Tuesday, December 05, 2023

"As The World Awakens...There Will Come a Chorus of Voices so Loud... that It Drowns Out... Every Other Sound."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Awakening is coming in stages... like the phases of The Moon. It's waxing and getting stronger. One of the changes it is going through is moving from waking up... to speaking out. You are seeing that now. It was becoming clear that The Killer Vaccines were wrong somehow. We might not have known in what manner they were wrong, but something was off.

Many of us would not go near them. Many of us never got flu shots in the first place. Unfortunately, even more of us are overshadowed by herd instinct and the caste system of The Hive Mind; workers... drones... and other variations one doesn't see in the insect realm... cause we are more specialized... or think we are.

Earlier in this year, and the year before, very few people were publicly speaking out about The Talmudic Death Jab. They were waking up, but they were not speaking out. They probably had too much to lose. Now we'll be seeing all sorts of professional folk jumping on the bandwagon to say, “Well... I never;” whether talking about Jesus or The Killer Vaccines... it's hard to tell. Peter would have been deceiving Paul in any case... even if Paul was not even on the scene yet.


people are coming out of the woodwork everywhere. The latest whistleblower from New Zealand is especially damaging to the Deep State narrative; brothers and sisters, drink the Kool-Aid.

Only it wasn't Kool-Aid, was it? It looks like Jacinda Horseface is a mass murderer. A passel of the Sorosian... WEF... Tribal Elite Satanists... running the various countries of The World... are all mass murderers.

It's basically the same people behind GAZACIDE. It's the same people over at Monsanto... (My Satan)... Nestlé, and The Big Guns of Black Rock... State Street and Vanguard. They're all the same black-robed executioner wearing different faces, and most of them come from the same poisoned gene pool. The River Lethe and a whole lot of other tributaries all run out of this sea of death, ♫ come with me, my love, to the sea ♫

Years ago... around the time of retrograde grunge... the music of suicide... heroin addiction, and despair... there appeared The Black Bloc in Seattle. It was early days for Antifa... which had been around for much longer in other places. Now they have chapters as ubiquitous as Chabad Houses and for much the same reasons; as Mumbai demonstrated.

They are in Ireland and everywhere else that The Forced Migrant Chaos was directed toward the collapse of long-lasting cultures. They create an event, and their Blackshirts run to the barricades. Then the bought and paid-for politicians pass ever more Draconian laws to make Cromwell look like a hall monitor.

Legions of Munchhausen Syndrome parents have replaced the helicopter parents of yesteryear. Now it's all chopped genitals and inoculations; lockstep leads to lockstep... old slaves were put in chains... new slaves are put in denial. Factitious Disorder is starting to look a lot like the new pandemic of Coinciditis... everyone is dropping dead by coincidence. Now Pfizer has a treatment for this out-of-nowhere Myocarditis THAT THEY CAUSED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now we have a new pandemic of White Lung. However... what do you know? It turns out to be a Killer Vaccine side effect.

They pretended to be magicians and they got the brooms to march and carry water. This time the real magician won't be coming back in the nick of time. This time we see what happens instead.

Bill Gates and the rest of these bloodstained clowns are LITERALLY bragging about population reduction for our own good. Be grateful if you are one of the reduced. You wouldn't want to live in whatever world they have in mind. Now... Bill wants to block The Sun, after burying hundreds of millions of trees to fight Global Warming. Apparently, those whom the Gods would destroy... they do indeed drive mad.

He's sounding more and more like Gollum all the time, and looking more like him too... though he's a bit more like Saruman... isn't he?

Gollum went into the deeper darkness of the Earth because he couldn't stand the cursed light of The Sun. Then The Moon became too much also.

Well... they're all coming out of the shadows now. The invisible will of The Cosmos is pressing down on them... forcing them to out themselves before the eyes of The World. They are suffused with confidence. Meanwhile... all round The World... people are waking up to the lies... as the powers of darkness that sustained them... are diminishing. The cloud banks are breaking up. Light is streaming down upon the darkness of The Mind.

Above and behind The Surface Mind... just below where the hair coils outward from the crown of the head... is another part of The Mind. It is the seat of The Higher Mind... that part of your consciousness that resonates with The Celestial Mind like a tuning fork. The source of The Awakening is vibrating into all the receiving units that we have been carrying around with us all this time... unaware.

We are waking up, like... it... or... not. Some will be dragged kicking and screaming, and some will awaken with a strange new joy surging through their hearts... in a mysterious union with that great sea of Divine Love that waits just beyond the portal in the secret chamber within. A lot of what we weren't using is coming into use.

As The World awakens... there will come a chorus of voices so loud and so resounding that it will drown out every other sound. It will drive the deceivers under The Earth where they can hunt and harry one another. The Age of Blanketing Darkness is passing away. An age of light is coming in. Everything that cannot live in that light... must... perforce... go somewhere else.

It is a similar thing when you die... though you don't actually die. As you should know by now... everything is in a state of individualized vibration, and all made from the same thing... through Adaptation. When you... pass... you are vibrating at a certain pitch, this draws you... via the process of cosmic electromagnetism... to a place of similar vibrations. Some go up. Some go down. Some stay where they are in a different vehicle.

You... gravitate... to the level you are vibrating at. What should this tell you? It should tell you to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!!! tap... tap... is this thing on?

How do you do this? You do it through Love. Love exists in endless permutations of The Attractive Force... from raw rutting fever to the most sublime rapture of the saints. Everyone finds their own level. Everyone is PRESENTLY demonstrating their level. By their works... the cosmic process identifies them.

