Wednesday, December 13, 2023

"Make-em Desperate and Fearful so that some Silver-Tongued Demagogue of a Huey Long can ride in on a Circus Pig."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Following yesterday's posting, I got a comment from a reader at Smoking Mirrors about The Trump Conundrum. It has been creating a dichotomy (grin) in my mind for some time... this idea (on the one hand) that Trump is some kind of savior of America, and this Good Cop-Bad Cop game that seems to be taking place at the same time... well...

The person said; “It is interesting that in his first year in office, he was going to have a committee investigating vaccine safety headed by Robert Kennedy Jr. In a video RKJ talks about that and said after it was set to go, he received a call from Trump. Trump told him they were canceling the committee. And, apparently, Trump had received a $1,000,000 campaign donation from Pfizer.”

Then there is the Bill Gates interaction.

Then there is his Klaus Schwab endorsement.

Add in his mindless and slavish devotion to The Kingdom of Satan on Earth... his family intermarrying with a Khazar oligarch line, AND... his son-in-law's sweetheart deal with The Saudis.

Of course, that last is no big deal. They are all in bed with each other... up there where the sweet air of real privilege is found, BUT... it does make me wonder why the people going after Trump are not going after Little Lord Fauntlestein.

Then there is all that trust the plan woo-woo.

I'm not the sort to spend my time wishing and hoping. Both of my hands are involved in Trust but Verify; “No one can stop what is coming?” I believe that, BUT... I don't think we are talking about the same thing. I KNOW The Divine has the real plan, and no one is going to stop it. Everyone else can talk whatever game suits them. I might be amused at their loop-de-loops, but... I'm not going on the ride.

I deeply... deeply want to believe in a posse of guys in white hats, coming around the mountain when they come, BUT... I have one of those minds that automatically fixes its sights on inconsistencies. When someone repeats themselves over and over in an avuncular manner, while... metaphorically... grabbing my elbow when they shake my hand... I get a creepy feeling.

Those of you among The True Believers; you don't smell a rat... anywhere in this sausage factory? Maybe the rat's in the sausage?

Mr. Art of The Deal surely must understand that deals involve give and take; promises made... arrangements agreed to... quid pro quo... you service my wife and I'll raise your kids. Those in The World of Realpolitik are schooled in the old give-and-get, and none of them want to be the guys on the bottom who clean the bathhouse on Sunday morning... when The Great Disinfectant rises up in the sky.

I'm just too familiar with badger games... Spanish prisoners... 3-card Monte... and Ponzi... and... false good Samaritans... there are all kinds of scams... short cons... long cons and Con's your uncle who just got into town. I see these things coming right away because I... don't... want... anything; you can't lure me into any of it because I don't care about any of it. They say you can't cheat an honest man. Say it another way and I will agree with you.

You can't cheat anyone who has no palate for The Bait. This world is a traveling carnival show. You learn early or... it gets harder every following day. People can't shake the habit of false hope, and so... The World consistently disappoints them. I never loan money. I might go along with someone's need to reassure me of remuneration, BUT... I forget about it right after it happens. my world... you got tinsel in your eye.

Look! You want anything in The World? Put your head down and work toward it; dream it into being. It might not MATERIALIZE in this go-round, BUT... it will definitely be routed to The Planning Board for future construction. The billboards will go up around the site, and say... “Coming soon! A new This or That or... Whatever.” (soon being a relative term) It's how it works. It's Cosmic Law. It's how everything you see here... got here.

It's called Precipitation. Your classic example is The Dew, and that is why it is the third part of the alchemy between The Sun and The Moon. I have my own ambitions. My primary ambition is that The Kingdom of Heaven comes to Earth. My following ambition is to become like The Sun. I might not get to be like our particular sun. There's got to be a long line... a waiting list, and... since each regent is present for a period of four hundred million years... heh heh.

The Sun is the biggest celebrity around and the thought never crosses his mind. He's too busy doing what he does, and he doesn't get a day off. He is ALWAYS shining. The Divine is the same way. He shines through countless suns forever... or it seems like it, BUT God, and The Sun God, and all their companions do get equal time for themselves. That is why there is both a Day... and a Night of Brahman.

Is Trump the real deal? I go by the eternal maxim; “by their works, ye shall know them.” AND ALSO... “Watch out that no one deceives you.” I know that The Divine uses everyone for his purposes whether they know it or not, so... I can't say Yay or Nay here because it hasn't happened yet. The whole story has not yet unraveled from The Cosmic Loom.

