Thursday, November 30, 2023

"You Can't Prance Through Life's Nurseries like Albert Fish and Expect Accolades from Succeeding Generations."

God Poet Transmitting.......

David Rockefeller was Kissinger's patron. That they shared common themes of intent should go without saying; the ruthless practicality of self-interest would have always been at the fore with them. Kissinger's forte was Realpolitik; another way of saying 'the ruthless practicality of self-interest.'

If you spend your life hanging out with a certain group of people, you come to look like them, and to think like them. I am saying what I am saying... the way I am saying it... to avoid having to go into exhaustive detail about life forms I have no interest in. I am certain that black widow spiders and centipedes do important work in Nature. This does not mean I want to be around them.

I know that I am supposed to love everyone, at least I was told this by someone... at some point. However, I think this requires a Divine Impersonality, where the love is simply expressed without object... for the love of loving. The Sun always comes to mind in this regard... shining without a thought for who or what it is shining on. This strikes me as being different from loving everyone individually. I can go with the former. The latter is beyond my reach, and may always be.

I consider pretending to be what you are not to be a crime against yourself in the company of others. I don't like it. I don't like Vanity. I don't like lying. These are just personal things. I try not to get on a crusade about them. Let's just say that when I encounter them I move in another direction. I don't have to say anything. I just go.

I've heard it said that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Therefore, we now end any further comments on Rockefeller and Kissinger.

It's said that outworn ideas pass away with the people who held them. That's a comfort. Meanwhile... I remember that The World is The World is The World. Try to change it and you will wind up more deeply entangled in it. Change yourself and you can disappear for real.

Anyone who understands the magic of real anonymity is a fortunate soul. On the surface... such a mindset would not appeal to most people because of the residence of Vanity, but the beauty is it brings one's real worth to the surface.

If you want to be in resonant union with The Divine, you must cut loose the personal self. It's known as The Great Sacrifice, though it is no sacrifice at all. It just seems like it would be for most people, for the reason already given. Most everything seems to be something it is not. Once seen into... all objects reveal a single truth.

I had a hard time of it in The World due to efforts I made to fit in. When I understood this was the source of the problems... all the problems went away. I never wanted to fit in in the first place. I just thought I was supposed to. You are supposed to fit in where you fit in. That might turn out to be somewhere else entirely.

Everyone leaves their imprints on life. Fortunately... for most of us... we have no wider celebrity beyond our immediate environs, and it's all forgotten... as the people who remember us depart; that is until we run into them again. It's really best to clear the decks beforehand. This does not mean hunting everyone down that you ever ran afoul of. That would be impossible, even if you cared to, which most people don't. You clear the decks within you by releasing the false memories you are so determined to hold on to.

There's a story told about Mohammad where someone came to him and wanted to remove the evil from something he had said about someone else. He wanted to take back his words. Mohammad told him to take a feather and place it on the doorstep of every house on the street. The man did this and then returned. Mohammad then told him to go back and gather all the feathers again. When the man went to do so, the feathers (of course) were gone. So it goes.

Omar Khayyam said in The Rubaiyat; “the moving finger, having writ, moves on. Not all your piety can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.” You can make things better by making things better. I mean, The Past has gone, but you are always free to write the future any way it pleases you. This has a great deal of impact on what you have done at other times.

Such sincere and determined behavior comes to the attention of Heaven sooner or later... though probably immediately. It might seem otherwise because reactions are delayed according to the best time for their appearance. This triggers Grace. The Grace of Heaven is boundless. You court it doing The Will of Heaven, and... not seeking a return.

Elon Musk went cringing and groveling to The Stolen Land of The Usual Suspects LLD. I'm guessing they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He does have many hostages to fortune. Then he told the fleeing advertisers to go fuck themselves, so...mixed messaging, since all those advertisers are controlled by the same crime syndicate he went hat in hand to.

Ah... the complexities of trying to find your way in The World. He and Tesla are very different in character, and most especially in the area of giving credit where credit is due; all praise to The One. It is good to mind the tale of Icarus, and how one chooses to approach The Sun. Tesla could speak 8 languages. He could also read a book and then recite it to you verbatim. He was... more importantly... a humble man of deep and abiding faith.

I go to Twitter-X now because FOR THE MOMENT... you can speak the truth (within certain parameters), BUT... no one can speak The Truth because of the limitations of words, so... what does any of it mean? I go there because I find all kinds of amazing commentary, as the links at GAB should indicate. I don't... for a moment... assume the best without preparing for the worst. How do I prepare for the worst? By being proactive and leaving it in the hands of The Divine. Did that statement make sense? (grin)

The Israeli false flag in October changed my perspective about many of my former resources. Once you have bent the knee to Satan... in my view... your credibility is shot. I leave the judgment of Musk to history and the mercy of God. Some things I like. Some things I do not like. Many people could say the same about me. I haven't walked a mile in his shoes and I don't intend to. I'm not Samuel Beckett wearing the shoe size of his idol while having larger feet. Vanity has many forms, but it ALWAYS comes at pains and great cost.