You don't have to concern yourself with blood-drinking monsters like Gates... Soros... Fink... Clinton... Satanyahu... Schwab and sundry. They are only concerned with themselves, and... will be directed toward the specific place appointed for their sort. As is often the case... there will be no one there but them, and Saturn.

Saturn is a masseuse/masseur They all got their shot at Ticklish Onan. They have failed... publicly... in spectacular fashion, so... it's off to those places they prepared for everyone else. Let the Karmic Rolfing begin! Rachel Levine will be handing out towels.

Do not concern yourself with Justice and Retribution in your mind. That is the place where you generate your thoughts. Keep it pristine. Stand guard in The Mind... controlling what takes up residence there and what passes on to somewhere else. All these DETAILS are handled by the proper departments... as above... so below. You hold yourself in check and The World will roll effortlessly all around you.

You can become so still that you disappear. Perhaps you are still here? You can't be seen if you are not on a related bandwidth. Birds sing. Bees hum. Waves laugh as they pound upon the shore. Raise your own joyful voice and make a joyful noise. You will attract your like. Everything is a mating call of some kind. Everything is calling for something else. Not everyone who buries you is your enemy, and not everyone who digs you out is your friend.

The Awakening is also a Pandemic. It is as contagious as an STD, and you catch what you catch from those you consort with; lay down with dogs, and... all that. You could just as well catch something else. It all depends on the level you are vibrating at; RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!!!

Others have lowered theirs and the one who takes care of The Details will take care of them. The worst part of their suffering is that they have themselves for company.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The last link was hilarious, and NOSTRILS TO THE SKY on the post. . .of course.

Al said...

"A lot of what we weren't using is coming into use."

Ever since "the experts" said we have all this "junk" DNA I thought well there is no junk anywhere else made by God so maybe we're in store for some nice things down the road.

Good vibes Brutha

Anonymous said...

Some of us are in UTTER AMAZEMENT.
We thought we were "evil", "wrong" or "broken"..we have been told that all our lives haven't we?
We were the "insane" ones, the ones who did not fit in, weren't we?
we could sense the wrongness and see it directly for decades, but were told to shut it.

Many of us are having trouble, not paying attention to the train wrceck going on around us.So many of us could see the Covid was a sham since near the beginning- WE KNEW and watched the newsfeeds obsessively to scream our frustrating into the wind, losing friends and family.

The problem is that you can get dragged into the mud, being sucked under by despair, we know we need to guard our hearts...
it is difficult to NOT watch.

But i do know that resonating in that vibration of love brings synchronicity and manifestations that blow the socks off.
We need to stay in that.Feel it in your heart.

So amazing that we are NOT the ones God hates.
So amazing that we are not the evil, broken, or insane ones.
Total amazement.
To all of you out there who understand,and KNOW, i send my love.

0 said...

I had a weird dream last night... to be fair I felt out of sorts since about friday, but the dream was last night. I dreamed I was dying. It was a weird dream.

When I woke up about 7am I felt like I was dying. Perhaps I'm in my last days here in my iteration of form.

The weird part is I treat it like obi-wan-kenobi... let me die, what has accumulated in my knowing will be set free when my form no longer exists to keep it apart. Who knows how apt that thinking is.

Once I got up anyways and started my workday I just do like I do and keep on keeping on. In spite of being sorta tired of doing the VoIP architect type work I do.

Anywho, great post today. Tom Luongos post recently also was a nice read. Heres that url:

Keep on keepin on!

Anonymous said...

the female mayor of Montreal, Canada, collapsed on stage a few hours earlier today. No doubt she was triple vaxxed

Kazz said...

Really enjoyed the post today Vis.

'You... gravitate... to the level you are vibrating at. What should this tell you? It should tell you to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!!! tap... tap... is this thing on?'

I thought the below link captured the comment nicely ~


Side note to your most dependable and avid responder, LTPTB ~

In response to your comment yesterday at SM ~ 'I was required to wear one when we had customers and I was dishwashing because some Karen complained about me...'

In recent times the name 'Karen' has become synonymous with 'troublemaking, big mouthed, white woman'. Since that was the name I was CHRISTened, and being the inquisitive type I AM, it made me question WHY that particular name? I did a quick study and found that in Europe the name 'Karen' means 'purity and the innocence of childhood and loving,' and in the East it means 'lotus'. Now I SEE.... It only makes sense to tag white women who are standing up against the system as a 'Karen'.

On a lighter note ~ I was watching a podcast last night that showed a picture of Putin, with the caption, 'I don't have a bad day because I am not a woman.' I thought that was quite funny, then the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, 'next time he comes back it's with a vagina'. I laughed so much my immune system should be good for a week.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

No, and I am mystified as to why you would think I did. I see no context/

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No clue, Kazz. And Ken for the sausage casin's, though Luke Rudkowski seems convinced it's 'Kyle'. I rather like all three of those names, but it seems they have become descriptive nouns. I must say I gotta wonder who initially started this all, and how it caught on, but then again various 'Nose Words' are now on-line, though the meanings have been altered from those originally used by members of The Holey Order of the Septum. The term: 'snorfle' is one.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The World is The Way it is Because it is A Seething Cauldron of Flaming Want... Juxtaposed with The Objects of Desire."

Maloney said...

Farmer Maloney from Iowa.



Joseph Brenner

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