Friday, December 08, 2023

"This is One of The Reasons that Any and All Arguments of Every Kind... are All Pointless and Convoluted Circle Jerks."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Refugees packaged... and delivered to the American border... are flowing into the country day and night from every Third World country on Earth. It's a collaborative effort of The (worldwide) Ashkenazi Syndicate. They have complete control of the government, which they gained through election fraud in 2020, with the help of The Social Media Barons... who are also members of that syndicate. None of this is in doubt. It has been proven again and from every direction you approach it from.

As the corporate American MIC engages in fruitless efforts of ever-greater expansion outward, the barbarian hordes are pouring inward, where the intention is to collapse the financial system and the social order... for a brutal takeover, which includes the expunging of all former debt that was created by The Bankers... through the long-standing criminal organization called The Federal Reserve, which is owned by the same people who are driving the migrant armies across the borders.

It's what is known as a Vicious Circle. At the heart of the matter is the fomenting and spread of Chaos and Confusion, which are both weapons of The Infernal Kingdom, expressed through the mindset of Divide and Conquer. The objective is the subjugation and elimination of the white race through murder and miscegenation. This is accomplished through poisoning the food... water... and atmosphere, as well as The Killer Vaccines, and whatever can be manufactured to that end.

The Other White Race... much like the other white meat... is waiting in the wings to assume control over everything that can be controlled, in order to be a hundred times more brutal than the people they are replacing. They claim they are not white, and that might be true of the original members, but it is not true of the Khazars who were converted to Judaism by King Bulan and who... basically... came out of the Caucasus regions where the term Caucasian comes from.

You can see the revisionist history presently at work by Wikipedia also owned by the same people.

It's all kind of like The HIV Virus; if you know anything about camouflaging cell markers and Viral Latency.

Okay... I could go into exquisitely minute detail here if I wanted to. I could slither like a snake through the turning gears... to where their dependency on other gears connects, and past that... and past that... and past that, until all that is left is a puff of smoke... concealing what might have been there previously, and which might still be there, BUT... you can't see it... cause it has moved outside of your bandwidth of perception.

This is one of the reasons that any and all arguments about anything at all... are all pointless... circumnavigating... circle jerks. These masquerading cell markers... children of The Great Deceiver, are most deeply concerned about Semitic DNA which is possessed by The Palestinians. They do not have any of this DNA; not the greatest majority of them. Some small segment of Sephardic people do have this identifier.

The whole thing about the Semitic... Antisemitic mumbo-jumbo game theory is about them being made to appear what they are not. They are NOT Semitic. They do not have an ancestral right to Palestine. They are NOT The People of The Book. They are not who they say they are. They are the followers of Mammon who seek a non-existent... and never-coming Kingdom of This Earth, AND... what they have convinced themselves is true; their right to rule over everyone else by hook... or by crook.

In the past... every time they have been caught out at this, they have been given their walking papers. So... they now believe... by having gained control over the physical wealth of The World... they are being empowered to rule The World. The Grand Apocalypse and The Grand Awakening are both countermoves from Heaven to see to it that they do not. They have responded with Woke, which they hope will obfuscate the situation until they can get a handle on the others. No one but The Divine is in command of The Apocalypse and The Awakening.

Lord Kalki... The Mahdi... Maitreya... The Second Coming of Christ... whatever terminology or viewing lens you understand this next Avatar through... doesn't matter. He's coming. He's on his way. He is precipitating out of The Sun from which all Avatars descend. It is the same spirit in each of them that comes again and again... whenever life on this planet has gotten so screwed up that he had to come here or else... all is lost.

It's very simple. It is ALWAYS simple unless YOU make it otherwise for reasons of your own. A vast number of us are going in the direction of The Way of All Flesh. In Times of Material Darkness, the nature of Humanity is to incline toward the sensitive life of comfort and ease. The Spiritual direction is forgotten or interpreted into something more in line with comfort and ease. The Divine takes on human form to redirect us; those who are willing to be redirected.

Those who are not willing to be redirected... in The Great Spiritual Reset that counterpoints The Great Reset of the present day Murder Incorporated... will be permitted to continue in the direction they have chosen for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

Those whose love of the things of this world... exceeds any affection they might have for The Celestial Realm... will be turned under into the matter of it... to be rearranged... and re-formed... for their next appearance here... again and again... for as long as it may continue. No one has to be here. They have chosen to be here. Some... for whatever they might gain on a personal level, and some... to help.

Look at those characters who presently dance upon the stages of The World... those Name Players... those who... temporarily perform... in all the many capacities... that continue to be replaced by the next in line.

They will be doing something else shortly. They will be someone else... somewhere else... shortly. The Wheel of Fire. The Wheel of Earthly Desire... turns forever... because Desire is forever. You can't stamp it out, and only a fool would try. The trick is to direct it properly. You can see around you what happens when you don't. The Higher Octave of Desire is Aspire.

