Wednesday, January 24, 2024

"I Don't Know what The Extenuating Circumstances are; The Devil MADE Me Do It? Either Way... You Still Got Dead Kids."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Someone smashed a painting down on the head of The Wicked Witch from The AshkeNAZI Coven. Marina is not pleased... we suspect, BUT... we are! Oh yes! We are very pleased. Soon these clowns will not be able to go about in public. Already they are guarded by suits who hem them in on all sides.

Have you seen a photo of Marina? She is 77. Obviously, rejuvenation efforts have been made on her behalf... though I will say... as an appreciator of true art; you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

She and her agent were seen scurrying away... terrified... somewhere. I'm guessing the WiFi there was interfering with the continuity of her magic encircling spell. You really have to be up on modern tech if you are going to be a modern Satanic celebrity. It's likely she arranged the whole thing herself. She is a performance artist, isn't she? Nothing is worse for an artist than to have no talent and be forced to maintain their celebrity with shock and outrage.

I would like to hope that Elon is not what he probably is. Listen from the 17:00 minute mark of this video.

I didn't listen to what preceded it. I want to hope Elon is Zorro dressed up like somebody else but Hope is pretty much for losers. Hope is for The Hopeless. It's a cocktail mixer that makes bad shit palpable. I don't walk around shuffling my feet and looking all hopeful. I am certain. I don't know how that sorts out with Hope, but some things I am certain about, and the rest I will find out about anyway; like... it... or... not.

Then there is the matter of his girlfriend, Grimey who is also into Satanic shit disguised as art. It is really well disguised... because I can't see the art at all. I don't know how she concealed it but conceal it she did. Possibly that is the art she engages in; hiding the art. Maybe there was no art involved, and that would account for why I can't find it. Then there is the transhumanism angle, which dovetails right into Schwab and his butt-boy Harari.

You see, it's all connected. It's connected to... what is like it... until it moves past the critical digit on The Dial. and then... it is connected to something else. At the level of Infernos, it is all connected to things that are inflamed by Carnal Desire. When it moves outside the range of the bandwidth of Carnal Desire and transforms into Aspiration, it is connected to an illumined group consciousness... where each component harmonizes with the collective possession of The Word of God.

One guy snatches a kid and sacrifices him to The Devil, but... there are extenuating circumstances. This other guy snatches a kid and sacrifices him to The Devil, but... there are extenuating circumstances. I don't know what the extenuating circumstances are; The Devil MADE me do it? Either way... you still got a dead kid.

That is how I see the difference between Schwab and Elon. They are still child-murdering transhumanists... actually... or potentially... right? Elon is likable. Schwab is not. Elon... possibly... does useful stuff. Schwab does not. There's still a dead kid in the room though. Maybe it was for the greater good? Maybe The Kid's name is Damien? Maybe The Kid is really a midget that killed a bunch of real kids and someone had to put him down? Are those extenuating circumstances, and... what am I supposed to do with these dead kids?

Why are these dead kids not in the arms of Kid Cudi?

Why is Kid Cudi not lying dead in his own arms? Why have they not erected one of these statues in Gaza? There are all sorts of good questions that I haven't gotten around to answering, and... to be honest... probably will not answer... because there are no answers for these things... other than them being made not to exist.

Elon was at the Auschwitz theme park yesterday. He got some Maus ears and a music box crematorium that churns out real butter for those people who can't believe it's not butter, while it plays some loops from that new song by The Dead Kids called, “I can't believe there's no DNA in the ashes. This spectrometer is shit.”

The rumor that Elon was carrying around a portable gas spectrometer with him to check for human remains is... apparently... untrue, according to the people who started the rumor.

Now they are saying he just got a brochure that has everything you ever wanted to know about Auschwitz. It's a kind of Auschwitz for Dummies... that includes photos of the theater groups... the swimming pool... the hookers and casino nights; the usual for The Usual Suspects... who had their own currency... that they printed according to their own standards of convincing the suckers it is real..

Elon was wearing a helicopter beanie that vibrated at the same frequency as one of Bill Gates's genetically altered mosquitoes. It had a Star of Davida on it, which is the same as a Star of David except the bottom triangle goes in and ends at an interior point... somewhere below a hypothetical navel. It is in memory of all the transgender inmates who were denied sex change operations while incarcerated. There are two stories that are given concerning the why's and why nots of that.

One is that there was no technology because Mengele hadn't gotten around to it yet. The other is that there were only two sexes at the time. Now we know that... that... was only Nazi disinformation, but we didn't know at the time; neither did The Dead Kids.

