Thursday, November 09, 2023

"Everything They Can Do to Distract Us, Frighten and Corral Us, While They Subjugate and Kill Us, They Are Doing."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Whatever it is... it's getting closer. In recent days, many synchronicities have been occurring, all within short spaces of time. I'll include a few as I go.

The Divine told me last night that everything was waiting on certain coordinates of celestial progression... much as this video indicates.

I do not agree with everything this fellow says, I'm just noting that... all of a sudden... I am hearing the same thing... differently presented... by people all over the spectrum; it is not the autism spectrum I am talking about. (grin)

So... my posting the link is not an affirmation of what this fellow is saying, but rather... that some parts of his statement are very similar to what you have been reading here, and there's more of this coming. You may also remember The Solar Flash soundbite from an earlier posting.

The Divine affirmed the general idea with several caveats I will go into at a later date. The important thing is... he said it was going to be a global event that hits everyone at the level of their capacity. Some of us would be changed in a very big way, and some less so. Then there are the malefactors who are going to run into the other side of it.

In an instant, The World will be transformed, according to the degrees (or lack) of resistance in each and every one of us. One of the long-hidden secrets that is emerging now is electromagnetics, not only in technology, but the human body that all technology is adapted from. We are actually on a number of time lines all moving through a single continuum. There is still no escape for The Wicked.

I am very leery of people who are too confident about the specifics on anything that exists outside the bandwidth of the senses. I know very little other than in a general way, so I try to stay away from specifics... exact dates... people... places... and things. I only know that a change is going to come and it is going to be a spiritual revolution... a transformation in the process of human thought.

I have the scripture from many traditions, and I have people coming out of the woodwork all over the place, and providing variations on a common theme. We had just mentioned the coming wave of engineered panics over potable water. Then I see this.

Then... a few minutes later... I encounter this.

Everywhere I go, it isn't long before something else shows up that ties into this wave of uncovering... at this point in the apocalypse.

Here is what I have noticed in this life at different periods when the changing lines (I-Ching) were in operation... every time when something is getting close; warning lights go on... similar events start happening in a close time frame. It's a known fact that when world-changing inventions came about, various people at a far remove from each other... were all working on the same thing at the same time. For example; the invention of the automobile... the telephone... and sundry.

The same thing is happening now, but it is happening on multiple levels... in a variety of enterprises, from software... to human development... metaphysics... and sundry. Meanwhile, The Old World is collapsing visibly around us, and world war looms on the horizon. This is all due to The Controllers from The Dark Side being in panic mode, as the individual in that first video indicated.

Everything they can do to distract us... frighten and corral us... while they subjugate and kill us off... they are doing, but... nothing is going the way they intended it to. They are losing it. They are freaking out. They were over-confident about the extent to which they had dumbed us down. They miscalculated. In the meantime... because they are driven... they can't help themselves... they keep exposing themselves in more and more unfortunate ways. They did not count on The Awakening being as powerful and pervasive as it is.

As I mentioned earlier, I was told several things internally last night. One of them was about this global phenomenon that is coming, and which is going to hit every one of us at the level we are present on. In some cases... it will wink us right out of existence. In other cases, it will make us feel truly alive for the first time. Whatever we have been up to is going to get resolved in the same pulse of energy from a higher plane... be it good... bad... or indifferent.

The outcome will vary. The force will be the same.

Everything is coming out now. It can't be hidden or concealed any longer. The Light is coming for The Darkness that has imprisoned The Hive Mind for so long, and... between the force of light and the force of darkness... there is no contest.

You know from elementary physics that when pressure is applied... in any number of ways... eventually something will give way... break... tear... as the case may be, and that is the case in human affairs, which is having different results... depending on where the pressure is applied. The Nimrods and destroyers cannot handle it at all. It makes them do things they regret. This is going to intensify greatly, and soon enough, critical mass is going to be arrived at... to the dismay of many.

Certain vested interests, whose main area of focus has been controlling The World, are going to find themselves in a bad predicament. It's like a firehose. It takes a level of attention to operate one. If the force of the water is increased, it becomes more and more difficult to control. This is what happens to all those people who bite off more than they can chew... whose reach exceeds their grasp. They are smacked down because their arrogance was greater than their self-control.

