Monday, December 18, 2023

"They Are in The Throes of an Advanced Desperation. Like a Juggler... Which is The Exoteric Term for a Magician..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is a powerful testimony.

There is a tsunami of similar expositions coming just beyond the range of sight. Perhaps... metaphorically speaking... having something to do with the curve of The Earth meeting The Event Horizon? I'm simply Heliocentrically musing on the principle of plants coming out of The Earth as related to changes triggering the subconscious for human transformation; no one seems to know where it comes from, but... come it does.

Then... there was this event in Ukraine on Friday. There are many more of these coming as The Future pours into The Present. That is actually how it works. It might sound confusing, but... think about it; there is ONLY The Present... ever. (this link has been removed at Shitter-X. It was a video of the council member who threw 3 hand grenades into a council meeting.)

I meditate in the morning and late afternoon. One is at a time after The Sunrise... when The Sun can fall on me, and one is at the setting of The Sun. The times of the meditations change over the course of more than two hours as The Sun moves from solstice to solstice. I live on a golf course... off the fairway of a particular hole.

Since shortly after I started... six months? 8 months ago? I don't remember. I don't keep track of that sort of thing; during the morning meditations... workmen on big machines; movers... blowers... and the like... began to appear, often exactly as I was beginning my meditations. It was uncanny, and it was consistent. There is no way that they have that many workers who can constantly appear during a time period that is always changing.

I got industrial earplugs so... they have no effect on me now. Still, they continue, AND... it happens every day, including Sunday. There is nothing normal about this, and you don't mow the same stretch of grass every single day.

I wouldn't usually mention this... many strange things happen... to and around me... that are much stranger than this. However... today... 3 large mowers appeared. Then two blower vehicles followed, and then a truck with workers appeared at the sand trap across the way. It was like a traffic jam and this has NEVER happened before. In the usual scheme of their operations, they appear at different times. They do not appear at the same time. It makes no logical sense.

Often they will disappear as soon as I am done. Sometimes they go back and forth in front of this house... turning around as soon as they pass the house on either side. I've seen plenty of strange in my life, and I can say... since I have been directly experiencing it... this is plenty strange.

For the longest time, I told myself it was coincidence. I thought about it. I analyzed it... weighed it... tossed it about in my thoughts. I told myself there is no way I have any kind of importance like that to call up such behavior. The fact that it continues with such consistency... relegates it to the realm of mystery.

I don't play golf. I won't be going into that. It is some whim of The Cosmos that put me here. I'm not complaining, and I get intimations my circumstances will migrate in the shorter term to more private environs. I am very grateful because with my income I could never afford to live somewhere like this and maintain the other expenses, but... The Divine has been most kind to me in the later stages. I am permitted to live well with little.

I know The Ineffable is making a statement with me, and has been for a while. Once you pass through the bruising uncertainty, which in my case lasted for decades; once The Shraddha has reached a particular level... material conditions are no longer a concern... nor ever will be again.

There is something that happens within us that... once it reaches a certain stage... acts directly upon The World... so as to tame and shape it at will. It's a direct expression of certain laws that permeate existence, and work according to their own rules of order, much like electroculture... permaculture... serendipity, and all those other actual laws that have to do with fortune, misfortune, and what is called luck, but which is a word to cover for something that does not exist as we have assumed it does.

Anyone who has taken the tools of metaphysics and measured their relationship as Microprosopus to the Macroprosopus... knows that there is a lot more to life than what appearances suggest. Once I had made the necessary adjustments to my life, there was no longer any reason for The Cosmos to discipline me or call me on inconsistencies that were no longer present in my behavior.

Life treats us exactly as we treat life... according to the rules and commandments, which... once abided by... grooves our existence into ever finer demonstrations of serenity and peace. It gets better and better... it gets worse and worse... or it stays on a barely perceptible roundabout that repeats itself until The Timer goes off.

I know that hardly anyone cares if machines show up on the other side of my fence line... every day... on a progressing gradient of time; along with the hatched crossways of chemtrails... the flag at the community center lowered for a month over the death of a forgotten Supreme Court buzzard... the pulsing low bass note vibrations... that come out of nowhere... in my naps and early mornings... randomly, and for short periods of time.

