Friday, March 25, 2022

"Unless that Personal Love can Awaken In You an Impersonal Love for All Life, It is Just a Transitory Thing."

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You have Nature... and then you have Nature Adjusted... changed... rearranged, adapted to the imaginings of the human mind. There are basic drives... to survive and to reproduce, so... Nature Adjusted is an accommodation to those basic drives. Look around you, if possible, pay attention. Survival and Sex. There is, of course, more to life than this. This is the physical evidence of the material plane as perceived through the senses. There is, of course, more to life than this.

Those who see life only through these basic drives are Materialists, and Atheism is their religion. Their religious rites are to celebrate the physical plane, as they worship the temporary... in its dance of eternal change. They are going round and round on a loop. There is, of course, more to life than this. There is that other route of The Spiral. It comes out of a loop, initially. Desire drives it. Aspiring upwards will take you upwards, and inwards.

It is glaringly evident that certain mindsets have assembled, and are under the control of certain transmission towers. The access point for mind control occurs WITHIN. Think of the mind's playground as being like the ocean. Ideas travel like ships across the waters, and... in every sense, it is like a real ocean. It has times of calm and times of storm. There are areas in The Mind, like certain areas of our world at present, where pirate ships sail in search of plunder. You... you are that plunder.

The internet is like this too. It is another ocean. You have to watch the currents that you encounter. You have a depth sounder. You need to know where the reefs are. This begins in The Mind. Then one travels in The Mind to places in The World where the mind's desire has taken it. The same happens on The Internet. Your outer world reflects your inner world. You might protest, “I did not order this pain buffet.” Yeah... at one time you did.

It's like when you thought you fell in love with someone. You might have been young and inexperienced, but somehow... the fascination got hold of you. In the process of being with this person, you came to find out a great deal more about that person. Familiarity breeds contempt. You fall out of love. Some years and many experiences pass. One day you are considering this person from that former time and you think, “Yikes! How did I ever fall in love with that person?” The same applies to actions you took at earlier times in your life; things you said and did. Hmm...

Personal love is doomed... sooner or later. Unless that personal love can awaken an impersonal love for all of life, it is just a transitory thing, “How did that happen? I must not have been paying attention.” Ah... yeah, you were not, or... your desire body flamed up and obscured the sightline of your Reason. This happens to everyone. All masters have a secret life of shame.

I like to think that I dance for God. I see others dancing for The World; Babylon rising. I see the performers coming and going. I see their little triumphs and tragedies, these people that Gibran said, “do not laugh all of their laughter or cry all of their tears.” I watch the spectacles of power dancing from their citadels, celebrating this temporary granting of sway over the minds of others for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

I was like everyone else in the pursuit of being someone. I had the goods too. I know what it's like to capture the attention of a crowd, but... once you are exposed to it, it does not take long to tire of it, UNLESS your ego will give you no peace... unless you believe your own press. You prance about for a season before the eyes of The World; in some cases... reinventing yourself over and over. You find that all this fame and its trappings have imprisoned you and made you into a trained seal. In the end, it's just a job like anything else, but not... everything else.

You could be dancing on the mountain tops of The World before an audience much larger than any stadium could hold. People want to be on television and do not realize that they are already on television. There is no privacy, not even in your thoughts, of which you should be having none at all to begin with... so that The Mind of God can be present in your own, which it already is anyway, though unrecognized as such.

I've nothing against performing. I watch various media every day. It is impossible not to be a performer. Every act you engage in is powered by God. You get so much time on the meter which is earned by previous service or industry in one form or another, just as the rain itself is generated by acts of selfless service. You are living proof of the fruits of your industry. Everything is connected. If God were not ceaselessly engaged in his creation, it would fall down. It would come apart.

Now... these days I see that there is no greater fame than Divine Anonymity. What a joy it must be to serve at every level in passing, with no thought of return or recognition; simply the transcendent gladness of doing the right thing and emulating God who is DOING THAT SAME THING... ALL OF THE TIME... ALREADY AND ALWAYS. He comes and goes. He appears in other life forms. He will look at you through their eyes, and he is watching all the time through yours, even if you are not. You can invoke him/her/it. People have a lot of trouble with terms. I do not. I use them all.