The people who rely on the principle that what you see is what you get, always run into the unexpected because what you see is NOT all there is to any matter. It is difficult to explain how things work down here to the people dreaming their way through it.

Some think the rich and powerful always have their way with the rest of us. Some think life is unfair and you have to cut corners to even things out. Everyone is trying to figure out the angles, and almost no one realizes that the whole affair is programmed... by Karma... by The Gunas... by Heaven, and the authority of Heaven.

The Higher Planes ALWAYS rule The Lower Planes, and the rich and powerful are replaced at regular intervals. Everyone gets the opportunity to be a raging asshole or a decent human being; a King Janaka or an Oliver Cromwell... a Paracelsus or an Aleister Crowley. What you aspire to... you realize some portion of. If you aspire to nothing, even that will be taken from you.

We don't see that life is perfectly fair because we can't see around the corner where the person or situation gets handled. We also don't see the parity in things because we want more than we should. If we are grasping and conniving... it is certain that there will never be enough of it. People ALWAYS get trapped in the webs of their own actions. It might happen sooner. It might happen later. Eventually, it shows up in your body... where you planted everything that grew from the efforts.

Every single one of us is a world builder. There is a reason you don't see many of the shining lights that pass through here. They have moved to a higher state of being... a state of being any of us can reach if we simply set our sights upon it, and start walking. You will see these lights as you go... because your vibrations will be incrementally raised as you go. Your perceptions will be refined. You will begin to see and hear what you did not previously see and hear.

This pole-shifting... solar flash... ctrl-alt-del... reformatting... ascension... return of the light... whatever it is... in whatever form it takes; likely the shape and form will depend on who is perceiving it... is going to happen. We... regardless of what we might think and say... do not know what it is going to be... because no man knows the hour of his coming or... the why and wherefore of it... not really.

We don't think properly because our desire body interferes with the process. We need more pure reason and less emotional disorder, and we need to get beyond both of them to get any real clarity on the matter. We need to learn how to be still. We need to be able to control our thoughts and feelings, and not be controlled by them. Otherwise, we are scrimmaging in the streets. Otherwise, we are victims of our own lack of self-restraint.

Something's coming, and it is getting closer by the day. You're going to see more and more people flipping out, which should cue you to look within. I will close with this video.

The fellow's math is off. His pronunciation is strange, and there are other tells in his tale that don't work toward a harmony of presentation. That said, you might find a great deal of it to be interesting. He hits some good points.

I do not mean to be critical of these people, but I also do not want to come off as promoting them. They are for your reflection and consideration. You make of them what you will. I scrutinize what I see because I want to get through and past it to the real meaning... if there is any. I have included only a small portion of what I have come across recently. However... the indication is that something is coming soon. It might be a little while yet. Still... it gets closer by the day.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the materialists get killed off by the Solar Flash, so that only the spiritually evolved humans remain. Praise the Sun!

M - said...

December 21, 2020 gave us the Great Conjunction and a "Christmas Star" - starting this whole awakening process we are now experiencing.
Winter Solstice, the Great Conjunction and a Christmas Star

"2020 sees the end of a 200-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in Earth signs, with the focus being on material security and a resistance to change. This could explain society’s “obsession with material things, conquering land, and money“. We may be entering the Age of Aquarius where we will shift our focus to the collective and humanitarianism, creating new forms of group consciousness, cultural change, innovation, and reform. This Great Conjunction also marks changes within ourselves, for this is where true change in the world begins.

Set intentions. Focus on the positive. AIM HIGH and fly like an Eagle. Act honorably. What we do as we enter this new era – individually and collectively – will set in motion that which will be actualized over the next 20 years."

I watched it unfold online that night. It gave me goosebumps - and I'm not that much into astronomy. LOL


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Couldn't get past first three minutes of the last video you posted, but this post made my day. In fact it made my month!


Visible said...


I don't know how to reach you otherwise, or I would have done it otherwise, but I hope you know to contact me prior to any radical action that would not be rational. It would mean a great deal to me if you would do that.

Visible said...

