Thursday, February 22, 2024

"Even Pigs are Turning Left and Right... as if They Heard The Cry of An Animal in Pain... Close By... That Can't Run Fast."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Now... on all admissions forms... white students are checking every box... especially indigenous and... various areas for the sexually ambiguous. They are lying... so that they can get into colleges... where they will be taught nothing but lies. whaddya know? The system works! Oh, Dreadful Irony that has such terrors in it!

On the front page of CNN, Putin is threatening another American election. (cough... bullshit) It's in the links for tomorrow... today... I can't remember where I put it. It's bullshit... who cares?

I am... presently (God help me!) watching one of the worst series ever produced. It's the 4th season of True Detective, starring Jodie Foster... who... as a prominent lesbian... felt it was necessary to perform a completely animal simu-fuck. Then... whoops... she did it again. The foreplay involved dirty words, and there is the casual dismissal of the act... as nothing more than discharging a biological need. It was similar to sitting on a toilet where the toilet was the other person.

There is a relentless tone of utter despair and dystopia all through this hack of a shitstorm... of retarded film-making, replete with references to... “there is no God.” One of the characters did a song that would have made even Leonard Cohen commit suicide. Foster has a Sumo-Eskimo... lesbian daughter of sixteen, with a little cutie blonde girlfriend who... sniff... sniff... abandons her in one of the many atrociously bad... camera moments... that are the signature dish of this cinematic embarrassment.

It's filled with ghost story garbage that will turn out to be irrelevant... except for the occasional jump-scare. Jodie uses fuck... literally and conversationally... the way a child will lose it over a new toy. She does everything with it... while hooking her thumbs into her Sam Browne belt, like she is the gay Sesame Street version of Clint Eastwood. She definitely does not have the squint. I am halfway through episode 5. There are six episodes. None of it makes any sense. It sucks! It really... REALLY sucks!!!

Why do I continue to watch this... this... something... something? I can't believe how terrible it is. I have to see the wrap-up. I just know it is going to be a colossal... late-term abortion of epic proportion.

Foster looks like her own grandmother working as a law enforcement... hands-on... chief of police in one of the rowdiest locations in the country... far north Alaska. They also brought in a looming... permanently menacing black female... professional boxer... tattooed graffiti board character... with very little acting background... other than the kind you get in professional wrestling. Well, you don't really need any skill in this... this... something... something.

She's also sex-mad like Jodie... who is dealing with a terrific case of reverse menopause, so she is filmed in a near-rape of her male partner... riding him like Slim Picken's did that A-bomb in Strangelove, but... like she might be a character in some version of Unnatural Born Killers. It's a real hoot... as someone from Deliverance might say... only... there is no deliverance.

Why am I bringing this up? It's because of something David Chase said; he was the man behind The Sopranos. He said there was no way to do anything creative anymore. The industry shills told him to... “dumb it down.” Recently, I have heard several other actors say the same thing.

This is pay cable stuff. HBO! I can't imagine how bad network TV must be now. I'm guessing that more and more, one is required to say, “Hail Satan!” to get any work. Jodie Foster looks like a walking gut-punch. I have to carefully research whatever I watch now... or turn it off at some point... early or in the first episode. This is also true of novel writers. It is certainly true of the music industry. Art? What art?

I am seeing signs of a revival here and there. I know it's coming, cause... it really can't get any worse.

Besides The World waking up... by degrees... depending on the level of previous stupidity in action; some more so... some much less... everyone somewhat. Even the ears of pigs are turning to the left and right... as if they heard the cry of an animal in pain close by... that can't run fast. Besides The World waking up... the deceivers are getting clumsier and more Alphonse-Gaston... Keystone Cops-like... because the pipes of Pan are playing in their lower bowels.

So... what this is causing is... everyone exposing themselves... or being exposed... by the ubiquity of Mr. Apocalypse. It is getting ridiculous... the extent to which world leaders will go... to hold on to the shreds of a dignity they never possessed in the first place. Like... wow! The Emperor really does have no clothes, and... it is not a pretty sight.

They are really all becoming mad as hatters... all out of character... no matter what role they are playing... or what their previous personality was known for. Right... Left... and Sideways, they are losing their minds... EVERYWHERE!!! It is astonishing! It is frightening... and... it is delightful. How is this not the main topic of the day? It was bad already but now? Now it is ever so much worse and getting worser. (heh heh) ♫ Just you and I... ♫

Well... it is what it is OR... is it? On the one hand... in professional (snicker) media and entertainment... in politics and religion... among those who bought the rights to the roles they play... on the condition they could exclude everyone with any real ability... they are losing it. They don't know if they are coming or going. They are on a white-knuckle ride of sheer terror. Neither drugs nor drink are getting them through this segment. Who knows what they will look like when The Director yells... “Cut!”