Those who think they are presently running The Show, and on the verge of absolute control of everyone else are... IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE, and... no matter how many times it happens... again and again... the players never seem to realize that the same end result comes for them every single time. They fail. They fall into spectacular ignominy... in this world AND the next. Mind how you go!

A couple of nights ago, I watched an awful production called “The Killers of The Flower Moon.” Here you can see what happens when The Higher Self removes all creative force from those who have gone to the well too often and with too little right. This was an exhaustive piece of shit that served no purpose... it was like a contemporary effort by Ingmar Bergman... where the general feeling one is left with was that of fingers going slowly down a blackboard for a really long time.

It was like Cries and Whispers was the result of being made hoarse from screaming, No! I can't take anymore! For a very long time.

I was amazed at how clumsy and mishmash the whole laborious process turned out to be. This was so bad, and... so adherent to the new ground rules for Academy nominations... that it has got to be in line for several Stool Sculpture statues.

The Native American actors were fine. DiCaprio seemed to be dealing... (from what his facial features indicated...) with a constant state of constipation and IBS, and De Niro... playing himself in real life... was just old and evil.

Then... at the end... after showing yet again the horrors of The White Race visited upon the indigenous people... Scorsese mocked the killings with a radio farce at the end... featuring himself doing a bad Steven King impression... which is what most cameos usually end up as. It was horrific. I ONLY bring this up because what he and others like him used to be able to count on with their smoke and mirrors efforts has been taken from them. Everywhere in the arts you see this now... all inspiration has been taken away.

Maybe it was never there in the first place? Maybe the illusion was strong enough until now that we were unable to see how bereft of talent and ability they were. Now... The Awakening has cast a different light on everything. We are coming out of a haze. Everything is being exposed, and THEY are losing it.

They are so sunk into their degenerate behavior that they cannot see what is happening outside of their self-congratulating circles of mutual admiration.

I mentioned that The Divine had told me a few weeks ago that he had loosed several forces upon The World and that no one and nothing could resist the effect they were bringing. Today he told me that he was now turning up the heat inside them in such a way that we could not fail to soon observe the fallout that it will bring to the surface. I was told to Pay Attention because... it was going to be evident to those who were paying attention just what was happening.

Their movies may be getting increasingly boring and badly drawn, BUT... this movie... the one we are in... is going to be getting very interesting, and... in many cases... highly entertaining.

End Transmission.......

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Here is a beautiful conclusion to the series of arcane writings that we have been presenting of late. It is written by Manly Palmer Hall, who was the author of all of them. This is a soul-stirring piece of writing. Be moved, and enjoy!!!


M - said...

The "Killers of the Flower Moon"...aaah, where to start? The very fact that it stars DiCaprio (AGAIN) turned me off instantly. Funny should mention "ground rules for Academy nominations" because the female lead, according to Wikipedia, is "non-binary and goes by both she/her and they/them pronouns". Betcha she gets an Oscar for Best Actress - IF she/her doesn't get usurped by Rotten Robbie for "Barbie". (That retching sound would be me.)

Speaking of Wikipedia. In the past they have occasionally asked for donations, this year they've gotten more MANIC about it. Reminds me of our kitten who turns into Loony Toons' Tasmanian Devil wherever/whenever food is involved. Crazy.

When I open up Wikipedia I get:
"December 8: Wikipedia still can't be sold.
Please don't skip this 1-minute read. We're sorry to interrupt, but it's Friday, December 8, and it will soon be too late to help the nonprofit behind Wikipedia in this end-of-year fundraiser in the United States. Wikipedia is free and doesn't rely on ads. Just 2% of readers donate, so if Wikipedia has given you $2.75 worth of knowledge, please give. Any contribution helps, whether it's $2.75 or $25."

When I open it up from one of your links I get the above PLUS:
"In the age of AI, access to impartial, verifiable facts is crucial. Wikipedia matters more than ever as a reliable source for emerging technologies – and you. Your contributions support how you and other readers use Wikipedia now, and how revolutionary new systems will utilize it tomorrow.

Reflect on the usefulness of Wikipedia in your life, and if the knowledge you gained here was valuable, please give $2.75. Every contribution matters: every edit, every donation counts."

What's the old saying? "The lady doth protest too much." Crazy. Manic. Scared.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"Everywhere in the arts you see this now... all inspiration has been taken away."

Only in the mainstream. I found one musician composer I've become totally addicted to, as far as music goes. I've loved this sort of stuff for the past 50 years of my life. If you like Celtic, some cheerful, some not, and he has some classical symphonic and Nox Arcana type stuff. All strictly instrumental.

And he has so much more. You can listen to his whole collection for free:

Though I must admit I'm disinclined to watch modern cinema. Not so with books, though. I'm finding tons of killer books from Dollar Tree which is the only place I can afford to buy them without going to garage sales. My library grows, and I can't wait until their next shipment. If I'm not stuck with a bunch of holiday weeks, I try to get 2 or 3 books in a month.

