Wednesday, November 01, 2023

"The Important Thing to Remember... Is That All of What Is Happening... is Meant to Distract You From What is Happening."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The oddest thing happened to me a few days ago. By accident, I arrived at a Twitter-X page, having to do with John Podesta. The indication was that it was Podesta's page. What was interesting is that there was an announcement there in big letters saying, “You are not allowed to comment here. You are not allowed to follow Mr. Podesta.” It was directed at me personally.

Well... thank God for that!!!

Strangely enough, I've never had that much to say about The Pedophile Brothers. One has only so much time in a day and you have to pick your battles. There's a significant army fighting pedophilia and they don't need my help. How would they even know who I am? I'm not on Twitter-X as a player.

Strange is the order of the day in these times. Bill Gates is involved in putting mRNA in organic foods. They're doing it with the approval of The FDA. That's another one of those government agencies where the people making the decisions... move on to board seats in the industries that they regulate... once they are done... once they are done screwing the pooch on their behalf... through regulatory determinations.

Everywhere you go, the foxes are in the henhouses. Perverts are running the education system. Criminals are in charge of The Judiciary and Law Enforcement. Corruption is rife from top to bottom, and if you don't go along with the prevailing winds, you are blown right out the door.

I realize that you already know all of this, but I suspect not everyone knows just how deep the rivers of darkness run. It is evident that Divide and Conquer have joined forces with Confusion and Ignorance in an all-out war on the human mind. Today, I saw an organized protest against Blinken at a hearing. Every time he began to talk, someone would stand up and start screaming about Palestine.

At the end of the clip were a bunch of people with red hands holding signs that said, “Open Borders from Palestine to Mexico.” What has the Mexican border to do with Palestine? All of this is Marxist agitation... jumping on every available issue, and co-opting the message. We know who is behind Marxism at every turn. We know who created Marxism to begin with.

The important thing to remember is that all of what is happening is meant to distract you from what is happening... to make you feel powerless... or to galvanize your energies toward one thing or another, in order to bring you into opposition with people on the other side of the issue. The point is to get everyone screaming at each other in the street and virtual spaces... so that all organizing of conscience and collective outrage is brought to disorder and confusion.

Anyone seeing through the games that are afoot, is immediately left with a sense of helplessness; what can anyone do about what is happening? Everywhere... people are swept up on one side or the other about a blizzard of issues that change by the day.

Meanwhile... thousands are being bombed into vapor... shredded... blown to pieces... burned beyond recognition... and bulldozed into mass graves by genocidal maniacs, performing broad daylight … rituals of the damned... for their bloodthirsty demon-gods.

Across the internet is an army of paid keyboard warriors... who contend with each other on one side or the other... many times switching sides as they go... for the purpose of confusing every issue that appears.

Whenever The Vampire Banker Families want a war, they sow strife and discord in The Hive Mind... and inflame the passions of the crowd. Everything that happens is about energy, and directing the energy of the masses toward world conflict helps mightily in tipping the scales toward utter carnage.

In all the times previous to now... these tactics have worked well, and... soon enough... the cannon fodder finds itself on the fields of Verdun... or The Somme... or Stalingrad... Okinawa... or anywhere else that The Architects of Madness decide to scrimmage with the blasted forms of The Walking Dead; the programmed dreamers marching into the gaping maws of nightmare.

Unless you've been in battle, it's hard to get a clear picture of what the situation is. When you are actually there it is never how you imagined it, and very quickly... whatever marching orders you were given... cease to be relevant to the situation you find yourself in. Adaptation is the name of the game, and if you cannot adapt... you die.

What can anyone do in a world caught up in revolution at every level? Signs are waving everywhere. If you're not on one side... it is assumed you must be on the other. What if there are half a dozen sides? Warmongers are wailing. The vaccinators are leering. The poisoners of food... and air... and heart... and mind... are busy as maggots in an open wound. Everywhere you look... someone or something is gnawing away at the support columns that hold the ceiling in place.

Obviously... Divine Intervention is called for. Certain self-reliant types, who are completely unreliable, because they are relying on themselves... to deal with issues beyond their understanding... are likely to sneer and howl in their anonymity... because they have confused God and religion to the point that they know nothing about the one, and... very little about the other. For them there is no Divine Intervention because they are already intervening; doing their part to further muck up The Works.

