Tuesday, November 14, 2023

"To Truly Thrive... You Must Rise Above The Duality of The Ring-Around-The-Rosey... Reindeer Games of The World."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In this world... there are the people who persevere, and the people who compromise enroute. The former exists in a degree of difficulty until the point is made. The latter live in a constant state of bilious anger. They grow into curmudgeons by a process very similar to the growing of mushrooms. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be appeased. They hate others and they hate life because they quit on it, and the real and living part of them, will... not... let... them... forget... it.

In order to thrive in this world, you have to transcend above the dance of Good and Evil... above what is moving and what is stuck... beyond the ring-around-the-rosey reindeer games of The World. Everything and nothing changes in The World; fashions... styles... trends... and patterns... are always rotating in and out of favor. At the same time... they are nothing more than old wine in new bottles... same shit... different day.

If you are going to SINCERELY seek The Truth, The World is going to turn on you, and all the people who compromised their integrity... for a place at the trough... are going to scream at you and call you names. This is known as projection, and you can almost always tell what is wrong with someone by the things they accuse you of... because if they were doing what they thought you were doing... that is what it would look like to them.

This is why it is never useful or helpful to get angry with any of them. They are telling you where they are at. They are already miserable, and they want you to share it with them. There is no one who has done anything meaningful in this world who has not run afoul of convention and the status quo. Some of us have intentionally done so, and I include myself in that number because I have always been a proactive kind of a guy.

My friends... how can anyone who has never even met you know all about you when they know so little of themselves? The World is an endless dance of personalities badly mimicking The Supreme Personality. The reason that wise men of every land know each other immediately is because each of them is resident within The Eternal Self behind The Personality. There is ONLY one.

Your religions are control mechanisms that faithless priests use to control you. God is not confined to any church or other place of ritualized worship. God's true church is Nature and The Adytum of your own being.

During the brief window of time... after Puberty strikes, people are often filled with idealism. They want to change The World. They want to ride the wind. They want to be free. This... usually... lasts into one's twenties, but school of one kind is out, and another schooling begins. People pair up. Karma brings them children. They wind up owing their soul to The Company Store. They begin to hate everyone who is still free, and unencumbered by these hostages to fortune that they have acquired.

I have nothing against children and families. They are the building block of the culture. There is no culture without them. There is no continuance without children. God bless those righteous few who raise their children well.

Now... there are monsters afoot who want to destroy the nuclear family. They want to take the children... put them into programming modules, and turn them into soulless automatons. These are The Bankers and The Billionaires, who control the lackeys that do their bidding, and that is the governments and organized religions... the legal and enforcement systems. Those who write the checks set the policies. This is the predictable outcome of Materialism in its terminal stages.

They are Satanists... simply because it matches up with their objectives. There is no God. They are the gods. Do they not do what they will, and take what they want? There is a divine being, however, and He lets them follow their hungers and ambitions because he knows where it leads. Indeed... he is leading them. He leads both The Good and The Evil. The Devil works for him. He is the master of ALL THINGS... in every theater of operation, he is The Ringmaster... The Players... and the audience.

“Lead us not into temptation.” is not in The Lord's Prayer by accident.

For people who are asleep, religions provide the training wheels by which... over the course of lifetimes... the masses learn about The Commandments and The Rules. Those who have made these the cornerstone of their behavior are permitted to move behind The Veil where the real work gets done.

At this time, Lies are the currency of The Marketplace, and the lies have seeped into every corner of our existence. The intention of the lies is ALWAYS... to obscure The Truth. Now... the intelligence services promote ridiculous fantasies of a Flat Earth. In all of history, not one of the great men and women... who have shaped existence toward a brighter future... have ever embraced this nonsense.

All across the internet are paid keyboard warriors who talk nonsense from both sides of each manufactured argument. The point is to catch you up in it... to set you arguing from one side to the other about... nonsense. Why would every other body in the sky be round and Earth is not? Why has not a single Avatar... Spiritual Teacher... Great Thinker... ever embraced this bullshit? Why does no enduring philosophy upon which each culture is built... East to West... have any mention of this concept?

There are many lies afoot at this time... that certain toxic garbage is safe to eat... that vaccines protect you... that genetically modified everything is a step up from The Natural World... that certain people have the right to take the land of others because they are The Moneychangers.

Everything has gotten so out of hand. It's been many centuries since The Sun King paid a visit, and it is traditional, and a certainty... that everything will gradually... and then much more expeditiously... turn to shit the longer he is away from here.

In Times of Material Decadence... the vanities of personal intelligence become of paramount importance to the ego structure of fools... with initials after their names; like they know anything at all. Compared to even the lesser servants of The Supreme Being they are like fireflies before The Sun. Those who refuse to acknowledge their creator... who are puffed up with the sense of their own importance... are the most deluded and miserable of people.

The Divine sees to the lack of all good things in their lives so that... maybe... just maybe... they might get a clue, but... they seldom do. Like the countless leaves that fall from the trees, they turn brown... decay... and cease to be... as if they never were.

I myself am among the least of God's Workmen. Even so... I am richer than the richest man on Earth. I have a certitude and sanctuary that no titles or bodyguards can equal. I have a well-being that no doctor can provide. I have found The Source of Everything, and I seek only to share what few methods I employed to accomplish this. I only wish to share the wealth.

