Monday, November 27, 2023

"Those Who Believed They Were Beyond The Reach of Justice... Find Themselves Alone... on The Playing Fields of Saturn."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Lao Tzu said; “Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Heaven is impartial when it comes to its basic state of being. Heaven is a manifestation of The Divine and The Divine loves indiscriminately. The Sun is a prime example of this, shining on the good and evil alike.

This does not mean that some do not fall out of favor with Heaven... in a manner of speaking; in an automatic... mathematical sense, but The Wrath of God expresses itself in Temperance... tempering... as if to bring back into balance. God... in the absolute... is absolute stillness... around which creation whirls. His very nature is a balancing of all disparate elements. It's just how it is because of the way God is.

I do not know... in any complete sense... what God is. I observe God the way that I see the wind. I cannot see the wind, but I can see the results of its passing. Consequently... I can see God in the results of his passing and his presence. I can see how he INFORMS Nature. I can see... in the destinies of Humanity... the outworking of Cosmic Justice in cycles of return. I have a partial view. It is what SHOULD make all of us so employed... inflexibly humble.

You get with the program or the program gets you. There are no exceptions. Everything is brought into order one way or another. There is a reason that it is said; God is Love.

Mastery is what happens when any one of us comes into the ability to simply Love without qualification. This is one of the great secrets and it is impossible to accomplish until you are able to neutralize the selfish... self-centered nature. Letting go completely is a major factor.

When you let go, The Divine can express through you without hindrance. You put aside The Personal Self, and The Cosmic Self can express through you.

This is all a part of what goes on behind-the-scenes. When The Personal is diminished, The Real Personality behind the artifice can shine. Then what you see is yourself everywhere you look, be it a person or a rock OR... anything in between. Of course, a divine discrimination comes into play and The Higher Self sees life through your eyes.

That is the real controller of everything no matter what. In The False World... otherwise... you see crazy people goose-stepping through their fantasies of world domination, whether they are crazy people on the street or crazy people in the halls of government or private industry. Crazy is no respecter of person.

Okay... these are all metaphysical perspectives... tied into presentations... constructed by The Mind in the service of the Personality. Most people are enslaved in this manner. If their Karma is good, then life is good. If their Karma is bad, then life is bad. Most of the time... for most of the people... the Karma is mixed.

We put on the face our astrological profile has designed for us... according to the dictates of our Karma, and it's hit and miss... back and forth... up and down. There's always a crowd around the roulette wheel and craps' table... waiting for luck to strike, and in the gambling casinos, just as in life, most of the time you lose. It's set up that way.

What I am getting to is that most of humanity for many... many years... spent all its time in a dream world. One dream ends and another begins, and... none of it matters. It's just a dream. This is why the truly wise recognize and embrace the enduring beauty of anonymity. There is one life force that is splintered into billions and billions of life forms who just dream on.

Wars and famines come and go. Good times are followed by bad times. When you hit bottom you reap the consequences of what you did when you were on top. Ages come and go. Then... something happens, and dawn breaks in The Hive Mind. Light breaks upon the formerly shuttered mindscape... in the passion-driven worlds of appetite. Some are closer to this light than others. Some have only a dim awareness of it happening.

Every now and then... The World wakes up inside the dream it is having, and it sees. It collectively sees what has been going on, and what has been happening to it. You are seeing this now.

Perhaps you cannot understand, having been partially awake all along, why Ireland, Spain, France, and all those other countries went along with the engineered migrations... the Global Warming Scam... the Killer Vaccines... the corrupt leaders... the psychopathic bankers... the lying televisions, and all the come-hither... baited hooks that twinkle like Christmas tree lights.

The Dream is powerful. It has a sucking viscosity that pulls you under and holds you, while passions swirl and the smoke clouds the critical faculties... down into Beast World you go. Down into Beast World you would go... except for the compassion of The Divine, who has sent The Light of Awakening to you that you might see more clearly. It has caused this maelstrom of collective rage against The Puppetmasters and The Men in The Shadows.

First, the rage is turned upon the interlopers, and then it is turned upon The Machinators of your distress. The Eye of Outrage is turning... turning slowly, and a cognitive connection is being established. The Rage is becoming focused, and a deep and unsettling uneasiness is traveling by mysterious means through the corridors of power. This accounts for the Draconian laws and ever more aggressive enforcement arms, BUT... they are the few, and those oppressed are the many.

Little Hamas is whipping Israel, though The Media will not tell you so. The Overlords are too fat and complacent to dare to die. Their specialty is to kill at a distance. Those they have murdered and abused have grown strong in their resistance. Now... the whole world is behind them. Slowly... and then at greater and greater speed... the oppressed around The World are turning on their oppressors. It is only a matter of time, and time is speeding up.