These occurrences might not have the same meaning if there was only one of them, but new ones get added, and after a while, the framework of life has changed. I live in one of the least harassed areas of the country. I can only imagine what it is like in the coastal areas. Now... organized gangs roam the country... imported here by The Usual Suspects, and they go through certain neighborhoods like locusts through fields of green.

Every day... The Evil Emperor of The WEF... is on about something that almost no one wants to see happen. He and his homosexual rat-pack seem to be on some kind of a clock. Every day... Bill Gates gets more and more insane; murdering 70 million trees for Global Warming, and making no sense science-wise at all... promoting fake meat... Killer Vaccines... depopulation agendas, AND... doing something about it by twisting the natural world and natural behavior into a pretzel... tortured to extremes at the hands of his Cenobite fellow travelers.

George Soros and his Rothschild employer are flooding all of The Western World with migrant hordes in order to collapse the financial systems so that utter chaos and ruin may result and then his sycophants can reshape the governments into Oceana... Eurasia... and Eastasia.

Everything is being denatured, though they are calling it something else. The planning and groundwork have been going on for decades, but now... as the intended reset approaches... the architects are being forced out into the public view. Their hubris has blinded them to their risk of overexposure. Even as they imagine themselves rising to an unchallenged supremacy over The Lumpen Proles, they are falling... they are falling.

A Perfect Storm is rising to counter their constructs. It approaches on invisible wings from multiple directions. All of their efforts are by visible means. What comes to confront them is by invisible means. Like a man trying to hold water in his hands... there is a limited time frame of control. Several forces have been released into The World from The Heavenly Sphere. These actions... according to the law of action and reaction... have produced a reaction.

It's nothing personal. It just happens as a result of their own efforts.

Everything is going wrong in Israel. It is a monumental public relations disaster. It is a tactical error similar to Napoleon marching on Moscow at the wrong time of year... as if there ever were a right time. This is the end of Israel... which was a false Israel, to begin with, and a criminal syndicate that gained sovereign nation status for its enterprises of war crimes... on many levels... against EVERYONE else.

The present (and temporary) governments around The World are set to fall the way the religious institutions are falling and for the same reason; dry rot in the infrastructure. They are all termite-infested and can no longer stand on their own. A constant effort to prop them up only buys them limited amounts of time to continue in their terminal distress.

Everywhere you look you see crazy shit going down; 'going down' being the operative term. It is proving out before your eyes that those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad. So... for a time... weird events are going to be the dis-order of the day. It is happening in everyone's life, and it will... likely... get freakier and stranger for a time, until the thing collapses in on itself, AND... it will collapse. What does one do? ♫ don't stand... don't stand... don't stand so close to it ♫

They are in the throes of an advanced desperation. Like a juggler... which is the exoteric term for a magician... they have too many balls in the air. It is only a matter of time. However... they are not juggling balls. They are juggling chainsaws and bombs. They are playing according to the odds that The House arranged for... certain that they cannot lose. It's going to be beautiful... unless you are standing too close or invested in it.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Everything in our World must and will collapse and no one will be untouched. The change has already begun and it will be interesting to see how strong the "Leaders of greed, control etc" will take to this change. This is the only way to bring our world back into balance of Love & Light through God.

M - said...

I don't believe in coincidences. Syncronicities? Absolutely.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your second link, the post was removed from X. What was it?

Living on the left coast, I read a lot about local crime. Last year when I asked my mechanic how many catalytic converters he had to replace, he about fell to the floor laughing. Also, being on the lower economic strata, we're not likely to be bothered so much. Who wants a 30 year old beat up car, or anything to do with someone who looks like something the cat dragged in, which would be me. I'm NOT into the bimbo breeder cow look. Never was. Actually, I think I bring Bill the Cat from Bloom County to mind, lookin' at me. My hero and role model, so that's fine by me.

Actually, I can't stand life. . .physical existence, and I in analogy kick it in the face every chance I get. I live it as little as possible these days. Been on the computer for the last 6 hours with a few breaks to eat, oh and I had to clean the damn bathroom a little at a time, but I might as well be dead to the world when I'm not on my job or running errands. We're doin' OK, though. Also living well on poverty level salary due to rather convenient circumstances. Even have a little more than we need for the occasional alms for the homeless, though I can't give as much as I used to when I made a statistical lot.