These personalities... with the transitory transparency of a dream... are coming up against the light of reality, and it is shining right through them! They have no substance. They are not real!!! They are getting informed of this... like the characters in Alice in Wonderland. They really are... after all... nothing but a pack of cards . Am I the only one who is seeing this? Nah! I'm not that far ahead of The Pack. (of cards) Besides... other people tell me they are seeing similar things.

Sometimes... I wish I could write about some of the things I don't write about, BUT... that might cause problems of credibility, and... give fuel to my enemies. I'm sure I have a few. Jesus Christ had plenty of them, and I am not even in the same ballpark as he was. I wear slip-ons because I have trouble tying my shoes. Ain't technology grand?

Still... I have seen and heard things, and now... I know why they (The Great Companions) caution us against talking about certain experiences. They lose their value in the translation, and... the only reason I can think of that people do run around grandstanding about events that occurred to, and around them... or that they made up... is in order to sell books... get on TV... or inflate their undeserving ego, and I know precisely what kind of a fool that makes anyone look like.

It's money that seems to be at the bottom of the matter... once you have torn away the covering of pretensions, and mystery... that people cloak their justifications in. It's all about The Money. Fuck Money!!! I have a currency that NEVER gets devalued, and constantly increases in value, and... no one can steal it! I don't have to worry about moths and rust.

You know... it's a pity that people don't persist until the end. It is a tragedy that they do not continue... despite all of life's hardships and broken promises. It is a terrible thing when they settle on some aggregation of dead matter... that they hope will defend them against the hurt inside. We've all gotten knocked about... I'm sure. Existence works that way. Unless you are a complete sleaze you are going to get hammered for doing the right thing.

Those who miss after almost winning should have known the end from the beginning.

The sleazes only run into poetic justice... most of the time... upon their departure from this realm, and... on their return . It must be written into their contract. I know it wasn't written into mine. (grin) However... and I say ... I say... however... this is an apocalypse. People expecting the same-old same-old, and... who are acting on that premise, are in for a big surprise, oh... yes indeedy. Maybe that is why they going crazy. Everything they anticipated and expected to be waiting around the corner, is... not... there. Heck! The Corner isn't even there.

Yes... a whole lot of people have been betting on it coming out the way it always did... with the tables getting turned, and... the same people still sitting there. Oh, golly gee wiz... whaddya know? It turns out that the whole thing is ALIVE!!! It turns out that Existence from every point of observation and perspective has been watching you, and... with a single-minded purpose, and... writing the whole thing down, as if we were all storybook characters and it turns out that this is so.

Don't worry about me. I'm going to escape in The Final Reel.

End Transmission.......

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I've got nothing extra for you today. Sorry about that.


M - said...

From what you've described about that show you're watching, all I can say is EWWWWW. HBO and Showtime used to have some quality shows (Starz had "Black Sails"), but that was then. My boyfriend's watching some crime series called "The Sinner". I don't watch it with him. It would give me nightmares.

I just re-watched Délicieux for the 4th time. Although it's free on Prime, I really DO have to get the DVD; and I'm rabid about Only Lovers Left Alive - a thinking person's vampire tale. Must. Get. DVD...

There are few series made today that have what I would call "heart". "Young Sheldon" being the only one that comes to mind. It just began airing its sixth and final season last week. Otherwise, I watch re-runs of older shows. We also enjoy watching older movies. Recently we re-watched the Neil Simon comedy Murder by Death - I forgot how much I enjoyed it the first time.

I couldn't make it through that piece of tripe called Babylon and while Oppenheimer was visually interesting, it bored me to tears. By contrast, both of us thoroughly enjoyed The Last Voyage of the Demeter (I'm a sucker for a WELL MADE vampire flick.), and 2022's The Banshees of Inisherin was well-written, well-acted, and had more than a few twists and turns.

BTW, your mentioning "Hail Satan" made me chuckle, as that line is spoken by... wait for it... Dracula at the very end of Renfield. We both turned to each other and said "What the fuck!?!" Out of left field. (In all the Dracula movies I've ever seen, not one alludes to Dracula worshiping Satan.) The movie was clever up until that scene.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Glad I'm not much into cinema anymore. Might watch 4 to 6 films a year these days, on the internet of course. We have no telly, which I find very annoying when I'm exposed to it, which is almost never. Political research is so much more fun these days, watching the wrong side of history getting slowly sucked into the vortex of a toilet flush. Gods, I wish it would happen faster.

