Friday, April 12, 2024

"We Need Good Guys and Bad Guys for The Ongoing Drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God Makes His Points."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The modern non-dualists are not much different from the modern scientists. They seek to remove God from the conversation. Who do they put in God's place? They put themselves. I don't care what the argument is... a servant of The Divine should not be in possession of tens of millions... hundreds of millions of dollars. I've heard all the justifications. They're all bullshit. I may not know much, but I know that. Amazing things happen to people when they don't lie to themselves.

The Mind is a subtle, and devilishly ingenious thing. It can rationalize anything. It only has to convince itself, and then it sets about convincing everyone else. In what seems like no time at all... it is far down the road of self-serving interests. Humility and The Qualities of The Divine are not on their radar.

People appear out of the foliage of The World. They surround this fool and assure him that The People... his followers... want him dressed in fine livery... want him to eat at the finest dining emporiums... want him to have high-end modes of transport... want him to have the best of everything... BECAUSE... they live vicariously through him/her. They find ways to enrich themselves in the bargain. When the leader is seduced by glamour, and... living an illusion, no one... is... minding... the... store.

None of these affluent mountebanks talk about selfless service, which is the single most important aspect of the spiritual path after The Greatest Commandment. They are intellectuals. They like to separate doctrine from the source of the doctrine. They like to state and to imply that there is no God... there is merely a nothing that everything comes out of. This is the same as speaking of The Black Sun. It is not black. It is simply too bright to see.

I know that all the dynamic and successful people of The World see someone like me as a fool. I am not seeking their approval. That is how The World seduces you. You become convinced that you need the approval of others to be a success. You lie to yourself... you buy into The Lie... because it promises you comfort... and security, but... you get neither. You get the illusion of comfort and the illusion of security. I've seen what happens. I watch. I am after The Truth. I don't give a shit about the trappings.

Later on... down the road... you are too entrenched to break free, and you dare not anyway. People are depending on you. You will disappoint them, and then... they will abandon you. Yeah... that's how strong their love is. Then disease comes a calling like a suitor. The aging process starts to lean on you... instead of you leaning on what you left... somewhere back down the road. All the ills of Time start to pay you a visit... like those annoying relatives... that you only have to see on holidays. Every day is a holiday for these unwanted guests.

I watch people eating garbage... garbage for their bodies... garbage for their minds. They're young and invincible. You can get away with all kinds of things when you are young, and... if you do develop some unfortunate problem... well... there's a pill for that. I don't eat that garbage. I didn't eat it when I was young. I don't take their pills. I am living proof that I know more about medicine and health than these doctors, and I know a real doctor too... who does not lie to me, and has a remedy for EVERYTHING.

I watch. I see the shape these doctors are in. How can they let themselves go like that when they are doctors? They should know better. And... these philosophers... these spiritual teachers... they get headlines and the crowds. They get the money... the prestige... the entrée... then they run into God or one of his representatives, and... he doesn't know them. The Christ spoke about this.

Hard times come, and then they cry out to The Invisible for help, and... The Invisible tells them to go talk to their fancy friends. That's who they spent all their time with. That's who comprises the important moments of their existence... not that invisible something... that you can't take to a broker or a pawn shop. It's got no material value. Even when the hucksters are selling it, they're not selling it. They are selling the idea of it. They're selling the sizzle... not the steak.

There is The World of Forces, and there is The World of Forms. Certain aspects have defined characteristics and some don't. Some are formless... like Fear. Don't let Fear get a room with Imagination. Oh! The mind images those two can give birth to. Um hmm. You'd better get a handle on that one, I'll tell you that.

The problem is... these spiritual teachers get themselves a nice long run down the highway. It's only later on that The Archetypes start calling, Wassup Homie! When The Divine likes you, he doesn't let you get very far down those roads before he smacks you upside the head. When he likes you, he's going to give you all kinds of grief. If you are not getting all kinds of grief, you're the basic ingredient in The Purpose of Demonstration... coming to a theater of existence close to you... soon.

Yes... God loves everyone. He put The Sun in the sky as a daily example of that. He might love everyone... that's his job... after all, BUT... he doesn't like everyone.

The Divine has friends, and he has people who are not his friends. That's a choice you and I make. God doesn't make these choices. We are the ones who determine the parameters of the relationship. I suggest you listen more carefully to these intellectual poseurs. How often do they mention God? Oh! I know that your brimstone and bullshit preachers and televangelists mention him all the time.

