Monday, April 01, 2024

"We are Impermanent Forms... that have Escaped for a Moment from The Unity... to Have Some Brief Escapades in Time."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Bankers have been flooding Egypt with loans (from various international banks... all owned or arm-twisted by The Usual Suspects) to assist in accommodating the huge influx of Palestinians... soon to be driven from Rafah... where they were herded by The AshkeNAZI SS troops... who bombed the shit out of the rest of Gaza.

Now... The Psychopath Army of The IDF is going to ethnic-cleanse Rafah, and... The Palestinians will be driven; those whose bullet-ridden... bomb-blasted... Willie-Petered bodies do not fall... smoking... to the ground... into The Sinai Peninsula... where Egypt has already built walls to enclose them in tent cities...

...while The World watches for a minute... until Taylor Swift slinks in... with her Killer Vaccine Daddy... or Beyonce culturally appropriates Country Music... or Lizzo makes you feel ♫ The Earth move under your feet ♫... or The Chemtrail Cowboys cause ♫ the sky to come tumbling... a-tumbling down ♫ or...

...some false flag starts waving in the heartland or... some horrible accident happens while all sorts of deluded folk stay indoors... because The CIA created a rumor about powder being dropped from the sky along the path of The Eclipse, and... they attached a timeline for the high school musical to follow;

“First will be 2 hours before totality, 1 hour before totality, and final one 30 mins before totality. The planes will be deploying a dry powder (bacterial bioweapon). It will not be visible. You won’t see it from the planes or the sky. It’s meant to infect through aerosol delivery. The first two planes will be at standard altitude, the final plane will be at approximately 10,000 - 15,000 feet. The path of flight will begin from the northeast, and they will travel down the central path of totality heading west-south-west, keeping in pace with the totality of the eclipse.”

I don't know who makes this shit up, but it will help with the ongoing tsunami of misdirection that intends to take public attention away from the bloody massacres in Gaza, and all sorts of other hideous crimes being perpetrated on Humanity by The State.

Here's a link for that Bullshit Sonata about The Aerosol Powder Planes (short read).

Whenever someone is pulling a Jedi-Mind Trick on you, and they are a shill for government intelligence services, who even sometimes employ garden-variety half-wits as spokestards... so as to intensify the seeming credibility of the bullshit; you can be sure it is a red herring, and... they are actually busy messing with you from an entirely different direction; if not several other directions at once.

They think you are stupid, and... for the most part, they are right. You are a dreamer, and they have learned how to manipulate the dream theater with sensory triggers, and emotional joy-buzzers that shock you into reactive states of mind. It's elementary... Pavlovian... mind control games. I have it practiced on me every day.

The International Satanic Banker Consortium that owns The CIA... The NSA... The WHO... The WEF... The UN... The EU Cabal, The Media... The Entertainment Industries, most of The Religions, and... just about every other... temporary... Hollywood film set... that does their little dance for money... sure are having a time of it... getting all their trained monkeys to type out The Works of Shakespeare on a typewriter. They heard it might take ten thousand years with ten thousand monkeys to accomplish it, so... they now employ ten million AI-implanted monkeys to speed up the process.

In the end, they will only have something already written by someone else. They may be clever, but they are not inspired. This they are finding out with Artificial Intelligence. These fools... are simply tools... that are used by The Heavenly Hierarchy... to steer humanity through the appearances of Good and Evil to that other world... that exists beyond their two interacting polarities.

Hanuman represents The Mind, and so do all of those other wired monkeys, but... Hanuman is a devotee. It makes a big difference. If you're a devotee, you'll be fine. If you are not, you won't be fine until you are a devotee.

I know that Free Will Junkies are pathologically insistent on going their own way, and they will keep getting lost, trapped, and mind-raped... in the jungles of their own confusions... until... until they lay down all of their personalized... egocentric nonsense... at the feet of the master. None of it makes sense until then. It seems to make sense... until it doesn't make sense... over and over again. Cause... as soon as you figure it all out... you have to figure it all out... all over again.

Finally... wrung out... exhausted... by the endless machinations of the unruly and selfish mind... that is fixated on its own survival... regardless of the cost to itself, and others... it cries out for help, and those entities that have been standing by all along... come in to make the necessary adjustments.