M - said...

Love To Push Those Buttons:

Tons of great reads can be found at your local library and it doesn't cost a dime to get a library card.

0 said...

Funny you called out the flower moon movie, that was a longun. 3.5 hours.

I actually sorta enjoyed it.

Spoiler alert:

What I took from it was that the Jews as Hales family took big pains to be ingratiated to the osage and enjoyed his status while he then worked outside of that image to aggregate the osages oil rights to his own Family. Earnest was painted as a real dummy in his 40s who did what his uncle said unquestioningly. It never occurred to him to Not add whatever was in the little vial to the insulin he was injecting into the women he sat on the stand and claimed he loved. This in spite of him acting as the go between to kill his wifes sisters/family. He never did outright admit to doing hales work for hale in helping harm his wife with the intent being her death and the headrights being then left to the hales, who would then have earnest, his own family killed, to finish consolidation.

By the end it seemed like the film painted jews as two faced, unwilling to see their own criminal behavior since it served their self interest.

The fed investigator was framed as the means to Justice, as if the fed gov was a neutral arbiter in the ordeal.

And the wealthy osage were targetted simply because of their fortune in having oil on their native land, and they were aimed at to be married into so that the legalities of headrights transfers could then happen. So they would be treated nicely till married, then poisoned till dead, rinse and repeat.

One might see The American Public as the Osage, the fed gov in its current incarnation as the Hales, and the Hales as the oligarchs currently running their series of engineered events to realize their Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals well ahead of their claimed Timeline to realize such.

Ah well, just more analogy and metaphor. Without accountability it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I will go read the rest of todays posting now. :)

Take it easy!

0 said...

Also, heres this tidbit from Anna that might or might not be anything. Weird claims which I commented on at this URL.

Supposedly by the 13th-15th whatever this is will have made a showing.

Guess we'll see.


Visible said...


Thanks for mentioning it. I did not know this crime against the indigenous peoples was committed by The Usual Suspects. I don't remember any mention being made and I disliked the cumbersome and disconnected presentation so much I didn't look further. It was like he was trying to do an Altman's Short Cuts film with Monty Python caricatures.

I'll take a look at whatever prophecy you came across. it would be nice to see one of them actually happen (and then I think)... no I really wouldn't

Visible said...

Okay... I see. That's been coming for a while. None of it affects me. I feel sorry for those it will impact on. I am fortunate in possessing so little of material value that not much changes for me if the whole system goes down.

Asil said...

I cannot give it a percentage, but I imagine the largest majority of people in the world know nothing of the history of Khazaria. (most of the ancient country now known as Ukraine and their interest to make it the new Israel- another topic) I was really interested in your commentary and mention of King Bulan.

From what I have read the countries surrounding Khazaria decided to group together in order to end the invasions. They gave Bulan the choice to decide on a religion . . . Islam, Judaism or Christianity. He chose Judaism. So the Jewish people of Europe where not related to the Hebrews of the Holy Land of Judah - now Palestine. Also, they are definitely caucasians - the white race.

The extremely aggressive nature of the warring Khazarians is now apparent in the all consuming greed of the Zionist Jews and in particular the Chabad sect. It is pitiful all the lies told about the true history of the world. The truth would give understanding but it is unknown to most people. And, sadly, most people have no interest either in history or in the truth. I guess it is unfortunate that you cannot cure stupid.

terry said...

Les, the health and healing additions are very inspiring and helpful, the spiritual writings (Manly P. Hall) truly warm the heart, the fountain you draw from sounds very similar. I am grateful for the gifts that pore through you to us. I await the next burst. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said... I've taken to watching an hour of Rawhide (1959-1963) for my daily happy hour. My gen. 70's was all poo poo with 'straight' stuff. now, end of my tether with Roman Generals kissing each other and Europe 1/3 black centuries ago, it is simple simon for me. ( remiss not to put in a big secret, shedding is real . and thrice a week programs with 'jeff and erica'... why i am playing Last Man On Earth... we shall see. (Rawhide had someone literally blind drunk last night, so maybe some of us won't , )

0 said...

Yeah I agree on the prophecies... profit-sees. I would rather be aware of what might happen than be totally in the dark tho. I am about as prepared as I can be for whatever shows up.

I do hope accountability is restored and the clowns in authority positions return to Enforcing the Law. I don't think I'll be playing along with anything until those 2 things happen.

For that flower moon flick, it was weird that they released it with the Israeli/Palestinian thing active. Almost like it was put out to fan the fires of hatred of Jews. Always sewing division... I wonder if they'll produce an inbred club member that embraces unification and working towards harmony? Prolly not till they achieve their agendas huh, and only then to retain control once their agendas are in place.

I guess Vimalananda wasn't far wrong in his assertions that some shit was inbound back when he said such in the 70s/80s before dropping form and wandering off.

Take care man!



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