Thursday, April 25, 2024

"Don't Worry about What's Going on Out There. That's for People too Stupid to See that They've been Swept Up into a Mob."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Recent times have been a real eye-opener for me. I used to hear about a Phoenician Dynasty. Now I hear about a Venetian Dynasty, and I'm pretty sure that both of these are blinds cooked up by the people who actually are running things behind the scenes... or are allowed to think that they are... for a little while... until The Purpose of Demonstration shows up.

I am fortunate that... on several occasions... I was allowed behind the curtains of material appearances to get a look at the hierarchies that contain and control the two areas that both manipulate and inspire The Human Experience. I'm speaking of The Supernal and Infernal governments that rule The Hive Mind from different locations. One involves an angelic hierarchy. The other involves a demonic hierarchy, and it's pretty much a choice that each of us makes... which of these is to be the ruling authority in our lives.

In Times of Material Darkness, the pull of carnal enterprises and material things is quite strong, so... most people... possessed of weak wills... are easily led into traps where they are bled dry and discarded. The fires within eventually consume the one who hosts them, and one either desires or aspires. If you are descending into The World of Appetites, you will be chewed up and digested by them. If you are moving out of The World of Appetites... these same fires fuel your escape... in similar fashion to how booster rockets work.

It is in just such times as these that a person... who is mindful of the situation... can accomplish a quantum leap spiritually. Not everyone wants to do this. The lure of material things and carnal experiences is too great. You should also keep in mind that there is a not insignificant portion of the population that is dedicated to self-interest and this is a big highway, and it leads to Hell. Both Hell and Heaven are quite real, and people have good reasons... they think... to want to be in either one of these.

As we mentioned... there are two hierarchies, and as the song goes, ♫ you got to serve somebody. Well... it might be The Devil and it might be The Lord, but you got to serve somebody ♫ (you think Tavistock wrote that?) Make no mistake on that account, and they both hinge on how an individual handles that issue of service; whether it be self-service or... selfless service. There are the two main determiners of Destiny.

I hear names batted about from time to time. I hear about bloodlines... Orsini... Van Duyn... Rothschild... Russell... Reynolds... Onassis... Li... Most of those names are actually latecomers. One could say that they are the ones in front of ♫ the man who squats behind the man who works The Soft Machine ♫ If you've heard any names... they aren't the names of the families that are actually behind the families you've heard about.

People are very mistaken about how they understand what is called Good and Evil. The fact is that ONLY God is Good. Everything else, and everyone else is less than Good, and dwells in that metaphorical region of Shades of Gray. Evil flourishes because of the shades of gray. Real and accomplished practitioners of Black Magic and White Magic are few and far between. It's Gray Magic which is the functioning force that operates in The Land of The Gray Flannel Suits.

As you move up in the hierarchy of either one of these systems... certain sacrifices are expected of you at each stage of the process. That involves...on the one hand... an absorption into a deeper and darker version of yourself OR... the willing surrender of that... which you imagine as yourself... into the greater unity of The One. You become... in certain ways... an anonymous expression of God... particularized to specific ends... demonstrated in specific services rendered.

If you are under the mistaken assumption that those who are in the service of The Light are in a state of perpetual conflict with those who are in the service of The Dark Side... you are very much mistaken. These are two separate kingdoms of enterprise that are BOTH ruled over by The Divine. They each have their areas of operation, and they are allowed to continue because that is how it goes in The World of dual interactions of opposites. Yes... on a superficial level... the cops chase the bad guys... except... sometimes the cops are the bad guys, and... sometimes... the bad guys are actually the good guys.

It very much depends on what stage the culture has devolved to... once it stops evolving. In those times when material conditions are at their very best... not much gets written down and people don't actually know who the rulers are. There is no real reason for them to know because everything... everything is in a state of harmony with everything else.