The governments are composed of huge amalgams of selfish... separated... minds... all jockeying for ever-greater positions of control... over ever-greater numbers of people. They DO NOT have your best interests at heart. When you think of losers and creeps... they fit the description. You need to be in better company. You need the sanctuary of God's Love to keep you from harm. Let them go their way. They are on a road of unavoidable self-destruction.

They are The Purpose of Demonstration... writ large upon the unraveling scroll of our times... or any times for that matter. This is ESPECIALLY true in an apocalypse as you will... shortly... see.

The entire worldwide drama that is playing out right now... is under the absolute and precise control of The Grand Weaver... following the patterns of The Great Dreamer... who is channeling The Will of The Incomprehensible... in his long-term effort to bring every... single... particle... of... separated... beings... into a single vibrating hum of shining unity. You are... either... working in concert with this design or... you are in some degree of resistance to it... OR... you are in The Tao itself.

In a world of statistics... it is still a tragedy... and an incomprehensible horror... that The International Zionist Land Gobblers... can kill tens of thousands of defenseless women and children, and leave us with the burning images... of tens of thousands of cowards in suits... who rationalize it as justifiable... because an assault was staged in October... to provoke a response... in which murder-hungry Nimrods... mowed down their own people... to set a stage of carnage... for far greater carnage down... the... road.

This is also no accident. It is being directed and managed... from The Wings... to set the stage for The Thunderous Fall of The Empire of Money. The blood-stained usurers are about to be held to account for their crimes. They are going down... down to The Kingdom of The Fallen... in the dark caverns of The Earth... where the compression of matter... creates an intensity of heat, and from there to The Dark Side of The Moon... to assume the forms of monsters... that their behaviors have forged out of the twisted hungers that shaped them to this end.

They will wander in darkness... to be consumed by even greater monsters... in a world created for them to experience the whole of it again... and again... and again... until no record remains of the crimes that brought them there... except for The Akashic Resonance that maintains them in their state.

The Destinies of manifest existence... are surgically exact representations... of what brought them about to begin with. There are no errors. There are no accidents. There is nothing new... under... around... or hidden from The Sun. The I AM is The I AM that it is. We are impermanent forms... that have escaped from the unity... to have some brief escapades in Time.

There is no rest and no peace until separation ends. The ultimate purpose of separation is to create an unceasing hunger for unity. Be it in the wink of an eye... or across the span of many millions of lives... no matter who you are... you come to this; an uncontrollable desire to celebrate the majesty... splendor, and beauty of The Everlasting Heart and Mind of God in all things... now and forever after.

The power-mad fools... drunk on self-importance, and the relentless ambition to rule The World... simply... do not know what they are up against. It seems... it really does... that they will drive The World into a flaming cauldron of suffering; war... famine... and plague... everywhere the eye can see. Perhaps this nightmare will come true for some. I do not expect to see this. I expect to see the shining face of The Avatar... reflected in the mirrors of every pair of eyes I look into.

I expect to feel the overflowing fountain... of God's immeasurable ocean of love... streaming from my heart like the light of countless stars brought together. I expect the unspeakable wonder of God's grace to be falling like illuminated rain from The Heavens. I expect to close my eyes and see a perfect universe... larger and more colorful and brilliant than my physical eyes have ever seen, and I expect to be able to radiate the vision of it... across the universe... to its furthest ends, and there to stream forever... like a radiant serpent... round and round... the inner walls... of The Cosmic Egg that contains us all.

I KNOW such things are possible. I KNOW such aspirations meet the approval of The Almighty. For any one of us... this ambition to wash all the worlds with light and love... is only a matter of thinking it into being, and holding fast... to the precipitating image of it... until it is actualized.

One can create whatever one wishes... in the same way that The Divine created us, to begin with... as we are made in his image. One should think long and deeply about what one wishes to see. Take a long... slow... look around you... to see what others have already made of it... and what others are intending to make of it right now. Each of us will make manifest... the things that we seek. That is the good news and... the bad news.

End Transmission.......

