Friday, January 19, 2024

"They're at Some Point on That Spiral Stairway to The Heavens and Beyond, and I've No Wish to Piss over The Railing."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There are two solutions I know of, and I have used both of them to chase The Devil. One is to laugh at him because he can't abide scorn. The other is the certainty of mind that he does not exist, though... no separated mind can pull this off because the very existence of a separated mind creates The Devil. That said, here is something for all you gamer-heads out there.

Try to be first in line to win an authentic soiled mattress; now being marketed as meditation cushions.

Connecting the dots will get you killed, just ask Anne Heche; oh... right, you can't.

Well... ask that lady who was feeding her information for that film she was making. Right... right... you can't ask her either. The writer at that link is a sensationalist. Everyone... these days... seems to be jockeying for greater influence... more face-time before The World. This does not... immediately... delegitimize what she is saying; not at all. This might give you a little more background.

I heard something about former Indiana representative Jackie Walorski, who was... supposedly feeding information to Anne Heche. She's dead too. Lots of people are dead who got involved in exposing pedophilia high up in the ranks of The Powerful. Some die. Some don't die. It seems like it matters who you were talking to, and what you found out about specific events and people.

I found Stew Peters to be a tad questionable... at first... for a while. So many of them seem to come out of The Alex Jones- David Icke School of Yellow- Handwringing- Journalism. Now I find Peters to be a man of courage and conviction (for the moment). I seem to be a little off in my initial... superficial... scanning of personalities here and there. Time will tell and we shall see.

I know some of the readers are fans of some of these people. I've been watching them since they came on The Scene. I have a special aversion to those who tell half-truths... who peddle science fiction that never actually shows up, but just gets mentioned over and over... people who have all kinds of name currency but do not mention the actual perpetrators... like Jones, and who seems very much in league with them... almost as if they were his handlers.

I've read the books written by the former soccer player and they are well done, BUT... why are there these constant outtakes from Matrix Creature Land, and deliberate twisting of established metaphysical traditions associated with Ageless Wisdom?

Perhaps I was wrong about this guy?

All through this speech, my heart kept saying, Right on! Oh Yes! Spot on! Of course, it is just a man talking. Words are cheap. However... he is speaking to the psychopath elites at The WEF. This is... pretty much... IN YOUR FACE! Time will tell and we shall see!

Well, I expect The World to change for the better. In fact, I know it is going to, despite the resistance of the monsters seeking the greatest harm for the greatest number of people. Simultaneously, Israel... The Satanic Banker Nation .. is destroying itself before our eyes. Massive change... regardless of all efforts to restrain and suppress it... is motoring on.

Why did I do so much name-dropping and link insertion in this posting? There seems to have been a sea change all of a sudden... brought about by those forces so recently loosed in The World. Ever since I was told about them... The Face of The World has been going in and out of focus, like the video game creatures at the Miami mall.

One of my problems is that I pay serious attention to what people say. I also give them a lot of rope. It might take years for me to get around to being turned off by someone and deciding to comment on them (though I can develop first impressions real quickly.) By that time I am no longer in doubt. I realize this makes me into some kind of pain in the ass, because of all this, trust but verify stuff. I can't help it.

When I was very young I got inoculated against cat-scat fever and certain narratives will not stick in my head. It armors you (the inoculation) against attractive fantasies... wishful thinking... hope. I don't care for hope. It renders too many lazy people hopeless. I have Certitude instead, and Blessed Assurance. They are more in line with this perspective I have HAD developed for me. I didn't develop it myself.

These front-line... media face-time... people get a lot of name recognition. Money and influence come with that, and eventually, they have to try to stay ahead of all the people coming up on them in the rearview mirror; younger... hungrier sell-outs, looking for a virtual corner to be hookers on... with drive-by... surf-by suckers, and a line of regular clientele. It gets to where these people will say anything while talking out of both sides of their mouths. Money fucks you up. I see it over and over.

I don't have a lot of money, BUT... I ALWAYS got by... somehow. The outfit I work for has more currency than all the currency ever printed. They can be quite cheap about handing it out. There is no loaning or borrowing. It's outright giving, BUT... you only get what you need. The rest you are SUPPOSED to give away.

