Friday, December 29, 2023

"All of These Pitiful Marionettes have Appointments in Samara. All of Them are Being Guided to Their Most Fitting Ends."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Petri Dish... Petri Dish... what obnoxious... unctuous... smarmy and hypocritical examples of the same have we encountered in the interim between Petri Dishes?

The last one was cremated. This one will probably go into Hazardous Waste, but we won't know that until tomorrow... when the latest outrages have been able to dance before the mind's eye... like obese, transsexual, aspartame-plum fairies... copulating with the crocodile swine... in the gender-neutral bathroom stalls that they frequent... here... in this neighborhood watering hole that is disguised as a corner bar.

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner used to drink his pink gins here. These days he is mostly bartending at The Overlook Hotel.

Have any of you seen the latest videos of Al Gore with the retractable reptile eyelids? Man! Between him and John Kerry, it is hard to tell who is the more completely possessed of the two. It is amazing what the combination of The Apocalypse and The Awakening has resulted in. It's as if those glasses from They Live have been made virtual in the mind's eye.

Speaking of those kinds of glasses. Yesterday I saw this video and it made me want to see what I could find... via that special gift I have developed when using a search engine. (wink! And no comment).

So I came upon this site.

That looked interesting, but... I thought I would check further because... that's kind of what I do; having acted in haste in the past and feeling regretful in the aftermath.

I found nothing better after about 3 pages so I went back to the original link only to be told, “Bad Gateway.” Then I clicked on 3 or 4 other links that led to the same place, only to get Bad Gateway again or... told there was no such site. Anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER give up. So, after trying this... that... and the other thing, I went back to the original link, and... lo and behold! It was accessible again.

Quickly... I went and purchased the glasses before the site could disappear again, and I have posted the purchase page for anyone who wishes to explore further. Maybe it's still there, and maybe it isn't. Maybe... all those weird runarounds were to protect me from getting taken for a hundred dollars, and maybe it's like what the fellow said in the first link about the chemical being against the law, and the inventor being killed, but... he didn't elaborate on that.

It will be great if these are legit, and... if not, I have recourse for a refund through my broker ( I love using that word since I don't have a broker... that would imply my having vast holdings... in the financial shell game of present time.) If not, I'm only out a hundred bucks and will have taken a bullet for those who were spared from sticking their hand into the curiosity hole.

Wow! We got a bunch written here the evening before, and I haven't even seen the latest spray-on fecal graffiti that passes for information in these times. I'd better hold the rest until tomorrow, cause there will probably be more than I can even deal with. There usually is.

And... as is typical when it comes to my inspired predictions... I've found nothing further to talk about except that the word is out about Michelle Obama being run for gender-neutral president of The Noahide States of Amer(hic)a. Boy! That would add gruesome comedy atop gruesome comedy and we would be in The Land of The Grand Guignol before we even thought about it.

Would Michelle be wearing pantsuits like a former worst lady? Would she/he/it opt for The Eldridge Cleaver pants?

The truth is that I know nothing about the truth of this creature. I've heard the tales and come across the articles, BUT... seldom did I get past the first sentence before my interest was quick-vacked from the mind's colon. I just don't really care whether Michelle is some kind of freakish offense against nature or simply a garden-variety psychopath... such as we encounter more and more of in this R. Crumb zombie apocalypse.

Not a day goes by now that I do not hear the words of Mr. Apocalypse ringing in my ears over the space between 2012 (when I was in Southern Italy) and now. He told me with emphasis piled upon emphasis... which made me tremble at the time... as if I were urinating on an electric fence... that he was going to sneak up on them in public venues and pull their pants down. He was going to have them run out of town behind the collective laughter of an awakened population. He was going to shame The Devil at every turn.

I see it often now... here and there. It's similar to what happens when you come out of the forested mountains and begin to enter into a desert landscape. First, you see a few sandy patches here and there, and then... almost before you know it, it's all desert. Everything has changed. Get ready for your world to change right in front of your eyes shortly, as certain forces converge in strategic locations around The World.

