Tuesday, April 09, 2024

"They Want Us to Believe A Gay Jesus is Dancing with Eunuchs in The Catacomb Sewers of The Great Cloaca in Fat City."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... yesterday I went by this location.

I think it was once The Unity Church of Sedona... or something like that. It's run by this fellow Michael Mirdad. He's got a hundred... probably more than that...CD's on every new age subject presently known. He's very much into The Curse of Miracles.

I went by the Events Tab on the masthead... that led to videos of people healing The Akashic Record... rolling back the cosmic video... wiping out the evidence of whatever they selectively hit the Delete button over. I couldn't stay long because I kept nodding off.

This character, Bill Foss was doing a 3-day workshop on healing the Akashic Record. Three days!!! How could anyone stay awake that long?

Then there was this fellow doing Light of Two Worlds healing. Maybe it was some kind of invisible gender thing. I don't know. I got annoyed about 5 seconds in, and the nodding off started even sooner. There was this dissonant kirtan thing that looked a lot like the drunk tank at a Rainbow Gathering. It was seriously retro. All I could think was whether God would last longer than me, and... I don't think so. I really don't.

So... I went to tell my friend about it. My friend has always had a thing for Sedona. I like the area... the red rock hills. Then there are all the wealthy newagers... trust-funders... people making bank on the pseudo-healing industry... hangers and glommers-on; all the people that stay in certain neighborhoods... looking to see if anything drops out of the pockets of the movers and shakers.

I started getting into one of my comic rants about this particular area of mental illness. It happens. I don't have total control over myself in every area of my being, and... certain things set me off. I object to people being misled for the purpose of material profit. I guess there are some who feel I am misleading too, but... I'm not charging anyone for the experience. There's a lot of money to be made there.

So... I was doing one of the extemporaneous routines that I make it a point not to videotape and put up on the web... for all the right reasons, and... I hadn't done my meditation session yet. Just as soon as I sat down and did my greetings to The Invisible Friends (who show up to interact with me), I began to hear about it. I was told... clearly and distinctly... that I should show care in criticizing those who have wandered away from The True Path... which doesn't include all those material fishhooks.

I was told that I was very fortunate to have gotten past the perils of merchandising spiritual experiences, and that... at some time previous... surely I had gone astray as well. I was reminded of that comment by Lao Tzu that I am so fond of; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” I was told that it didn't matter if I was right, I am not a policeman. It is not my job to set these people straight. Someone else handles that.

I had already been thinking all of these things and was in full agreement with my angelic mentor. I just agreed to everything I heard, and... I always do... because those who speak to me are far wiser than I am. I had always been a real wise-ass. I can filet certain kinds of fish like the very best Asian chef, but I'm sure the fish are not happy with my efforts... given that the fish is still alive. I've been moving away from that sardonic... scatological... Aghora persona.

The spirit of Voltaire and others of revolutionary and reactive manner... has been a mainstay in me. It's been difficult cutting that personality defect loose, but... it's got to go. Everything except The Everlasting Essentials has to go. It's like stilling The Reactive Mind. I've made tens of thousands of efforts, BUT... it is a deeply entrenched facet of The Separated Mind.

A greater detachment is settling on me these days, and I expect it to take, and to replace my cynical perspective... concerning all of the people... who are out for themselves. That includes practically everyone... consciously or unconsciously... whether they know it... whether they admit it... or not.

Then I ran into this.

The comments that followed give a clear picture of the percentages of people who agree with them and do not agree with them. As with most Satanic agendas... most people do not agree, by a large margin. It made me wonder what it is that has taken such control over nearly everyone in Hollywood... in the music industry... in The Media... in political offices. What is it that has bent these powerful personalities into such twisted allegiance to The Dark Side?

Neil Young is definitely no longer rocking in The Free World. Bruce Springsteen is on his knees before The Goat of Mendes. The exceptions are few and far between. All I can think is that some kind of message went out sub-rosa... sotto-voce... for your ears only... telling them to comply or lose all they have. It is similar to what the aptly named, Fink... over at BlackRock... got up to with his DEI enforcement, and... most mysteriously... is now backing away from.