One of the better excerpts on
The Tao and its applications

Thien Hsiâ

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And we won't find out if the adventure was worth it until it's over. Presently I feel like an idiot for asking for this, but it's what I signed up for, so I'm getting what I deserve. . .which statistically speaking; isn't half bad. But considering what I think I know, this realm is garbage compared to the better parts of the next. And if I'm still stuck here, I can engage in it as minimally as possible and when I do engage, it will be as obnoxiously as possible.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

I have only one prayer these days - and I pray the same prayer for, really, everything. It's "The Highest and Best, for All Creation." I use this prayer because 'I don't know' what the ins and outs of this world are...but I figure The Creator does! When I'm tired, this prayer is the best I can do. When I'm NOT so tired I can, like you suggest, send love to the far reaches!

Thank You, Les, for another wonderful post. They mean a lot.


AL said...

Why it's almost as if Jesus the Christ writes directly through you, oh wait he does that with everyone but most don't listen or care let alone share it as poetry. You on the other hand write it down and post it for the world to see and I love that Brutha.

Many Thanks as always!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, LV!

I copied and pasted the third to the last paragraph in my
file of quotations which I choose to read again and again.
This one describes exactly what I will be experiencing before,
during, and after this eclipse and whatever else is coming
from above. According to Aivanhov this should be our only purpose
in life - bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Thanks for doing your job, Visible, and doing it well IMO.


Strider said...

LV I am standard issue dumbass and nothing without God.
Humanity will have to learn from this purposeful demonstration but don't get any hopes up.
These moronic coloring book scripts and poke the Bitter Clingers with a stick troll/gaslight jobs are popcornalicious!
Having a blast synching up mp3 songs with YT videos and the bass/drum sound ridiculous.
A blind PC guru taught me this years ago before the Long March to burn down the world was complete.
In prayer I say God you gave me free will and as a wretch and sinner I chose poorly, please forgive me.
Praying much more now asking for deliverance from the evil one for us all.
Out for after meal walk and saw a poop emoji on the sidewalk for a good laugh and yesterday I felt like Herr Kaleu from Das Boot as the kinders followed me on Big Wheels and one was named Noah as his Pappy was yelling for him to stop.
I got off in the grass to give them room and careful and pay attention.

Visible said...

I am reminded of 5 things every day... usually several times; "you realize. visible. that I am now more present in you than last we were together, and I will soon be more present than this." I hear that at every meditation, so... several times a day. It often provokes laughter or leads to very funny associations that play off of it. I'd thought it was a light-hearted poke at me... sort of a running joke... especially given the extrapolations that generally add on immediately after. Now I am starting to see it is a more serious matter than I had thought.

Then I hear... "rely on me! Pay Attention! Stand guard in The Mind at all times, and practice The Greatest Commandment." These I hear at least once a day, but... more often... several times.

M - said...

"The CIA created a rumor about powder being dropped from the sky along the path of The Eclipse, and... they attached a timeline for the high school musical to follow."

You are so right. I LMAO when I read the rumormillnews post. Typical of the shite that gets published there. While researching a post I'm working on I found this piece of crap:

"The Talmud calls eclipses of the sun and moon 'unfavorable periods for the world.' (Sukkah 29a)"

and this bit of hate speech from Rabbi Benjamin Blech (made ME wanna go "blech"):

"An eclipse of the moon, the rabbis tell us, is a bad omen for the Jewish people; an eclipse of the sun is a bad sign for the non-Jewish world."

It can't come too soon.
Israel is marked for Doom.

0 said...

I find it amusing that indoors or outdoors people think that changes the level of forces playing at the Solar level. Do what you think you need to. Better safe than sorry. In the end you only have oneself to blame for actions taken or Not.


0 said...

One other thought. The FED GOV has RUN AMOK. Its giving taxpayer funds to illegals. Why are taxpayers still Paying Tax?

Bud Light the FED GOV. Or are we collectively to stupid to cut the funding to they who do the opposite of the duties of the organization created?

If everyone withheld, how would this continue? it would have to shift to enforcing TAX collection. (course they probably planned for such, and would likely enable illegals to be the tax collectors since theres no Law applied to them. Only to citizens.)

Whatever the Avatar has in the wings, now would be a good time to cut this Fiasco short.

Anywho, just a thought.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"If You're not Satisfied with The Invisible Side of Your Existence... You WILL BE Dissatisfied with The Visible Side."



Joseph Brenner

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