HOWEVER... if you are looking for dead kids there is a bumper crop in Gaza, cause this is harvest time, and the threshers... shredders... and reconstitution machines are working 24-7. Some people are into knock-offs that aren't real dead kids, but... only look like them. You can get them at any of the death camp merchandise booths, but they are not the real thing. You have to go to Gaza for that. Oops! You can't go to Gaza, but... you can definitely buy them on Israeli eBay.

If you are only after the organs. They got that too. You can order them at The 23 and Me website, but... you need to use the Tor Browser. It's illegal to ship organs by Fed-Ex, if you are anywhere outside of Israel, and most of the volume sales take place in Ukraine. They have Amazon-sized warehouses there, and lots of dead kids fitted up with Chatty Cathy apps and AI tech. You would never know they were dead until you hit the Decompose button.

Speaking of dead kids, I wonder about people like Bill Gates... Hillary Clinton and others. Are they evil to start with OR... did they get filmed in something set up for them? They would have to have been inclined that way, BUT... then again... they wielded a lot of power... financially... politically. They were desirable plums for those whose intentions are the destruction of all that is human... in and around us.

Bill says stupid things like this.

Then there's this Frazzledrip thing... that came from Anthony Weiner's laptop... where Hillary cut the face off a young girl and put it over her own. Then you see things like this.

You add in all those missing emails... pizza-talk... government officials, and... there's a whole lot of smoke. Frankly; my interests do not lie in finding out dark and nasty things about people... no matter who they are. I'm certain such things happen though.

I am a student of occult history. I know about Elizabeth Bathory... Giles De Rais... I know that there are many... among the rich and powerful... that will do anything to hold on to it, AND... to get more. It is like a fever-madness that takes hold of these people, and chief among their obsessions is the desire for their youth to be returned. This brings us round to Adrenachrome.

Personally... I do not chase after the tales going around about all these people executed in mysterious military tribunals at Guantanamo. I've little time for Epstein and Israeli honeypot operations... Satanic ceremonies... lunch with The Devil.

What I know is that IT ALL GOES ON INSIDE YOUR HEAD and that external ceremonies are ONLY about attracting demonic intelligences into your mind. The Good seek to attract angels and The Bad attract demons. I don't think angels are nearly as impressed with magical rituals as they are with one being pure of heart OR engaged in a passionate love for The Divine.

Anyone who thinks attracting demons is a good idea does not know much about demons. Anyone who imagines they'll get away clean from such encounters is truly stupid. I've been deep into invisible things at the risk of everything, BUT... I knew I was protected because my intentions were pure. I suspect these things were arranged for me... and I only thought I was involved... on my own recognizance. It's best to leave these things in the hands of The Divine... PERIOD.

The worse conditions and appearances get... the more desperate people are to believe... the more inveigled they are by false hope. Then it is easy to sell them on Nephilims... Archons... Flat Earth Bullshit... aliens... gender nonsense... hatred of the other guy... yadda yadda.

Whether some of these things were once relevant to people who are no longer here, I can't say. Whether Hillary is wearing human skin masks... whether Bill Gates is on The Dead Kids video tape... or all those cops and inconvenient witnesses died of natural causes; no one dies of natural causes because death is a product of having fallen into, and believing in something that wasn't/isn't real. Whether this or that... or the other thing... is or is not... I don't know and I... DON'T... CARE.

What I do know, among the few things that I do know... is that EVERYTHING is under the control of a REAL central intelligence that penetrates every particle of existence... seen or unseen. If you are right with it... you are good to go... anywhere, and you have forever to do it in. If you are not right with it, that explains why you are here and everything you are going through, on... your... way... to getting right with it.

That's it!!! That's the whole thing. Everything else is just stuff and nonsense... talking to itself... in the place it is presently lost in. It's all just a fantasy of separation in search of the missing part(s). I have found that part, and... subsequently... there is nothing left for me to look for... because... it is all... either present... or... on the way.

End Transmission.......

Look what we found about The Sun being the source of The Awakening!

"The light and the power of Christ arises within His children in the interior foundation and illumines the whole course of their life. Within this fountain of light is the kingdom of God in man. He who is not in possession of it cannot bring it into himself by means of any creed, opinions, or theories; but if he possesses it, then from that fountain will arise many streams of pure love."

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Bongiorno Les!

Thanks for that video from the truthseeker. I only just before had finished querying today's weather around the world. Results? Foggy and/ or cloudy in Toronto Canada, Mallorca Spain, Montego bay, Jamaica. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

It's been wet, cloudy and Grey here in toronto for almost a year now. This is not usual. It ain't that bogus climate change though. I know it's those fucking chem trails! It's as manufactured as the shite on the television. All over the world.

