Tuesday, December 26, 2023

"The Celestial Clock is Moving to Midnight Hour Where our Better Angels Come into Flower, and The Planets Begin to Sing."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Since it is Petri Dish and our Fisher-Price... Big Boy Pant's Microscope is working like the camera on a 1995 cellphone, we thought we would share some cultural gold... some surface level... alchemical enrichment PEI (Perversity-Ego-Ignorance) News that you've been waiting (big time) to hear.

Mr Pfizer, Travis Kelce, hasn't scored a touchdown since he got tight with Barbie Lite. Yesterday, while Charm Bracelet Barbie sat in the billionaire's box. Actually... she's got one of her own; (“I don't work Blue!” double entendre alert)

Anyway... Mr. Pfizer was looking like he has been getting worked by a cold-press juicer. (big time) His get-up-and-go... got siphoned out of his body... while he was sleeping, and he's waking up singing a new version of (mean man) Neil Young's ♫ Old Man take a look at myself. I now look like you ♫

He was a bit perky not so long ago, but Taylor Swiftly put an end to that, draining his vitality like a Venus Fly Trap plant. He looks even worse than Ben Affleck did the morning he woke up realizing who it was he was now married to... then promptly disappearing into a bottle, and... not to become a genie.

Travis (cause someone was already using Brad) looks angry. He looks sad. Not at all like the smiling hyena of his Pfizer ads; playing half a dozen times a game, (constantly flashing to the pyrite bimbo in the exclusive seats) and the team is in free fall, losing yesterday to the lowly Raiders... who scored two defensive touchdowns on two Mahomo miscues in 7 seconds. That's right! It took 7 seconds to score them both.

It's like those forces I was told had been leaked (by The Divine) into human affairs... like several fully loaded Stealth Bombers... IS A REAL THING. Yes... my friends... strange days have found us and it's all gud.

Some might think I'm just being mean and nasty here, BUT... when I see a guy taking 5 million dollars from the manufacturers of a Killer Vaccine, and wearing TWO Band-Aids on his arm from vaccines he... did... not... get, and smiling like a self-satisfied shit-weasel, I get... a little... a little... steamed. If I were a glasses-wearing guy I wouldn't be able to see through them after watching this despicable character Judas Goating (is that a verb?) the hero-worshiping public... AND... ESPECIALLY YOUNG KIDS, who don't know any better and look up to him!!!

That's lower than low OR... am I wrong? And his aging... dim-bulb cheerleader... jingle-singing girlfriend is right there pom-poming (is that a verb) him on. She's looking like she puts on her make-up like a 6-year-old with a trowel... borrowed from some of her backup Kabuki dancers.

Tell me, my friends, that you didn't know this is an arranged hook-up between Retardo Mental-Block (the inside of his head is lined with fine Corinthian Pleather) and Susie Creamcheese??? I am past certain that The Deep State approached them to do this for the good of their particular station of inhumanity. The official story sounds a lot like bullshit to me.

They look as awkward as two incels... two ice-skating giraffes (one of them a crossdresser) that have to go potty. I'm not kidding. Have you seen the few videos of them together? There are not many, and does that make sense with the most high-profile... most photographed... Dixie Cup chick... flavor of the month? No, it does not, AND THE REASON I am taking the trouble to hammer this out... when I don't care a wit about either one of them... is that EVERYTHING IS ARRANGED NOW. Yup... everything.

Everything is arranged by The Divine to start with, and then spastically disordered by Eugenics Corp. Everything is fixed. The Divine knows it's fixed cause he fixed it, and The Bad Guys assume it's fixed cause they think they fixed it and it must be true because... so far... right up until now... it's all been working out for them; NOT... ANY... MORE... no, not anymore. Welcome my friends... to the age of wonder and surprise, and we have a plethora of each for you... coming up in The Event Horizon.

Change is a constant, and... now and again... at great intervals... Big Change becomes a constant... until it isn't... once the changes have been instituted and installed by The Archetype construction workers who operate through the planetary system. It's metaphysics.

I don't generally watch football these days because Tom Brady is gone. It was the same thing for me when Michael Jordan left... and Muhammad Ali. I'm a hero worshiper. Once the hero is gone, I am too, but I told myself I would at least watch the playoffs this year. Anyway... what I do or don't do is no one's business except for those who can't mind their own. Guru Bawa had the TV on all day because it let him work inside the heads of the followers sitting around him.

Chögyam Trungpa was a skirt-chasing womanizer. Everyone has their tics... high and low. We have flaws; every master has a secret life of shame. People who like to posture... as if no flies land on them are hypocrites. ♫ out into the cool of the evening strolls The Pretender ♫ I have certain ordinary behaviors and do ordinary things and don't have to apologize to those people who see The Mote in my eye while... yeah... you know that bit of scripture; “for all have sinned and come short of The Glory of God.”

This is why Humility is so important and why my motto is, “I don't know.” meaning... by comparison with The Divine, I am less informed than a bug. I am a lover of God, and... a friend of God... because I choose to be, and that's all it takes. You have to meet the criteria, which is quite simple; you must love The Lord thy God with all your heart... all your soul... all your strength (will)... and all your mind. That's all it takes and you get there the same way you get to Carnegie Hall; practice... practice... practice.