At a certain point... human affairs have fallen upon bestial dog-eat-dog times. Everything is seriously out of wack. When that happens... a representative of The Ruling Authority descends downward and outward from the interior kingdoms of light... through the less dense planes of existence... until he arrives at LITERALLY... Ground Zero. He is attended by vast hosts of angelic entities... who enforce the adjustments... that his will transmits... to each section of workers... who do different tasks.

What possible difference do you think it makes to have some vague idea about who you think is running things down here? What are you going to do about it? You can... of course... fuck around and find out, and... plenty of people do. I ALWAYS recommend doing what Lao Tzu suggests in his statement about The Superior Man who... by blocking no one's way... no one blames him. Take that however you like.

EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. PERIOD. It is ALWAYS under control. What is it that is not under control? It is You, and until you are under control... you will not understand the meaning of; everything... is... under... control.

I do not mean to denigrate anyone. If your idea of a good time is to live in a world of all-night dorm sessions of chatter about Archons, and Annunaki... Black Nobility and life as a video game inside your mind, you're free to do that, BUT... how will you feel about getting to different ages... in your time-sensitive life... where you find that it came to nothing, and mattered... not at all?

Find a clan of kindred souls under the guidance of The Invisible Kingdoms of Light and work your way into becoming ever more useful to Heaven... to life... and to humanity, and you will. You will. The Celestial Realm NEVER... EVER... has enough sincere and dedicated workers. Everyone wants to be important from the start. Everyone thinks they know a lot more than they do, and life has a mysterious way of putting them into situations where they find out how much they really know.

Taylor Swift may be having a fine time of it... flitting about like a gaudy little butterfly for less than a second in cosmic time, BUT... directly ahead of her is a long stretch of loss and disappointment. Mark my words. If you are around to see it, you will see it.

Slowly but surely... a tight little band of international sociopaths have banded together to turn The World into a prison camp. For those whose minds are in lockstep with their agenda... this has already happened. 9/11 set it off... Homeland Insecurity followed as Israel's police force. Then the same people brought you COVID, and they got more of the same that is waiting in the wings.

What are you going to do about it? You going to run around and make a nuisance of yourself like Issac Kappy or Danny Casolaro? You gonna do a Vince Foster or come at the establishment like a reactionary nuclear scientist or microbiologist? They're all dead. Everything is on a timeline. Certain cabals of evil are permitted to flourish for great lengths of time, in the human sense. That's no time at all in the cosmic sense.

There are shining cities on the hill, and one day that city is gone. Then the hill is gone. The oceans of The World are filled with the tears of those who tried to change The World BUT did not bother to change themselves. There are no greater murderers than social reformers.

Bide your time and the time will come. For those looking for The World to change... that time has come. That time is here. You don't have to do anything about it. That's all taken care of.

The key to personal success is to not divide your will. Let there be no hesitation between your saying you will do something and doing it. It could be immediately. It could be the next day. It could be on a given day but... always follow through. Otherwise... it won't be long before you have very little will at all. Be true to yourself. Don't worry about what's going on Out There. That's for the people too stupid to see that they've just been swept up into a mob action.

The Bad Guys get theirs. Don't you worry about that. All those Illuminati bloodlines... those Israeli psychopaths... arrogant billionaires... feckless and insincere politicians... hypocritical religious leaders... they all get theirs. They are not your concern. You'd better get yourself in hand before The Sun goes down. You'd better make hay while there's time and get it into the barn... metaphorically speaking.

Pick a side and give it everything you got. You want to be evil? Be evil. You want to be good? Be good, but give it your whole heart or you might as well not even bother. Evil and Good both come to an epiphany. If you're gonna be bad you'd better hope it works out for you like it did for Saul of Tarsus, BUT... that had all been arranged long before.

You don't have squat to say about what goes on here, except in a small and insignificant way, BUT... you could be a world shaker if you know how to associate with that which does shake The World. You want to change The World? Pray believing. You want to change people's lives? Pray for them. The power of prayer is greater than what comes from splitting the atom.

The Bad Guys are like the poor; these you have always with you, just like Jesus The Christ said. Buddha said to... only pursue an offender to show him the way. Dazzling people only works for a little while, and it does them no good. Be truly brilliant and lead from within... BECAUSE... you are following someone who already knows the way.