Fink, and others like him... have been purchasing stock in corporations large and small... to garner influence... that gives them the power to set policy, and... to enforce it. That is how all these companies came to give lip service and money to sexual perversities... BLM... forced migration... and every form of political correctness... from the worship of obesity to the war on Christianity and The Family Unit.

They want us to believe that a gay Jesus... is dancing with eunuchs... in Fat City. Did I encapsulate that... effectively... into pidgin-mind-control-speak? When you factor in The Protocols... The Kalergi Plan... The Frankfurt School, and a host of sister sewer lines that run through The Great Cloaca... maybe you can connect a few dots here and there.

Somebody is whispering in The Shadows of The Dark Space... before the dawning of The Light of God upon the human mind. Those shadows are going to get lit-up in military terms soon, and... getting sooner. They have agents and emissaries... in every manifest industry... where artists ply their wares before The Public View. They tell the artists what to think and say or they will take away their favored status... which keeps them above the people they deceive.

They will turn the cannons of The Media upon them, and give them a broadside volley of shot. They will drain their bank accounts and ruin their reputations... such as they are. This must be the biggest open secret there is. It's not public knowledge, BUT... what else can account for their cringing acquiescence before the throne of The Dark Lord of Lies?

No one speaks out. No one with any kind of wider profile... of greater name recognition... says a word. Even in politics... where they agree to disagree... some things are never said. So... it's an illusion, isn't it? It's an illusion that money... power... social influence... name brand recognition... who you know... actually sets you free of the restrictions... that those without any of these... generally labor under. They are trapped... even more trapped than Nobody and Anonymous is... aren't they?

Oh what a terrible thing it is to possess that which you are unwilling to lose, and fearful of losing. There is one place where all of these people are trapped, and... that is... in their minds. They can't get out of their heads! Why is that? It is because of The Separated Mind factor that reduces their consciousness to a small barred room. Somehow they convinced themselves that they have a mind of their own, and so does everyone else. It's a honeycombed thing... devoid of honey, and I call it The Hive Mind.

The fact is, and one day... each of us will discover this... there is only one mind. On the night of my first Kundalini awakening, I had gone to a cabin in the woods of Virginia. I was with John Hall, who later formed the band, Orleans... Jack O'Connor, a drummer, and a few other musicians. We'd gone there to take acid and make music.

At some point, I felt this irresistible force rising up in me. I had no choice but to let it through. At first, I thought it was witchcraft. I said God help me! And... I let go. Then this indescribable sensation washed over me. At that moment, I was in everyone's mind... because... in fact... there is only one mind. John caught it immediately. He felt my presence as an intrusion, and he pressed with force at me to drive me out of his head, BUT... there wasn't anything to press against because there... is... only... one... mind.

I was suddenly able to do all sorts of things. A couple of guys were standing in the kitchen. They saw me and there was a lot of nervous laughter. I pointed my finger at their feet, and their feet went right out from under them. I didn't intend it. It just happened.

Everyone was freaked. This was only one event of many that night. Very soon... everyone wanted to leave and go back to DC. It was 70 miles away, and... no one said a word the whole time. They drove right to DuPont Circle to let me out of the car, and then they were gone.

I would have liked to hear the conversation in the car afterward. Up to that point, John and I had been the closest of friends; not anymore... not after that. I guess word got around. One thing led to another, but these stories would take a very long time to tell in any detail.

I was telepathic for some time after this happened. It took a lot of concentration to tamp it down. It's still there with some of the other goodies that are on the shelves of my own personal Dr. Caligari cabinet.

I don't know a great deal, but I am USUALLY able to know anything I need to know when I need to know it. Otherwise, my head is mostly empty. I learned... in convincing fashion... that there is only one mind. That is not the only thing that was impressed on me... viscerally... on that night, and following that night. The World most people think they are looking at is not real, and most people live like slot cars... on tracks that spin them... along predictable routes... from life to life.

Oh Boy! There are some changes in The Wind now. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......


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M - said...

I followed your link to the Global Center for Christ Consciousness. "Where have I heard that phrase before?" I asked myself. Then it dawned on me. Just yesterday I read this post which used the same phrase: Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 – Christ Consciousness. Synchronities - I love 'em.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

"what else can account for their cringing acquiescence before the throne of The Dark Lord of Lies?"