Yeah... he seemed a little all over the map without coordinates, but I could see where he hit upon things I had encountered before. That sort of thing always makes me take notice; not that wack points of view don't prop each other up all over the place, but we're dealing with certain obscure esoterica here, at least the parts I am referring to. Heh heh... it won't mean anything to you since you didn't watch it anyway.

Glad you liked the post. Some of the same association pings would have been operative here as well.

0 said...

Hey Viz,

I'm not going anywhere, at least not by my own hand. I appreciate the concern pal.

Sometimes things cause me to wonder cuz I tend to pickup on things that aren't my own. Its part of why I keep my head shaved, trying to Not pick up on things that aren't mine. No idea if it helps with that, presumably it should based on native american understandings, but at a minimum it makes me look unapproachable which checks intrusions into my stillness. :)

Todays news showed this article which is maybe also why I was asking about suicide.

There was also a rick n morty episode about suicides guts turning to spaghetti on an earth-like alternate world, while any other deaths just left the normal body, which when their leaders learned about it they then proceeded to shift the rules local to that world to let them get their own people to suicide so they could sell the spaghetti to offworlders and make "profit". Weird episode.

Dunno if you've seen the Disney series Loki, but season 2 is just starting and 3-4 episodes are out. Its whole spiel is the time variance authority created to manage the singular timeline while trimming branches that they don't want, trimming branches being killing individuals who cause greater skew to the singular narrative. Last weeks episode ended with Loki watching the timeline backup and overload and Explode which was weird to watch being aware of how close we are to potential nuclear exchange. Its almost like the propaganda is made to Stress people out that pay attention and if injected that stressor maybe causes disease at a faster rate.

I dunno where its going, but evidently I'll be along for the ride.

Thanks for caring man!

Visible said...

I saw that thing about the sheriffs a few days ago. I thought it was more than passing strange.

I haven't watched Loki because of the gay angle. Those Marvel people are really into that sort of thing.

Good news. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Fear the Walking Dead is a very good show, available on Amazon Prime. It shows the bleakness and horror of what a post-collapse zombie society could end up like. First season actually shows the very start of the collapse, when mass panic spread like wildfire when rumors of people becoming zombies started spreading. It takes place in LA, it's quite fascinating to watch.

F. Janicke said...

Excellent post as usual, Mr. Visible; that there is “something up”, approaching rapidly, is undeniable. The very air vibrates these days, pregnant with potential.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

If one has been putting the above words into practice, one should have little or nothing to be concerned about regarding coming events; if not, and one has been living the way of “get”, rather than the way of “give”, well… there is still time to change course - not much, but still time.

Smoking with my shadow said...

Hi how you going? good post means alot thanks and thank you for the reading material.

Anonymous said...

In response to link with art class.

Tribal demon if the Isrealites AKA Yahweh money war “god”.

The greatest trick of the devil is to convince you that he’s God

0 said...

Did you notice the sheriff badge has the pedophile pizza triangle in its points? Avoiding accountability perhaps. I suppose thats most likely the reason why people self check out.

The loki series is pretty weird, they bifurcate loki into a man and woman who are both called loki and they're up against some guy called "he who remains". Not to much Gaybe in it. I do agree tho, I liked the marvel movies up till the eternals and that movie ended the fascination for me. I still watch them to see if anything strikes the bell rung by the all tho. (plus theres time to burn, tho I also would like to see about the samadhi that lets one meditate themselves into their astral form as such. Got a copy of the Gateway Protocol that I listened to a few times. It keeps coming to mind that I should just get an easy chair and a large mirror and set it up with the chair facing the mirror and then occupy the chair and work to embed that image as real in my mind so that I can create it in my mind and occupy the mind created form and then go wander whatever might be there. Dunno how apt it is, but if I end up bed ridden again, maybe I can do that with the time left.)

Wish someone would make a film version of Etidorhpa, or Dashed against the rocks;A romance of the coming age. Given CGI today it would be pretty sweet.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! Brought to You by Black Rock Israel, and The Demons of The Deep."

Anonymous said...

"the indication is that something is coming soon. It might be a little while yet. Still... it gets closer by the day."
Indeed. Love you my friend
Justin V



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