All these people who are presently so important for a New York minute will be forgotten OR remembered as someone they would rather wish they had never been. It's really bad news when the echo of your career... follows you through the space-time continuum... long after you are gone. It can be good news too, BUT... to attain true anonymity... to be realized as a selfless worker in The Kingdom of God? There is nothing finer than that. When angels speak your name, you know you have arrived. Who cares what anyone here thinks?

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Danny Casolaro - now there's a blast from the past. @ Wikispooks - for those who aren't familiar with the man. Casolaro died because he "gave his words away" (announced that he was about to implicate powerful people).

robert said...

Merci, Visible

Another synoptic, spell-it-out transmission received!

The key to personal success is to not divide your will. Let there be no hesitation between your saying you will do something and doing it. It could be immediately. It could be the next day. It could be on a given day but... always follow through. Otherwise... it won't be long before you have very little will at all. Be true to yourself. Don't worry about what's going on Out There. That's for the people too stupid to see that they've just been swept up into a mob action

What little will we have is only borrowed anyway.
What we have is our attention even if it is but a short span on a short bus

We have been given the gift of consciousness, though we are largely unconscious of it! (grin)
What we can do, what we can be more and more of the time is
aware of what we choose to be aware of

If we wallow in the mire of our ire toward the world's reaction to our brain farts
we get s#!+

How we can amplify our will?
By tuning our attention, our precious awareness of every moment, to a higher tune.

Then, ready or not, energy flow from higher consciousness trickles into a flood plane, flying us off to never-never land

At least, we never knew we have been there

Riding our inner serpentine energy waves, we learn to rise above our former blocks, usually in the emotional station
We get thrown down by our emotional reactions to our mental blocks
This is especially a feature of modern servitude to mammon, as the media industrial complex as had full sway over our programming since birth.
The thorns of doubt and selfish resentment scrape our emotional nature constantly, like an iron maiden.

However, the moment we marshal our will to pause our thalamic reaction long enough to just ride the wave without thrashing like a drowning man, our minds expand.

Expanded minds are the antidote to the forces working to shrink our mental space into asshole sized channels

When we even for a moment, allow a more expansive consciousness to expand our perception and give us a high impersonal perspective
we step away from our seppuku sword and wonder what the hell we were thinking we are doing in hell!

Being more willing to be more willing to be less and more simultaneously is where our will is meant to focus

Riding the will of the One by being willing to BE the One, even for a nanosecond, is the neverending thrill ride to be on

If we find our human nature stubborn and more automatic that we realize
why not be automatically radiating without thinking about self?

Will we allow ourselves to give ourselves away to the dark which craves deep down light coming to shine?

Will we retune our awareness as many times a day as we require to gain a perch above our thrashing?

Will we return to where we come from whenever we know we have no will of our own?

Will we?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Considering how fed up and disgusted by this realm (of the demiurge) I am, I'm actually trying to do as little as possible for the world. I'm trying to be dead to it as much as I can via sitting in the nose cave for all of my discretionary time and refusing to interact with said world. I mean, I really don't want to be here, but I'm stuck here, so if I'm gonna be here, I'm gonna be here in self isolation as much as I can, barring part time job and errands. I think the Physical Realm is a worthless pile of shoite/shite/shit, dependin' on de culture. I think all life as we know it deserves, is a kick in the face with steel toes.

Still, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY on de post.

Farmer said...

Outstanding as usual. Thank you.

0 said...

"The key to personal success is to not divide your will. Let there be no hesitation between your saying you will do something and doing it."

Once that Habit is cut, you gotta be careful what you say you will do, because you WILL do it. Haha.

If thats not how it works for oneself, then that habit has not yet been cut sufficiently Deep.


0 said...

We? What We?


0 said...

This cracked me up.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"A Purified Will... Is a Will of Single Purpose. Divide that Will, and... Darkness Falls... Then... One is Effectively Blind."



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