To be fair it was prolly That way for the Whole of their be-coming who they are Now. They always only ever had to Go Along to Get along. Now when they might not want to go along to get along they Must go along or no longer get along. What a weird place to put oneself.

Its ok, lessons all around for they seeking to understand Why they are where they are. Everyone Else can just enjoy the suffering at face value and still be left wondering... Their understanding lurks in a future iteration of form at a time when their own mentality will have enough capacity to grasp whats been laid at their feet.

That facile comment was curious, since that word can be positive or negatively applied huh. In any case, I'll take it as a compliment. To my mind all contexts are cross referenceable in some aspect, which allows one to explain things a myriad of ways till one finds a context the other is familiar with that lets the Other realize an understanding.

Its one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blogs... so many ways to say similar things, just keep producing till it clicks something in the other who consumes it...

My best to the invisible friends. I am looked after too, but not in such personal fashion.


Visible said...

Though I cannot remember the comment, I would assume it was positive because I have to think long and hard to speak otherwise and you have given me no cause. Facile too can be understood in more than one way

Now and again I wonder if I should have been so plain-spoken with some people. However... I generally proffer a whole lot of latitude before something... some interior agency... reacts. It's the cost of doing business in these locations... in these times.

0 said...

Its ok, what you say in your own way when you say it lets me examine what sort of response is brought up in myself. Most people I leave to their confusions. My kids are the only ones I'm more proactive about talking to, but even then I tend to let their own actions consequences produce the interrupt to bring my attention to it to say what seems to be needed to be said.

We've had understandings and misunderstandings... but I see you as a friend, so...

I follow your take today tho, in judging others and where they are in their be-coming... one sometimes wants to advance it for the other but ends up retarding it for the other and potentially destroying ones rapport with that other. Better to let it be and see how they react to the consequences of their actions to see where they are in their own accountability and discipline.

In iterations of form, everything Takes Time. Like you always say tho, progress is speedy for the energetic. Rate of change isn't set, its a function of focus and concentration, build those two and rate of change changes for oneself.

Take it easy pal,

Anonymous said...

3 days up to the day of the eclipse, everything in my life became new. I got new place top floor of a giant ranch house, new bed, new washer and dryer, new couch, new dishes and silverware, new big chair and someone even gave me giant awesome oak dinning table that seats 8 people. New job making 4 times what i was making. Everything changed. And it all was given to me. I didnt seek it out and i didnt pay for ant of it. Everything became new. All that happend in under 3 days.

Then i just read your entering a door and new corridor statement over on smoke and mirrors.

The morning after the eclipse i opened up a meditation book to a random page and this is what it said,

""So arise from earth's bonds, from depression, distrust, fear, and all that hinders your new life. Arise to beauty, joy, peace, and work inspired by love. Rise from death to life. You do not even need to fear death. All past sins are forgiven if you live and love and work with God. Let nothing hinder your new life."

And here i sit at the head of a long oak dinning room table (probably a $10,000 table) some one gave to me. They said, hey! You want this table? We will even load it up and put in your dining room for you. Uhhh Sure. Thanks!

The eclipse produced a new life. Entirely differnt.

As i walked into my new place, a pack of ciggerettes lay on the floor.

Brand: King Mountain.
Their slogan at the top of the pack reads: Where Quality reaches Royal Standards.

Very cool. I have as you said, entered a new corridor. I leveled up. Without any effort on my part. Grace.

Again, i didnt pay for any of it. I didnt save for it. I didnt promis anything for it. I didnt wish for it or pray or ask for any of it. I didnt strive for it. I didnt bargan for it. I didnt beg for it.

God just said, Here, All new stuff. We are doing something new. i said ok, cool. thank you.

Anonymous said...

The rough stone steps of faith lead up to where the mosaic floor of love and joy is laid. Where God's Spirit is, there is your home. There is Heaven as it is on Earth.

Do the next right thing until you become the next right thing.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Why... Oh Why... Dear Lord... do All of These People... Wind up Collecting Money at an Eckhart Tolle Booth Turnstile?"

Ty said...

On Kundalini and sardonic... scatological... Aghora persona. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lxnPh3bU-o

Visible said...

Ty... that guy looks and sounds like someone who dresses gender neutral Teddy Bears for gay couples who have adopted children.



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