Waiting for it to all implode. Damn, why hasn't the calipornia coast fallen into the ocean yet? Well, I'm in the middle of a few nuke targets, so maybe I do have something to look forward to soon.

Nostrils to the sky, and beyond!

Visible said...

I put the explanation of the link into the post where the link is located.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ah yes. I saw that. That's one way to get rid of politicians, though the end result probably wasn't good enough for the 'grenade launcher'.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said, after clicking the Invisible, Visible, like button

Sounds like the Truman show meets Caddyshack, maybe it is HAMAS training for a second run... any gliders around?
"the architects are being forced out into the public view. "
what I have called longtime When Draculas Fangs Come Out.
where are his manners / little scene from Count Yorga, fancy dress small party, woman says' hey Drac where are your fangs, Mr SoundOfMusic bloodfull gent, says ' where are your manners'.
Heck times like this, where is the Manger? (and Count Herod)
Merry Christmas, Visible .

Anonymous said...

Pierre said, playfully to tune of Camp Granada song.
Hello Mother WEF'er
Hello Darth Vader.
Here I am in
Camp Grenade-a
.... 'nuff

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Like a Scone that Failed to Rise, a Mountain Worn Away by The Wind and The Rain; Pressed Down by Gravity and Time."

Anonymous said...

You’re not the only one, Mr. Visible. There’s times when the local orchestra of commotion commissars gather for the symphony and i don’t need a ticket or an invitation to hear it. It just plays intermittently throughout the day.
We got us our 🎵 siren section, our motorcycle section, our aircraft section, dog section, yelling kids section, parents yelling at their kids section, mower section, blower section, etc.🎵 My favourites are the sirens and aircraft sections, NOT!!

Oh, and while the Band played on, the orchestra plays the opera, “A Jolly Rogering”
in the Senate chambers.

It’s holiday fun for the whole family!

Good times.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Keep harassing them with your meditations, Viz.



Visible said...

Ah! So you know that's what is setting them off. The Meditations. I was clued into that not long ago. Precious little they can do about it otherwise.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many thanks, Les - the Best of many Best

Don No said...

Greetings and blessings...I work with the maintenance department of a golf course in Alberta, Canada...we do indeed follow the sun in our daily routine...where I am it means 5:00 AM start time...8:00 AM start time in the fall and sometimes in the winter...and unless your equipment has lights, you need to follow the courses everywhere do this...

Don No said...

and indeed the same strip of grass (greens, tees, approaches and collars, fairways, rough) get mowed every day

KeithSElder said...

What's going on is that you are under surveillance. Check out for lots of discussion about surveillance.

Did you see the Mercola report about how most honey is bogus? I hope that's not the case for Costco honey.

Are you aware of Clif High? He has interesting ideas, like Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras are actually a training manual for using the mind-machine interface of UFOs.

Thank you for writing these blogs.

Visible said...

Greetings, keith

Yes... You are correct and it's been going on for a long time. They mostly leave me alone now after they got singed a few times by means they don't understand. God has been most kind to me in so many ways.

I've known Clif for a long time, but we're not in contact any longer... times change... people move on, I did catch that Patanjali reference cause it came out around the same time I was talking about The Charles Johnston translation, and people brought it to my attention.

I'm aware of the honey frauds too. I get the raw honey from Costco and as far as I know, that's the real deal. Both of them seem righteous. I go through a lot of honey. it is my main expense (grin)

God keep you, my friend.

Dan the man said...

Hey Vis !!
Most Grateful to you for making “THE WAY INTO THE KINGDOM “ by Joseph Brenner available , I’ve read much of the Tibetans works and other Esoteric literature but this book has a beautiful clarity , simplicity it’s a real gem . A seekers handbook full of great methodology and formulas for effective application . I am grateful to all the authentic teachers for their enormous input ,effort and Service mostly unrecognised by the vast majority ,for their service on our behalf .
What a time to be incarnate here on Earth when God drops the love bomb ,we are most truely blessed if you can see through appearances and listen to the words of the wise ,be humbly guided ablaze with aspiration and fixed firey intention . Keep on keeping on amigos
In the words of the the purple one
God is coming like a Dog in heat
And he’s looking for soldiers with strong feet

Visible said...

Let me then recommend The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. He proved out all he wrote about in front of some of the movers and shakers of his time.



Joseph Brenner

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