beautiful women who have nothing inside. They are vacuous and vapid. They are a kind of Lady in The Lake, who is submerged in her self-interest with no room for anything else. When you reach for her, she pulls you under. Why do you think they are called Arm Candy? It's not your teeth that rot.

A man thinks how fine it would be to be with her. If by some bad accident of fate, he accomplishes this, he grows to rue the day. Vanity.... what a burden it is, and... what a fool's errand... when the most deserving personalities around; The Sun... The other Devas of Nature... The Angels. They are all infinitely more deserving of admiration, and they care nothing for it. They live to serve others. In fact, that is what makes them immortal by Divine Fiat. Give yourself away, each and every day, and there will be no end to you.

“The World Virgin is sometimes shown standing between two great pillars--the Jachin and Boaz of Freemasonry--symbolizing the fact that Nature attains productivity by means of polarity. As wisdom personified, Isis stands between the pillars of opposites, demonstrating that understanding is always found at the point of equilibrium and that truth is often crucified between the two thieves of apparent contradiction.” This has given me a lot of thought; how elegantly composed it is, and... how true.

How do you think the people who got rich and powerful got that way? First... they wanted it more than anyone else and were willing to go to greater lengths than others to get it. They also had methods for holding on to what they possessed, and which had also (in most cases) possessed them. There is an intelligence that lives in the minds of those who have accumulated riches. They are the Yakshas that serve Lord Kubera, or whatever name he goes by in The West.

And before anyone gets around to telling me about it... Yes! Not all wealth results in corruption. All of those who are spiritually illuminated are as wealthy as they choose to be. Heaven and Earth BOTH are theirs. However... and this is a big HOWEVER... there are many who have risen to a high spiritual state who have fallen a very long way due to not keeping their priorities straight.

Also... not all physical beauty is a trap, BUT... unless you have achieved incorruptibility; the flesh is heir to corruption... it is the inescapable destiny of those who live under the governing forces of Time and Gravity.

However... in Times of Material Darkness, it is pretty much a given that the worst among us have stolen the majority of material wealth from everyone else and are looking, all... the... time... to get more. Witness what they accomplished during The Scamdemic.

Wealth is fine so long as you remain a Steward and don't catch Denethor Syndrome. Beauty is a wonderful thing as long as you possess the necessary Grace to carry it. Everyone who is a lover of The Divine becomes beautiful as a natural progression... enjoys perfect health... and has as much of anything and everything that they could ever need.

The problem... like all problems... starts with WANTING. If you can manage that, you're good to go, and keep on going, while remaining absolutely motionless at the same time, once Action and Inaction have defined their intrinsic nature to you. All this is a part of True Science, unlike what is presently masquerading as Science to The Highest Bidder.

A key factor to making it through the chaotic moments of cosmic change is who and what you allow to influence you. The False Controllers have a variety of tactics to bring you low... to bring you into submission; they use Fear... The Promise of Gain... The Force of Applied Uncertainty... and whatever works for the needs of the moment. As long as you are in a state of WANTING.

When you... truly and sincerely... want nothing... or only one thing... and that thing is the source of everything, you're not only good-to-go, you're already gone.

The Greatest Commandment is a great deal more than it first appears to be; “you shall love The Lord your God with all your heart... all your soul... all your strength, and with all your mind.” I put it in contemporary vernacular. You will note... if you go to the search engines... that they have eliminated 'all your strength' from the lineup. THEY are constantly rewriting The Bible.

Why they would remove that section, I do not know, but it appears that they have. You can substitute Will for Strength if you wish. They are the same.

This is not a commandment to slavishly and... without thought... be absolutely devoted to The Almighty. Well... it is and it isn't. What it is... is to your great advantage... if you choose to employ it as a constant in all you think... and say... and do. It is what I do, and it works for me. What you are then doing is loving the source of all good things as the primary driver of everything you get up to. IT IS AN ATTRACTOR!!! It draws the ineffable to you.

Is this not what Love does in any case... depending on the quality of your love? Up to a certain point on The Dial, it emits Heat, and heat can drive a person right out of the room. You have to adjust the level of heat to a permanent state of Warmth. You'll figure it out, although... you do not have to figure it out if you leave it in the hands of The Almighty to explain it to you.

Don't confuse Desire with Love. They are not the same.

When you become UTTERLY DEPENDENT on The Divine you have done all you can do. The rest is up to The Divine, and... I can personally assure you he will take notice. It is the single thing he looks for in us; that we love and depend on The Divine... however we imagine he/she/it to be... for everything. There is a probationary period that one must endure. It weeds out the dilettantes and self-interest junkies. It's not complicated, folks.

End Transmission.......

You might want to look into what kind of a guy King James was.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No telly, no radio, no MSM garbage, no problem. I am having a wonderful time watching all the garbage implode from our nose cave, I must say. Read about it, and don't play the stupid games. It's all good.

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

Nice to read you still in 2024. :) I'm still about as well.

I still hope accountability makes a showing this year. From your comments on this posting it seems like you are in the same vein and expect it to show up happy and with a hardon. All the better to give it to they who gave it to everyone Else.

Accountability And Revolution. Lets see what shakes out.

Still unvaccinated and still unaffected by the covidiocy. My family that got 1 or more injections are all sick over this holiday season. More people I knew have died, which is expected based on their level of obedience versus critical thinking and own determinations.

I wonder at how long I'll be kept in this iteration of form.

Sometimes I wish it would come to its terminus already, while other times I wonder if I'll outlive my family and get to go play in the inner world while still in this iteration of form, sorta like babaji and his crew. Dunno which would be preferred, tho since I like to learn and understand, further understanding would be nice, but when the understanding is applicable to the time and location ones in and ones there only temporary for an iteration of form and a period of experience to be had, one could in theory go on understanding things forever and never run out of things to learn or understand.

I don't know.

And thats where I'll leave it as at this point I'm sure the all knows me as well or better than I know myself.

Take it easy and more power to Accountability finally being realized in FULL.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Angels have The Videotape. They Know More that You have Forgotten than The Totality of All You Can Remember."

Glog said...

Dear Les:

I've always loved your writings. The more I learn about Magick, Esoterics, Hermeticism, the Occult, and other things, the more I understand your subtle jokes and what not. Keep up the excellent work!!

I was wondering if you've come across this work before? see:

I'm always searching for truth, but I feel there are times I need a second opinion.


Kenny Rudzinski

Visible said...

Greetings, Kenny

It seems I may have run across this some time in the past. I can't remember reading it... so I don't have an opinion on it. The Dedication is strange. (grin)

Mention is made that it was written in 40 days like The Torah and The Koran. I've no idea what that implies or maybe I do and don't know how or what to say.

I'm sorry I can't tell you more, but the conscious wisdom at the core of your being will inform you... through the mood it creates in you... concerning it. It always has done for me.

Many blessings upon you!



Joseph Brenner

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