Thursday, December 21, 2023

"It's The Default Scenario Whenever The Separated Mind... sets The Separated Will... against The Unity of The Divine."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you make things look ridiculous... as in Satire. When you blow the perspective out of proportion to the actuality of it... which actually calls for Satire because it is ridiculous... it can cause both delusions and illusions to collapse in on themselves, and that is why The Devil cannot abide scorn and runs from your laughter.

We are seeing this in action now, as demonically possessed national and international figureheads talk about the population having to eat bugs... and fake meat, manufactured by a man who kills millions of people in third-world countries... for no reason other than him not wanting them around anymore. It could be there is no profit to be made on them OR... that they require certain resources to survive, but their survival cannot be justified in a world of dollars and no sense.

Do you really think any of the present-day Climate Nazis believe that there is a climate crisis? There was never a terrorist crisis either. Perhaps those seeking to turn the world into a nightmare... by way of Franz Kafka... could see that at some point The World was bound to rise up against them so they created a fear of terror before the public could get around to reacting to their dreams of dystopia.

I remember a much freer society some decades past. One could come and go without attracting undue notice. One did not get fondled in the airports by troglodytes... who can't think and chew gum at the same time. The change started in the 80s, but the groundwork was being done already in the preceding decades.

There was a perfect storm convergence between “greed is good” and Cocaine. I remember the stock trader money junkies going to lunch at The Four Seasons and ordering 2,000-dollar bottles of wine because it was a time of conspicuous excess. It was more important to look successful than to be successful. The front became everything, and actual substance was only necessary up to a point... when you needed to hire people to polish and promote your front.

If you could just get your foot in the door... later you could come back and loot the joint. Then they started looting the joint in the daytime, and then... looting the joint became the way business got done. Now looting the joint is what everyone in business does... or else you are out of business. It became necessary, and... especially now... to loot the customers because the joint has already been emptied out, and... there is no more there... there. The loot has left town.

When Israel and The Deep State arranged for 9/11 to go down, it was really an economic thing. They had to get their hands on more of the ghost money in order to rise higher and higher beyond the reach of all the people they were stealing from. One can learn a great deal by studying what businesses and agencies were destroyed in The Towers on 9/11. The same could be said about that part of the Pentagon that got missiled. (is that a verb?)

The best way to bring down a nation... or bring The World into subjugation... is to destroy the moral climate of The Middle Class. This is necessary because no one gets a revolution without The Middle Class's assent.

So... licentious behavior... legalized drugs... Brave New World, and Dr. Feelgood atmospheres... manifested through hi-tech bread and circus environments... digitally transmitted into the home, and readily available in emporiums... designed for that purpose, and... voila! You got Babylon Rising. You got Sodom and Gomorrah franchise operations on every street corner... instead of just that section of town where... traditionally... sane city planners located their combat zones.

The best part though was to pipe it into every home. Then... the most expedient thing was to create a Scamdemic to keep people in their homes. They got think tanks now that are filled with psychopaths and stocked with the sort of socially engineered intellects that used to become doctors and lawyers, but... you know how it is... they go where the money is. They're still doctors and lawyers but everything they do is tuned to the profit of the institutions that employ them.

The stock-sharing options and percentage games keep them happy and running in place.

The new waves of migrants from the conflict zones of Africa are being packaged and delivered to the Mexican border by AshkeNAZI flesh merchants... strategized by the mindset from The Satanyahu Template. He said, “Once we can squeeze all we can get out of The United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

Yes... he said that. He's a monster, and part of the deal with creating chaos on the streets of every city is in order to create the necessary conditions for the introduction of Martial Law. They want to collapse the financial system for the same reasons they attacked on 9/11 because their methods of bookkeeping were not geared toward stability.

Conditions get worse and you have to reset... reset... reset... reset. If you can't balance the books, eventually the shelves will come down on your head... unless... unless you can arrange for someone else to be standing there.

When you make life's conditions so intolerable... people no longer fear death because they can't imagine it would be any worse than the situations they have been herded into by The Money Men. They are not afraid to die because living hurts worse than dying, but... those sleek and porcine crocodile swine are too fat to dare to die. Once the masses get stirred up against them, they... are... going... down.