The Dream Fabric that has been used to control and contain the dreaming world is coming apart at the seams. The Elite have made a public spectacle of who they are, always before the eyes of The World... all of them Paris Hilton vain and overexposed.

Retribution comes as a mystery to those at pains to prevent it. Why... they were so very much in command. They would not have pranced and strutted on the stages of The World if they were not supremely confident that they could make you eat bugs and own nothing. Then... somehow... no one knows exactly how... everything changes. The High and Mighty are made low and running for their lives.

Governments fall, BUT... by whose hand does it happen? Afterward, the experts will tell you exactly how it was, if they manage to survive. Nations around The World rise up against their hated overseers. Awakening means coming into awareness of your shackles.

What has set such a panic among the figureheads? Their financial systems are going haywire. How could this happen? The banks are failing! This is the worst possible scenario for those empowered to keep the masses in line. By whose hand is this all coming about? Surely it was their own doing, BUT... always before... they found ways around their criminal enterprises of theft and deception. Is it getting hot in here or is it only me? Yeah... it's you.

My friends. This is REALLY going to happen. It IS HAPPENING right now. Bad news is coming from all directions and for... some... reason... they can no longer control the narrative. No one except the terminally woke is paying attention to their lies. From whence comes this awakening? What force is this that plays havoc with the plans of the ones with the gold... who thought they made the rules?

Dum De Dum Dum... Dum De Dum Dum... Dum! Pizzagate is real!

The Pelosi Caper on 1/6 is on the videotapes. Open Border's Soros is going to be running for the border. Bill Gates is busy still doing what he's been doing, as his philanthropy scam goes viral.

Like the mad scientist with the villagers massed at the castle gates... with torches and pitchforks... Bill doubles down!

All this time, as they see the finish line in their minds. All this time, as everything seemed to fall into place... they got bolder and bolder... careless... intoxicated with their own invulnerability... all this time... all they accomplished was to expose themselves entirely to the people they abused, and now? Now the unseen hand has maneuvered them into the gunsights of The High... Wide... and Lonesome.

It always happens that those who believed themselves beyond the reach of Justice... come to find themselves on The Playing Fields of Saturn... with The World in opposition... in the astrological charts they wrote for themselves... before they ever got here this time... For The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

LV: "Every now and then... The World wakes up inside the dream it is having, and it sees. It collectively sees what has been going on, and what has been happening to it. You are seeing this now."

It's a nightmare. Good the credits roll...wakey, wakey.


M - said...

"Philanthropy is the gateway to power." - Bert Cooper (Mad Men)

"Corporate fraudsters almost all use philanthropy as a cover. Because of all their goodness, people never look any further" - Marianne Jennings, (The seven signs of ethical collapse: How to spot moral meltdowns in companies…before it’s too late, 2006)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Made my day. Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

“Except for this guy being a paid whore and leaving out important info, like who the Young Turks were that wiped out the Armenians, it's a moving story, but Hedges is a forever hedging kind of a guy who likes to think he's a Glenn Greenwald sort that is also a forgery who colors within the lines diagrammed for him so that some truth escapes, even if only by accident=”


And make no mistake this why this Israel Palestinian event is FALSE FLAG.


Watch what happens next. Get ready for the hoards to invade and steal more property here there and everywhere. That’s what they do. The Property Party. Left and right. This Earth is stolen property.

Leesa said...

Brilliant post!!!
P/Gate is real... You bet!
In 2015, my partner and I did graphic design/signage printing promotion
for a F/Mason high end college in OZ (Ages 4-17). It was promoting one said 'Peter Coombes'
He's been a child entertainer here for decades...
Anyway, he wanted to use the catchphrase on the billboard "Belly flop in a pizza tour"
We refused to print this. He also adorned the fake red clown nose in the pictures.
Most of his songs have references to spaghetti/meatballs etc...
The sleaze meter vibe was off the charts, tracking alongside the Rolfing/Jake the Peg
character... Peter's face looks like he could be related to J/Saville- chucky boys mate
there in London.
Anyhoo- Birds of a feather and all that Jazz- Unbelievable- right under our noses.
Vis, when you made mention many times of the 4 x 2 God's plank around the head previously, these 'Usual Suspects' were not phased...
The next implement to be so engaged for them will be the "ACME' Anvil from Roadrunner- SPLAT...
Another one will be the boomerang- When God throws that, the arc will be so perfect,
decapitation will ensue- GONESKI's...
Well, it's back to tending my Strawberry, tomato and Watermelon patch...
Last year I grew a whopping 13.5Kg (27lb) Watermelon. The children down the road shared in
this most bountiful harvest...That's my main FOCUS now and keeping us healthy.
Onward and upwards.
Love Leesa

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"A Ticklish Thread of Irony Runs Through The Whole of Existence, and... It Sees to The Navigation on The Ship of Fools."



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