I know the mass killers of Palestinians are NOT The Good Guys, and... Trump is in bed with them. Most of the rich and powerful in this world (who want to keep their money) are also in bed with them. They are the agents of The Dark Side in this cycle of events. They are The False Israel. It should be noted that there is also a True Israel.

It takes a powerful mind and a focused will to walk away from the blandishments of The World. It is why so few can accomplish this; many are called but few are chosen. It takes a special kind of steel to walk away from it all. No one can do it on their own. You need the help of The Invisible Kingdom. You need friends in high places. The snares of The Enemy are diabolically clever, and far too many of us are far too confident in our personal powers. This is why Pride goes before a fall.

The Clown Car is awfully crowded these days.

I don't know whether Trump will turn out to be a knight in shining armor. I only know about all the things he didn't accomplish the last time he was king, and... he's a smart guy. How could he have been taken in by all those false friends... unless he wasn't? Unless it was all part of The Plan we are supposed to trust?

I've never seen it all turn to shit the way it has since Dark Brandon became The White House wind-up toy. Everything went right off a cliff. It sure looks like a put-up job to me; you make everyone desperate and fearful, and then Huey Long rides in on a circus pig. It's the perfect set-up for a silver-tongued demagogue.

There sure is a bumper crop of wanna-be Antichrists waiting in the wings; Obama... who is presently pulling the strings for the people who own him... Ramaswamy the Hoodoo Shaman... Mr. Down Home and Folksy, Donald Trump... Satanyahu; don't get me started... ♫ I've got a little list ♫ Actually it is a big list of candidates for the role. Doesn't matter who gets the job. They lose... don't they?

The whole time that the personifications of The Raging Lion... seeking whom he may devour, and... the jackals and hyenas that follow in his tracks... do their song and dance of inevitable mortality here... one Cardinal Truth seems to elude their attention; they... all... lose.

In the hoopla and confusion of Gotterdamerung, and all the other apocalyptic cosplay, it's easy to get caught up in the performances; is that a real tidal wave? Why is the ground shaking? (must be too much bass) The light show and all the holograms and special FX can be riveting. You can lose yourself in the spectacle.

Personally... I DON'T KNOW what is coming... what shape it will take... how long it will last, and... what will be left when it's over. All I know is that there is ONE... THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE Supreme Commander and his will IS DONE... PERIOD... EXCLAMATION POINT!!! How it sorts out... whether it bends here and straightens there... I DON'T KNOW. What I know is that The Sun will still be shining, and The One who is shining through The Sun... through every sun... everywhere... is... and has ALWAYS been... victorious... BEFORE and AFTER the fact.

Get your priorities in order.

End Transmission.......

The last day of this year is 123123

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0 said...

"I see these things coming right away because I... don't... want... anything; you can't lure me into any of it because I don't care about any of it. They say you can't cheat an honest man. Say it another way and I will agree with you."

Yeah it becomes real apparent if ones not out trying to Get something, that when someone unasked for shows up to start telling you some context, its always to get you to do what that other wants, buy this, support that, be quiet, etc. To the Alls own, who seek nothing but understanding, the interuption of such others to that one is already a red flag.

When you want nothing, What lever is there for others to grasp one by and assert control?

Ah its good to be a Thinker. Hope more join this club.

Stay Gray, Be Prepared, and Disobey unaccountable Authorities.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

M - said...

No one likes to admit they've been duped - and the staunch Trump supporters are no different - which is why they choose to remain IN DENIAL.

ALL people in power of any sort are corrupt (or have been corrupted) - entertainers and influencers included. The sooner this COLD HARD fact is acknowledged, the better. It will free you. As my BFF said recently: "If [whomever] wanted something to be done about [whatever] it would be done." Exactly. She is waking up.

"I might be amused at their loop-de-loops, but... I'm not going on the ride." Indeed. Me either.

Re: Crows. I love 'em! Love their vocalizations, We have murders of them around the complex. If one is interested, I'd recommend watching "A Murder of Crows".

Anonymous said...

True evil owns both side of the aisle.Trump is the “good cop”. Both Trump and Faucl will go down as two of the greatest murderers in history. Mengele was a piker compared to these two.

AL said...

I'm waiting for the book to come out.

You have to admit it's quite the captivating show and perfect for distracting all who came for that ride. This apocalypse time around it seems more likely there will be no external savior of the gyrating masses so I'm thinking none are present but all characters have been accounted for. This one feels a lot like an internal savior is arriving for some and an internal prosecutor for others. The formal attire will of course will be energetic in nature and not to be missed by anyone with an active heart beat.

