Friday, November 17, 2023

"Not One Rat Will Evade The Karmic Trap. Under Their Own Power... They Will Find Samara... at The Appointed Hour."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Monsters of The Middle East will not recover from what they cannot stop themselves from doing before the eyes of The World, and every little effort they make to further deceive, keeps getting found out; like moving weapons into Al-Shifa Hospital... like knowing about the tunnel built underneath it because they are the ones who built it. Like finding dead and mutilated hostages' bodies... in the same way passports got found... on the streets of New York... during one of their last escapades.

Every little thing is now watched and recorded by the eyes of The World. The Deep State brought the freeze-dried body of Bin Laden back out on display... to reveal his terrorist letter... which resulted in most of Gen-Z agreeing with him. Heh heh...

I don't care what anyone thinks about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening or my anthropomorphizing The Powers of God... that come and go according to The Celestial Clock. The forces of apocalypse and awakening are real indeed. So I humanize these forces. Isn't that what religions do... putting a face to a name? Unless the whole idea is off-putting... as sometimes happens to be the case... with the conversion-by-the-sword people.

Things come. Things go. Things repeat. Everything moves in cycles. Oswald Spengler knew what he was talking about, but then... plenty of people did, and for centuries these people have run afoul of The Church and The State, depending on which one was running the other at the time; Galileo... Copernicus... Giordano Bruno... many have suffered and been martyred for The Truth... for as long as history has been kicking ass and taking names; arbitrarily switching everything up when it pleased The Overlords.

Henry Ford said, “History is bunk,” and he would know. He was a very smart man. So was Thomas Edison, and they both found out what can happen when you try to do The World a favor.

What the few have known for a very long time... because we define ourselves according to our works and what we do... is now becoming common knowledge around The World, and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it.

The Clock of Destiny turns in The Heavens and sets the tenor and tone down here. Here it is that you see the works of The Deceivers and The Revealers. Big lies have dominated the landscape for some time. One of them is that Jesus was a Jew. Even if he was in any way related to The Tribe of Judah at the time... it bears zero resemblance to the Jews of today... or even at the time claimed for the presence of Jesus on Earth. He... and Paul... and others had much to say about those who say that they are Jews, but are not, but... are rather of The Synagogue of Satan.

Today's world effectively proves this Prima Facie. There are reasons for the enduring subterfuge because it SERVES THE PURPOSES OF CERTAIN INTERESTS.

Now... we have come to a time when all that has been hidden is being revealed, and it will not go well for those who have been doing the hiding... the folding... the spindling... and the mutilating. An outrage is building around The World. It has been simmering for a while now. The heat has gradually increased. The frog is now parboiled. Steam and fury are about to be unleashed upon the planet because a cleansing must come. It is in the way of things.

What does this mean if you are already cleansed? I would say that proactive focus will keep you ahead of the curve. I might also add that the greater one's level of purification, the greater the clarity of thought. Simple physical purification is one thing. Those unclean in their hearts and minds can imagine the lower will purify the higher... or they might not even care about that, but...point in fact... it will not.

I can know that certain things are true. This should not imply that I am out enforcing them. That's not my job. Here is a good time to quote Lao Tzu again. This is the kind of thing that will make your life a whole lot easier. It might even save your ass now and again;

“Man at his best, like water,
Serves as he goes along:
Like water, he seeks his own level,
The common level of life,
Loves living close to the earth,
Living clear down in his heart,
Loves kinship with his neighbors,
The pick of words that tell the truth,
The even tenor of a well-run state,
The fair profit of able dealing,
The right timing of useful deeds,

And for blocking no one's way
No one blames him.”

The point of The Federal Reserve Act, for the specific people who have profited from it the most, is that it allowed them to print money out of thin air, AND... by diver's means...parcel it out to each other to make things like Amazon, and a host of other magically appearing phenomena... part of life's infrastructure. Conversely... it was a means of enslaving the populace through debt. This is how both houses of Congress... The White House... and every agency thereof... came under their sway.

Cynthia McKinney, James Traficant, and many others can tell you what happens when you don't knuckle under.

However... it doesn't matter how many armies you have... how rich and connected you are... if the whole world fears you... none of that matters. You are nothing more than a moral tale unwinding through time. Sooner or later... the music comes on if your speech runs too long. Sooner or later... if need be... the whole world is arrayed against you, OR... some misfortune or series of misfortunes is set in motion. Then the bells toll for you.

Everything is on the clock and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. The moment comes, and no matter how well prepared you think you are... you are not prepared at all. It's how it works. What is happening now... is that the long-time conspirators... against the well-being of The World... are losing their shit. Oh... they were so patient over such a length of time, and with the certainty of outcome right there before their eyes... it all went wrong. It always does.

Life is a movie or... call it a dream that is spun on a glistening web... where all the parts of you that are temporary and not real... go through the changes needed to free The Mind from its fascination with time and with things.

The previous faces of Evil are no longer here. Soon their replacements... whose weapons are debt and intimidation... will also be no longer as they are. There's quite a crew involved. Some of them are willing and many are not, and something is waking up in everyone... according to their nature. It is pleasant and unpleasant, regardless... it WILL NOT BE DENIED.

It is judge and jury inside your head. It is certainly enough of a distraction to take your eyes off the road. There is a relentless insistence about it, and it just keeps on a-coming. No earthly power can hinder it at all. It WILL accomplish what it has been set into motion to accomplish.

Everything went up a notch not long ago. The speed has increased. The force of it has increased. It's spinning faster now. It is how the universe deals with those close to The Spindle, and those closer to The Rim. No one knows the hour, but more and more people know that the hour approaches and common sense should tell you that it is closer than it was before.

There is no need for traveling circuit judges or any sudden appearance of men in camo... or men in black. It's all handled in-house. Not one rat will evade The Karmic Trap. Under their own borrowed power... they will find their way to Samara... at the appointed hour.

It is not necessary to know the intricacies of how the system works. It is enough to know that it works and to abide by the commandments and the laws. Everyone who breaks or tries to evade them... immediately sets the system in motion toward self-correction. It is flawless. It is perfect. It is what it is... as it is... world without end.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

everyday more stuff gets exposed but nothing ever comes of it. YAWN…. maybe coming to a boil or maybe not. time will tell.
I wont count on it. as for Icke, yes a showman and a bit of a nutcase however his early stuff proved to be very right on. I read one of his books in 97 and thought it and he was crazy but guess what? It all had substance. Meanwhile the media lies about everything at least Icke and maybe even Jones tell the truth once in awhile.
Peace to all

M - said...

If Jesus was a Jew why would Israel want to pass a bill outlawing talk about him...This, of course, is a rhetorical question as we all know the answer.

Funny you should mention Cynthia McKinney. I voted for her as President in the 2008 election. That was the last time I voted, too. I felt she was honest and still do. Then again, how long would an honest politician last in any seat of power? (Note: This too is a rhetorical question.)

Anonymous said...

Can I get an "A-MEN"?? (smile)...

Excellent post! Tame enough to lightly red-pill a newbie...
I feel the urge to watch Jesus Christ Superstar again.

Thanks for another week of watching desperate people do
desperate things while knowing that God has it ALL under control.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Oddly had this track come to mind today... Figured I'd share. :)

Its Nothing to me. :)


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"In a Real Awakening... Things No Longer Appear as They Seemed to be... In The Dream that One is Awakening From."



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