Loving God covers all sorts of incidentals that might never even occur to you. It also puts you in a certain light. It is the REAL VIP pass. It will get you in everywhere, AND... more importantly, it will get you out of there too. Because of it, you also know ahead of time what to do and not to do, where to go and where not to go, and... when. When you turn your life over to God; heh heh... see, here's the thing, God is REAL. He REALLY IS. Yes... there is a bumpy period that is usually enough to turn most people away, BUT... if you persist! If you persist, you will find (as HB said) “a joy beyond telling."

The Mind is either... your best friend or your worst enemy. It will deceive you and mislead you, and it will also do the reverse. Think of The Mind as something like a puppy. You can see whether people have trained their dogs or not. If you have your own under control you can, LITERALLY... FEEL IT as well. It all begins in The Mind and it is The Heart that powers it, and also inspires The Higher Mind. The union of The Heart and The Higher Mind causes The Truth to reveal herself. You can think of it as a hydraulic lift. It will come up right within you and turns like a figurine on a music box. Love makes it turn to the music, and love provides the music... OOHHHHHHMMMMM.

The World is in disarray. It needs yellow caution tape that says, “Under construction.” or “slippery when wet.” Some people see it all falling apart. Some people see it coming together. Neither of them are right. It is doing both at all times. SOMETIMES the force of change is more dramatic than at other times... like now. Once again... it's like The Weather. It is weather. It can blow up and storm, and it can be fresh and glistening in the aftermath. Of course... if it just took your house... I've been round and round with that one until it was no longer necessary. Sometimes... the best way for Heaven to demonstrate that it loves you is to take away your attachments and to keep doing it until only one attachment remains.

There are really big doings in The World right now. We are coming upon the denouement. We are approaching The Rubicon. We have come to a parting of the ways. Each of us is seeking that exit gate out of our own material being (whether we know it or not)... toward whatever we have laid up for ourselves. Every day we are engaged in the construction of our next vehicle of transport, engineered for the needs of the terrain over which we will be passing. To what ends do you direct your energy each day?

You don't need any more than this to tell you where you are headed. As you can see... most people are all about treading water, going in circles where habits and routines are formed. If you have dug a deep rut, chances are you will fall back into it again and again until you dig another rut. You will keep upon the course you are on until you change your course. No matter what direction you are heading in, you will find God, though it could take CONSIDERABLY longer in many cases, and include a great deal more suffering. If you catch it quick, your cure is quick. Lao Tzu said something like that.

The Royal Road awaits. The Highway to The Sun awaits. The Road Within rolls up behind you, lest bad companions seek to follow after. The doors are closed to The Profane. “You shall not pass!”

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Time on the meter, huh? Been like time waitin' fer probation forever fer this puppy. As for desire to procreate? Huh! Put me in a gibbet cage in Death Valley in July, why don't ya. It would be easier to deal with, and I'm under the impression a lot of people agree with me considering how many abortions and pre-birth sterilisations there are, not to mention Maryland and calipornia wanna make infanticide legal. At least gruesome newsom does.

Personally, me thinks the sterilisation thang would be easier. At least ya don't have to go through a couple o' months lookin' like you ate a watermelon whole, not to mention the other issues, which quite frankly disgust me to no end, not to mention the loss of time, sleep, the expenses, extra work, the legal obligations you can't escape from, and the list goes on. I've talked to numerous chicks who said they wished they hadn't bred. And if you're not here, you're somewhere else; so what's the deal? I'll never understand why I volunteered for so many lives as long as I'm here. I suspect it's ego, but I'll find out fer shure when I get to where I'm goin'.

Nostrils up, of course.

M - said...

"There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen." - Vladimir Lenin

sandy said...

I wish the whole world could read your blogs. Amazing truth present in each and every post.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Put It Another Way, it is The Man Who SHOULD Walk the Dog. He Should not Permit the Dog to Walk Him."



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