Feels like we have a bit to go as yet since the main distractions or is it attractions continue to captivate the audience and there will be none of that left standing soon enough.

Everyone leaving this play will know before going, who they should have been paying attention to or grateful they did.

The halftime show will be memorable.

Much love Amigo's

oldmaninthedesert said...

True wisdom seldom seen on Earth anymore, as far too many are caught up in a contrived world. They will fall for the businessman, hook, line, and sinker, and not even consider that from Jan of 21 until this moment has been to set up the gullible for their solution. You are absolutely correct on the Sun aspect also Vis,both on the One and the variety of such Suns.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"To Diversity Splicing Unity. From True Gold to Bought and Sold. Humanity Stoops to Genuflect before The Altar of Flesh."

Anonymous said...

Les, your usual crystal clear Spirit guided brain seems to be boggled down in MSM!

Do you really believe a man who has given up his presidential pay and benefits, and spent more than a BILLION of his own dollars in costs/losses is going to be accepting a million dollar bribe?

Can you not see this is BS? There were definite reasons for all of his actions and reactions as this war changes, it is a complex war.

Slavish service to israel? PLEASE, what shortsighted knee-jerk nonsense is this? Trump has NEVER done anything FOR israel. Just empty gestures that changed nothing but got credit with his enemies, which he keeps very close. Can you not see the ENORMOUS loss of power and prestige that the shitty little state has suffered since Trump's entry on the world stage? AIPAC has lost an enormous amount of power. The MSM has lost an enormous amount of power. The Fed has lost an enormous amount of power. This is complex and serious CHESS being played and these small inflatable news snippits you take for evidence of a corrupt Trump are nothing more than strategic planning towards the end goal.

That end goal has been CLEARLY voiced by Trump: END the Fed, end the who, UN, Nato, (in their present state), end DEPTS. of education, HR, EPA, MSM as it is, FBI, CIA, and many more important agencies. To dare say and plan for these things is unprecedented to say the least. As Hitler ushered in a Golden Age for Germany, Trump will usher in a Golden Age for this country and by extension, the world as this time around the usual suspects are losing their grip on the three major players, USA, Russia and China. The Trumpian elements in each of those countries have the upper hand and are on the same page. The international usual suspect cabal does not have the ability to crush this movement as they did with Germany and Hitler.

Endorsing Schwab?? Your going to give weight to this terse short statement that "Schwab has done an excellent job" while in the presence of hostile press? How about all the policies he has come up with or endorses that are Anathema to everything that schwab and the rest of the usual suspects are trying to do?

Married to a khazarian? So what? He does not blanket hate all jews but deals with individuals. There are several very good ones that are working with him, but he is the greatest enemy on the planet to the usual suspects and their endless machinations to fool, control and extort the worlds populations. He keeps his enemies close.

Wide Awake Media, Henry Makow, Patrick Byrne, etc. are all disinfo shills. Surely you know this, why give them credit like this?

"Is Trump the real deal? I go by the eternal maxim; “by their works, ye shall know them.”

Exactly! Can you not separate what this man's works really are from what MSM says this man's works are? This man's works are unquestionably proper and in the service of a very large play that is nothing short of a Grand Apocalypse, and in Service to the Almighty, NOT the satanic deep state.

I highly recommend reading ALL of Mike King's material.

All the Best to you Les, and thank you for all you do.


Visible said...

Every time I say something about Donald Trump that is the slightest incline toward sideways, you come around with the True Believer shtick. So... he didn't move the embassy to Jerusalem? Look, I've got as many facts as you do. I'm also rational and watch both sides of everything. I'm wasting my time writing you because I know that everything reasonable will bounce off of you.

I've read plenty of Mike King but the Hitler accolades got to be too much. That's not my thing.

I was very fair and reasonable in all I said. I am sure that went right by you. I can also prove everything I said, you cannot. Your whole thing is based on this Plan and The White hat symphony. NONE OF IT HAS COME TRUE YET. I saw all the things Trump did not do. I was solidly behind him to begin with, BUT Truth is what's important to me, not ideology... not hope based on wishful thinking. When Trump proves out I will be the first to applaud him. Until that time, it's not going to happen

He backed the Killer Vaccines ALL OF THEM were manufactured by The Usual Suspects. He had not recanted. He has explained nothing. He backed these vaccines... Operation Warp Speed? Now Millions are dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I have said it true. it's indisputable. You have OPINIONS otherwise. What I have so far are facts. When your opinions become facts we'll see.



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