The outfit I work for is very much against corruption of any kind because Immortality is their real currency, and... if you are going to get your hands on that, you have to be able to eschew everything else of a corrupting nature.

It is incredibly tough to get through the minefields of worldly attractions. And speaking from my own personal experiences, you can get dumped into The Shit over, and over, and over again. You get to the point where you are sure you are going to die from old age before all the incredible things you went through add up to anything. Then... one day... the winds shift. One day the whole thing turns around... real slow at first, BUT...then YOU SEE!!! You see that you are on the other side of The Minefields.

You see that none of any of it matters anymore. There's something going on inside you that is so engrossing... so intoxicating... so all-encompassing... that there is no need for anything else ever again. All attraction links and wiring to external phenomena have been short-circuited. There's no juice and no glueboards. There's no drive. There's no one pestering you about anything. You don't have to be anywhere. You don't have to do anything, and there is nothing that can disturb you because... IT REALLY IS ALL UNDER CONTROL!!!

You get this total... sense of conviction... that The World is The Thing of Lesser Importance. Nothing about any of it is a big deal. It's just weather. I know I say that a lot, BUT... it's just weather going by... coming and going... out there! OUT THERE!!! Not... in... here.

They have their reward. It keeps coming into my head; they have their reward. Everywhere I look, it's... by their works or... as you sow so will you reap... or... some bit of scripture that has been transformed into palpable... living... truth. It's not just words anymore. Words are what all these other people are getting up to... turning words into money that amounts to chump change. What's a few million here and there? It's chump change. It's being bought off cheap.

There is a whole other world going on inside of The World that appears to be The Thing. It's not The Thing. It's the distraction from The Thing. The World is The Danger Zone, and The World inside The World is The Sanctuary. That mouse would be fine if it never left its hole; metaphorically speaking, since it's a mouse, and it has to leave its hole. That's its nature. I am not a mouse... though... by comparison with The Thing Itself, I am much smaller than a mouse.

I am an infinitesimal fragment of The Thing Itself and that is fine with me. I would get smaller but this is as small as I can get, for... the... moment. All of these other people seem like cartoons to me. They are also like the weather... just going by...making their way.. toward what that is I do not know, BUT they are getting what they thought they were after. That is how it works. You get what you are after, and... that is what you get. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

It could be the most wonderful thing that ever there was... if you were after The Thing Itself. Then you would be on an infinite journey of discovery that moves from Splendor... to Glory... to places where there are no words that can describe what it is anymore. You move into a sense of identity that is not altered by temporal change. Otherwise... you're Out There, and you take your chances. Sooner or later though... yeah.

I don't want to criticize these people. For all I know... they mean well... as far as they are able to know what that means. They are simply on a specific bandwidth that involves specific and predictable stages of change. One way or another... they are at some point on the great spiral stairway, and I've no wish to piss over the railings (even when I have) of that winding stairway to the stars, and the heavens... and beyond.

I feel sorry for everyone who wants something out of The World. They are... without a doubt... going to be disappointed. Yet they keep coming back and doing it over and over again, which is my definition of insanity, and eventually... The World gets to reflect that... in the terminal stages of Material Culture. That's where we are now. For some reason I feel really... really good. It's not about any of that. I suspect it is about what all of that is concealing, and that it will soon... no longer... be able to conceal at all.

End Transmission.......

More Jacob Boehme. This is truly God-Intoxicated and divinely inspired writings. You can't go wrong taking him at whatever level you may be capable of.

"Thus the divine principle in man furnishes the intellect with light and life in the same sense as the sun reflects his light upon the moon. An intellect which has been deserted by God will perish after its accumulated strength is exhausted. Only that which God knows in us remains permanent."

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Anonymous said...

OK, not quite as rousing as Ronnie Ray gun, but giving truth to/at WEF, standing O!
Long live liberty, Damnit!

M - said...

Pluto will be in Aquarius from January 20, 2024 through September 1, 2024, briefly retrograde back into Capricorn to tie up loose ends, and reenter Aquarius on November 19, 2024 … where it will remain until March 8, 2043.

Pluto is a transpersonal planet — it will impact all of us on a societal level - and represents generational change. Like the phoenix, it demands a teardown before a rebuild. Wherever Pluto lands you can expect destruction followed by creation.