In Times of Lesser Materialism, certain demographics... sometimes... do useful things. In Times of Runaway Materialism, they are swept away and do harmful things. A lot of chickens are about to go home to roost. You can't tell massive lies and expect them to survive an apocalypse. That's just bad math.

You can't prance through life's nurseries like Albert Fish (in Ed Gein's clothes) and expect accolades from succeeding generations. Eventually... all the many people you deceived... robbed... tortured and killed... in various ways... are going to show up in your living room at the same time. That's sound and predictable math.

I don't have to worry about The World being set right. It is in a constant state of adjustment and neither Good nor Evil is a greater priority. Sometimes the cream rises to the top, and sometimes the shit floats on the surface. It depends on the weather being generated by the collective minds of the people living through it. It's just weather. If you don't like the climate or the company... move somewhere else, Or... learn to live detached from it; not an easy feat for those invested in any way.

It all comes back to the lily pad floating above the murk. It is exemplified in the water rolling off the duck's back; in The World but not of it. The answer to any of it is simple. People are just not pleased with the answers. They want a Burger King world where they can have it their way. They still don't get it their way because they don't know what they want in the first place. Life is where you find that out.... or not.

End Transmission.......

Some links await at GAB=


Anonymous said...

Musk is an enigma, he has done a great deal of good at X as your gab links prove . Maybe he has to do a certain amount of AK-ing . I don’t know and maybe don't care however an awful lot of stuff is coming out because of him. it is all getting very tedious to say the least. Hopefully Truth prevails and we all get to have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring us closer to theNew Age.

M - said...

"I had a hard time of it in The World due to efforts I made to fit in. When I understood this was the source of the problems... all the problems went away. I never wanted to fit in in the first place. I just thought I was supposed to. You are supposed to fit in where you fit in. That might turn out to be somewhere else entirely."

I SOOO relate to this! When I realized that I was "not fitting in" - this was in my 20s when I began working - I, too, tried to change albeit in small ways. The more I tried to be more "amenable" the worse other people's reactions to me became. I often wondered why that was so (because I never understood it) but I don't any more. I know why and they can all go feck themselves.

robert said...

Visible vision:

You clear the decks within you by releasing the false memories you are so determined to hold on to.

Profound and profoundly simple. Stated concisely but as to how to actually live out this cleansing process?
This is where the degree of difficulty factors in; how deeply does our desire to be free extend?

Will we let go of memories which we may consider as being essential to our identity or to the ego's habit of identification?

If we forget everything about our little self's identity, do we finally remember the One, the Only, the One Individual?

How do I prepare for the worst? By being proactive and leaving it in the hands of The Divine. Did that statement make sense? (grin)

Since our battle is within our mind against forces inimical to our spirit and our life, and invincibility lies in the defense, being the most proactive translates to going to the One immediately, in every moment, before any part of us extrudes into a thing which can be trapped, cut-off, poisoned with vain flattery or otherwise influenced from the externalized illusion.

We put the baby mind back in the center of the safe carpet zone BEFORE it can get into any mischief, proactively realigning our trust with the only trustable Source.

We remember that us dust-motes are only animations of the One and can only mess things up by missing a memo!
We remember where we came from, eons ago, and know that not one bit of information can be lost, only becoming harder to access when our minds are too full of useless data.
We remember that we are souls created from the image of the One and have been on a long journey away from that knowing, until NOW!

Only our core being, our center, the actual heart of us can communicate our true desire and how to proceed toward it...

We have formerly been confused about our heart's desires:
Our minds have impersonated the Impersonal and formed delusive blinders over the inner vision of the heart.
Substituting the pursuit of projected phantom purposes for the true desire of the heart to return to and remain in unified harmony with all of Creation.

As if emotional tantrums come from the heart when really, they result from mental miasmas squeezing the heart into a too-small containment, separated from the flow of life, leading to a death defying breakout expression.

Will we ever learn to be human under divine guidance?
The hard way or the inner surrender way?

Why do we treat our personal humanimal more cruelly than we would treat an animal?
Are we trying some bone-headed training method involving punishment?
When we know from successful animal training that reward is the way to train to a higher level of mastery, of anything more than automatic cowering?

How higher Observers must sigh at our persistence in all the wrong places and times!

Here we are riding out the wave washing the world of all the anti-life crusties coming out of the corpse of crazed covetous cretinism.