Get ready my friends. Those who have ridden roughshod over the rest of us are... GOING DOWN! Their reign of ignorance and black magic is over! It's going to come in a fury of orchestrated change. At the moment... everything they do is turning on them. It will intensify accordingly. Their day is over!

I know for many of little faith, it seems unlikely that anything or anyone could reduce these Masters of The Universe to extremity, BUT... there is a destiny that shapes our ends... rough hew them as we may. Events are coming... the like of which few of us can imagine. The Divine is real... realer than real, and he is rising into view, and Lady Nature is to be unchained from the reversed-Kundalini... kabbalistic spells she has labored under.

The Dream Machine... that has mesmerized and intoxicated the mass of us for so long... is breaking down. The repairmen have left town on The Outward Bound or The Inward Bound, whichever of them it is. The Will of Heaven is now directly hands-on. What has been permitted has reached that point where it cannot be permitted to continue further. The Celestial Clock is moving to The Midnight Hour where our better angels come into flower, and The Planets begin to sing.

It is time to come into harmonic resonance with The Cosmos. Those who do will be righteously transformed into The Fifth Stage or The Fifth Age.

Don't take any of that literally. It's all allegorical. Perhaps this might be a tad more informative.

The Details are less important than your coming into resonance with the force of it. You must bend with The Winds of Cosmic Change or they will snap you like the resisting twig of the personal self in conflict with their divine nature.

I am not implying that either of these links contains the whole of the matter. I don't know and it is not my department anyway. The point is to stimulate your thinking and see if... perhaps... The Intuiton has an addendum for you. I don't pay a great deal of attention to what left-brain compilers of information have to say, but... I weigh and measure. I sift and filter, and... then I hear from the one who informs me/

A man must come to the desperate edge of the walls he's built around himself
and beat with his hands on the cold hard stone
and cry for the years that he's been alone
and break like a dry dead twig
under The Wheel of Time
and rise
and live
and understand
The Power of Love in his master's hand

I wrote that many years ago. We are either fluid like the water... or we are like the stone that the water wears away. We are rocks in the stream, and the current of life is what wears away the rough edges and makes us smooth and easier to bear; metaphorically speaking.

I don't have The Details either, BUT I do know it is coming, and I do know that you either resist it OR... you ride it onto the never-ending shore, where the golden sands of eternity... glimmer forever and beyond. You are either a prisoner of Time and Desire or one who aspires and is lifted up by the angels who await our compliance with The Will of The Everlasting.

Clumsy poetry it may be and you will hear those who have no poetry in them raging against my impudence... for it is what they see in the mirror, but... clumsy poetry or not... it is true, as time will tell and you shall surely see.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I do consider myself a prisoner of time. A self-imposed prisoner of this realm which I have groan to loathe more than bedbugs. Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

I was in the desert yesterday thanking the sun for what he does, when I read that first appalling comment, totally inappropriate for the day and the message delivered in the blog.

Then I remembered that your writings are for those with eyes that can see, and most cannot.

I have been following you for years, and can observe what you say is happening.

Did you see the moon this morning? My faith certitude,and determination waxes with the moon!



Almismo said...

I was deeply moved by the Poem you share with us in this post. It is piercingly raw and accurate.

I share with you some songs and poems as a retribution of innocence and beauty.


M - said...

Aw, man, that first video link brought tears to my eyes. ❤

Forgive us, but I, Ramses, and The Kid TOTALLY forgot to wish you and your beloved Readers A Very Meowy Catmas

And just a reminder: Pagan does NOT equal Satan. For instance, the beliefs and customs of Native American tribes can be considered pagan - yet they are not satan-worshipers.

We saw an ad yesterday that horrified us. They are now pushing in utero RSV vaccines: Abrysvo is approved for use at 32 through 36 weeks gestational age of pregnancy. Now THAT is truly Satanic.

Blessings to All...Pagans and Christians, alike. Let us come together. The Soul of the World is at stake.

Visible said...

Beautiful... wasn't it?

As you probably know, I was being ironic about the mention of Pagans. They were simply earlier Christians before the priests got their hands on the catechism. (grin) I much prefer the thought processes of pagans to the usual Christians who cause me to want to move to another part of the house... which I do.

Uncle Albert said...

Great post, dear one from a fellow traveler
Ab-so-posi-tootly love your humor while delivering the message esp. the song references
Well done and Happy Christmas to y’all
Hang in there and keep the faith, as my dear ole Dad (RIP) used to say

M - said...

"As you probably know, I was being ironic about the mention of Pagans. They were simply earlier Christians before the priests got their hands on the catechism. (grin) I much prefer the thought processes of pagans to the usual Christians who cause me to want to move to another part of the house... which I do."

Thank you. I am aware, but some of your Readers may not be. I was speaking in general terms, too.

Much love and blessings, Vis.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Unify Yourself by Blowing Away All The False Versions or... Wind Up Living in a Crowded Room with No One in Charge."



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