Nostrils to the sky.

Alex Bell said...

I have been watching (binge watching ) "The Chosen"...about Jesus, who both smiles and has a sense of humor, and it has been refreshing.....Season 1 is free on youtube.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"By Means that May Seem Magical... Their Doom Approaches. They are Going to Lose Everything They Thought They Had."

Anna Cordelia said...

"I wear slip-ons because I have trouble tying my shoes."

Dearest Visible, I hope you won't take offence to my passing on this link. My husband and I both use these, and we have never looked back.

They turn any lace-up shoe into a version of a slip-on. You might like them!

Thank you for another great post... and for watching and analyzing trash like True Detective, so I don't have to. (Talk about masters taking on suffering for their students!)

Visible said...

I guess I shouldn't have said that. I can tie my shoes. I was being facetious... meaning that I am equally dumb in comparison to the areas in which I am smart. That's as close as I can get to explaining why I did that. I do... however... wear slipons anyway because Skechers gives me the greatest degree of walking comfort ♫and away go troubles down the drain♫ Heh heh... please don't make anything out of that.



Anonymous said...

True , thanks for all, you see.
And don't forget that " The paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual."
Sincerely, Davy.

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm old...

Did you call? I heard a 'Nah'.

Sorry for an absence, I've been meandering about the nether regions of the caricature of civilization that Mr. Visible and some commenters so much more eloquently write about.

Then I followed a suggestions from a friend of a friend that I met at a Hermits' Convention. No, we don't meet in corpus, sillies, but we congregate in the patterns between the Ionosphere and the Telluridic current bearing ground with interactions of the sleeping patterns thereof. Hovering around the Schumann resonances for global coverage. (There's so much I've been learning. Search on "coupled oscillators") I think Mr. Visible calls it something different, and perhaps some of us have met there, or maybe just in our dreams. Synchronization more than synchronicity, or is that just the lead up?

Calling upon the Physicists who may catch this, or maybe you know one you can catch, to catch up with this:

"A Fluidic Model of the Universe" by Cedron Dawg.


The math is a bit much, even for me, but the claims are astounding. The dude seems solid, but doing a search on "cedron dawg physics" only reveals posts made by him (presumed).

An email remains unanswered, though best of all, new stuff to learn that might actually have some practical, or even transformative, knowledge, understanding, and a glint of wisdom.

Oddly, this seems on topic for here. I'll post more links upon request or you can find them yourself. Lots of photonic developments lately in industry, I wonder if they are related.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

pierre said, after clicking like button dopamine donation.
I have been watching each day an episode of Rawhide 1958-66(?). An Eastwood fan for the most part I had no idea he was prominent in this one. I think The Great (Catherine) was the final straw for my seeking entertainment in modern art, and Roman Generals BC kissing. etc etc.
yep, True Detective Series one was had all the right ingredients, the rest nadda.
Even Rawhide Season 5 is starting to get some Twlilight Zone elements into it. and of course, jewish cowboys. I did not persist past the first episode of Dykes on Ice , TD IV .
I call it all Anything Baut Normal, or Anything Butt Normal for the enthusiasts of that kind of thing, which is always unkind. Still Ron Jermemy is still alive and kicking, if not still performing, maybe he can do a remake of All In The Family.

Anonymous said...

pierre added.. and BUMP for The Chosen, I watched the first three seasons thrice. I much regret the not too silly AD The Bible Continues only went one season, Paul was quite appealing. The special effects (Holy Spirit rocky Horror Light Show) were for the non believers. The Chosen prior seasons or part thereof) are available for free

Visible said...

Mr. Nah;

Sorry about the time delay. It wasn't there the last time I looked and that was only an hour ago. It says it has been sitting there for 6 hours. Wierd... believe me, I check regularly. I figure that's my end of it... since I am the only one on that end. (grin)

Good to see you!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Much appreciation for the kind words.

No worries on the delay. I have some catching up to do on your more recent postings. Good stuff, indeed.

Things do seem to be moving fast, but I share your faith in the ineffable and in the words of the great Marley, I think everything is going to be alright.

Might be bumpy though if you are on the wrong seats on the flight, IMO. I suspect many I&I&I's also share it.

Mr. Nah



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