It makes sense...20/20 vision in 2020 (ahahaha the joke 's on us) when the "scales fell off our eyes". But there's still too many that are afraid, terrified to see, or admit what they see. Sometimes I hate them and sometimes I just feel sorry for them.

In the Bible it says that the only unforgivable sin is if you destroy the spirit [of another or yourself]. This too makes sense. What fuckers do to children or other innocents is unforgivable. Thank God!

This stuff isn't for the weak minded nor the faint of heart. God give me strength?

Take care. Thank you, am

M - said...

Sometimes you have to replace the old adage "Follow the Money" with "Follow the Bodies".

"I knew I was protected because my intentions were pure." Exactly. It's all about INTENT.

I don't trust Javier Milei any more than I trust Elon any more than I trust the "unveiling" in the media. The real pivot will not be televised...

Like all of the Usual Suspects you speak of, Blinken and Cameron are yews. Like money and dead bodies, "Follow the Ancestry".

Yes, the WHOLE world is a stage. Got your organic popcorn?

Vis, do you/have you read or listened to anything by Catherine Austin-Fitts?

0 said...

Did you read the article about the reporter who asked some illegal at the border who he was and the guy mouthed off to her about her not being smart enough to know who he is?

Mayorkas should be hung.

Guess anon saying Meats back on the menu, ain't far off. If thats him and they letting this TYPE into the nation and giving them funds/phone/firearms, its gonna be a Partae!

Its quite the effort to resist assembling oneself and going to poke holes where holes need poking. I am hoping Trailanga is helping out with getting Others to act as needful. :P (that in spite of your hope is for the hopeless. course the all hears the alls own and the alls own are objective and reasoned, so perhaps the all induces that which is needful when enough of its own see rightly the world as its be-come.)

Light a match!

Visible said...


I have not. I don't free-range widely. (grin)

As for Javier... right off the bat I did not like him, nor his cavorting in a yamulke with the self-chosen, nor was I fond of his avuncular presentation with the glasses at half-mast; somebody's crazy but loveable uncle.

Then he made that speech and it was saying all the right things, BUT... I know how they operate... these deceivers. This is why I was asking; was I mistaken? An actual Argentinian took me to task over that (at Truthseeker), given him hating Javier. he did not understand my intent. It could be that he is not a native English speaker and nuance is lost on him.

Strange... strange times are coming.

Visible said...


I saw that thing about the illegal. I'm seeing all kinds of odd things I don't have to go very far to encounter. They keep appearing right before me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like meat is back on the menu, boyz!

Anonymous said...

I like Catherine Austin Fitts. She knows who pulls the strings, but stops short of naming they that shall not be named. I don’t fault many who still want to inform us by not doing so, otherwise the message would not take hold among the sleepy heads. But when A. Jones, et al run cover, it becomes obnoxiously disingenuous. I don’t think Fitts is one of those and speaks to the problem if one knows how to listen.

The Milei speech was pretty good if it’s not AI lip synching. It says right on Slodov’s post it’s an AI generated translation, so who knows, right? I hope it was a genuine outpouring from him, but plodding up to high wall with a beanie on your head doesn’t help matters. For all we know he could have been talking about disease x and hate speech, so they came up with a new way to let some air out of the tires to make it out under the bridge from Davos.

Reality is that tenuous now.



M - said...

Vis, there's a video on this page where the hippocampus is discussed. I found some of what was said interesting. I knew of the pineal gland but not the hippocampus. I thought you or some of your readers might be interested, as well.

Nitestrider said...

LFMAO! Good stuff LV and the devil hates mock and scorn.
I admit to laughing at the vagina in the skillet during the Steve Railsback as Ed Gein movie and it feels bad.
Crone hags and turkey necks look old due to the slime bubbling up from inside.
All morale boosters aside, the chosenites are dropping canned baby food bombs and candy bar bombs in the Gazacaust.
Fellini wouldn't know what to make of all this bizarre behavior in Clown World and Dante would add a new level to the inferno.
Regarding the Arbeit macht Fweedom Fwies camp, where are the blue stains on the wall from the Zyklon-B?
Also the bonfire of corpses is going to be hard to pull off in a swamp.
The 18-34 demographic is lost to the small hats and they will never be onboard.
This is good.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Occult Lore Says that The Main Base for The Evil... that Affects Life on Earth... is Located on The Dark Side of The Moon."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Freud slipped on a Gefilte fish

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