We swim with the flow, body surfing the tide or sink again into apathetic anhedonia, dimly hoping for mercy's rescue.

We become one again, whether we like the process or not.

Embrace the race (human) or get out of the way of the mother of all Pamplona bull runs being released!

Visible said...

Some excellent gleanings, Robert.

Al said...

I as well joined that twitter x place just to read into the links you post Les and I learned a couple things. I hadn't realized how many truly stupid people roam the earth and how much time they spend showing everyone.

I'm damn sure I was an idiot on many lives but happy I'm not too low on the walk and chew gum train this time around.

One nice thing I have been realizing about myself is I no longer give two shits what's behind me or in front of me, I'm enjoying the game while I'm still here instead of the old looking back window we see at "that" time.

Blessings Brutha.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fitting in? HA! I never tried. I've been contemptuous of the way the world works as far back as I can remember. I'm about as counter culture as you can get. In fact I may be the most counter culture entity on the planet.

Vanity. Uh, foot binding, high heels, modification surgery, all the time wasted on toxic cosmetics, piercings, the most silly looking fashions, 20 rings around the neck, earlobe stretching, sticks through noses, chaining noses to ears. . .uh, I think I'll stop now before I make myself sick thinking of the nose abuse.

I'll pass on it all. I have better things to do than waste my time modifying myself to be part of the norm. The most I'll do is take the 30 seconds each morning to brush my hair. . .what's left of it. The rest of the superfluous routines that all else do can go to where the sun don't shine.


Anonymous said...

“You can't prance through life's nurseries like Albert Fish (in Ed Gein's clothes) and expect accolades from succeeding generations.” Since i am not a connoisseur of serial psycho killer pomp, i looked up those names and YIKES, that is some nasty doings right there. Whatever macabre practices go on in the spirit realm might not be a big deal for them, but it does not work here in the realm of flesh i might say, but who knows. It does make one wonder tho, how many lives in this Kali Yuga illusion are dispatched thru overt and covert murder overall?

The more i live the more i’ve come to think of this place as a Big Murder Ball we’ve all been invited to, RSVP. Welcome to The Murder Ball, ladies and germs, enjoy your evening! Seems there’s no getting around it, unless you have the spiritual tech to avoid it, which too many either don’t have or don’t know how to use or forgot where they put it. Queue that amnesia thing again.

Those consciences that think of Death as a medium for an artform misuse their creativity obviously and walk in more than this physical world while they’re here and are not “of this world” either, which is the scariest part, along with the macabre tastes in their treatment of life and of death.

Hassan R. said...


Recently, Visible posted a link on electrotherapy. The medical establishment made sure to completely ban (likely because of their effectiveness) production of the original violet wands that were very popular during the early 1900s.

I got myself one of these (, now sold as a beautician tool, but essentially based on the same original idea. With small modifications it could be made to stimulate deeper tissue for enhanced healing. I wonder if you tried electrotherapy to help recover from your injury.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"As Long as You Are Passing Through, and... Not Renting an Apartment... What You Aspire to Will Wrap You in its Cloak."

0 said...

Hi Hassan,

Yeah the violet ray wands, I have one as well that I got to play with a decade or so back. It feels funny in my hair. :)

I appreciate your consideration in offering a potential method to help me.

I really just need to do the work on the dotto experiment I have setup, to swap out the hot side peltiers with the inductive heater driver so I can produce a much bigger delta in temperature between the hot and cold sides of the copper bar. With just peltiers for hot I can get about a 150degree Farenheit disparity, which results in a .4mV static measured voltage on the copper bar, with positive on the cold end and negative on the hot.

With the inductive heater I may be able to get the hot end to start to incandesce but would be aiming for at least a 600-800 degree F disparity which should push the voltage up into the 10s of mV.

Aside from that the Pain is ok. I told the all to make use of me, to ruin me if needed but never forget me. I just presume the All is about the Alls ends and making use of me as needed, whatever that takes. Sometimes I hope that I won't live long, but my family tends to get into the 90s usually before dropping form. I just am trying to not destroy my back any further by doing careless work.

I hope the violet wand helped you, they are an interesting HF device huh.. sorta like the old insulation testers Don Smith used to use to show how he could draw equal/opposite charge to a plate capacitor just by putting that on one side and tying the other to an earth ground.

Take care!

Visible said...

Speaking of violet rays. Here is an interesting connection=

0 said...


The Dan Winter TheraPhi is a next gen type plasma device. He wants 25k per device tho. I have no idea how effective it is since there are no objective studies to show if it works as claimed.

It looks like his sites still up here:


brian boru said...

Thanks for that Les, it really resonated.



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