It is an enduring blessing... to know how little you know, and... how much you do not know. These brainiacs with all the answers are quite soon beyond their depth. Simple physics should tell them that everything visible to them comes out of what is invisible. They know all about things like The Illuminati... The Masons... they know all the symbols... while remaining absolutely ignorant about the power behind the symbols, and their limitations as well.

If one does not know that there is a Guiding Intelligence behind all things, one's understanding is shallow indeed. They are rendered incapable of taking direction, and lacking in humility... they stride bravely forward into they know not what. God would help them but they will not ask.

So... to enter into the next phase of this discourse, and the question of what one should do when surrounded by insanity... acting out on all sides, let us say that the answer lies... in the silence that comes... when one masters the mechanisms of thought, and begs the further question; are you driving or are you driven? Have you mastered your internal forces, so that they might flow through you, without the usual hindrances that are causing your distress?

EVERYTHING of any meaning is going on within you, and then manifesting outside of you... in a direct expression of it. You are the author of your own circumstances, and The World adapts accordingly.

What is going on in The World has been brought about by the aggregate of all the contributions to that effect. It is what The Players made it into, and it will be resolved according to the intentions and industry of each and every one... specifically woven into personal and collective destinies.

The Loom of God is ceaselessly employed in creating the tapestries of human interplay... where what you give, is what you get. It is a hallmark of Nature, which is the mirror of existence. If God has been given a free hand in shaping you, you are on your way out of the conflict zones. If you have usurped the process... The Purpose of Demonstration will show you where and how you have failed.

The World will blow up in places where the people present arranged for it. No doubt those who are constantly doing nothing about it... will scream and stamp their feet about starving babies, and how something has to be done right now, only they won't be doing any of it.

Yes... very clearly... The World makes no sense. It seems that Injustice is running wild on all sides. One is outraged by the spectacle of brutality run amok in this world. Sometimes events must run their course. These same events have been going on for centuries, and most recently... decades... and on they go, with no defined hand at The Tiller that mortal eyes can see.

Of the very few things that I know, one of them is that The Divine is in full command of all things, AND EVER SHALL BE. Others are free to come to their own conclusions on the matter... and welcome to them. I live to serve as a tiny cog... in a massive clockwork of precise... and never-ending existence. You may have your charts and graphs... your histories of offenders... your solutions... clinically (and cynically) arrived at, and certain to need alteration from the moment they are employed.

You give yourself instructions, based on what you found out while fumbling in the dark. I wait upon The Light, which will solve the problems of darkness wherever it shines.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The battlefield. There is no death. Only transition. And post transition beats bein' on the battlefield. If the soldiers knew, would they drop their guns and walk into the oncoming bullets. . .if there were any? That would be a sight to see. The concept has me chucklin' a wee.

Being near 3 major cities, I assume I am in one of those places that will be blown up. Actually, I wish they'd hurry up about it so I don't have to go to work tomorrow, get my Akashic Library Card, tail, nose hair coat, and hopefully Donn, Thanatos, Hel, Anubis, Shiva, Yama, Ereshkigal, Macha the Red and many others whose names I do not know will let me pet their noses.


Time for A Stride said...

LV! I just found out that Brandon was born a poor Jew and raised by Greek Puerto Ricans!
All clowning aside I found a quote by a Genrikh Yagoda stating that some call it Marxism while he calls it Judaism.
The Marxist war of all against all is the goal and there is no utopia plan, Karl wanted the world to burn, check out his "poetry" to see the real person.
Met an interesting character during the dumpster dive session on Samhain eve and he had several degrees and that many felonies.
I marvelled at his strength of riding a bike pulling a shopping cart with suitcases dragging on the ground.
Some Karen got mad at our dumpster activities and we got ran off, I wished him well.
People like this are going to keep on striding as it is all destroyed on purpose.
I know full well that I know next to nothing and all wisdom is on loan from God.

Visible said...

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"Those Appreciating The Tireless Efforts of The Sun... Shining on One and All, Will Also Find Much to Occupy Their Thoughts."



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