Bloodthirsty agents of The International Bankers are outraged at their loss of Ukraine. They can't believe they lost. Then that color revolution in Serbia went into the wrong wash cycle, and all the color drained away. The Keystone-Cop IDF have had their asses handed to them in Gaza and they turned tail and ran... a battalion of PR flacks in the advance of them. It's gone really bad, so they have resorted to their usual routine of killing everyone in reach in the most cowardly and despicable fashion.

Yeah... we are on a knife's edge of fearsome possibilities. In the cities of The World, The Whore of Babylon and The Wounded Beast are in a marathon dance contest and about to fall down at any minute. The juice that was powering the whole smoke and mirrors extravaganza has been rerouted... powered down... to low wattage. They are losing. THEY ARE LOSING!!! They are losing on every front.

They are getting angrier and angrier. As one becomes enraged... one loses focus. As one loses control of themselves... they lose control of everything else. The truth is that they were never in control. They were simply led down a garden pathway toward believing they were... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Their fear is intensifying too. When Fear and Anger mate... Panic is the offspring.

Even now... they are constructing massive bunkers around The World. The rich and powerful are being driven wild by the voices that have appeared in their heads. I was told this was going to happen; that it had just gone into third gear fairly recently. When they start doing things like this, you should know that The Time of Denouement approaches.

The good news is... that the great hunting beasts from the lower regions... will know where to find them. Do they seriously think they are going to survive whatever it is they have in mind for the rest of us? It's going sideways... in a very big and public fashion... soon.

Remember that great line of certain truth; “those whom The Gods would destroy they first make mad?” There is a condition that appears in the minds of the prideful and arrogant. It is what drove Napoleon toward Moscow. History is filled with tales of similar events. People overreach themselves. They over-extend. They lose their balance. Their armies desert them. Their friends? They never had any friends.

There truly is a destiny that shapes our ends... regardless of the manner in which we misshape them.

All of these pitiful marionettes have appointments in Samara. All of them are being guided to their fitting ends. They will stand for a time as the latest monuments to the folly of man, once he is swept away by his own sense of self-importance. Their time is at hand. Fourth gear is right around the corner. Once you lose control of your vehicle... it is only cooler heads that prevail against the conditions of those dangerous roads.

And now for something completely different.

I have these experiences every day, but I only include them at irregular intervals... when I am told to include them. They are only for the interested parties to whom they apply, and not at all for those who are incensed by whatever fabricated bullshit they feel this must be... because if they were doing it... that is exactly what it would amount to. There is nothing contrived about any of this, but... as long-existing traditions have cautioned us, I mostly keep them to myself. Otherwise, The Small Penis Gallery goes apeshit.

I am using colorful language intentionally... for contrast... and because these same events can happen for anyone who puts in the time, regardless of how rough-hewn they might be at any point along the way.

It is of no matter to me whether anyone believes any of this because I only have to be convinced myself and nothing does that quite like direct engagement... direct experience... does. I'm certain that many of the readers have some variation of similar happenings...

Anyway. Late afternoon... as I was in my regular sunset meditation, this conversation ensued... It is not verbatim. I wish it were. It was much more elegant than what I have transcribed here, but... it will do.

“My dear friend. I wanted to inform you that you have one of those more significant periods of transformation coming up shortly. Let me put it this way. Where you have been during the most recent stage is represented by a particular geometric figure. The next phase is going to be represented by a more complex geometric figure. It continues like that until... in a series of very rapid progressions, the figures are reduced to the simplest form capable of expressing a cosmic specificity of human expression when interacting with The Divine.

“You will find in this next stage that your capacities have been increased and your usefulness will be commensurate with that, as your buddy Lao Tzu said, “He who is useful is infinite and he who is infinite is immortal.”