Aquarius is motivated by collective care, humanitarianism, and large-scale societal matters, and associated with rebellion and revolution, along with scientific breakthroughs, medical advancements, and technological achievements. So when the planet of transformation (Pluto) gets tangled up with anarchistic Aquarius, we should expect some radical dismantling to occur, as well as some extraordinary developments that may change life as we know it.

Judgement is the Planetary Trump of Pluto (Tarot) and symbolizes resurrection, transfiguration, redemption, and liberation.

The American and French revolutions happened the last time Pluto was in Aquarius...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Damn right, on this post. Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

I wish you most well as always.
Just and but with that Milei - that is the most transparent globalist asset there havs been some in a long time...
Sorry to tell you - but this clown got installed there just in the latest hour in order in derail the upcoming BRICS membership on Argentina (should start as soon as 1.1.2024) - the PTB knew full well that all those parasites would be sucked off Argentina withing the BRICS influence - Russia and China would sure take care of it and of developing prosperity for Argentina once again...
Milei was THEIR last straw of hope - the most vile inner bolshevik-like creature (hah - he describes himself as anarcho-capitalist, heh) - he literally stole Argentina and served it all on the silverplate to those "usual supsects", as you would say. Completely, to rob the last gold (etc.) there remains still - and most importantly, to not let it fall into the opposite camp (same they managed to convince Obrador in Mexico).
That speech, full of cheap and mostly misdirecting and out-of-context examples and events, is a very yummy soup for those not paying attention to circumstances, but that is about all - if there was a populist speech (in that bad shade of the word) - that was it.
Yes - he mentioned many of the ills of this world and so forth - just somehow forgetting to mention, that he and his masters at the WEF were/are the primary and sole cause and effect of all those woes - what the speech was - was to divert the attention from those so called "elites", to sway the public opinion against them to some opaque like "communists", etc. (China certainly is anything but communist by now, just only in name - all things evolve in time...).
Please, don´t take me bad - I just warn with my common sense and experience in geopolitics - at least, pay attention to what this vile clown does and says - he intends to convert to judaism once he is done with politics (I predict rather soone then..) and Israel is his best example of a nation and has his utter allegiance - this is a fact he utters quite often) - but deeds, not words matter - as did with Trump, Obama and all that ilk - I still cannot wrap my head around, how so many people could not see through them from the start - but most of them even after those years!...).
Maybe your heart just wanted to raise alarm during his speech, I don´t know - you certainly will know for yourself in time - as will I.
As you said in the previous Mirrors, I think - THEY are the ones who spoil things - whatever these are - be it Macroprosopos, Swastika, Star, whatever sacred symbols - be it nationalism, socialism (in the good meaning of the word - not that the bolsheviks spoiled it into), patriotism, humanism, spirituality,..... you name it..
Sorry for this long rant, so unusual for me - something just commanded me to warn my old, if unmet, friend (despite my own laziness) and tell you these remarks of mine.
Be blessed and most well.

Visible said...

Yes... Guldar... There is much evidence to support what you say. This is why I asked; "was I wrong?" As soon as I saw him davening around like a centipede on a drinking glass in a yamulke it came through clear to me. Then I heard the speech. Mostly I exist to provoke thought.

Regardless... their day has come, no matter how they camouflage themselves... their day is done. Even now the timbers of their false artifice tremble. Soon... they shall be amazed. Then comes the fear.

Guldur said...

Many thanks for your response, Vis.
By the way - and sorry for that (to myself as well) - I finished this post of yours only now - and I cannot even tell the measure of the feelings of synchronicity when you speak/write about the out-of-the-World things and experiences.
These last weeks they arose proportionally in myself, if I can measure - and now and again, I bounce into these same expresions from you in almost all of your later posts - be it Smokimg Mirrors, Petri Dish or Visible Origami (where it is mostly supposed to be in).
No need to say how assuring that is + sweetly-hurting vivid and mesmerizing, simply intoxicating, as you stated, yet without any toxicity included, heh.
Thanks for all you do.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Every Time We Show Up Before Them... We are Given Choices to Correct The Scales... Until Balance is Finally Attained."



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