He didn't stop them before. He didn't stop them here, and he didn't stop them there, so they are comfortable dropping his name all over the place. He's off in the clouds somewhere chasing rainbows. He's not worried about Joel Osteen or that wonder of physiognomy, Eckhart Tolle, or... so they think.

It's like The Reverend Billy Sunday used to say, “Throw all your money up in the air, and all of it that stays up is Gods, and all of it that comes down is... mine!” Things are not what they seem. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM!!! Sooner or later an archetype comes to the door, and... at the changing of an age? Boy, Howdy! You can't swing Schrodinger's Cat in a room without hitting an archetype.

At the changing of the age is when Time speeds up... when instant karma becomes a thing... when stuff happens that didn't used to happen, it gets freakier, and stranger... and unpredictably fluctuating... constantly in motion... like Mercury on a mirror. It takes a cool hand to control the mirror. It takes a dispassionate mind. It takes one who is detached from outcome or results.

I don't care how fancy your robes are... or whether you dined with Anderson Cooper at some uptown Hamburger Mary's. I don't care if you've got The View on speed dial or certain people wave to you in The Hamptons. If you are focused on outcomes and results you are going the wrong way.

If you expect to get anything out of whatever it is you think you are doing, well... you might get that, and... you might not get that, BUT... you are certainly not going to get peace of mind... internal harmony... or any lasting spiritual states... because they... are... mutually... exclusive.

The Truth has not changed since they started keeping a record of events... this time. Conditions of life change all the time, BUT... The Truth does not change. Money and spirituality... material excess and peace of mind... are like oil and water. I know people have all kinds of slick rationalizations for acquiring money, power, and fame... while they tend the sheep... out of the sight line of the processing plant, AND... I surely do know that sometimes The Invisible showers certain individuals with all sorts of material blessings. That's another thing. Then... it very much depends on what you do with it.

If you are not giving it away... intelligently, it is pulling you down, and eventually, you will not be able to out-swim the undertow... of the eternal fate... that attends the possession of material things. Either you are attached to it or you are not. If you are not... it is quite possible you won't even notice how prosperous you are... because you will also be so incredibly well off... in much more important ways.

I'm not here to declaim against the poseurs and pretenders. We need them both to give life that certain je ne sais quoi. We need The Good Guys and The Bad Guys for the ongoing drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God makes his points. Some love the conflict and the struggle. Some love the debate and the argument. Some can't stop wanting to have it all. I want it all too, BUT... my idea of what constitutes that... is different than the general perspective... on what is, and what is not worth having.

All these lifetimes... the seemingly endless struggle... is about finding out what is and what is not worth having. Once you can grasp The Simple Fundamentals AND ALSO recognize the perpetual and everlasting presence of God're home free. The key is in forgetting yourself. The key is in being useful, and losing yourself... in service to others, AND THAT DOES NOT MEAN working in soup kitchens and Black Magic Hospitals for years and years.

There are all kinds of ways to serve God, and... by extension... Humanity. In the beginning, you may have to do a lot of scut work. I did. God is not a fan of pretense... dilettantism... or weekend warriors. He will put you through the paces to see if you are sincere. Then you get to do what you love. You should have been doing that already, BUT... the quality of your love has to be operating on the frequencies of Higher Love. In the difficulties of existence, we find out what Higher Love is.

It gets better... my friends... as you get better at it, and that consists in getting... out... of... the... way, by becoming a matador... by learning to bullfight with a scalpel. Only God does it well. We are the clumsy fools on our way to learning that.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I want:

Akashic Library Card.

13.6 on the Richter via the fault just down the street.

Ground Zero at a nuke site that makes Fat Man and Little Boy together look like a walk in the park.

Test subject of Rusty Cage's (Ben Steele's) guillotine.


Nostrils to the sky.

Funny. I came down here wanting to make the world a better place, and now I wish the sun would supernova yesterday. Me thinks my psychic twin feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might like the new Fallout TV show streaming on Amazon Prime, LovetoPushthoseButtons. It's a post apocalypse setting but with a very humorous tone.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Maybe, but not gonna happen. No telly, and I don't pay to watch anything these days. I'm into cost effective, not that I have a choice. (Well, a couple of individuals may call me out on that statement; but the reason for that only happens when I can afford it, so. . .)

Visible said...

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