“This brings me to the second feature I wanted to discuss with you, and this, in tandem with the first part, is reason enough for you to end this meditation early so you can get inside and write it down before you forget it. I would have reminded you anyway but now you are antsy and that's put paid to this session. (laughter)

“True continence, as you know, is not simply restraining the sexual force from physical expression, but also restraining the mind-stuff at the mental and emotional level. This permits you to coil the force inward into a more and more concentrated state.

“It is similar to what CERTAIN monks and mystics did over the course of one or more lifetimes in order that... when the time came... in a following lifetime... they could release it all into the most intricate and beautiful expressions of me passing through them. This is what Da Vinci... Tesla... Bernini and Michelangelo... among others... did in preparation for their magnificent creations.

“This is how states of Higher Love come into being. One trains the recalcitrant Personality to hold still for the hosting and passage of The Individuality in and through it. Anyone who is committed can accomplish any of this... if they so choose to endure the process that brings it about in them.

“I am telling you this today so that your readers might profit from the contemplation of this brief discourse. I'll leave you to it now.” (he said with a laugh) Then he left me this image of him putting his finger aside of his nose and rising up the chimney (I don't even have a chimney) and trailing a cartoon banner that said, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Afternoon!””

Hopefully, elements of this transmission will convey to certain readers... certain features about the progressions of change that occur to each of us as we continue in the way, without departing from it. I thought the geometric figures was a nice touch.

The angels of The Divine... or whatever medium it is that he uses to talk to me... are direct expressions of The Divine, and act like step-down transformers of a power that otherwise would burn me to cinders. They are always lighthearted and sometimes... often... extremely amusing and entertaining. I am driven to outright laughter frequently. These are the most wonderful events of my life and I look forward to them with an expectation I cannot convey in words.

I never get the stern... admonishing... angry old man waving his finger at me. I expect I got some measure of that in earlier times. Those times have now passed. I very much advise The Reader to consider seeking out similar company. It is readily available... once one has put in the required time, and that differs from case to case.

End Transmission.......

The links at GAB are very important for context; sometimes concerning the post itself but ALWAYS concerning The World we inhabit, as a snapshot of time passing.

Links are to be found GAB=


M - said...

I am very interested in those goggles. Please give us a review once you've put them to use - and include again the link to the website.

and...I am SO jealous of you having been to Southern Italy. Something I will most likely never do, except in my dreams..sigh...

On this new year the Goddess will bring
Peace and love to all living things.
Let Magick fill the Earth's light
With a healing vibe of bright, bright white.

Happy New Year, Vis.

Visible said...

May many blessings come upon you by God's Grace in this new year. May God's Joy and Harmony come alive in you, increasing by the day.

AL said...

"without departing from it"

If that means falling down and having to get up again many times I suppose I'm out. If not then maybe there is hope for those like me but in any case love to you Brutha and thanks for sharing the true wealth you do.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Aren't those bunkers being built in New Zealand, Hawaii, and other volcanic islands prone to nasty earthquakes? Works fer me. Actually, a lot of news has me going MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA, along with my psychic twin who is also a member of The Holey Order of the Septum. We're not carbon copies of each other, but hey. . .

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Legions of Pillsbury Dough Girls and Michelin Men... in a Freakish Arabesque... Spinning like Figurines on a Music Box."

word bird said...

Speaking of geometric shapes, the squaring of the circle is a hidden symbol in masonry, which seems to have been subverted by evil intent at some point in history. A square draws a square which represents earth, and a compass draws a circle which represents heaven. The merging of the compass and the square represent the coming together of heaven and earth.

This merger is outwardly as in the literal descending of heaven on earth, and inwardly, in the transmutation of sexual energy back up to the crown chakra. The same is represented in alchemy by the turning of lead into gold. Jesus taught the same when he said 'the kingdom of heaven is within', for anyone who puts in a sustained effort to reach it.

Visible said...


Very well, and... succinctly put in a cross-platform dynamic! Excellent.

word bird said...

Thank you Vis. As a corollary, Jesus taught the kingdom of heaven within starts as a mustard seed.



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