T.S. Eliot wrote of The Hollow Men, and he knew what he was talking about. I call them The Bitter Men... those who imagine that they are the be-all and end-all, and the course of their life, and especially the way it ends up... puts paid to that sad fantasy... over, and over, and over again.

The unfortunate truth in this life is that you can't tell anyone anything. They seem to have to learn the hard way. They insist on it. They think their haughty arrogance and store-bought educations entitle them to see everyone as lesser folk. They hold forth in their small ponds... pontificating about crap that is of no use to anyone, and they let their minds seduce them with lies about how keenly they see all the things that their arrogance and ignorance have made them blind to.

I understand them well. I was once like they are. I thought I knew what was going on. Then I met someone who sucked all that foolishness out of my head and it still took me decades to recognize it. So... I am inclined to be understanding of all those fools... who except for good fortune... I would still be contending among.

Until you can command your mind-driven personality, and embrace the silent individuality behind it, you are of no real use to anyone, including yourself. You are just another hamster on an endlessly spinning wheel. Find God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find The Inner Light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find your true self, who is patiently waiting on you because it has all eternity to play with, and... set your burdens down.

Time is a cruel mistress. The Mind... unchallenged and off-the-leash will doom you. If you can't take control of yourself, something else will. You can count on this. All the complexities that your mind creates are simply distractions to divert you from Self-Inquiry. The less you know of yourself and the more you know of The World, the deeper the quicksand you are sinking in.

May God grant you mercy. May he open your eyes. May you no longer fight the whole day long with the enemy of The Self... who contends with everyone you meet. May you find that sanctuary within.

End Transmission.......

Many strange and fascinating links await at GAB=

For those drawn to the arcane, I give you two links of profound import, should you be made able to discern what is suggested there. It's not for everyone.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your title says it all. As for being free, you can live a life of minimal obligations. That makes you freer. I'm freer now than I have been in the past, but I used to want to average 55 hours a week at work. Ego and priorities. I was into having a high salary, though having a pet college student kind of made an above average salary a necessity. Now I don't live to work, but work to live, usually around 25 hours a week, with 2 super short days, two with overtime, and if there's a holiday, oh well. I deal with it and save the extra money for car repairs and other 'emergencies'.

Puberty! I wanted to leave tracks then, and I have; though non-commercially. I think that ended in my late 40s, not 20s. Now I don't care anymore. I haven't for a long time. I've decided in my old age this planet isn't worth the effort and never was, but priorities do change. Now I'm just out to be inconvenienced as little as possible during my discretionary time, which means the world can get outta my feckin' way and don't bother me. I have that most of the time now, and relish it.

Ayuh, some individuals (Even noses) gotta learn from pissin' on dat 'lectric fence,
over and over again. Eventually they get it. I'm one of those.


Nostrils to the sky and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis!

Been a long time. Nice to be reading your blogs again. Been doing the lessons from Self Realization Fellowship. I've never had meditation be so effective. And no I don't work for them. :D

Hope you are well! Sure sounds like it.


Visible said...

Jim! I'm better than fine; if that's any kind of an answer. Those lessons are solid gold, though they do get onerous at a certain point. The technicalities were beyond my simple means, but anything that comes out of that lineage is spot on.

Visible said...

Jim! I'm better than fine; if that's any kind of an answer. Those lessons are solid gold, though they do get onerous at a certain point. The technicalities were beyond my simple means, but anything that comes out of that lineage is spot on.

0 said...

Good post today.

I'd offer a different perspective on ones who take an iteration of form and produce a family which is then meant to help keep that one engaged in life while the duration of this form runs its course.

If I didn't get married and have kids in my 20s I'd prolly not be here today. Having responsibility helped keep me around. Part of why I like to have a Dog.

I'd also have no interest in the farce of world institutions and clown authorities who set rules for thee but not themselves. The only interest I have currently is trying to make sure it doesn't go so far sideways that the kids I have aren't able to have realizations about what actually matters versus all the ADHD crap deposited in their laps via their apps.

Will go read the two links you dropped at the bottom of this post.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

You're one of the people I put them up for.

0 said...

Thanks Brother, I do appreciate your efforts Often. The rosy cross is an interesting read.

Did you ever read a book called Divina Insidia? Its an interesting read too.. has a nice review on fake money among other things and talked about the RC Christian guy that stood up the georgia guidestones that got demolished at the start of the plandemic.

Ironic really. They would maintain them when they were defaced up till the series of events kicked off and then one day got demolished and nobody bothered trying to find out who did it, inferring the ones who put them up took them down. Its probably the same people that run DEAGEL since their depopulation pages went away about the same time back at the beginning of the plandemic. Its like its a fixed thing until its time for such to be realized then they erase the evidence of their aims.

Glad we're pals.


Anonymous said...

"May God grant you mercy. May he open your eyes. May you no longer fight the whole day long with the enemy of The Self... who contends with everyone you meet. May you find that sanctuary within."

I've memorized this. It's such a simple rule :-) lol!

Visible said...

Have heard of it. Have not read it. Things seem to come at me at a good clip. I figure that is probably on the list somewhere.

As for everything else. My best friend is in charge of everything at all times and forever. I am allowed to see more and more of this the closer I come into harmony with it

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The World is Seen Through a Glass Darkly. It's a Venus Fly Trap Plant and a Glueboard... Quicksand Taking its Time."

SmokAce said...

I really liked your post! Your insights were valuable. Looking forward to more from you.



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