Thursday, March 17, 2022

"This Eye for an Eye Revenge Tour of The Reincarnated, for the Purpose of Getting Even, Goes On, and On, and On."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are phrases you hear from The Pedestrian Mind, as it seeks to distinguish itself from The Pedestrian Perspective... and stand out from among its members. Recently, I heard... “he folded up like a cheap suit.” Is that a feature of inexpensive habiliments? Yeah... I could have said, 'accouterments' but... you've probably heard that one before. I've never heard that “he folded up like an expensive suit.” It's always a cheap suit. Something you can probably have made to order in Kiev... but, not this month. Have you tried reaching them on the internet?

Speaking of Ukraine... is it Ukraine or The Ukraine? I've heard both; probably while I was shopping for a cheap suit. Anyway... you can't get truthful reports without extreme difficulty. I NEVER EXPECTED Faux-News to be at the head of the pack of bloviating and hysterical bullshitters. Well... you see why they hijacked the banking system. Look at all the media they had to buy up to keep the comatose public in line. Enslaving, culling, and killing The World does not come cheap.

Ukraine has been asking for it for a while. Under the whip hand of The Trans-humanists (a division of The Usual Suspects),  all manner of cheap suit skullduggery has been going on. Why... they have real Neo-Nazis! I think that means they are, 'new and improved'. They have bio-labs for the production of killer compounds to selectively eliminate certain demographics, like... White Russia and white Russians. No! Not those White Russians, and not that other white Russian either. One should not be surprised to find out that The Ukraine was in line to become The New Israel.

Here's the thing. Present Israel is not sustainable. Those whose business it is to know what needs to be known, know that it is unsustainable. As an increasing technical sophistication meets up with ancient animosities, by way of much larger population percentages... the odds for survival go down... down... down. Those who made Israel what it is today; a worldwide genocide machine, do not put all their psychopaths in one basket. They put the moves on Patagonia earlier on. For some reason, Uganda is not what they're looking for.

They need the teeming cities. It gives them a completely artificial location for the exercise of their twisted sexual nature, that would not be at home in Nature itself. You don't really see cockroaches in the wild. They need a host body, primed for the desiccation. “Hey! Let's turn the entire Earth into a soulless husk!” Even if Thor were an army at the seashore, they could not drain the horn. No one, besides God, has EVER drained the sea. NO ONE has EVER taken control of the Earth, and NO ONE EVER WILL. The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of The Profane, it recedes.

Life here is where you TRY to do certain things. Some are harder to accomplish than others. Some cannot be accomplished. This is the playing field for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is HERE that we act everything out and become an object lesson of one thing or another. Eat too much candy and... certain health concerns come about. Eat too much... drink too much... have too much sex... sleep too much... plunder and ravage too much... (remember!!! It's all on The Clock.) want too much... care too little or care too much; one thing or another will PREDICTABLY happen. You can add to this listing till the end of time, and you will still be adding to it.

There is one mind that imagines itself broken up into billions of independent parts. Control of The Information Highway and The Media permits a certain cabal of vested interests to SWAY human thought and create sympathetic perspectives. When they can whip up a hysteria among millions of people, concerning something ENTIRELY fabricated to that end... why... you might almost call it a Movement!

So it is that a small handful of twisted and tortured souls can manage to twist a far greater number of souls for... The Purpose of Demonstration. This eye for an eye revenge tour of reincarnation for the purpose of getting even, goes on and on, as millions of blind madmen gum each other to death, BUT... none of them stay dead. They just keep coming back to tit the tat. Meanwhile... the unified consciousness field... thrums and hums with harmony toward all life, regardless of the unfortunate dispositions of so many who THINK OTHERWISE.

For as long as you exist in The Separated Mind, you will suffer and long... suffer and long... for more suffering that always awaits as the object of ignorant desire. It is a futile and pointless task, BUT... so it goes for those in search of themselves, who are ♫looking for love in all the wrong places♫ You CANNOT... EVER... find yourself outside yourself... unless you are beside yourself. However... we would have no drama, no pomp and circumstance, no Purpose of Demonstration without the fruitless endeavors of perpetuating errors, ad infinitum... ad nauseum... in the endless pursuit of ad ham-hoc, served on the bone.

We might long for an adhocracy, but... for all the poor wayfaring strangers, a-traveling through this world of woe (as Eddy Arnold put it), you don't really get to pick and chose. You only think you do. Even your ability to imagine that you pick and choose is based on hard-wired preferences that go way... way back in the annals of atavism. You scratch the surface of any smiling android and... you will see the beast within. Some of us find The Way. Everyone else is picking and choosing, finding and losing, settling until they are unsettled, grooving until the groove runs out, chasing and catching, being chased and caught, round and round the Mulberry Bush... the monkey is chasing the weasel. How many people actually think about who or what the monkey and weasel stand for?

Does anyone ask why The Weasel pops?

So much is hidden in plain sight, but you can't see it when the smoke of pedestrian desire obscures your vision. People cry out in their suffering, “why me!? Why me?!” Why not you? STOP WANTING!!! Simply STOP WANTING, and... sustain it. This is directly connected to stilling The Reactive Mind. I've posted a short excerpt from The First Meditation at the back of “The Way to the Kingdom.” several times. Here it is again;

"Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious

striving to be that which you are now, always

were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and

perfection? Why not then let go completely and

let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway

in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein

you know are not My thoughts?"