It is here that I must refer to The Invisible Factor that really determines what happens and how it does or does not work out. You see... these crocodile swine are playing the God Pretender Game. It's the default scenario whenever The Separated Mind... sets The Separated Will... against The Unity of The Divine, in... both... cases.

They figure since there is no God it is perfectly suitable for them to fill the position. However... none of them can agree on common interests because there is no unity among them, so they are constantly contending with each other... jockeying for advantage, while simultaneously working to take over The World.

Their big mistake is to be blind to the reality of Truth, and the truth is that a Supreme Ruling Authority does exist... always has... and always will. This Supreme Ruling Authority saw them coming before they ever showed up... before any of their ill-thought plans were drawn up, and... had arranged for everything that was to follow alongside them, and... after them. They were no more than characters... created to play specific roles... for the entertainment of The One who created the whole affair in the first place.

Kingdoms rise and fall, mountains and continents emerge from the sea and then fall back beneath the dreaming ocean. The radiant energy... that moves in serpentine fashion, comes and goes through the temporary forms of life. It appears and disappears all around you, as do you.

In the external world, all forms are temporary. It... is... within... that the key to immortality resides. In Times of Material Darkness... people lose sight of The Truth. We are coming out of a long period of slumber, where delusional souls have dreamed their dreams of empire, and... these we have had... coming and going... ever since the last time the slate was wiped clean. It happens over and over again, and it will continue... world without end.

Those who have amassed their fortunes at the expense of everyone else are going to find their coffers picked clean, and... a long-lasting and dreadful ignominy is going to descend upon them. Bright-eyed angels are going to come out of The Invisible. Some will see them, and some will only feel the force of them. The World WILL BE set back into order.

For many... it will simply be a time of great change. They may know little of the means or who authored it. They will simply adapt... as they always do... and go about their business... soon forgetting that anything had happened at all. It is human nature in the mortal sphere.

Consciousness is a peculiar thing. You only know what you think you know and that is a sort of prison cell, where you are confined within the dimensions of what you think you know. Higher Love presses those borders out beyond time and memory...beyond every form of constriction. You are no longer confined by the laws that apply to that state of consciousness. You can't really tell anyone about this. How do you describe swimming to someone who has never seen water?

For the rare bird who has tasted the essence of the nature of Higher Love. Ah! What could anyone say to those who have not? Strive... Strive... Strive... to be more and more alive. More and more let go... so the Love of God might flow... unhindered... through you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

those free reiki energy downloads, that stuff really works well for elevating your energy state. Kundalini can also play a part of that, which then brings you in direct contact with your divine counter-part, and then the real magic begins

AL said...

One of the things I find myself grateful for is never in 25 years of being self employed have I ever taken advantage of a customer, never stole from them, never over charged nor have I sold them on un needed work. I have given many lower service fees or free work when I saw they were barely getting by.

I don't make a lot of money but always has the Creator provided me with work and all my customers save a few have been some great human beings to work with.

I only mention this because I often forget I'm a decent human being and it's nice to remember every now and then.

Much love Brutha

M - said...

I got CHILLS watching the harpist and the deer.

Strider On said...

Uncanny LV! Stopped in to see Broseph on the return trip from Pineland, how I love that Fineland and visiting with ace Harold the Brain engineer bud, anyway we remarked how wonderful it was living in the real America where we once took a road trip all the way to Wisconsin in the back of a pick up!
And of course the best cars ever and well under a dollar for gas along with the best time of music.
The 1960s are a big key to the Long March rot with that why don't we do it in the road anything goes horse hockey.
A Mercury Cougar Eliminator just came up on desktop, me likey!
Strive On.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your post explains why I try to be the worst consumer possible. Not hard on my salary, but hey. We got what we NEED, though not necessarily what we want. (Anyone got a cheap knee length nose hair coat for sale? Preferably ginger.)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes, of Wonder Opening Upon Wonder into The Everlasting and Beyond."



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