You don't need to do any more than what is stated there. HOWEVER... modern life has ruined The Attention Span. Look at all this autism and OCD. When life gives you a surfeit of ass... you make assburgers. Man! There is a long list of these maladies that have come about from the pursuit of comfort and convenience. Therefore... people put an hour or two, a day or two into testing something out and then they move on to the next thing. This is how we can now get enlightenment from 3 weekends and a four-day intensive, AND... a certificate that says so!!! That IS NOT how you achieve realization or mastery. You'll never gain mastery thinking you are The Master. You are NOT The Master.

There is one master and he's got a lot of names, and traditions that he picked up and used and then moved on from. I... personally, am not interested in a dead and desiccated God, who only exists in musty old tomes filled with wherefores and begatting begetters. It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it. I prefer The Living and Present God. I have a passing interest in things God said through one of his vehicles; someone like me and you, and which he said that was appropriate to the time and place it got said in, BUT... The World moved on. God didn't move on. He wears the clothes and speaks the language of the times he is passing through, AND... he is speaking right now... if anyone cares to listen.

“Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?” This is a world of appetites and desires. Without them, there would be no world as we think we know it. Stop wanting! Stop wanting, and... everything you could ever want, and nothing you don't want... will come to you by magical agency. Wanting God, and Loving God is the answer to every question you might ever have about how it works. That's too simple for most people. It also fails to answer that “What about me!?! thing. You have to leave the ME behind to find yourself, otherwise, you are looking in the wrong place again.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

These days, my revenge is just to not be there. Withdraw from it all. Starve what ever situation I'm not in. Not doing. 'Tang ping'. If anything comes to the front door, though. . .that's another matter.

Revenge ain't why I volunteered for this life, though. Ego is what's at fault. Plus I suppose a masochistic streak, since ya gotta have one o' those to be here. I wanted to accomplish something. Well, I did. Game over, and I won. But I'm still here, under protest. Hence I'll finish my contract, kickin', screamin', and snottin'! After all, that latter bit is what members of The Holey Order of the Septum ('Noses') do best.

But I'll deal with it. I volunteered. . .uh. . .begged for this, hence I deserve every last second of my contract for my stupidity. . .as an Arsehole to the 33rd Degree.

Neener-neener and ppppllllppppphhhhhhttttttt!

Nostrils up!!!!!!

Franz said...

Not wanting it can lead to not wanting your god. If you don't want yours and end up with someone else's god is what ail Europeans did. So either we undo it or we stick with a genie from Arabia, not a good idea.

How instead to know our gods never left us. That is the key. That is all we need to know and with that we'll know where to go.

The Chinese know we've lost our gods. It's why they are going to make Putin and the Russians look like a day at the beach.

When China comes out like the Tiger of Tigers, all of us must know our gods are just waiting for us to come to them. They will help. They will even forgive us for the centuries we ignored them. Now that's impressive.

A. Raphael said...

Appreciation, Dog Poet. Here are some thoughts on the current headlines that came out of this corner of the manifest Creation. . . The current Ukrainian disaster is due to a civil war that has been happening for years now, the complexities of which are almost unknown to, and thus not well understood by most of the rest of the world. This area to begin with is a historically desirable and for a thousand years, militarily contested region. All adjoining groups have long wanted control of it, as it has highly fertile soil, and functions as the “breadbasket”, literally, of much of the world. There have been credible reports from people who have been living there, particularly in the Eastern Donbas areas, that Russian speaking people have been targeted by the Ukrainian military. For years this part of the Ukrainian population have been desperately begging Russia for help. More than 13,000 people in the Donbas have been killed by Ukrainian militants and Neonazis since 2014, ever since the newly formed Ukrainian nation (ostensibly with the intention to integrate ethnically Russian Ukrainians) made it illegal to speak any language but Ukrainian. This existing civil war helps to explain why Putin has finally answered these ongoing cries for help, with his targeted military incursion. Has anyone heard about this in the highly controlled (read censored) media in the US? Or the fact that the Ukrainian military (with their Nazi ideology and wearing Nazi symbols) like to put their heavy weaponry in urban civilian buildings such as hospitals, apartment buildings, and even orphanages? How about the fact that Ukraine is considered, by those who know, to be the world hub for both human trafficking and criminal money laundering? How about the US-built labs that were put there, under cover of benign reasons, in part to develop genetically engineered bioweapons to be carried by birds which migrate only into Russia, targeting those with Slavic/Russian DNA? Not saying Putin is an angel. As the Indian saying goes, “A thorn is used to pick out a thorn.” Good luck finding any of this information on standard news outlets. Oliver Stone has produced documentaries on Ukraine, now censored on YouTube. One might reasonably guess that certain key American political figures have put efforts into controlling the legacy news media outlets to protect their Ukraine connected activities. Try Rumble. Om Tat Sat.

Visible said...

Thank you, Bellerian. That's one of my favorite writers.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You See Shadow-Overlays on The Bright Shining Screen. I Was Going to Say White... but, You Know What I Mean."

James A Jancik said...

Good stuff, Les. It really hit the spot.



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